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Trading utilities for MetaTrader 5 - 20

icon Below are trading programs simplifying trading in MetaTrader 5. Hover over a utility to read its description and purpose.
Tenha a boleta do ProfitChart no seu Metatrader! ........................ Agora é possível ter a boleta do profit no seu Metatrader. Envie ordens de compra e venda, acompanhe o mercado e simule estratégias em momentos de mobilidade, diretamente do seu Metatrader5. Gestão de riscos e otimização de lucros são dois princípios básicos de qualquer operação bem-sucedida. Nesse sentido, utilize as ferramentas de  STOPMOVEL, TRAILING STOP, STOPGAIN E ORDENS PARCIAIS DE SAÍDA.       Funcionalidades
50 USD
Object replicator   is an indicator that allows you to replicate an object in one or as many charts as you like. This indicator is the solution to replicate part of your analysis in exactly the same position and price of a trend line, Fibonacci, vertical line, horizontal line, etc. Download the MT4 version   here Install the indicator on the source chart and follow the steps below: To activate the indicator, simply press the (Activate) button. Once the (Activate) button is pressed, a (Receive
30 USD
Quick Close Panel
Boaz Nyagaka Moses
5 (1)
'Quick Close Panel' is an easy to use interface for managing orders. It has a button for closing all winning trades on the current chart, a button for closing all losing trades and another button for closing   all running trades (Losing and Winning)   on the current chart. It is very responsive and quick to execute operations due to the effective time complexity of the algorithm used in the  program.  Vist this link to download demo:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62901?source=Site+Mark
30 USD
Breakeven Utility MT5  automatically setting breakeven levels, transfers trades to breakeven   when passing a given distance   . Allows you to minimize risks. Created by a professional trader for traders.       Utility       works with any market orders opened manually by a trader or using advisors. Can filter trades by magic number. The utility can work with any number of orders simultaneously. WHAT THE UTILITY CAN DO: Install virtulnoe levels   bezubytka from 1 pip I nstall real   levels o
30 USD
Risk Control Utility MT5 designed for manual trading. It helps to calculate and control your risks, transfer transactions to breakeven and accompany positions with trailing stop. Easy to set up and use. It can be used for calculating a trading lot, calculating stop loss and take profit levels. Works with currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies Displays   volume,   potential loss and profit before   placing an order Ability to set the expiration time of a pending order Tr
30 USD
Trailing Stop Utility MT5 for automatic closing of deals by trailing stop levels.  Allows you to take the maximum from the profit. Created by a professional trader for traders.   Utility   works with any market orders opened manually by a trader or using advisors. Can filter trades by magic number. The utility can work with any number of orders simultaneously. WHAT THE UTILITY CAN DO: Set virtual   trailing stop   levels from 1 pip Set real   trailing stop   levels W ork with each order separ
30 USD
StopLoss and TakeProfit Utility MT5 for automatic setting of stop loss and take profit levels. Created by a professional trader for traders.   The utility   works with any market orders opened by a trader manually or using advisors. Can filter trades by magic number. The utility can work with any number of orders simultaneously. WHAT THE UTILITY CAN DO: Set virtual stop loss and take profit from 1 pip Real   stop loss and take profit W ork with each order separately (   stop loss and take pr
30 USD
Ordem Facil
Clesio Hector Dufau Da Conceicao
EA Ordem Fácil helps you open pending buy and sell orders (buy or sell stop) using the SHIFT, CTRL keys and mouse left button click. To create a buy stop order, press the SHIFT key (only once) and click on mouse left button on the chart above the price. To create a sell stop order, press the CTRL key (only once) and click on mouse left button on the chart below the price. While the order is not opened, when you moving the mouse cursor on the chart, on the left and above corner of the ch
30 USD
Control Panel iForex
