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Trading utilities for MetaTrader 5 - 17

icon Below are trading programs simplifying trading in MetaTrader 5. Hover over a utility to read its description and purpose.
Bee's Close All Currently in Profit Positions (Buy Positions Sell Positions On All Symbols)   This is one script of many of my Scripts that when combined can be used for more efficient and faster trade executions on MT5 and especially when set up with Hotkey's or dedicated trading keyboards This script closes ALL Buy Trades ALL Sell Trades that are in Profit at the time of User Activation (slippige can occur in high volitility markets)  Drag  Drop  Done
30 USD
Bee's Close All Open Buy Positions On All Symbols This is one script of many of my Scripts that when combined can be used for more efficient and faster trade executions on MT5 and especially when set up with Hotkey's or dedicated trading keyboards This script closes ALL Buy Open Buy Positions Regardless Of Symbol and if Position in Profit or Loss   The Fastest way to close all Open Buy Positions Drag  Drop  Done
30 USD
Bee's Close All Open Sell Positions On All Symbols This is one script of many of my Scripts that when combined can be used for more efficient and faster trade executions on MT5 and especially when set up with Hotkey's or dedicated trading keyboards This script closes ALL Open Sell Positions Regardless Of Symbol and if Position in Profit or Loss   The Fastest way to close all Open Sell Positions Drag  Drop  Done
30 USD
FA Spread Trading is a tool that allows us to analyze the spread between two or more financial instruments. It allows us to create charts that highlight the performance of financial instruments and also allows us to operate in spreads by opening two or more positions/orders on the analyzed instruments. Not only that, FA Spread Trading also allows you to manage these orders as if they were a single entity assigning them a target to reach and closing them when you reach it. The software is equippe
450 USD
Gauss Range
Ricardo Rodrigues Lucca
Plot an gauss distribution with the percentage range (high/low-1 from an bar). All history is used to built the graph. The user can limit the samples (how many bars to analyse if a positive value is given), limit the maximal percentage (truncate percentage) on visualization and an step to evaluate approximate values to one. An 12.5%, 50% and 80% accumulation is showed on title to be easier discover what percentage is the most common.
30 USD
A "simple design" trading panel, which is characterized by small byte size, low CPU usage, simple steps, and quick operation, 1 to 2 clicks to complete a functional operation, saving time and increasing efficiency . The panel is easy to use, and it is not complicated to set parameters, which is in line with traders' habits. At the same time, its compact- design, clear at a glance, and comprehensive functions are a powerful tool for manual trading! Key features of the panel:   Click "Bid/Ask
79.99 USD
AutoLevels MT5
Alessandro Benini
AutoLevels  is a precise tool for identifying support and resistance levels.  Allows you to trade with reliable information, making your analysis fast and easy. Usage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tqX4f_QhaA&ab Features and settings Features : Data based levels Dynamic coloring and width Works on any timeframe Settings : period : sets the averaging the period of the ATR; scale_factor : sets the ATR's multiplicator; levels_number : sets the maximum number of levels on the chart; dynamic_c
30 USD
Bee's Hidden SL and TP EA This EA when attached to chart will close SL and TP  and Use'es defined USER input amounts for Stop Loss and Take Profit                      Works on any pair when inputs set up correctly by user I recommend practice on demo account first to find your optimal settings for each pair you trade and according to your trading strategy Note: AS THIS EA DOES NOT REPORT TO YOUR BROKER (Market Maker) WHAT TP AND SL SETTING ARE it is your responsibility to know what the min val
30 USD
Telegram Trade Notification MT5 Full
Mahamad Khairie Izwan Bin Yusli
Telegram Trade Notification MT5 (FULL) Please DM if you require further Details  Telegram Message Telegram Notification Adv is created with features that ensure its fulfill your needs as below: 1. Instant Notification of your Trading Activity from MT5 to Telegram. 2. Daily Summary Notification-Once daily EA will send “daily summary notification” based to Time set. 3. Summary Notification based on Time Lapse – If you like to receive summary Notification of your trading activity, this EA
150 USD
Tax Buddy creates a simple trading report which you can send to your local tax authorities alongside your annual declaration. I've been using this kind of report for the German Finanzamt in order to declare my capital gains ("Kapitalerträge") in a readily comprehensible manner. For testing purposes, the Demo version places random trades in the Strategy Tester on the symbol of your choice and creates a demo report for them. Conveniently, all reports are stored in the common path for all termina
