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Trading utilities for MetaTrader 5 - 5

icon Below are trading programs simplifying trading in MetaTrader 5. Hover over a utility to read its description and purpose.
Candle Timer For End
Ronaldo Franco De Oliveira Cardoso
5 (1)
Uma informação de grande valor para o trader se localizar no tempo é a informação de quanto tempo temos para o encerramento do candle atual ou quanto falta para a formação de um novo candle. O RFOC Timer apresenta esta informação de forma clara e alocada à direita do candle atual.  Adicionalmente o RFOC Timer acompanha a opção de inclusão das linhas de preços ASK e BID com e sem extensão a direita e/ou esquerda. Esta função auxilia, por exemplo, a não sobreposição das linhas de ASK e BID com as
(This is the free version of our trade manager, download it for free and test it, and provide feedback. If you are satisfied with its capabilities, you can try out its bigger brother the Deriv Scalp Manager also available from us.) EA Summary If you are a scalping trader who wants to place and close trades quickly and efficiently, you need a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. That's why we created the   Deriv Trade Assistant   EA, a smart and easy-to-use expert advisor that a
The utility draws pivot levels based on a selection from day week month The previous candlestick of the selected timeframe is taken and the values for the levels are calculated using the following formulas: Pivot = (high + close + low) / 3 R1 = ( 2 * Pivot) - low S1 = ( 2 * Pivot) - high R2 = Pivot + (R1 -S1) R3 = high + ( 2 * (Pivot - low)) S2 = Pivot - (R1 - S1) S3 = low - ( 2 * (high - Pivot)); The style and thickness for all lines are adjusted. The colors for the R, Pivot and S line
TradeMirror is a trade copier EA for MT4/MT5 platform. Why TradeMirror We understand the importance of security, stability and privacy for financial software, so we've gone the extra mile to harden these three elements in detail: Provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is easy to operate Focus on privacy and security, suitable for various financial scenarios with privacy requirements for order distribution Precise replication of orders, millisecond distribution Support full platform,
150 USD
Mini Panel Plus
Remodeling the BoletaMiniPanel, the Mini Panel Plus has the same functionalities, but is now in the form of a box that allows it to be minimized and placed anywhere on the chart. Simple Panel with Stop loss (Loss), Stop gain (Gain), Trailing stop (TS) and Breakeven (BE-P). The Lot is the number of contracts to be traded. Gain is the number, in points, at which the stop gain will be positioned. If you don't want to place a stop gain, just put 0 (zero) in its place and when you open the order it w
KopirMT5 Full
Alexandr Gavrilin
4.56 (9)
The adviser has been withdrawn from sale /    Советник снят с продажи  KopirMT5 (CopierMT5) - transaction copier for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) transactions from  hedge accounts  (copier, copy dealers).  Supports copying: MT5 <-> MT5, MT4 -> MT5 Hedge, MT5 Hedge -> MT4 Does not support copying MT5 Hedging < - > MT5 Netting, MT4 < - > MT5 Netting Support:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/messages/01c3f341a058d901 Why exactly our product? The copier has a high speed a
100 USD
Neowave Chart Plotter
Bahador Baradari
5 (1)
This Expert Advisor is applicable to plot wave charts as per the NeoWave  method (Neely Extension of Wave Theory).  NeoWave is a scientific, objective and revolutionary style of Elliott Wave Theory that was invented by Glenn Neely in 1990 in the “Mastering Elliott Wave” book. To start analyzing with this method, we need a particular chart called the Wave Chart or Cash Data chart . This is the first step for a good wave analysis. To draw this chart, Highs and Lows should be plotted in the order t
125 USD
FX28 Trader MT5
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
3 (1)
Multifunctional dashboard for currency traders. Simple and Intuitive Trading Interface. Separate lists with Individual trades and combined net positions for each symbol. Open, close and manage positions with one click. Ability for semi-automated grid trading with stealth orders. Multiple options to preset automated pyramiding strategies up or down. Track and manage large number of open trades across multiple symbols. Bulk modification of SL and TP orders. Modify unlimited number of SL/TP le
139 USD
