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Trading utilities for MetaTrader 5 - 20

icon Below are trading programs simplifying trading in MetaTrader 5. Hover over a utility to read its description and purpose.
Introduction: This product is a tool software that can execute stop loss and take profit according to the set parameters。 Input the parameters to start the software, and the system will automatically perform the closing operation on the premise of meeting the conditions according to the requirements of the parameters。 Settings: Max Stop Loss Pips(true/false),Whether to turn on the function of maximum stop loss points Max Stop Loss Pips,When the loss points of a single order exceed this value,
30 USD
简介 本产品是 一款可以根据设定参数执行清理,删除,平仓订单的工具软件 。 输入参数启动该软件,系统会按着参数的要求,在满足条件的前提下,自动执行平仓操作 。 模拟测试版本下载  https://www.mql5.com/zh/blogs/post/747400 如何设置 Clear Order For Time(on-off),是否开启 设置时间清理订单功能 Clear Order After Time,   设置清理订单的 时间 Clear Order Type After Time,   设置该时间之后清理订单的类型 Clear Order Magic After Time,设置该时间之后清理订单的魔术编号 Clear Order Symbol After Time,选择根据时间清理订单的货币对 Clear Order For Price(on-off),是否开启 设置突破价格清理订单功能 Clear Order After Cross Price,   设置清理订单的 突破价格 Clear Order Type For Price,   设置突破价格之后清理订单的类型 C
30 USD
I know, you have an idea for an EA and would like to develop your own without the need of a programmer? Then LT Sandbox EA will help you with that! As the name says (sandbox), you can configure it the way you want (within your limitations, of course). With it you can use up to 13 indicators, including an external indicator (from a third party), being able to make dozens of combinations! Available indicators: Moving Average (two of them) RSI Stochastic Oscillator MACD Bollinger Bands Parabolic S
200 USD
One Click Pro
Pham Khanh Duy
One Click Pro, Is utilities EA, which can help you quickly Exit some positions when the market run to fast while you have a lot of position needed to handling. Example, you are trading as Martingale Strategy (moving average for low cost). Currently you have more than 20 Buy positions in Symbol-A, you can calculate exactly Break-even (BE) price then you think tonight the price can go-up reach to BE price, even higher than BE price. Because you read the news, some important news may help you earn
49 USD
SL Maker
Linas Kucinskas
EA Functionality -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The EA automatically sets SL (Stop Loss) of the specified size in points for each position immediately after opening position; - EA will close all open positions if their losses exceed the set amount; - Close all positions biggest then set limit; Position automatically closed if it bigger than set limit; - New function how much you can loss per day.
30 USD
LL Toolkit EA
Leopoldo Licari
UPDATE 1.1 IS OUT - PLEASE READ ALL THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE USE IT LL Toolkit EA is a very useful tool that will help your trading operation. I have put together all the tools that are most useful to me during my trading sessions,   also including some functions that are not natively included on MT5   such as the button to instantly     close all  positions,   the one to     lock  open positions,   the one to close and     reverse ,   the one to     reduce  the volume of the lots to the establi
35 USD
Elliott Waves Marker is a panel for marking up a chart based on Elliott waves. The utility allows you to quickly mark the graph (mark up, edit and delete). Input parameters: Font : Ewapro, Arial, ElliottWaveMine.       download fonts :     https://disk .yandex.ru/d/Pxwg7cI_cYh6_Q  the second "X" in triple combination ("X" or "XX") colors for wave levels (Grand Supercycle, Supercycle, Cycle, Primary, Intermediate, Minor, Minute, Minuette, Subminuette) For convenience, implemented: quick
40 USD
Trade Copier Agent is designed to copy trades between multi MetaTrader(4/5)  accounts/terminals. With this tool, you can act as either a provider (source) or a receiver (destination). All trading actions will be copied from the provider to the receiver with no delay. Please Apply the settings on the provider account before you start copy or while you have no orders! Any change while there is orders, will affect the receiver account. EX: if the provider account apply the buy orders and then dis
249 USD
Before open a trade we need calculate position size with risk =  % of balance(SL) and target risk reward ratio(TP). Let this tool simplify your work! How to use? Attach the indicator to the chart and set its parameters:  Risk size in %  or money and Risk Reward Ratio. Click on the ON button and locate the horizontal line to your would-be StopLoss level. Options: Click on the Pending/Instant button to locate the horizontal line  to your would-be Entrylevel Open trade with the  position size a
30 USD
All in one Keylevel
Trinh Minh Tung
5 (4)