30 USD
Risk Management MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
Trading assistant   designed for manual trading. It helps to calculate and control your risks, transfer transactions to breakeven and accompany positions with trailing stop. Easy to set up and use. It can be used for calculating a trading lot, calculating stop loss and take profit levels. Works with currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies Displays       volume,   potential loss and profit before       placing an order Ability to set the expiration time of a pending order
30 USD
THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE TEST IN STRATEGY TESTER. PLEASE TRY DEMO VERSION: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58096 RISK AND TRADE MANAGER RISK AND TRADE MANAGER   is an advanced trading panel designed for manual trading.   Utility helps to manage trades effectively and efficiently with a single click. MAIN FEATURES Convert and display Stop Loss (SL)   Pips into % and amount to view the clear picture of the trades if SL hits. Fund allocation for individual trade in % and in amount. Get alert
65 USD
Fechar Ordens e Posicoes
Paulo Oliveira Avelino
Com este Expert Advisor tenha a possibilidade de fechar todas as posições de forma automatizada. Tenha em mãos o recurso de fechar as posições e ordens pendentes por ações, Dólar, Índice ou TODOS estes juntos, algo inovador no mercado. Ideal para quem quer uma segunda camada de segurança para suas operações automatizadas ou ainda que o próprio robô feche suas operações manuais em um horário programado. Promoção de 30 dólares para a três primeiras assinatura, posteriormente será cobrado 50
30 USD
Money and Trade Manager
Tobias Michael Kerner
If you want to try the Demo Version, please use this one: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58262 Features: easy positioning of stoploss and takeprofit with horizontal Assistance-lines automatic Volume calculation fixed risk, set by the trader Closing of all trades of one type, with the click of one button (long or short, for this symbol) Creation of pending orders with one click Direct feedback through responsive buttons Made for all your needs: Forex Indices Crypto Gold, Silver, Pla
45 USD
Quickly Helper is a tool to help us deal with multiple orders quickly. It has five function keys. They are: The "清空" button to quickly level out all orders;  Quick flat out the long position "平多单" button;  Quick flat out the short position "平空单" button;  The "买多" button to quickly buy at the current price;  The "买空" button to sell quickly at the current price;  It has seven display information items. They are: bp: the total income of multiple orders; (  profit of  buy/long position ) avgb: avera
30 USD
Forex Lot Sizing
Thyago Sousa Mendes
The program is used to calculate the lot to be used given a certain amount of financial risk. It allows the creation of lines that will mark the entry and stop prices. From these two values ​​the lot is calculated and shown in a small panel. The program also allows choosing the risk-return ratio and creating a horizontal line marking the target. The system does not create orders. These must be created manually by the user.
30 USD
Implied Volatility
Guilherme Emiliao Ferreira
ImpliedVolatility MT5 "ImpliedVolatility" is an EA developed to calculate the implied volatility of a stock option. As it is not observable, it is calculated by iteration using the Black & Scholes model. The implied volatility is not the same as historical volatility, also known as realized volatility or statistical volatility. The historical volatility figure will measure past market changes and their actual results.It does not predict the direction in which the price change will proceed. For
30 USD
Panel Trader MT5
Maksim Vershinin
Trading panel for fast and convenient trading. The panel allows you to quickly open and close orders. Separate closing of orders for Sell and Buy positions. It is also possible to close all orders completely. The trading panel displays information about profit, total volume and number of orders for Sell and Buy positions. Sometimes some positions may not be closed due to market volatility. In this case, click close the position again.
30 USD
Closes a losing position. Due to the previous continuous, profitable series. SymbolsWork: Currency instruments (pairs) for the EA to work with. There may be variations when setting a pair. If set simply as EURUSD , GBPUSD: or AUDUSD:ALL , the EA opens both buy and sell orders. If a specific order type is set after a colon USDJPY:BUY , then the EA opens only buy orders and in case of eurjpy:sell , it performs only sell orders. The pairs are separated by commas. For example, the following entry "E
100 USD
It transforms imprecise and crooked lines INTO perfectly STRAIGHT and HORIZONTAL Lines! DO NOT WASTE your TIME anymore trying to draw perfectly straight lines! This useful tool straightens crooked lines and saves you from the nervousness! You can also switch, with a button, between Normal Trendlines and STRAIGHT Horizontal lines! Enjoy it and have a nice trading!