This EA helps to Close all Positions opened. It saves you the time of closing multiple positions manually. Parameters: Buy:  Close Buy Positions Only Sell:  Close Sell Positions Only Buy & Sell: Close Buy & Sell Positions Pending: Close Pending Orders More Advanced MT5 version available at:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93301?source=Unknown%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.mql5.com%2Fen%2Fmarket%2Fmy More Advanced MT4 version available at:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93468?source=U
News Clock for MT5
Victor Klenov
4 (1)
The professional   browser  of News and Trading Sessions is now available in MetaTrader 5. Now all the most important market information is collected on one dial! News located on the Time scale. Planning your working time has never been so easy and convenient ... The news scale can be switched a day, two, a week, a month forward or backward (see the details in the short video). All news updates in real time. Thanks to the built-in filters, you can configure the display of news by importanc
79.88 USD
Trade Receiver Free MT5
Vu Trung Kien
4.09 (11)
Trade Receiver Free MT5 is a free tool to copy trades/signals from multiple MT4/MT5 accounts. The provider account must use copier to send the signal. This version can be used on MT5 accounts only. For MT4 accounts, you must use Trade Receiver Free. Reference: For MT4 local provider, please search for "Auto Trade Copier" in market place. For MT4 remote provider, please search for "Trade Copier Pro" or "Unlimited Trade Copier Pro" in market place. For MT5 local provider, please search for "Auto T
this is DEMO VERISON (for demo acc.) of  TRADING OVERLAY with PARTIAL take profit    ("virtual TP")   and % risk lot size   --- full version available   on my 'seller page' as well as version for MT4 Take better control of your trades with ease ! Easy lot size calculation with easy SL/TP setting. Your trading will be much more comfortable with this tool!   Main goal with this tool is very SIMPLE and FAST operation!    Works like any EA, add it to selected chart and trade ! Features: start
Candle by Seconds
Marcelo Akio Iqueuti
4.65 (17)
It was developed especially for intraday operations, allowing the market operator to create unconventional candlestick charts, to escape the traditional points of OHLC (Open, Hight, Low and Close). This Expert Advisor (EA) assembles custom candles in any time frame by seconds unit. You can generate charts that are not available in standard Metatrader 5 periods, for example: Generate a chart of an unconventional time frame of 27 seconds or, if you want to generate 7 minutes time frame, jus
Trade Simplifier
Tonny Obare
5 (1)
Trade simplifier is a trade panel that simplifies trade opening. It is simple and easy to understand, with key features to ease trading. Features include: Order type selection Fixed lot entry from the chart user interface Easy Take profit entry field on the chart user interface Visual take profit selection and adjustment via the line that appears when you click the Take Profit button Easy Stop loss entry field in points on the chart user interface  Visual Stop Loss selection and adjustment  vi
Alexander Martynov
5 (5)
This tool is designed to quickly calculate the lot depending on the Stop Loss. The control is done by hot keys By default: 1 - Limit order price level 2 - Stop Loss Level 3 - Take Profit Level Space Bar - Open an order Escape - Cancel All 9 - Open 2 orders Market Order To open a Market order, click (2) and set up Stop Loss with the mouse If you want to put Take Profit - click (3) and set up Take Profit with the mouse
Equity Protection EA MT5
5 (1)
EQUITY PROTECTION EA -MT5- Account protector to avoid big losses  General Features: Full control over the results of a trading session.- Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.- Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.- Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.- Protection of results by trailing stop global.- Record of results achieved for the session (greater equit
99.90 USD
Full Automated Trading panel . it works on any trading instruments: Forex, Stocks, Futures, Indices, CFD, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies; interface minimization function; flexibility of use; Join my channel and check video of it  ===> https://t.me/Ash_TheTrader/4986 Features :  Auto SL and TP Auto Close partial  Auto Trailing  Session Time Alert Time of trading Alert  Profit and Percentage  and etc. 