Available for all Symbols : Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Indices, Commodities, CFDs... Main functions of current version: Autotrade (Algo trading 100%) according to the EPS signal if OnBuy/OnSell is enabled. Keylevel (Auto draw keylevel) EPS Signal(Detects Englufing/Pinbar signal and has automatic trade /autotrade ) VisualTrade EPS (calculating virtual orders in history) according to the EPS signal.InsideBar (Detecting InsideBar) Tradetool (Manual entry panel) Hline/Trendline Alerts (
300 USD
Santiago Garcia Sanchez
Tool that gives the possibility to test your strategy manually on historical data in the Metatrader 5 Strategy Tester application. It is based on an EA that can only be used in the strategy tester and in visual mode. The EA provides the possibility to configure, through input parameters, the display of different indicators: 3 Moving Average RSI Stochastic MACD Alligator Bollinger Bands Parabolic SAR Envelopes Fractals Ichimoku CCI Due to the limitations of the Mt5 strategy tester, such as
60 USD
This is a multi-currency converter script that can convert the currency of the account history to another currency and output it. Since it supports multiple currencies, it is possible to exchange USD, EUR mutual conversion, JPY, GBP, AUD, or other minor currencies. Currency Exchanger can be converted to other currencies immediately by executing it once, so anyone can easily exchange currency. Let Currency Exchanger do the tedious work! The exchange result from the account history can be output a
88 USD
Trade Informer HVZ
Alexandr Gershkevich
Trade Informer HVZ   is a utility that allows you to display trading results (open and closed positions) using filters for trading instruments and Magic Numbers of Expert Advisors. The results are displayed as a horizontal or vertical table or as separate blocks. Full list of displayed parameters: List of analyzed instruments List of Magic Balance of open positions Result of closed positions for today The result of closed positions for the previous day The result of closed positions for the
30 USD
There are a lot of high-quality signals on the MQL5 website, and learning them is a great way to broaden your mind and improve yourself. The trading history of the signal can be downloaded and saved in csv file format, but analyzing this textual information is difficult. Signal Analyzer has 2 usage options: 1. You can import the downloaded csv files and display each trading history in the MT5 chart window. 2. Use the Strategy Tester for historical backtesting. *** SignalAnalyzer is used as fol
50 USD
Binance Futures to MT5 Kline Candlesticks Live Candlestick Stream to Metatrader 5 USD-M Futures or COIN-M Futures Its a OHCLV (Open High Low Close Real Volume ) Live Rates Data For more information, Read Blog : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/749488 For Bid Ask Data for EA :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/77704 Binance Futures  History Updater is available at :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/77656 Why you should buy this product? The main reason this product is develope
40 USD
Binance Futures Realtime Live Tick data for Metatrader 5 Its a Tick ( Bid Ask Last ) based Live Data, It shows Bid Ask Last Volume and Spread which can be useful by EA for buy and sell. The information of Tick are fetched from Binance Websocket and candlesticks are plotted on 1min chart, Other timeframes are automatically updated by Metatrader5. For more information, Read Blog : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/749488 Why you should buy this product? There are many EAs which requires Spread
40 USD
Panel Netting
Tatiana Shvedova
Info - panel for   NETTING   account The main (top) line shows the current profit (loss) for the current transaction - determined by   calculation   . The bottom line displays information about the entire transaction. This information is collected from history. The buttons "All orders" and "with financial results" show the data of the current position and all orders from the history (for the current deal). Settings options: English, Russian background   color   , text   color   , Profit   color
40 USD
Account Load Info
Makarii Gubaydullin
Potential loss on all active and pending trades:  if SL levels will be reached (or the current floating loss if the SL level is not set) My   #1 Utility:  includes 65+ functions, including this indicator  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the input settings   you can adjust: Calculateion method : account currency / pips / points / % of the balance Position on the chart:   bottom left / bottom right / top left / top right corner Font:   color, size and style Optionally you can includ
49 USD
Raphael Djangmah Osro Agbo
MASS DESTROYER-MANUAL Most scalping robot open several positions in a matter of time.  In emergency situations where say over 30 positions are running at the same time and all these trades are going negative,  manually closing all of these positions can make your losses even bigger because of spreads and other market conditions This is where   DEST001   comes in.. This robot has been designed such that positions are closed in a matter of microseconds. The trader can chose some parameters as f