30 USD
Making Charting simple! The Support/Resistance EA combines a sophisticated neural network algorithm with an Average Range computation to make your supply and demand zones easy to spot! The EA is very easy to use and can save you valuable time when charting through financial instruments. Areas of consolidation are highlighted according to your preference and timeframe, making it easier to identify areas of break-out or small regions to scalp.  Features :  Choose two Timeframes (From 1 Minute
30 USD
Magic Panel for MT5 is a Menu based Trading Panel. with the help of Magic Panel traders will be able to access various trading tools right from Menu Panel in MetaTrader Chart. All tools are one click to activate and another click to deactivate its that simple. Current version of Magic Panel comes with. - Trend Scanner. - Five in One Pivot Point. - Currency Strength Meter. - Multi Symbol Heat Map Scanner. - Auto Trend Line. - Symbol Search Box. - Symbols Dropdown Menu. - One click object Clear Bu
99 USD
Little experience in trading? Do you want to try yourself as a professional scalper? This advisor is just for you! Better to use a brokers  Rannforex.com  or  IcMarkets.com The essence of the strategy - from the lower line (blue) we buy, from the upper (red) we sell. You choose a relatively flat instrument. For example EURGBP in the evening. Turn on the Timeframe M1-M5. And launch the EA on the chart. The EA builds a channel at the start. And it displays a panel with buttons and infor
69 USD
ProTrader B3 Mini
Lucas Henrique Fukabori
zap 43996914141 pelo valor de 50 + brinde ProTrader B3 Mini é um utilitário para a plataforma de negociação MetaTrader 5 Foi programado especialmente para os ativos WIN (mini índice bovespa) e WDO (mini dólar) O conceito do B3 Mini é ser simples, prático e intuitivo, um excelente assistente para scalpers/day traders! Opere totalmente pelo teclado do seu PC, experimente, você vai gostar de usar!  ( 'ω' ) Nota: 1 - Este utilitário não funciona no testador de estratégia 2 - Teste a ve
30 USD
Indexes MT5
Pavel Verveyko
The stocks that make up the index are one of the drivers of the movement. Analyzing the financial performance of all elements of the index, we can assume further development of the situation. The program (script) displays corporate reports of shares that are part of the index selected in the settings.   "Indexes" cannot be tested in the tester (since there is no way to get information from the Internet). Information is downloaded from the site investing.com: Report Date Earnings per share
275 USD
In the current version this filter will only work with my   night scalpers and the EA Profitection Filter  or with other EAs that utilize the global variables set by this EA.  An MT4 version is availalble here .  Many scalpers these days have a "normal" news filter, which filters calendar news such as interest rate decisions or CPI releases.  However, this breaking news filter is able to filter non-standard breaking news. It will check every minute for news and if it finds a news event, it will
80 USD
The Universal Dashboard is a tool for multidimension technical analysis of the market. It allows you to collect a customizable set of trading signals and important performance indicators, and display them in a single table. Multiple symbols, timeframes, and conditions can be monitored and alerted at once. The conditions are specified as expressions which support all built-in indicators, custom indicators, math functions, arithmetic operators and more. The dashboard is implemented as a non-tradi
49 USD
機能&特徴: ZigZagをもとに主要なレジスタンスとサポートラインを引きます。 各時間足で押し安値、戻り高値を簡単に把握できます。 現在何波目なのか簡単に把握できます。 ※ トレンド転換時はカウンターは1、継続時は2,3,4..となります。 ※ちなみにこちらはZigZagの谷山を数えています。エリオット波動数ではありません。 現在買い目線でいるべきなのか売り目線なのか簡把握できます。 過去2つのZigZagラインで静的にフィボナッチを引きます。 今の値動きで動的にフィボナッチを引きます。 逆フィボナッチ(静的なフィボナッチのみ)に変更することも可能になります。 ボタンにより以下の操作が可能になります。 1.ZigZagラインの表示、非表示 2.ノーマルフィボナッチ、逆フィボナッチの切り替え ※環境により表示に時間が掛かる場合があります。 3.1分足、5分足、15分足で1つ上のZigZagラインが引けるようになりました。 4.レジスタンスとサポートラインを再描写します。  トレンド継続や変換をアラートで通知します。 エリオ