Every trader knows that he or she should never Risk more than 5% (or 7%) per trade.This is a Money Management law and an usable LotSize should be calculated each time because a trader must use a different StopLoss value  for different trading levels. This indicator will calculate an appropriate LotSize for the moment when you will put it on the chart and each time you will drag the "Stop Loss Line" in any direction. LIMITED TIME OFFER: All our premium indicators are available for only 50$, by
50 USD
CopyMaster mt5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (1)
This utility will allow you to copy any trades from one terminal with the Master setting to other terminals with the Slave setting At the same time, you can choose which pairs to copy, set the size of the copied order by several parameters. Set the limit losses by DrawDown or copy only profitable trades You can copy deals from MT4 or MT5 to MT4 or MT5 other brokers Now it will not be difficult to copy the signals of any Expert Advisor working in MT4 to the MT5 terminal or back Use Copy Master to
45 USD
Auto close
Raudel Umaran Elias
4.67 (3)
Simple program to automatically close positions by profit or loss. User can select "Total Profit" to close all positions at the same time, once the total profit or loss is reached. User can select "Single Profit" to close one by one positions, once single profit or loss is reached. Notes: 1. The assistant will not open any position. 2. The assistant only provide market orders, so due maket volatility positions can suffer slippage. 
BOLETA TRADING PROFISSIONAL. Painel de negociação usado para facilitar operações manuais no MT5. -Botão para fechamento automático de ordens e posições. -Negociação facilitada usando teclado e mouse. -Sistema de ordens OCO (TP & SL pré configurados) -Normalização de volume para qualquer ativo. -Controle de limite horários para negociação. -Sistema de meta e limite de loss. -Martingale configurável. -Trailing Stop. -BreakEven. -Numero mágico (Expert Magic) para não entrar em conflito com outros r
The utility is designed for two purposes: Automatic setting of stop loss and take profit levels. Automatic modification of stop loss and take profit levels when a certain profit is reached. Application: When the utility is started, the default values are configured as follows. Stops type:  Default Manual Automatic on/off level moving   - enable/disable moving levels with the price. (true) when begin move tp/sl levels  -  the number of points missing until the take profit level. (25 points) De
RSI Divergence Scanner is a multi-timeframe and multi-symbol dashboard and alert that checks all timeframes and symbols to find regular and hidden divergences between price chart and RSI indicator. This divergence scanner is integrated with support and resistance zones so you can check the RSI divergences in the most important areas of the chart to find trend reversals in price chart. Download demo version   (works on M4,M5,M6,M12,H3,H8 timeframes) Full description of scanner parameters ->   cli
60 USD
Displays Forex Calendar events on the chart in the form of multi-colored lines, depending on the importance of the news. Displays the currency and the impact of the news (if available). [OPTIONS:] Display only news on a currency pair or All news. Display news by major currencies (optional). Setting the time interval of displayed news. Selecting the importance of displayed events. Displaying the effects of news (Impacts) and currency on the chart.