30 USD
MetaOrders MT5
Sergii Povzaniuk
This trading tool will help You to place your orders faster , specify its parameters easier and control your risks more clearly. It allows You to use lines on a chart to set the entry price, stop loss, take profit for any order, considering the specified percentage of risk from the deposit or a fixed lot, and place it in one click. It automatically detects a broker’s commission and takes it into account during calculations. It also calculates available for new order funds based on already opene
30.01 USD
Trade Copier Ultra MT5 Make 100 times more money on the same exact trades by simultaneously   trading multiple accounts. Trade Forex on one MT5 account and have everything cloned to many other accounts instantly & automatically with Trade Copier Ultra software. The indicator shows the direction of the market by displaying dotted lines. Simply attach the software to 2 MT5 platforms (SERVER & CLIENT Accounts) SERVER:  Master Account where trades will copied from CLIENT:   Slave Account wher
55 USD
Bybit Inverses Perpetual Futures and USDT Perpetual Futures Quick History Update Panel Features : 1. Panel with Select input field, It will create symbol based on setting and You can select from 15minutes to Monthly History or can select All to update history fully for the symbol. This panel updates history on Bybit symbols with Open High Low Close and Volume data, It also Prints message when History Update is complete. Please note this is not LIVE Data.  For Live Data : Buy or rent this produ
40 USD
Binance Futures Trading Panel 1. You need to buy :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/77642 for charting of Binance Futures data and drag and drop this EA Utility to chart and it will automatically detect the symbol on chart. This is a Binance Futures  trading panel, It does not include Binance Futures charting, so if you do not have any charting utility, please buy recommended utility from link. This panel works on One Way mode. How to use :  Open any chart of Binance Futures and make sure
99 USD
Binance US to MT5
Rajesh Kumar Nait
Binance US Spot Kline Open High Low Close and Real Volumes Live Candlesticks Data Stream realtime on Metatrader 5 Its a OHLCV (Open High Low Close Real Volume ) Live Rates Data  Why you should buy this product? The main reason this product is developed to fetch accurate high low open and close for Binance US Spot coins which is used in technical analysis, For scalpers and day traders if in a minute chart, OHLC data is not correct then it can give wrong analysis results in technical analysis doin
30 USD
LINE Notify Bot
Vitaly Muzichenko
Sends notifications and a screenshot of the chart about all trading operations from the MetaTrader 5 terminal to the LINE Notify apps account The EA sends notifications about all actions on the account: Opening a position, placing orders, modifying orders, including pending ones, closing positions and deleting orders Settings: Configure Metatrader to allow the EA to communicate with LINE Notify In the MetaTrader 5 application, click: "Tools" -> "Settings" -> "Expert Advisors" In the
30 USD
Trade Opener
Thapelo Maqalika
Trade with no need to calculate lot size! This script calculates the proper lot size and opens the position(s) for you. Set risk percent or risk amount of your equity and other parameters in script source code and compile it, then: First click: Open a trade with minimum lot size that broker allows to opening an order (use buy & sell buttons of trade panel on top left corner of charts) Second and third clicks: drag SL and TP lines to your wanted prices on the chart Forth click: drag and drop sc
55 USD
Boleta Trader
Ronaldo Franco De Oliveira Cardoso
A Boleta Trader RFOC é um EA criado para agilizar as operações de compra e venda, à mercado, stop ou limite. O EA apresenta a função de habilitar teclas de atalho, para inclusão de ordens de compra ou venda no gráfico com apenas 1 click. Os atalhos programado são Tecla "C" para Compra; Tecla "V" para venda; Tecla "X" para cancelar todas as ordens pendentes do gráfico. Informações na Boleta/Painel - Nome do ativo corrente em que o EA irá executar as operações - Total de posição: indica o núm
30 USD
Kucoin Spot to MT5 Kline Live Candlestick Websocket Stream to Metatrader 5 Its a OHCLV (Open High Low Close Real Volume ) Live Rates Data which runs on GMT Kucoin Spot  History Updater Coming Soon Why you should buy this product? The main reason this product is developed to fetch accurate high low open and close for Kucoin Spot which is used in technical analysis,  For scalpers and day traders, if in a minute chart, OHLC data is not correct then it can give wrong analysis in technical chart s
40 USD