50 USD
Protected profit
Vasiliy Pritchin
Protected profit это логическое продолжение проекта Equity monitor. Исправлены недочёты и внесены дополнительные моменты. В данном продукте разработан процентный  Traling stop, как на отдельную позицию, так и на дневную прибыль в целом. Есть возможность закрыть позицию по заданному проценту убытка, а так же можно закрыть все позиции по проценту дневной прибыли. Настройки просты и понятны.  Например: Риск на позицию 1% Позиция закроется если процент убытка превысит 1%. Traling 3% допустимое сниже
35 USD
Photocopy MT5
Photocopy MT5 is an Copier of transactions through Telegram channel. Will help you instantly publish your trade in Telegram channel or copy trades from Telegram channel. The utility can work in two directions by receiving signals in MT5 and transmitting signals to Telegram   . No more missed deals No more panic Capital Management Ease of use You can use it for: Copying your own deals through Telegram channel (via the Internet); Copying trades from MT5 to MT4 and vice versa. Propagation of si
30 USD
A Boleta para DayTrade disponibiliza as principais funcionalidades da plataforma ProfitChart* nos gráficos do MetaTrader5.       Funcionalidades do produto:      -Set de Contratos      -OrdensOCO      -TrailingStop (StopMovel)      -BreakEven (Garanta seus lucros)      -Saídas Parciais      -Tempo de expiração de vela      -Linha de preço médio      -Botão pânico (Zerar a mesa)       Funciona em todos os mercados, em todos os tempos gráficos.    *ProfitChart é um produto registrado nelog
50 USD
Object replicator   is an indicator that allows you to replicate an object in one or as many charts as you like. This indicator is the solution to replicate part of your analysis in exactly the same position and price of a trend line, Fibonacci, vertical line, horizontal line, etc. Download the MT4 version   here Install the indicator on the source chart and follow the steps below: To activate the indicator, simply press the (Activate) button. Once the (Activate) button is pressed, a (Receive
30 USD
Quick Close Panel
Boaz Nyagaka Moses
5 (1)
'Quick Close Panel' is an easy to use interface for managing orders. It has a button for closing all winning trades on the current chart, a button for closing all losing trades and another button for closing   all running trades (Losing and Winning)   on the current chart. It is very responsive and quick to execute operations due to the effective time complexity of the algorithm used in the  program.  Vist this link to download demo:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62901?source=Site+Mark
30 USD
Titan Boom Crash is meant to be traded on 6 Symbols of the Boom and Crash Stnthetic Indexes.   There are 3 versions of both these symbols which are the 1 Spike per 300 ticks and 500 ticks and 1000 ticks. The Titan Boom Crash utilises mathematical equations to select trades. Use the strategy tester to select your preferred timeframe and settings, taking into account that a breakeven function and trailing stoploss have been incorporated into its code.    Signal Settings  the user can now selec
30 USD
Ordem Facil
Clesio Hector Dufau Da Conceicao
EA Ordem Fácil helps you open pending buy and sell orders (buy or sell stop) using the SHIFT, CTRL keys and mouse left button click. To create a buy stop order, press the SHIFT key (only once) and click on mouse left button on the chart above the price. To create a sell stop order, press the CTRL key (only once) and click on mouse left button on the chart below the price. While the order is not opened, when you moving the mouse cursor on the chart, on the left and above corner of the ch
30 USD
Control Panel iForex
Pongsakorn Kaewarun
Control Panel iForex   The script allows users to easily one click for adjust lot order, buy, sell and close positions if their profit/loss reaches or exceeds a value specified in USD. BUY - Click for order long position. LOT - standard 0.1 lot. You can adjustable in control panel. SELL  - Click for order short position. CLOSE ALL  - Click for close all position. CLOSE BUY  - Click for close all only long position. CLOSE SELL  - Click for close all only short position. TAKE PROFIT (USD) - stan