Pongsakorn Kaewarun
Control Panel iForex   The script allows users to easily one click for adjust lot order, buy, sell and close positions if their profit/loss reaches or exceeds a value specified in USD. BUY - Click for order long position. LOT - standard 0.1 lot. You can adjustable in control panel. SELL  - Click for order short position. CLOSE ALL  - Click for close all position. CLOSE BUY  - Click for close all only long position. CLOSE SELL  - Click for close all only short position. TAKE PROFIT (USD) - stan
50 USD
We found the solution for you. It is a script that allows you to automatically close all your positions that you have improved. To close a position, you must type "Close position" from its context menu in the "Trade" tab. In the window that appears, you must also type "Ask". Then the "Close" button appears in the window. When you press this button, the position is fully closed at the asking price. Please note that the Close button will also remain displayed for a few seconds, while the trader n
30 USD
As simple as title, this is a telegram notificator to be always updated about your open position. It send basically 3 message: When you reach a stop loss; When you reach a take profit; When you reach a margin call; If you want I'm available to do all customization for you, like send chart pictures, particular message or to interact with Metatrader with Telegram custom command. How to configure: Go to Metatrader, "Windows->Options->Expert Advisor-> WebRequests for URL" and write "https://api.te
50 USD
Another simple but effective tool that answer to one important question in a rapid way: If I want to risk X money and I want my stop loss here, how many lots I need to use? You can easily attach this tool to graph, draw an horizontal trendline and this tool give to you a suggested lot values to lose/gain money you have specified into setting page.  Interface is also fully customizable. I'm available for further customizations based on user needs. Best, Mirko
80 USD
This utility keep you notified about r eal-time increase of volume on every simbol you have into your market watch. Basically it compute the 30 days back volume and compare it with current volume: if you set, for example, 75% into setting page, you will receive telegram  (and also on-screen) notification when current volume is above 75% of maximum of last 30-days volume. To configure Telegram notification: Go to Metatrader, "Windows->Options->Expert Advisor-> WebRequests for URL" and write "http
150 USD
Telegram Simple
Telegram Simple is an APP that allows you to send your technical analysis or operations, directly to your telegram channel, quickly and simply, without complications. - Scroll through the symbols from the panel - Fully configurable list of symbols - Quick change of Time Frame from panel - Send comments and Screenshots for more details: tradingxbots@gmail.com
55 USD
This non-trading expert utilizes so called custom symbols feature ( available in MQL API as well) to build custom charts based on history of real ticks of selected standard symbol. New charts imitate one of well-known graphic structures: Point-And-Figure (PnF) or Kagi. The result is not exactly PnF's X/O columns or rectangular waves of Kagi. Instead it consists of bars, calculated from and denoting stable unidirectional price moves (as multiples of the box size), which is equivalent to XO colum
49 USD
Close Trade At Time
Siwakon Poonsawat
1 (1)
Easy & Customizable. Simple & Easy to close all trades and pending orders automatically at a specific time each day. Just drag this EA into any chart, any currency. It will be automatic close all opening positions and pending orders. Input Parameters     1. Close All Opened Positions If =  True  : EA will close opening orders at your time, days setting. If =  False : EA will not close opening orders.     2. Delete Pending Orders If =  True  : EA will delete pending orders at your time, days
30 USD
The Trading Control Panel EA let you: - Calculated lot size based on the (% or $ risk) - Place multiple (Market/Limit/Stop) trades at same time - Manage all open trades (move SL to BE, take partial profit, close all trades) This is a handy tool for those who wont to open multiple orders without spending time on lot calculations. When opening multiple orders the first order has the first TP and all other orders get the second TP.