Kucoin Futures Realtime Live Tick data for Metatrader 5 Its a Tick ( Bid Ask ) based Live Data, It shows Bid Ask which can be useful by EA for buy and sell.  Why you should buy this product? I have implemented all in this product, which makes sure all of the EAs are compatible with this data. You will get realtime price information, To test EA with your strategy on Kucoin  Futures on Live Market. It supports any EA which works with Bid Ask info,  1. Create Multiple Kucoin Futures Symbols  2. Rea
40 USD
Crypto to MT5
Rajesh Kumar Nait
Crypto.com to MT5 Live Candlestick Stream to Metatrader 5 from Crypto.com websocket Its a OHCLV (Open High Low Close Real Volume ) Live Rates Data you can check my other crypto product on my profile  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/rajeshnait/seller 1. OHLCV Data 2. Supports and Creates Multiple Symbols 3. You need to add Crypto.com websocket and api URL as mentioned at Tools > Options > Allow Webrequest from URL tab and also tick Allow Webrequest checkbox - Websocket URL : stream.crypto.com - API
30 USD
1. What is this This is a tool used to display the balance curve in real time. The historical orders of the MT5 software are only tabular, and it looks troublesome when you have a lot of orders. This program can draw your historical trading orders in the form of a capital curve graph. This way you can see at a glance how well you are trading and where you are going wrong. At the same time, although the MT5 strategy backtest has a capital curve, it does not match the price one by one. So it is v
40 USD
XP Trade Copier Copy From MT4 to MT4 Copy From MT4 to MT5 Copy from MT5 to MT5 Copy from MT5 to MT5 Note: You need to purchase the MT4 version to be able to copy from/to MT4 from/to MT5. COPIER SETTINGS ·         Working Mode: There are 2 options: Provider and Follower. o    Provide: In Provider mode the EA sends the trades to the follower. o    Follower: in Follower mode the EA receives the trades from the provider. ·         Copier Identifier: You can use multi-instances from the EA as Provi
149 USD
The utility is designed to save funds on your trading account. Just run the utility on a separate chart and specify the minimum equity and free margin values in the window that appears. If these values are reached during the trading process, all market orders will be closed. Also, all charts will be closed, which will make it impossible to open new orders by Expert Advisors running on the terminal. Thus, you can always keep a certain level of funds on your deposit. MT4 version of the utility - 
30 USD
Painel Aurora B3
Guilherme Mendonca
Painel informativo para day trade. Funciona em conta NETTING ou conta HEDGE. Tem a possibilidade de separar as infomrações dos trades conforme o número mágico de cada EA. Foi desenhado para melhor funcionamento no mercado futuro da B3. Durante as operações, o painel faz a plotagem das linhas de preço, stoploss e takeprofit (gain).  Possui informações de volume, preço médio, lucro e stops. Mostra o histórico de ganhos diário, semanal, mensal e anual.
30 USD
Risk Management Trading Panel calculates the volume of a position based on Account Balance , Currency , Currency Pairs , Synthetic Indices (Deriv Broker) once the user places stop-loss level ,and risk tolerance (set in percentage points of current balance). It also Displays reward/risk ratio based on take-profit and it shows recommended risk per trade based on current balance. Trailing Stop your positions and Applying Breakeven with a push of a button has never been easier and  you can also set
50 USD
Once again, We Nailed It! Imagine a faster and smoother way to recalibrate ANY Indicator using just obvious and intuitive mouse clicks, realtime, real fast, real results on your chart just right after the Click... Instead of the boring "Open Settings dialog / Change one setting / Click OK / See what happens on Chart...",  then repeat this process endlessly until you kill yourself! Well... No More... Welcome to the Minions Labs Recalibrator tool! Now you can Study, Trial, Experiment and Play wi
35 USD
Script downloads mql5 calendar data to human-readable local .csv file. Script settings Request start time. Script will download all available history since 2007-Jan by default. Request currency - currency filter. By default data for all available currencies is downloaded (no currency filter). File name - csv file name to save. File is saved to terminal folder /MQL5/Files/ Server DST changes shedule. Broker server winter/summer time shedule to adjust timestamps of events. Output csv file fields
30 USD
This EA Can work on any pair and make grids .  Is consistent in working and make comfortable trades. This have SL and TP well defined and Approx amount you need to out a trade too. For any information you can contract the developer .  Please try once and let me know the reviews. this will show how many trades are Open for BUY and SELL at a time and How much PL you are at right now .   