50 USD
We found the solution for you. It is a script that allows you to automatically close all your positions that you have improved. To close a position, you must type "Close position" from its context menu in the "Trade" tab. In the window that appears, you must also type "Ask". Then the "Close" button appears in the window. When you press this button, the position is fully closed at the asking price. Please note that the Close button will also remain displayed for a few seconds, while the trader n
30 USD
As simple as title, this is a telegram notificator to be always updated about your open position. It send basically 3 message: When you reach a stop loss; When you reach a take profit; When you reach a margin call; If you want I'm available to do all customization for you, like send chart pictures, particular message or to interact with Metatrader with Telegram custom command. How to configure: Go to Metatrader, "Windows->Options->Expert Advisor-> WebRequests for URL" and write "https://api.te
50 USD
Another simple but effective tool that answer to one important question in a rapid way: If I want to risk X money and I want my stop loss here, how many lots I need to use? You can easily attach this tool to graph, draw an horizontal trendline and this tool give to you a suggested lot values to lose/gain money you have specified into setting page.  Interface is also fully customizable. I'm available for further customizations based on user needs. Best, Mirko
80 USD
This utility keep you notified about r eal-time increase of volume on every simbol you have into your market watch. Basically it compute the 30 days back volume and compare it with current volume: if you set, for example, 75% into setting page, you will receive telegram  (and also on-screen) notification when current volume is above 75% of maximum of last 30-days volume. To configure Telegram notification: Go to Metatrader, "Windows->Options->Expert Advisor-> WebRequests for URL" and write "http
150 USD
Telegram Simple
Telegram Simple is an APP that allows you to send your technical analysis or operations, directly to your telegram channel, quickly and simply, without complications. - Scroll through the symbols from the panel - Fully configurable list of symbols - Quick change of Time Frame from panel - Send comments and Screenshots for more details: tradingxbots@gmail.com
55 USD
Simple arrow with alert on chart. This is NOT an entry indicator but a direction indicator. It uses MACD signal line to show you possible future direction of a trend. Please use it with other filters or confirmations to trade properly. Recommended for scalping and short term trades. Made for EURUSD M5 but it should work on every major pair on M5 timeframe. For MT4 version please go here! *If you need fully automated trading system. Please check this EA  here! FEATURES: Very simple directional in
499 USD
Symbol Manager for MT5
Taras Slobodyanik
5 (1)
Symbol Manager or Grid Manager, designed to group orders into one position (by symbol and by direction). This utility will be useful to multi-currency traders, who can have multiple orders on several pairs. You will be able to see the total number of lots, the total profit, and set virtual stop loss and virtual take profit. To set a real TP (or SL), you must first set the virtual value, and then enter the command in this cell: "set". If you want to set real TP/SL for all orders at once, then en
40 USD
The Trading Control Panel EA let you: - Calculated lot size based on the (% or $ risk) - Place multiple (Market/Limit/Stop) trades at same time - Manage all open trades (move SL to BE, take partial profit, close all trades) This is a handy tool for those who wont to open multiple orders without spending time on lot calculations. When opening multiple orders the first order has the first TP and all other orders get the second TP.