This is a utility for closing orders or baskets of orders for the total profit or loss. Can work multicurrency, can work with orders opened manually. Has additional trailing profit. Capabilities: Closing an order for the current symbol or for all symbols Closing individual orders or whole baskets of orders Stopping the utility in one click Trailing function for total profit Setting TP and SL in money, in points or as a percentage of the deposit Closing all BUY or SELL orders or closing all order
35 USD
Chart Handler
Gediminas Rucinskas
5 (3)
Have you ever been in a situation when you could not control the chart conveniently or had to make additional clicks to be able to scroll the history or set the scale fix numbers manually to be able to stretch the chart?  Features: Chart centering. Automatic scale fix. Automatic scroll control. This tool is one of many features included in "Trading Essentials" utility application, which can be found on mql5.com
Draggable Candle Timer MT5
Part-time Day Trader
5 (2)
Smooth running candle timer that can be dragged anywhere on the chart. Easily enable/disable alerts on the chart itself by double-clicking on the timer (this does not need to be done in the input settings). Runs smoothly   without the hitches and delays so common with other candle timers. To move the timer: simply select it by double-clicking and click and hold the left-upper anchor point and drag. New version 2.0: No redundant zeros in the timer view anymore, to keep it as small as possible. C
HM (Horizontal Markup) is designed for manual marking of horizontal levels. The markup contains the level and its price value. The thickness and color of the line and the price value are set in the settings. Levels can be placed locally on timeframes, or set publicly for all timeframes. His job is very simple: 1) – press the key that you set in the settings to mark up the level; 2) – we bring the line to the desired location; 3) – click the right mouse button and the level is lin
It's never been easier to test your trading ideas and see how they hold up in the market. Just select any Cypher harmonic pattern from the past with 4 clicks on your chart, add it to the backtesting list, and voila! You'll get a complete data analysis for each symbol and timeframe. Cypher Strategy Tutorial Please notice the Robot doesn't work in Strategy Tester Four-click selection of Cypher Automatic adjustment of SL and TP levels Multiple money management strategies: percentage risk per tr
Facundo Laje
5 (2)
Do manual Technical Analysis in multiple Charts and receive Alerts when price touch Supports & Resistances Zones and Levels. Manage all the Charts from an unique Dashboard Panel, using Key ShortCuts. Save Time do Money! IMPORTANT: Multi Analyzer Panel EA  is a complement and works together with  Analyzer Tool  indicator.  Please you need to download both of them and install each one on different Charts Find them on  https://www.mql5.com/es/users/velasforexpips/seller Please use them and give
Fast Copy MT5 demo
Pavel Kolchin
4.91 (11)
The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible - an intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand the main settings of the program without reading additional descriptions, and powerful functionality will satisfy the demand of even a demanding user. The program is designed to work on "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS". Any type of copying is available MT4 - MT5 MT4 - MT
Tick Chart Monitor with countdown tick volume and easy to change tick size without going back to main chart. This work with Tick Chart Generator , which are available for download from the MQL5 Market: Tick chart generator:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/79763 NOTE: Custom symbols on MT5 are not directly tradable. This is by Metatrader5 design. If you want to place trades directly on the custom symbol generated by this product, you will either need a trade panel that offers this functi
Copier MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
5 (1)
Copier MT5  is the fastest and most reliable copier of transactions between several MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts installed on one computer or VPS server. Transactions are copied from the MASTER account to the SLAVE account, copying occurs due to the exchange of information through a text file with a speed of less than 0.5 sec., The parameter is configured. The transaction copier monitors all changes in the MASTER account with high accuracy, adjusts SL and TP levels, support
30 USD
Copy trades with ease using the MetaTrader5 trade copier - the quickest and easiest way to copy transactions between different MetaTrader 5 accounts! This innovative tool allows you to locally copy trades in any direction and quantity, giving you full control over your investments. Designed to work on both Windows PC and Windows VPS, this program is versatile and adaptable to your trading preferences. Whether you prefer to work from your desktop or a virtual private server, the MetaTrader5 trade