30 USD
Traders Toolbox Overwatch - is a monitoring utility for all Traders Toolbox running instances. It a simple chart switching utility and a market watch for all Traders Toolbox Running charts.  Features: 1. Customisable Button Colours, Rows and Columns. 2. Three Signal Types (Hold - Yellow / Sell - Red / Buy - Green) 3. Dynamically Updates button list depending on new or closed instances of Traders Toolbox   4. Single Click Buttons bring related chart to foreground. 5. Buy and Sell Signals s
30 USD
UNI Correla Expert Ea
Mr Thiti Chunsangsook
Ea correlation , MT5 : 51099762 Pass : McTrader9 Sever : Peperstone Markets-MT5-Live01 The robot is designed to issue orders in two pairs simultaneously. using the principle of difference of currency pairs. The robot will find the difference of two currency pairs. as we fill out and issue orders. Can work in two currency pairs simultaneously. and close orders in two pairs at the same time. Able to close a variety of orders as we define.
399 USD
Support Resistance and Signal
Benjamin Claude Henri Paul Ruaux
This EA allows you to manage support and resistance zones on MetaTrader 5…but not only: To your buying and selling zones (you can configure 2 sellings zones and 2 buyings zones), you can add 3 options (2 with multiframes) to enter a position: Option 1: this is the option that enters a position without a signal: as soon as the price reaches the zone, the robot sends a trade. Option 2: here the robot will wait for a break in the selected timeframe. Example: you put your zones on an H4 graph
99 USD
Remove comments from MQL5 and MQL4 code with a few mouse clicks using this utility. The utility processes all files in the root directory and in all folders of your project at once. Use the "Remove Comments" to protect your source code before compilation, when you publish the next version of your product in the MQL Market, or when you give an executable file to your customer. You can work with the actual source code of your project in the   \MQL5\EXPERTS\   or   \MQL5\INDICATORS   folders. At th
69 USD
this utility has it's function as a updater of your's database with the currency conversions of the day, all the days, and all the Currency Pairs. My Expert Advisors and Indicators who make alto calculation to show the lot take this data to guide their calculation, in relation to a account currency and a pair curreny who isn't the same as the account. Sample account in USD and you trade EURJPY in another symbol currency that isn't USD. I use paid data feed to attend multiple clients at the same
36 USD
Chart Spot Binance
Ghavamipour Mohammadreza
show live chart spot All symbol binance If you want to get this product with a 99% discount, send a message to my Telegram admin and rent this product for 1 $ per month or 10 $ per year. Even if you do not like the way the chart is displayed, you can tell the admin in Telegram how to display it so that your own expert is ready. https://t.me/Bella_ciao1997 https://t.me/Binance_to_mql5
30 USD
Утилита TemplateSwitcher позволяет автоматически переключать набор используемых на графике индикаторов и объектов в зависимости от текущего таймфрейма графика и/или символа. Часто бывает так, что на графике старшего таймфрейма используется индикатор с одним периодом расчета, а для младшего таймфрейма этот же индикатор необходим с увеличенным периодом расчета. Можно, конечно же, открыть два графика разных таймфреймов с нужными периодами индикатора. Но что, если мы не можем позволить себе дублиров
30 USD
Visual News Trade is an EA designed for trade news. News Calendar uses the built in calendar of MT5 terminal. Expert advisor explanation : Click here | Free News Reminder : Click here  | Semi automatic trade news ea : Click here Parameters input: 1. Manage Open Positions + Trade Buy : Allow buy + Trade Sell : Allow sell 2. Manage news + High importance : Show high importance news + High importance color : Color of high importance news + Medium importance : Show Medium importance news + Medi
75 USD
Forex VAP
Marco Antonio Rodrigues
What do you see inside a candle? How to interpret the fight between bulls and bears?     The candlestick chart brings a lot of information, but the volume is lacking in the candlestick body.   This is where the Forex Volume At Price Expert Advisor comes in.   This advisor searches for a set of recent trades, calculates the buy and sell attack volumes and prints on the candles, the volume value in each price range.     You can also define up to ten colors to filter volumes and make it easier to
30 USD
With this indicator you have displayed on the chart the optimal lot size for the forex pair. No need for manual calculations or losing time on websites where you have to input the values to get the optimal lot size. When adding the indicator to your chart change the values for maximum risk percentage (lossPrc) and for maximum loss in pips (lossInPips). If you like to try first the indicator you can download by clicking on this LINK . ATTENTION: This only works with forex pairs and it doesn't wor
30 USD
Button MA
Aleksandr Kononov
5 (1)
The button for controlling the Moving Average indicator allows you to easily change the indicator period directly on the chart using the mouse wheel. There is no need to switch the screen from the chart to the indicator settings many times. Now you can control the indicator period with the mouse. Just click on the button and scroll the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the Moving Average period. The button can be placed in any convenient place, fixed and used with one click. You can set sever