30 USD
Objects Copier
Vladimir Pokora
This utility copies graphic objects from the MASTER chart to the SLAVE chart. Install it as an indicator. The version for MT4 is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/61937 It can work in the following modes: Master CHART to Slave CHART in one MT4 or MT5 Master MT4 to Slave MT4 (one or more) Master MT4 to Slave MT5 (one or more) Master MT5 to Slave MT5 (one or more) Master MT5 to Slave MT4 (one or more) You can use multiple Master-Slave groups by setting the ID parameter . You can copy al
38 USD
Receive notifications about the online status of your server in   Telegram . If something is wrong with the server: reboot, no connection with VPS or no connection between MT4 and your broker - you will get a notification to your phone about it in just a few minutes. Remember that consistent online is very important for your EAs and the problems with the VPS may lead to financial or profit losses. Allow WebRequest for   http: //hass-naragot.xyz ( delete the space before // when entering in the
30 USD
Chart State Saver for MT5 is utility which helps to save states of all your charts even if they will be closed. And then all saved charts' states can be easily loaded back to charts. It stores templates for each particular currency pair and automatically applies them to charts once they will be opened at next time. Also they can be applied to the charts by your own needs. Thus you can close any chart at your MT5 without scaring to lose chart's data like drawls, messages, chart styling and so
30 USD
This Tradepanel is an Utility for Traders Who want ot use Basic MoneyManagement for Calculation of Lotsize and have Some automated Functions. Auto Stoploss and Auto Takeprofit are available.  BE AWARE: This Panel does not work in StrategyTester a Demo "Auto TradePanel Basic" Version is available to get an Overview.  The Tradepanel Calculates Lotsize based on RiskFaktor and checks if Marginrequirement is met . Each Position is Opened with a StopLoss, defined in percent. if a Position already exis
100 USD
Overview The Expert Advisor sends notifications to a mobile phone, via e-mail or plays a sound in case any changes are detected on the trading account: opening/closing positions, changing order or position parameters, balance or leverage. Also, the Expert Advisor can inform that Equity on the trading account has dropped below a specified value or Free Margin is small compared to Margin. The Expert Advisor does not trade, it only monitors your account. Launching the Expert Advisor You should al
40 USD
Copying trading signals from the Telegram channel to MetaTrader. The utility will help you easily and simply copy transactions from your Telegram channel or chat to the MetaTrader trading terminal almost instantly MT4 version - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62381 Template for signals in the Telegram channel, chat (can be changed in the parameters) SYMBOL = EURUSD, TYPE = SELL, PRICE = 0.00000, LOT = 0.01, STOPLOSS = 0.00000, TAKEPROFIT = 0.00000, The utility is easy to use, everyo
30 USD
Support Or Resistance Alert Broken
Jhojan Alberto Tobon Monsalve
"Support or Resistance Alert Broken" is a simple and very intuitive tool that allows you to create or eliminate horizontal and trend supports and / or resistances with a simple click. When the support or resistance line is broken by the closing price at the end of the current candle, the "Support or Resistance Alert Broken" tool will send an alert with sound, as well as a notification to the MT4 or MT5 mobile application. This tool can send alerts from multiple pairs at the same time. Utili
30 USD
Moving averages are a simple and serious indicator for evaluating the development of a price. But which configuration to choose? 12 periods ? 20 periods? There is not a single moving average setup for all instruments, at all times, for all time periods, simply because not all instruments have the same volatility, they are all very different. They have a signature. The Signature App is a powerful decision support tool. It is based on the use of moving average envelopes. The program calculates th
60 USD
Andrii Voliuvach
For those who trade false breakouts (FBo) levels. The False Breakout Finder (FBoFinder) service was written primarily for trading stocks and their CFDs on daily charts. It will search for you for various false breakouts of extremes on hundreds and thousands of instruments from the Watchlist, which will save you in the long run many hours of daily routine selection of securities before the market opens. In the process of enumerating instruments, securities with a ban on trading are ignored. If a
250 USD
Binance is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange! In order to facilitate more accurate analysis of the encrypted digital currency market, the program can automatically import Binance's K-line data to MT5 for analysis. The main functions are: 1. Support the automatic creation of spot trading pairs in the currency security department, and you can also set the profit currency and base currency separately. For example, if ProfitCurrency is empty, it means all trading areas. Optional: USDT, BTC
30 USD
Capital protector MT5  is an Expert Advisor who works based on the profit and loss of your account. Its functions include: Closing of all orders when a certain profit or loss is reached. Remove any other Expert Advisor installed on a secondary chart when a certain profit or loss is reached. Send a notification to the mobile when a certain loss or profit is reached.  To configure the Expert Advisor you will only have to program the loss limit that you are willing to lose or the profit limit that
30 USD
Сообщения в Telegram из MT5 о торговых событиях: Открытие/закрытие сделок; Выставление/удаление отложенных ордеров. Версия утилиты для MT4 здесь: https://mql5.com/8bjjy Настройки  Telegram: Создайте своего бота. Для этого напишите для пользователя  @BotFather команду  /newbot , и следуйте инструкциям. В результате вы получите Token бота, примерно такой:   1245680170:BBGuDFVkTYIPtjSaXMgQEhdfg7BOQ6rl8xI.  Узнайте свой ID в  Telegram, для этого напишите пользователю  @userinfobot любое сообщение.