This EA offers functions: Multifunctional chart panel, sell, buy, pending orders, reverse function, Partial sales (automatically by strategy), Tralling-Stop (automatically by strategy), Three trading strategies, Stoploss on the day (risk management), stoploss (risk management), take profit (money management), Tralingstop and Traling-Step (strategy), risk per order (risk management) and much more! Customizable settings: EA settings 1: Sound (ON/OFF) 2: deal sound (list) 3: RISK MANAGER (ON
Trading Lab Trade Copier Master
Nasimul Haque Choudhury
3 (2)
Copy trades with ease using the MetaTrader5 trade copier - the quickest and easiest way to copy transactions between different MetaTrader 5 accounts! This innovative tool allows you to locally copy trades in any direction and quantity, giving you full control over your investments. Attention!   You need to download the Trade Copier Slave mq5 file as well to run this EA. Download it from here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/96541 Designed to work on both Windows PC and Windows VPS, t
Auto Chart Alert MT5
Young Ho Seo
3.6 (5)
Introduction Auto Chart Alert is a convenient tool to set alert for your trading in your chart. With Auto Chart Alert, you can set the alert line in one click in your desired location in your chart. You can even set alert over the sloped lines in your chart. Auto Chart Alert is a great tool when you have to watch out importnat support and resistance levels for your trading. You can receive the sound alert, email and push notification when the price hit the alert line at you desired location. A
OHLC Magnet MT5
Alexander Martinez
5 (6)
OHLC Magnet adds the missing magnet points for Horizontal Lines and Price Labels. If you liked this utility, please rate, comment, and check out my other programs. Instructions: Simply drag one of the aforementioned objects to the desired Open, High, Low, or Close, within the Pixel Proximity, and OHLC Magnet will automatically attach the object to the exact price point you chose. Parameters: Proximity (Pixels): The proximity, in pixels, to how close your mouse cursor must be to the Open/High/
Jere Katainen
4.67 (6)
This utility allows creating any amount of grid orders by just clicking with the mouse.  Instructions:  Trading mode Deleting mode   Press ctrl and click with mouse to start drawing a grid While drawing, press shift to cancel Release buttons to send orders Press shift and click with mouse to draw a removal line Release buttons to confirm removal: EA deletes every pending order that the line touches Inputs: - 3 options to calculate the grid sizing: Fixed points distance between grid levels
Introduction to Order Risk Management EA ORM EA is specially designed for fast and accurate market order execution to be used with our Price Action and Econometric Trading strategies listed below. ORM EA is fully automatic and ORM EA is also very easy to use. ORM EA is totally free of charge. You can also use this robust order execution feature of this ORM EA for any other your own trading strategy. Trading Strategy Guide Order Risk Management EA provides the guide for the risk management for
Trade control panel for MetaTrader 5. Modified version of the panel from the article  https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4727 . Based on EasyAndFastGui library. Added option to close positions and trades separately. Can be used for controlling other EA which is running for example in VPS. More functionaly will be added with the future updates.  No input parameters, just run EA as normally and enjoy. The window can be minimized.
50 USD
PZ Risk Management MT5
4.67 (3)
This indicator monitors the vital constants of your trading account to keep it healthy and away from excessive risks. It monitors all trades, absolute exposure, account floating point and leverage currently in use, using different color codes for your interpretation.  [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Amazingly easy to understand The indicator is clean and simple It calculates exposure by pairs and currencies Keep your used leverage controlled at all t
Auto Format
Gennadiy Stanilevych
This is an utility for automatic scaling of a chart and making at least 140 bars visible in it. This is necessary for a correct wave analysis according to the Bill Williams' strategy "Trading Chaos". The utility can be used on any timeframe available in МetaТrader 5. It draws a vertical line through the first bar the calculation starts from. This line allows you to see the probable starting point of the wave sequence along with a sufficient number of bars displayed in the chart. It also makes th
60 USD
Quick Style MT5
Maxim Polishchuk
5 (8)