30 USD
Quick Close
Nikitha Lilitha Mathangana
Quick Close Button provides you with a quick, fast, effective, and handy way to close orders, positions, bearish and bullish open, profiting and losing positions. Available options: Close All: close all orders and positions. Close Profit: close all positions in profit. Close Loss: close all positions in loss. Close Stop: close all stop orders. Close Buy: close all buy positions. Close Sell: close all sell positions. Close Orders: close all orders Close Positions: close all positions # : Hides /
30 USD
Glib Chart Patterns Support Resistance Utilities - MORE than just an Expert Advisor Glib is a state-of-the-art trading tool for MetaTrader 5, designed with the modern trader in mind. It combines advanced chart pattern recognition, support and resistance analysis, market structure/trend detection, and an intuitive quick trading interface to provide you with the most comprehensive trading solution available. With Glib, you can work smarter, live better, and focus on what really matters – maxi
99 USD
Chart State Saver for MT5 is utility which helps to save states of all your charts even if they will be closed. And then all saved charts' states can be easily loaded back to charts. It stores templates for each particular currency pair and automatically applies them to charts once they will be opened at next time. Also they can be applied to the charts by your own needs. Thus you can close any chart at your MT5 without scaring to lose chart's data like drawls, messages, chart styling and so
30 USD
This Tradepanel is an Utility for Traders Who want ot use Basic MoneyManagement for Calculation of Lotsize and have Some automated Functions. Auto Stoploss and Auto Takeprofit are available.  BE AWARE: This Panel does not work in StrategyTester a Demo "Auto TradePanel Basic" Version is available to get an Overview.  The Tradepanel Calculates Lotsize based on RiskFaktor and checks if Marginrequirement is met . Each Position is Opened with a StopLoss, defined in percent. if a Position already exis
100 USD
RENKO PRICE ACTION ATR is an "Expert Advisor" developed through the construction of the Renko Chart where each BRICK has the size calculated through the ATR of the period selected by the user. Renko charts are designed to filter out minor price movements, thus making it easier for traders to focus on important trends. Due to its efficiency in detecting price trends, it is also possible to clearly identify supports and resistances as well as top and bottom divergences, thus making better use of t
30 USD
Support Or Resistance Alert Broken
Jhojan Alberto Tobon Monsalve
"Support or Resistance Alert Broken" is a simple and very intuitive tool that allows you to create or eliminate horizontal and trend supports and / or resistances with a simple click. When the support or resistance line is broken by the closing price at the end of the current candle, the "Support or Resistance Alert Broken" tool will send an alert with sound, as well as a notification to the MT4 or MT5 mobile application. This tool can send alerts from multiple pairs at the same time. Utili
30 USD
Moving averages are a simple and serious indicator for evaluating the development of a price. But which configuration to choose? 12 periods ? 20 periods? There is not a single moving average setup for all instruments, at all times, for all time periods, simply because not all instruments have the same volatility, they are all very different. They have a signature. The Signature App is a powerful decision support tool. It is based on the use of moving average envelopes. The program calculates th
60 USD
Andrii Voliuvach
For those who trade false breakouts (FBo) levels. The False Breakout Finder (FBoFinder) service was written primarily for trading stocks and their CFDs on daily charts. It will search for you for various false breakouts of extremes on hundreds and thousands of instruments from the Watchlist, which will save you in the long run many hours of daily routine selection of securities before the market opens. In the process of enumerating instruments, securities with a ban on trading are ignored. If a
250 USD
Сообщения в Telegram из MT5 о торговых событиях: Открытие/закрытие сделок; Выставление/удаление отложенных ордеров. Версия утилиты для MT4 здесь: https://mql5.com/8bjjy Настройки  Telegram: Создайте своего бота. Для этого напишите для пользователя  @BotFather команду  /newbot , и следуйте инструкциям. В результате вы получите Token бота, примерно такой:   1245680170:BBGuDFVkTYIPtjSaXMgQEhdfg7BOQ6rl8xI.  Узнайте свой ID в  Telegram, для этого напишите пользователю  @userinfobot любое сообщение.
