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GR Signal MT4

GR-Signal is an indicator that shows 1 or 2 signal lines, and works based on the price curve extrapolation. It can show trend direction and also give buy/sell signals. The market direction data can be obtained from indicator lines' color, thickness, or position relative to the price. The lines' thickness tends to max when the trend gets weak or goes to be ended. The buy/sell signal can be given in 3 different modes:
  • MODE #1: Two-lines mode.
    In this mode, there are 2 indicator lines: the short term line, and the long term. The main parameter of each one is the 'Period'. Greater periods' values ​​are for longer-time trades, and vice versa. Waiting for that lines 'cross is too delayed, so we can look at the lines' thicknesses and slopes: both lines get thicker and tend horizontal from a few candles before crossing together. So,  the buy signal can be defined whenever two red lines get thick enough, prior to the U-shapes complete forming. (And vice versa for the sell signal).
  • MODE #2: Single line price cross.
    In this mode, the buy/sell signals are defined by the crossing between the price chart and indicator line. The 'Period1' parameter has to be set to zero in this mode.
  • MODE #3: Single line color/thickness/slope change.
    Changing the market direction appears in the lines color, thickness and slope. The 'Period2' parameter has to be set to zero in this mode.

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