The Quick Style utility is designed for facilitation and acceleration of working with the properties of graphical objects. Left-click a graphical object while holding the Shift key to open the quick access window for configuring the object properties. In the window, you can change the color, style and line width with one click, including those of other graphical objects. All changes are displayed immediately. To close the Quick Style , simply click the free space on the chart. The utility is eas
Reward Multiplier is a semi-automatic trade manager based on pyramid trading that opens additional orders with the running profit of your trades to maximize return exponentially without increasing the risk.Unlike other similar EAs, this tool shows potential profit/loss and reward to risk ratio before even entering the first trade! Download full version here  ( In the mini version. Starting lot is fixed at 0.01 (or minimum allowed lot size ) Guide + tips here MT4 version   here You only open the
EasyTradePad for MT5
Sergey Batudayev
5 (1)
EasyTradePad  is a trading panel for MetaTrader 5 for manual / semi-automatic trading. Working with positions and orders, calculating money management in one click! The panel will definitely help you: open a trade with the exact risk that you yourself specify in% or in the currency of the deposit save profit by moving stop loss to no loss average the trade by smoothing out the market volatility add a position along the trend if the trade goes in your direction squeeze the maximum profit
95 USD
This utility performs 2 simple functions. (On 1 Minute Timeframe*) Counts the number of Ticks - until reset by user defined value. Counts down on the M1 Timeframe - until the new candle forms. Users are able to change the below input values: Tick Count Inputs: Start Tick Counter Trigger: (Immediate/ After Next Bullish Candle/ After Next Bearish Candle) Show Tick Count Label: True/False Text Color Tick Count Reset Value X-Axis (Position) Y-Axis (Position) Countdown Inputs: Show Countdown Label:
This tool will remove buttons and text labels from the chart, after you remove Trading box Order management or Trading box Technical analysis . You just need to drag this tool to your chart and after cleanup of objects is finished, the tool will remove itself from the chart. Please check images below that present Before and After using the Removal tool. There is also a short YouTube video at the bottom to show how easy it is to clean your chart after using Trading box tools. - input var
Gold Bot Vx
Gabriel Matovu
GOLD BOT VX Strategy:  STOCHASTIC RSI entry calculation with clean trend condition Pros Single asset which allows  easy tracking. Connects to telegram for message updates. Just search "Drgabrielfranz_bot" and type start to activate . In your Meta trader press ctrl+O , In the Expert Advisors section, Allow Webrequest for listed URL, and for the URL, input " https://api.telegram.org ".  Low risk-high returns . Works well in the long run. Cons May require accounts>=USD 1000 MAY REQUIRE SERVER NB: T
Break Even Button
Abbashan Karasahin
The break-even button is a helpful tool that makes life extremely easy for you and at the same time makes the chart look better when you have multiple trades running. The break-even button allows you to set all your current positions that are in profit to break-even with just one click . So you are rid of the risk of losing and the button makes work easier if you have several trades open. Even just with one trade, the button makes you fast , which can help you in important situations. Especially
IMPORTANT: Blocks&Levels Alerts MT5  indicador.  Gives you the ability to easy draw Blocks and Levels (support and resistance) using key shortcuts and Alerts when price touch them. Please use it and give me feedback!! It really helps! Thank you very much!   DESCRIPTION: Blocks&Levels Indicator, has useful key shortcuts for draw Levels, Blocks Zones, change chart Time Frames, Select or Deselect all drew objects. SETUP: Just install the Indicator on the Chart Open and navigate Indicator propert
General purpose indicator that displays the trade/order history of any live chart, very much alike the visual mode of the strategy tester. It allows you to examine the real trading history of any particular symbol for educative, improvement, reverse-engineering or diagnostic purposes. It can be used successfully with both the master and investor password. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Some key features are: Directional analysis Profit and lo
Swap and Spread
Makarii Gubaydullin
5 (2)
Displays the current market information with a per-second update. Spread size; Swap size: for short and long positions; Local time (optionally); My  #1 Utility : includes 65+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Font size; Text color; Select the positioning: left / right corner of the chart; Local time: on/off; The program file must be placed to the " Indicators " directory.