60 USD
P - Copy Trade Ultimate Edition Contact-me to get one copy !!!! This Copy Trade is unique in the market with clients registration features, including batch registration !!!! The P Ultimate Copy Trade is a professional tool for copy trade within Terminals. There are two operating modes available on the server; In the first operating mode , the order and positions are mirrored for all terminals connected to the server. whether Clients are registered or not. In the second operating mode
200 USD
Quick Info
Ruslan Khasanov
Quick Info   - information utility for collecting and providing a trader with various useful information needed in trading on financial markets every day. All the necessary information is collected and grouped in a separate window. On the first tab, you will find trade statistics for the selected time period. To collect trade statistics, you just need to select a time period from the list or specify the start and end dates of the period for which you want to show trade statistics. You can also v
99 USD
Lucas Emanuel Martinez
Gestión de Riesgo   Gestión de riesgo es un Ea que diseñado para facilitar la cantidad de lotaje a la hora de arriesgar por cada operación manual, la forma es que se calcula es utilizando la distancia del Stop loss y el precio de entrada, así el trader sabe con exactitud la cantidad de lotaje que debe poner a comenzar una nueva operación, el ea también cuenta con 2 funciones más: A) La prima posee un automático colocación de Stop loss como de Take Profist previamente configurado. B) La segunda
30 USD
Order Entry Pro
Anthony Eric Gillon Dawson
Order Entry Tool with several additional features. Money management feature - As in the free version but in this pro version the lot & risk calculations are updated as you drag the lines making it much easier to setup the order. Close all - Will close all orders opened with the tool in one click. Intelligent trailing stop loss - Attempts to maintain a trailing stop loss just behind the last identified structure in the 1H chart in order to try and avoid unwanted stop-outs. Adjustments are made ev
30 USD
Multichart Control Panel is a small panel that can change the timeframe and zoom level of all open chart with just one click. Simple, intuitive and fast. Inside there is a simple hidden function: the buttons have a light red color when working on a demo account and a light green color when working on a real account. This little trick helps all traders who for some reason often switch from a demo account to a real one not to get confused and not to make involuntary mistakes.
30 USD
Complete Trade Panel for the No Nonsense Forex method: This panel encapsulates almost all things you will need to execute your own NNFX algorithm, helping you trade even faster and easier. It has 3 parts: Symbol Panel Switch to any symbol in your charts quickly by pressing its name. Additional information can be displayed in the panel: currently open trades , correlation of those trades with other symbols (except if their stop loss is in breakeven or positive) and upcoming news (next daily candl
49.99 USD
Venom Script
Vladimir Makeyev
Скрипт для удаления всего лишнего с графиков в терминале MetaTrader.  - Простота использования: Достаточно просто перетянуть скрипт на график - Скорость выполнения: В течении нескольких секунд скрипт выполнит свою работу и очистит график полностью. Скрипт адаптирован для MT5 Скрипт на русском языке Версия: 1.0 ............ Скрипт от Venom Team ............
150 USD
Help Trader Trailing Stop
Antonio Luiz Capellaro
Robot that Helps Traders:   GENERIC = Works for B3 (Brazilian Stock Exchange) and FOREX This Robot takes the Order and Stop Loss that trader placed, and handles the order according to the Partial Profit and Trailing Stop strategy defined in the parameters when the Robot was activated. Note that the default values are: % do Stop Loss to start Trailing Stop: 50% # to Divide  lots in x parts (only once) : 2 % do Stop Loss to start Partial Profit: 50% * The Trailing Stop changes with the Time
30 USD
Account Informer MT5
Ismail Hakki Delibas
Account Informer Utility Helps you :     Stay in Touch With Your Account.     Hear About Your Account Critical Conditions.     Check Your Account Connectivity.     Inform from any Position Change.     Receive Notifications as Android or IOS Notifications on Your Phone, Email or Popup Window. Information can send in these conditions according to your selection :     Constant Time Period     When Drawdown Larger than Specified Value     When Margin Level Smaller than Specified Value   
30 USD
Mykhailo Bilichenko
Utility for calculation volume for the order with give risk. Use input parameter 'risk' to specify value of risk - default value is 0.1 (10% of free margin). Script is applied to the symbol of the selected chart. The price used in calculation is ASK price, so there is a small deviation using script for opening short position, it depends on instrument spread size and very often is less than minimal volume step.