30 USD
This EA is a trade management tool for Mt5 and Mt4. Mt4 version will find the Mt4 section here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80214?source=Site +Market+MT4+Utility+New+Rating006. It  was to make a way for the   trader   to make the initial decision of when and which direction to enter.     The trader decides in advance whether he wants the robot to take or stop  an order.    He also decides what new lot size, percent size or money size to use on each trade. On a live chart you can place
99 USD
Fast, Efficient and Precise. With the Calculator from PhipsProduction you have your risk under control with just a few clicks.  Thanks to the easy handling and the visual risk area, the calculator is not only perfect for experienced traders, its also a must for new market participants. The program is suitable for all Account Currencys and common MetaTrader markets. (except bonds of all kinds) To the Deluxe Edition:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/81428?source=Site+Profile Application
30 USD
This tool will assist all those who trade the forex market manually. It will help them in a sense that it will calculate the required margin in order to initiate a trade. This calculator is so simple to use that a  that the user only inputs only 2 pieces of information. which are   Price   and   Lot size   the trader wishes to take. All other information needed to calculate the calculator will work it out by itself. It will run or calculate  on the current opened chart. As the name suggest it's
75 USD
TradeX Chart Trading
Jose Roque Do Carmo Junior
Welcome to TradeX Chart Trading This utility allows you to send orders quickly and easily. With it you can operate directly from the chart using the shortcut keys SHIFT to buy and CTRL to sell. It is also possible to set Stop Loss and Take Profit, in price or points, directly on the TradeX. Use one of the four risk options (0,5%, 1,0%, 2,0% or 4,0%) to get the pending order volume according to the size of the last closed candlestick and the account balance. Once positioned, it offers Breakeven
30 USD
EMA - The   exponential moving average (EMA) is one of the most commonly utilized forex trading tools. Traders use the EMA overlay on their trading charts to determine entry and exit points of a trade based on where the price action sits on the EMA. If it is high, the trader may consider a sale or short sale, and conversely if it is low, a buy. SSL -  Known as the SSL, the   S emaphore   S ignal   L evel channel chart alert is an indicator that combines moving averages to provide you with a cl
49 USD
Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during all trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA not enters the market with market orders, it does not open trades. In terms of a trade duration, it's classical scalping: in and out of the trade within a few hours at the most. The EA uses a number of adv
50 USD
Best for Technical Analysis You can set from one key shortcut for graphical tool or chart control for technical analysis. Graphic design software / CAD-like smooth drawing experience. Best for price action traders. Sync Drawing Objects You don’t need to repeat drawing the same trend line on the other charts. Shortcuts do that for you automatically. Of course, any additional modifications of the object immediately apply to the other charts too. Colors depend on Timeframe Organize drawings
500 USD
Thomas Quester
This tool converts pips into account currency.  The value of a pip depends on several factors and is calculated for different symbols with different formulas. This tool calculates the distance between the market price and horizontal lines as if they were buy positions. The calculation is updated with each tick. Plan the risk and possible profit of a trade without cumbersome conversion. For existing orders and positions, the stop loss and take profit are converted into account currency respect
30 USD
Trade script for placing pending orders Buy Stop, buy limit, sell stop and sell limit. In addition, by marking the level of stop orders, the script calculates the size of the open position on the basis of 1% of the risk per trade. A trade consists of two deals opened in one and the same point. This is achieved by splitting the obtained value into two trades. And the position size (two deals) is calculated due to the three known (the level of opening a deal, stop order and deposit size) and the
45 USD
Automatic lot calculator for MT5  1,Settlement per currency 2,All settlements 3,TP/SL batch change 4,Multiple batch setting of limit and stop loss 5,Repurchase and resale 6,Automatic calculation of the number of lots based on the permissible loss amount It is an Expert Advisor that can do. I think it can be used widely from scalping to swing. * Currently, we correspond to 3 decimal places of yen currency, which is the mainstream, and other companies with 5 decimal places such a
30 USD
SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. ENJOY LIFE… DO NOTHING. This utility is not an Auto-trading, but it is only automatically set the Take Profit or Stop Loss in your trading account depends in your settings. FEATURES: ATR - If true, it will add ATR value to your specific TP/SL. TP/SL - If set to 0, default TP value will set and SL is 0. Display Status - display of your transactions and balance. We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all wal
49 USD
Fast, Efficient, Precise, simply DELUXE. With the Calculator from PhipsProduction you have your risk under control with just a few clicks. Thanks to the easy handling and the visual risk area, the calculator is not only perfect for experienced traders, but also a must for new market participants. The program is suitable for all MetaTrader account currencies and common markets. (except bonds of all kinds) Many new functions await you with the Deluxe Calculator. -Thanks to the new pre-calculati
50 USD
Gold instrument scanner is the chart pattern scanner to detect the triangle pattern, falling wedge pattern, rising wedge pattern, channel pattern and so on. Gold instrument scanner uses highly sophisticated pattern detection algorithm. However, we have designed it in the easy to use and intuitive manner. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner will show all the patterns in your chart in the most efficient format for your trading. You do not have to do tedious manual pattern detection any more. Plus you
732 USD
Gold Wire Trader MT5 trades using the RSI Indicator. It offers many customizable RSI trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. The EA implements the following entry strategies, that can be enabled or disabled at will: Trade when the RSI Indicator is oversold or overbought Trade when the RSI comes back from an oversold or overbought condition Four different trading behav
668 USD
Instead of the traditional stop loss, you can now use this robot. The robot will set the pending lock. With a sharp movement of the price against the trader, the lock becomes market, and therefore the loss does not increase. The main position is maintained and will bring profit as soon as the robot selects the right moment to unlock. The robot can be used to insure positions during manual trading, or as an addition to another robot. Principle of operation Instead of the traditional stop loss,
783 USD
Gold trend indicator MT5 This is a multi-timeframe indicator that detects and plots supports and resistance lines in the chart with the same precision as a human eye would. As price levels are tested over time and its importance increases, the lines become thicker and darker, making price leves easy to glance and evaluate. Boost your technical analysis Customizable timeframe selection Read price levels from the timeframe of your choosing Detect important price levels without browsing through
650 USD
Gold trend scanner MT5 a multi symbol multi timeframe dashboard that monitors and analyzes Average True Range indicator value in up to 28 symbols and 9 timeframes  in 3 modes :  It shows the ATR indicator value in all pairs and timeframes and signals when the ATR value reaches a maximum or minimum in a given duration. Short term ATR/Long term ATR ratio: It shows ratio of 2 ATRs with different periods. It's useful in detecting short term volatility and explosive moves. ATR Value/Spread ratio:
660 USD
Attention: this is a multicurrency EA, which trades by several pairs from one chart!  Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate trades, it is necessary to attach EA only to one chart, ---> all trading in all pairs is conducted only from one chart! we can trade simultaneously in three different pairs, as by default (EURUSD + GBPUSD + AUDUSD), which take into account the correlation when entering the market for all three; we can trade only EURUSD (or any currency pair) and at the same time take into
693 USD
A triangular arbitrage strategy exploits inefficiencies between three related currency pairs, placing offsetting transactions which cancel each other for a net profit when the inefficiency is resolved. A deal involves three trades, exchanging the initial currency for a second, the second currency for a third, and the third currency for the initial. With the third trade, the arbitrageur locks in a zero-risk profit from the discrepancy that exists when the market cross exchange rate is not aligned
692 USD
Gold index expert MT5 Wizard uses Multi-timeframe analysis. In simpler terms, the indicator monitors 2 timeframes. A higher timeframe and a lower timeframe. The indicator determines the trend by analyzing order flow and structure on the higher timeframe(4 hour for instance). Once the trend and order flow have been determined the indicator then uses previous market structure and price action to accurately determine high probability reversal zones. Once the high probability reversal zone has be
568 USD
Golden Route home MT5 calculates the average prices of BUY (LONG) and SELL (SHORT) open positions, taking into account the size of open positions, commissions and swaps. The indicator builds the average line of LONG open positions, after crossing which, from the bottom up, the total profit for all LONG positions for the current instrument becomes greater than 0. The indicator builds the average line of SHORT open positions, after crossing which, from top to bottom, the total profit for all
680 USD

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