FastAutolot MT5
Francesco Vitale
5 (2)
Introducing Autolot 2.0 Trade Management : The Revolutionary Trading Utility is Now Even MORE POWERFUL and EFFICIENT! We're proud to announce the launch of Autolot 2.0, the upgrade that takes your trading to a whole new level! We've listened to your feedback and improved the utility to make it even more versatile and user-friendly. Here are the key features we've added: Fixed Risk: Now you can set a fixed risk for your trades, regardless of the balance percentage. For example, in the settings,
80 USD
Fundamental Signals Scanner MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Fundamental Scanner is a Non-Repaint, Multi Symbol and Multi Time Frame Dashboard based on Fundamental Signals Indicator . Fundamental Signals Indicator has a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 3000 pips (30000 points). The indicator is named fundamental because it can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk. Features : Multi-Symbol Support (Support automatic listing of market watch symbols) Multi-TimeFrame Support (Over 7
110 USD
LT Mini Charts
Thiago Duarte
4.83 (6)
This is a utility indicator that creates mini charts on left side of the chart you are looking at. It is very useful to watch many timeframes simultaneously, without having to change between multiple charts. Its configuration is very simple. You can have up to 4 mini charts opened. They automatically load the template of the "parent" chart. If you have any doubt please contact me. Enjoy! This is a free indicator, but it took hours to develop. If you want to pay me a coffee, I appreciate a lot
Binance History Loader
Andrey Khatimlianskii
This script is designed to download a long history of cryptocurrency quotes from the Binance exchange. You will find it perfectly suitable if you want once to download the history of cryptocurrencies for charts analyzing, collecting statistics or testing trading robots in the MetaTrader 5 strategy tester, or if you need to update the history not very frequently (for example, once a day or once a week). After running the script, you will have fully featured (but not automatically updated) cryptoc
99 USD
Step trailing stop
Evgenii Zhivogliadov
5 (1)
Step by step "Trailing Stop" The utility allows you to set the step of moving the "Stop Loss" following the price when using the "Trailing Stop" tool. Unlike the "regular" "Trailing Stop" available in the "MetaTrader" terminal, which allows you to set the "Stop Loss" movement in increments of 1 pip, this "Trailing Stop" is configured with any increment. This setting allows you to avoid closing positions during false trend reversals, when the price, after a long movement in one direction, reverse
Wolseley Panel MT5 FREE
Walter Wolseley Pessoa Batista De Lima
5 (9)
WOLSELEY's Trading Panel View your history in a structured and detailed manner, with efficiency rate and profit rate separated by day, week, month and total, as well as asset details, server time and positions&orders in progress. This panel was created looking on HEDGE-type accounts, but it can be used on NETTING-type accounts without any problems. In the PREMIUM version of this Panel you have the option to use buttons to facilitate the processing and execution of positions&orders in progress.
ZoomIN MT5
Maxim Polishchuk
5 (5)
The ZoomIN MT5 indicator is designed for quickly viewing the selected bar on the smaller timeframes in a pop-up window. Once launched, the indicator works in the background, does not take up space on the chart and does not consume system resources. When the indicator is activated by the Shift + i combination (can be changed in the settings), a pop-up window with a chart of a smaller timeframe is created. The displayed timeframe can be changed by a left-click on the magnifying glass icon. To hide
Very often there are situations when you need to quickly close all open positions or close only under a certain condition... The Positions Close script closes open positions according to the selected settings. You can choose to close All positions , only Buy, only Sell You can also choose by which symbols to close positions: by all symbols or only by the current one, on the chart of which the script was thrown There is a filter for closing profitable or unprofitable positions, as well a
Ichimoku Assistant is a multi-timeframe panel and alert system that scans all timeframes for multiple rules related to different ichimoku strategies. The Ichimoku indicator has 5 different lines, including Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen, Senku Span A, Senku Span B and Chikou Span. This scanner checks the status of these lines compared to each other and gives alerts based on your selected rules. If you are using ichimoku kinko hyo in your trading strategy, this scanner and its alert and filtering system i