60 USD
VR Assistant Charts is an easy to use trader's assistant for working with graphical objects in the windows of the MetaTrader terminal. The utility allows you to change the color, style, thickness and other properties of trend lines, Fibonacci levels, Gann fans and other graphical objects in the MetaTrader terminal in one click. You can request technical support, settings and demo versions of programs in the author's profile. Everything is controlled with the mouse: Clicking on the trend line wil
32 USD
Quick Info
Ruslan Khasanov
Quick Info   - information utility for collecting and providing a trader with various useful information needed in trading on financial markets every day. All the necessary information is collected and grouped in a separate window. On the first tab, you will find trade statistics for the selected time period. To collect trade statistics, you just need to select a time period from the list or specify the start and end dates of the period for which you want to show trade statistics. You can also v
50 USD
UR Basket MT5
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR Basket MT5   The best you can do is to protect your orders from turning into losses. You can now relax and let UR Basket take care of it. Advantages of using UR Basket: All parameters are dynamically changeable in the graphic panel on your chart - You DON'T need to restart the EA to change the parameters or recall what settings you used! You can track your orders through:  - Magic Number  - EA Comment  - Both of the above  - All of your trades at once UR Basket can track your profits thro
99 USD
Virtual TP SL TS
Andrei Sviatlichny
Make your Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing Stop levels invisible to the broker! Main option: STEALTH MODE Virtual Trailing Stop Virtual Take Profit Virtual Breakeven Virtual Stop Loss Virtual Orders Lifetime WARNING: The Expert Advisor does not place orders by itself. You must open orders yourself (including through the Expert panel) or use a third-party Expert on another chart of the same currency pair. Please specify the Magic number "-1" in the Expert settings for the Expert to process th
60 USD
Lucas Emanuel Martinez
Gestión de Riesgo   Gestión de riesgo es un Ea que diseñado para facilitar la cantidad de lotaje a la hora de arriesgar por cada operación manual, la forma es que se calcula es utilizando la distancia del Stop loss y el precio de entrada, así el trader sabe con exactitud la cantidad de lotaje que debe poner a comenzar una nueva operación, el ea también cuenta con 2 funciones más: A) La prima posee un automático colocación de Stop loss como de Take Profist previamente configurado. B) La segunda
30 USD
Jamie Scott Miller
5 (1)
Floating data window and Risk Reward Profit and Loss tool. The FloInfo floating data window brings you OHLC and indicator data to your mouse cursor. The PnL tool included allows you to set Risk/Reward and Profit/Loss tools onto your chart to help you manage your orders and risk management. Included with the FloInfo tool you also get the PnL tool which allows you to quickly find the risk/reward ratio.  For more details on all the features and how to use this product please see the link to the
30 USD
Order Entry Pro
Anthony Eric Gillon Dawson
Order Entry Tool with several additional features. Money management feature - As in the free version but in this pro version the lot & risk calculations are updated as you drag the lines making it much easier to setup the order. Close all - Will close all orders opened with the tool in one click. Intelligent trailing stop loss - Attempts to maintain a trailing stop loss just behind the last identified structure in the 1H chart in order to try and avoid unwanted stop-outs. Adjustments are made ev
30 USD
Close All By Magic
5 (1)
Small expert of great use. Close All by Magic Number allows you to speed up the closing of all open positions with a certain magic number. Thanks to this expert, it is possible to manage multiple strategies at the same time without the risk of making mistakes. You can close all discretionary trades, all experts, all spreads... The position of the button can be customized so as not to disturb any other indicators
30 USD
Multichart Control Panel is a small panel that can change the timeframe and zoom level of all open chart with just one click. Simple, intuitive and fast. Inside there is a simple hidden function: the buttons have a light red color when working on a demo account and a light green color when working on a real account. This little trick helps all traders who for some reason often switch from a demo account to a real one not to get confused and not to make involuntary mistakes.
30 USD
Complete Trade Panel for the No Nonsense Forex method: This panel encapsulates almost all things you will need to execute your own NNFX algorithm, helping you trade even faster and easier. It has 3 parts: Symbol Panel Switch to any symbol in your charts quickly by pressing its name. Additional information can be displayed in the panel: currently open trades , correlation of those trades with other symbols (except if their stop loss is in breakeven or positive) and upcoming news (next daily candl
49.99 USD
Fundamental Signals Scanner MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Fundamental Scanner is a Non-Repaint, Multi Symbol and Multi Time Frame Dashboard based on Fundamental Signals Indicator . Fundamental Signals Indicator has a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 3000 pips (30000 points). The indicator is named fundamental because it can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk. Features : Multi-Symbol Support (Support automatic listing of market watch symbols) Multi-TimeFrame Support (Over 7
110 USD
Venom Script
Vladimir Makeyev
Скрипт для удаления всего лишнего с графиков в терминале MetaTrader.  - Простота использования: Достаточно просто перетянуть скрипт на график - Скорость выполнения: В течении нескольких секунд скрипт выполнит свою работу и очистит график полностью. Скрипт адаптирован для MT5 Скрипт на русском языке Версия: 1.0 ............ Скрипт от Venom Team ............