30 USD
简介 该软件为快捷操盘交易面板,使用之前请打开自动交易,然后加载到界面前请仔细阅读软件简介。 软件使用会对仓位进行真实的平仓操作,建议先使用模拟盘练习,感受一下软件的功能。 等熟悉软件功能之后再到实盘上使用,且为mt4/5提供各自不同的版本,而功能却完全一样。 如何设置 Interface language,软件界面使用语言,可以选择中文或者英语。 Panel Order Magic,该面板所下订单魔术编号。 Sound Alert,使用声音报警。 New bar Alert,新的K线出现时报警。 优点 手工交易者操盘利器,一键实现快速成交,平仓。 一键成交,订单自动携带止损和止盈 。 市场订单多单,空单,挂单各自都是自己的参数不统一设置,便于管理。 软件界面采用黑色主题,保护眼睛,运行体验感佳。 按下界面按钮对应的字母可以实现键盘快捷成交, 媲美专业操盘键盘  。
30 USD
简介 本产品是 一款可以辅助识别趋势并顺势加仓的工具软件 。 当行情出现连续单边上涨或下跌时候,选择时间,并输入参数启动该软件,会自动加仓并移动止损,直到最后一单止损全部出场为止 。 交易方向可选择单向也可以双向,每一波趋势结束后都要重新输入参数,并点击启动策略。 在面板中每次手动输入止损金额,选择是否加仓,选择交易方向和时间周期,再选择趋势启动时间,并点击Run 以上设置完成后,余下的工作比如识别趋势,自动的加仓, 自动的止损或者止盈都是自动化的。 如何设置 Interface language,软件界面使用语言,可以选择中文或者英语。 Panel Order Magic,该面板所下订单魔术编号。 Show Comment,是否显示注释信息。 Is Mgmt Other Magic,是否接管其他魔术编号的订单。 关于我们 MT4版本:  https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/65056 欲了解更多我们产品信息,请 点击这里
30 USD
简介 本产品是一款风控系统。 这是一个控制和管理订单的风控软件,可用于监控交易员的成交手数,也避免忘记设置止损和止盈的错误。 很多风控技术工作者在该软件系统的帮助下,节约了大量的工作时间,同时也避免了很多严重性的错误。 如何设置 净值以上清仓线--当账户的净资产大于该值时,执行清仓操作。 净值以下清仓线--当账户的净资产小于该值时,执行清仓操作。 整体盈利清仓线-- 当账户的浮动盈利大于该值时,执行清仓操作。 整体亏损清仓线-- 当账户的浮动亏损大于该值时,执行清仓操作。 单笔浮盈平仓线-- 当该笔订单浮动盈利大于该值时,执行该订单的平仓。 单笔浮亏平仓线-- 当该笔订单浮动亏损大于该值时,执行该订单的平仓。 盈利关其他窗线-- 当账户的浮动盈利超过该值时,关闭除本软件所在的其他任何窗口。 亏损关其他窗线-- 当账户的浮动亏损超过该值时,关闭除本软件所在的其他任何窗口。 最大单笔仓手数-- 当某笔订单的手数超过该值时候,执行减仓操作,直到符合要求。 最大总持仓手数-- 当账户的总持仓手数超过该值时候,执行减仓操作,直到符合要求。 限制最大止损点-- 当某订单无止损或止损点数超过该值
30 USD
This program is designed to test ideas and acquire analytical skills. The main task of the analyst is to be able to predict the direction and range on the chart, where the price should soon come. This product cannot be tested in the tester. All the functionality is shown in full in the description and screenshots. How it works : Situations for analysis are selected at random. (The more historical data, the greater the number of examples). Click " Start Game ". Between the orange vertical
55 USD

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