60 USD
FXC Trade AssistanT MT5
Zsolt Haromszeki
5 (1)
FXC Trade AssistanT MT5 This trading software will help you in manual trading. You can use it for open and close positions in many forms. The EA offers you lot sizeing, stop management methods and other usefull tools using with its control panel. New in v1.13: Ultra-Fast CLOSE operation can close over 100 trades/second (Only MT5) New SETUP panels: Control, Chart, Msg., SFX, Advanced Added SFX sound profiles Zero-Point Calculation with Swap & Commission Can handle foreign trades New Info data
53 USD
ADVANCED TELEGRAM MANAGER MT5 Advanced Telegram Manager allows you to control your MT5 straight from your Telegram account. Features: Account Info - Shows you the progress of running trades, Account Balance and equity. Trade Options  - OPEN ( Buy, Sell, Buy-stop, Sell-stop, Buy-limit and Sell-Limit ) & CLOSE ( Specific Trade, All Trades. All Orders, Buy/ Sell Trades, Buy/ Sell Orders ) Performance Analysis - Shows you the Account performance over that period from largest profit to loss, win r
Drawdown Monitor
Benjamin Schneider
5 (3)
Drawdown Monitor EA Risk management made easy. Balance and equity monitoring, closing positions, deleting orders, notifications by email. Security for Prop Trading accounts. This Expert Advisor constantly monitors the account balance and equity. If the maximum unrealized overall drawdown (based on an initial account balance) is reached, only a notification is sent via email. When the maximum daily drawdown is reached, all open positions are closed, open orders are deleted and a notification i
Virtual SL TP Trailing
Andrei Sviatlichny
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Make your Trailing Stop, Take Profit, Breakeven, and Stop Loss levels invisible to the broker! STEALTH MODE Virtual Trailing Stop Virtual Take Profit Virtual Breakeven Virtual Stop Loss Virtual 2-levels Trailing Stop Virtual Trailing Take Profit Virtual Lifetime of Orders  Setting levels by dragging labels on the chart (Drag&Drop) TRADING PANEL Operate faster with orders/positions      [1] Change Order lot   [2] Place BUY order   [3] Place SELL order   [4] Place BUY LIMIT order   [5] Place
70 USD
Netting Panel RSJ
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Funcionamento: O Painel  Netting Panel RSJ  funciona com   qualquer ativo   e em   qualquer tempo gráfico . Ele funciona em contas do tipo " Netting " e " Hedge ", mas gerencia apenas uma posição por ativo, por isso o nome   Netting.   Se ele for executado em contas do tipo " Hedge ", ele fará o gerenciamento e proteção   apenas da posição mais antiga , ou seja, da primeira posição que foi aberta por ele. Em contas " Netting " quando os botões " SELL " ou " BUY " forem pressionados,   ocorrer
Volume Weighted Average Price or VWAP is an indicator wich shows different average prices on chart. This is very useful to find strong negotiation price areas and as trend following. Configurations: Day, Week and Month - Show different VWAPs according to the period. You can change each line style on "colors" tab. Any doubt or suggestion please contact us. Enjoy! This is a free indicator, but it took hours to develop. If you want to pay me a coffee, I appreciate a lot   <3 PayPal, Skrill, Ne
Active Symbol is a tool that works together with our Trade Panel. Since version 1.2 our panel can manage multiple symbols without having to open it in all of them, just one. This tool make this possible, because with it the actual or remote symbol information are saved for our Trade Panel to use. Remember to enable the panel control mode in the all symbols function. If you have some problemas with the shortcut buttons on chart on unpinned mode of Trade Panel try change the tickets digits option.
CloseAll MT5
Mr Sorachai Pitakjarukul
ขอบคุณ แรงบันดาลใจ จากโค้ชแพม ที่ทำให้เริ่มทำ    Close all ตัวนี้  และขอขอบคุณทุกคนที่ให้ความรู็มาโดยตลอด ไม่ว่าจะทางตรงทางอ้อม ขอขอบคุณห้องนางฟ้าที่ และ  ห้องร่วมหัวกัน   ทำให้นักเทรดมาเจอกัน ขอบคุณทุกคนที่ให้ความรู้เพื่อนร่วมเทรด ทั้งนี้เพื่อให้นักเทรดทุกคนได้มีเครื่องมือในการควบคุมการปิดการซื้อขาย จึงขอพัฒนาโปรแกรม close all version 5 ได้ใช้ทุกคน  Close all and update profit Version 1.00 (MT5) Full version Give you free  For MT4 Click  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/79252 Fix TPSL

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