150 USD
Help Trader Trailing Stop
Antonio Luiz Capellaro
Robot that Helps Traders:   GENERIC = Works for B3 (Brazilian Stock Exchange) and FOREX This Robot takes the Order and Stop Loss that trader placed, and handles the order according to the Partial Profit and Trailing Stop strategy defined in the parameters when the Robot was activated. Note that the default values are: % do Stop Loss to start Trailing Stop: 50% # to Divide  lots in x parts (only once) : 2 % do Stop Loss to start Partial Profit: 50% * The Trailing Stop changes with the Time
30 USD
简介 本产品是迈达量化全系列产品中的一款风控系统 。 本风控可实现(手机挂单,专家Bug,净值,盈亏,手数,单数,价格,时间,纪律)等多方面风险控制。 可灵活的实现魔术编号组,货币组,订单注释组等组合特定风控功能。 屏幕显示开启了哪些风控功能,让使用更便利。 注意,该应用程序在策略测试器中不起作用。 您可以下载演示版 Risk Mgmt MT5-demo-V1.66 功能说明 软件界面可自由切换中英文显示,也可以选择加载或者不加载面板,以及是否显示屏幕信息。 用户可以自由选择对指定魔术编号组、订单注释及产品符号执行风控,不填写默认所有仓位与订单。 手机挂单风控,可以随时随地制定风控策略,如果默认参数任意货币挂单0.11手,可以实现停止EA操作,利用手机实现指定盈利与亏损平仓。 Bug风控开关及功能 :用于开启对EA软件缺陷的风控,当出现Bug EA运行的时候,执行关闭EA的操作。 纪律风控开关及功能:对不符合交易纪律的交易执行平仓操作,限制日内或者一周的亏损次数,手数及比例。  净值风控开关及功能:对满足条件的净值执行风控,净资产大于或小于设定值时,执行清仓或停止EA等操作。 手数风
49 USD
This program is designed to test ideas and acquire analytical skills. The main task of the analyst is to be able to predict the direction and range on the chart, where the price should soon come. This product cannot be tested in the tester. All the functionality is shown in full in the description and screenshots. How it works : Situations for analysis are selected at random. (The more historical data, the greater the number of examples). Click " Start Game ". Between the orange vertical
55 USD
Your trading life is about to change! Meet Cobra Order Desk (COD) The one tool that:   Improves your order execution   Defines  your risk management plan and finally helps you stick to it. You can trade EVERYTHING with Cobra Order Desk Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Crypto and more. It fits MT5 and soon MT4 as well. As traders with more than 20 years in the market we know exactly how you feel and act when you are trading and one of the biggest obstacles for a trader is to e
30 USD
Nykolai Kalchenko
LINE TRADER is a universal semi-automatic Expert Advisor for trading on vertical and horizontal levels.   The Expert Advisor actually consists of 4 buttons, with the help of which lines are drawn, and an information field, which displays information about trading on the account and separately for a currency pair.   The Expert Advisor automatically works on any lines selected by the trader. Lines can be drawn from any convenient angle. You just need to draw a line:   - OPEN - open an order;   -
30 USD
Forex 4up MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
Do you want to trade and publish your signals in the telegram channel? Then this utility is for you. - Trades in your terminal - Publishes deals to your telegram channel Your customers will be glad to: - from 5 signals daily - beautiful design of signals Customization Service -> Settings -> Expert Advisors -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs: https://api.telegram.org IN       Telegram       go to @BotFather and create a bot Copy the bot's Token and enter it in the parameters of the a
50 USD
Santiago Garcia Sanchez
5 (1)
This indicator will help you define the entry, stop loss and take profit by means of horizontal lines on a chart. In addition, it is also possible to calculate the size of a position according to the percentage of the risk that you want to assume. For this purpose, a panel consisting of the following elements is available: Button to show or hide the tool on the chart. A text box to enter the number of contracts to be used for the calculations. A text box to enter the risk/reward ratio you wa
30 USD
Общие сведения Данная торговая панель предназначена для быстрой и удобной торговли в один клик. Создавался продукт для частичной автоматизации своей личной ручной торговли  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1040299?source=Site+Profile+Seller Советник имеет ряд возможностей, а именно: Открытие BUY или SELL ордеров. SL выставляется ниже (выше)  минимальной (максимальной) цены, задаваемых в параметрах количества свечей. Размер TP рассчитывается в соотношении от размера SL (по умолчанию 0.618). Выста
50 USD
"Signal Enlarge"  is an signal tracking enlarge expert advisor , specifically to  track signals  and  enlarge transaction volume . Monitoring signal   to open a position. Enlarge   order's volume. Synchronous stop loss and take profit price Positions can be opened in the   same direction   or in the   opposite direction Setting instructions Signal's Magic:  Magic number of the opened position of the subscribed signal. Signal's Comment: Comments on subscribed signals. Order's Magic: Tracking th
99 USD
Wen Tao Xiong
"Move SLTP"  is an price tracking tool,used for mobile update positions stop loss and take profit price. 1.Mobile update stop price. 2/Mobile update take profit price. 3.Monitor all position orders. Setting instructions Enable Fixed Points Stop Loss:  Whether to enable a fixed point trailing stop loss Fixed Stop Loss Points:  Trailing stop loss points. Enable Bolls Stop Loss:    Whether to  enable   the moving stop of the rail in the bolts line. Time Frames:   Bolls indicator chart period. Bol
99 USD
Strategy Maker MT5
Tais Miranda Hoffmann
2.5 (2)
Friends, at first you may think that this tool is difficult to use, but by reading its guide, you can easily use it. Once you learn, you can test thousands of strategies in it. Dear friends, this tool can not be tested in backtest. Using this tool, you can test your strategies live. Create strategies that are in your mind. With this tool, you can make the strategies you have in mind a reality. Create and use experts using popular indicators such as RSI, MACD, Moving Average, Bollinger Band, etc
99 USD
Exchange Chart
Cesar Afif rezende Oaquim
The ease of observing the market anytime, anywhere Exchange chart is the software for the professional trader to follow what happens in the financial market in real time. Developed by those in the market, it keeps up with the latest research on successful traders who show that the best, the ones who get consistent results use few types of chart configurations, in several different symbols. All market watch passing through your chart Exchange chart makes all the symbols configured by you i
57.50 USD
Bagheri Gold
Mohammad Elyas Qaderi
This EA optimized for XAUUSD on 30 minutes chart and tested on some brokers (such as XM, IC Markets, AMarkets, HotForex  , ...). You can use it on any pairs with your optimization. We constantly monitor and optimize the EA and the best inputs for XAUUSD will be update on future version. If you have any question, you can contact us on Telegram: https://t.me/BagheriEA Instagram : https://instagram.com/bagheri_ig RISK DISCLOSURE: Prior to trading CFDs, and Forex you must be aware of the risks i
30 USD
Signal Copy Multiplier automatically copies trades on the same account, for example, to get a better entry and adjusted volume on a subscribed signal. MT4-Version:  https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/67412 MT5-Version:  https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/67415 You have found a good signal, but the volume of the provider's trades is too small?  With Signal Copy Multiplier you have the possibility to copy trades from any source (Expert Advisor, Signal, manual trades) and change the volume
35 USD
No Open Trades MT5
Koena Technology Limited
DESCRIPTION The ‘No Open Trades’ Expert Advisor is a dream come true to any mindful trader that knows that controlling risk is extremely vital to any successful trading plan. The ‘No Open Trades’ Expert Advisor closes all open trades in the account once the percentage loss you set is met. For example, if your account balance is $5,000 and you set the percentage loss to 5. This information has been passed to the Expert Advisor and it will close all open orders once the loss made is -$250 (which
50 USD
Binance is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange! In order to facilitate more accurate analysis of the encrypted digital currency market, the program can automatically import Binance’s futures K-line data to MT5 for analysis. The main functions are: 1. Support the automatic creation of all futures trading pairs on Binance USD-M, or you can set the base currency separately. For example, if the base currency BaseCurrency is empty, it means all currencies, and any cryptocurrency supported by
30 USD
DYJ TradePanelMT5 allows you to perform trading operations ,opening market positions, placing pending orders, removing pending orders, and closing all positions When you use the "DYJ TradePanelMT5" to make a mistake in the direction of manual trading, you can cooperate with our remote order rescue service to turn the order back into profit. Parameters Volume = 0.01  - - default volume; InpTP    = 1200 -- default takeprofit POINTS; InpSL       = 600 -- default stop loss POINTS; InpStep  = 200 --
75 USD
Binance is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange! In order to facilitate the real-time data analysis of the encrypted digital currency market, the program can automatically import the real-time transaction data of Binance Futures to MT5 for analysis. The main functions are: 1. Support the automatic creation of USD-M futures trading pairs of the Ministry of Currency Security, and the base currency can also be set separately. The base currency BaseCurrency is empty to indicate all currencies
30 USD
Harold Alonso Hernandez
Automatice sus estrategias comerciales con nuestra sencilla herramienta de creación de estrategias "similar a un rompecabezas".   Cree fácilmente estrategias que operen por usted en modo de piloto automático.   También puede cargar estrategias creadas por otras personas, como la clásica   Estrategia Martingala,   para usarla como muestra para su propia estrategia. Características clave Cree su estrategia a través de funciones simples de arrastrar y soltar, sin necesidad de conocimientos de pr
300 USD
Binance Full Trader is developed for connection to your Binance account and get data, draw price charts and trade easily with any strategy by an indicator. A user-friendly interface has developed for it and has tried to give access to the necessary information such as open orders and wallet balances. ·        There are two sample indicators (one for trade signal and another for price) that you can download it from these links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w2CGuu3rArWKMhS9LkepT9zhVkGR1AO7/vie
350 USD
Gerenciador de ordens manuais
Rodrigo Oliveira Malaquias
Robot Manual Order Manager is a tool that allows you to automatically include Stop Loss, Breakeven, Take Profit and partials in open trades. Be it a market order or a limit order. Besides, it automatically conducts your trade, moving your stop or ending trades, according to the parameters you choose. To make your operations more effective, the Manual Orders Manager Robot has several indicators that can be configured to work on your trade. Among the options you can count on the features: Conducti
50 USD
Powerful and beautiful trading panel helps you in scheduling or placing multiple trades based on your presets in a single click. It is designed to execute orders immediately or schedule trades in advance to be executed at certain time using multiple filters to avoid non favorable market conditions (wide spread, reduced leverage etc.). Additional functionality developed to sycnhronize two instances of the expert over the internet (Master - Slave Mode), which means trader can open the panel in loc
99 USD
Order Blocks Selection AutoLot
Lopez Hinojosa Usiel
2.33 (3)
ONLY 4 COPIES FROM 10 TO $60 NEXT PRICE $95 Order Block Selection AUTOLOT is a great tool for all those traders who like to have control in their hands and especially to operate with high precision, thanks to our new control panel you will be able to select the candle where you want to choose the Bullicsh OB zone o Bearish OB The objective of this Expert Advisor is that you can select Bullish Order Blocks (shopping area) or Bearish Order Block (sales areas) at any time, it will have 3 input
60 USD
Jose Helder Renner De Andrade
This scalper helper helps you manage your trader by placing AUTOMATIC stops and takes. When you enter a position and the market quickly turns against you, it's pretty boring isn't it? but with this helper your StopsLoss and TakeProfit will be AUTOMATIC, just configure how many pips you want and that's it. Besides, the helper has AUTOMATIC BreakEven, you just choose the amount of pips you want to place, and finally it contains a stop protector, whenever a candle closes in profit in your favor, it
30 USD
This reliable, professional trade copier system is without a doubt one of the best on the market, it is able to copy trades at very fast speeds from one master account (sender) to one or multiple slave accounts (receivers). The system works very fast and mimics the master account a full 100%. So changing stop losses, take profits, pending orders on the master account is executed on the slave accounts too, like each other action. It is a 100% full copy (unlike many other copiers who only copy ma
39 USD
Binance Futures MT5 is a tool for charting and manual trading Bitcoin & Altcoin on Binance Futures Market from MT5 platform. Support all order types: Limit, Market, Stop-Limit, Stop-Market , StopLoss and TakeProfit. Parameters Symbol            =  symbol name HistoryData      =  start time to download history data APIKey             =  your binance api key SecretKey       =  your binance secret key Leverage         = to set leverage MarginType     =  to set margin type (crossed or isolated) Po
200 USD
Herman Ghost Manager
Herman Mambwe Mujinga
" A successful trading means being able to master the art of timing, the art of execution and the art of protecting your capital in a very simple and faster way ". HermanGhost Manager  is the most powerful tool that's actually designed to help you win in terms of executing different operations BUY,BUY STOP, BUY LIMIT, SELL,SELL STOP, SELL LIMIT, STOP LOSS, TAKE PROFIT, BREAKEVEN, TRAILING STOPS, all can be executed in seconds. features : The intuitive interface One time configuration One click
65 USD
EQUITY DRAWDOWN MONITOR   This is a simple mt5 advisor that monitors the drawdon levels Features: Easy to use Useful for money managers How to Use  Load the EA once a single chart Type the maximum drawdown desired in inputs Leave the EA alone and never close that chart The EA monitors all trades and magic numbers in your account. Input Parameter Drawdown Percent:   Maximum drawdown in percentage terms allowable in the account. When the drawdown level is surpassed, the EA will close all tra
50 USD
MT5 Strategy Builder ('StratBuilder')   is a grid-trading order management utility which runs on the MT5 platform.   This product is also available on the MT4 platform:       https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15328 It is strongly suggested that a virtual private server (VPS) be rented , to allow StratBuilder to run 24/7. The unique StratBuilder   concept:   A basket of trades is opened at predetermined price levels (ring-fenced per symbol and trading direction) and profit taking occurs wh
340 USD
Statistics for each day Индикатор показывает статистику - итоговую конечную прибыль/убыток по каждому отдельному торговому дню с учетом свопов и комиссий. Параметры : Dey - количество анализируемых дней; Weekday color - цвет будних дней; Weekend color - цвет выходных дней; Loss color - цвет убытка; font_size - размер шрифта; font_face - название шрифта; Для удобства просмотра статистики за большие временные периоды, при инициализации индикатор выгружает данные в Statistics.csv Созданный файл и
30 USD
Emergency Stop Button
Cesar Afif rezende Oaquim
You can't stop the market, but now you can get out of it with a button! The market doesn't stop for anyone, it doesn't take a break and doesn't have pity on those who sleep. Closing your open trades manually can be time-consuming and take a precious part of your capital, that's why we've launched the Emergency Stop Button, a high-tech emergency button that closes all open trades with just one tap. Smart shutdown technology Built with advanced coding, only with native MQL5 commands, avoiding i
45 USD
This Expert Advisor will change how you manage your risk forever. The EA automatically calculates your position size by either looking at your balance or equity. You need simply type in how much risk you want to have on that particular trade, move your TP line and SL line and it does the rest. Click buy or sell and it enters the position and places your TP/SL for you.  It does the same thing for pending buy limits or sell stops.  Feel confident knowing your risk before entering your trade! Mo
30 USD

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