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Scalping Reverse PRO

The indicator strategy is meant to develop a pool (sequence) of transactions and their subsequent profit total closure. It is assumed that any price movement has a counter-move (rollback), which is the main feature of the Scalping Reverse PRO indicator.

This strategy very well combines with TrendLine PRO and ProfitZone trend indicators. When using the Scalping Reverse indicator with any of the above indicators, the trader will receive a profit during both the local trend and when it is corrected.

The signal for profit-taking trend indicators TrendLine PRO and ProfitZone often coincides with the signal defining the start of a new sequence of trades for Reverse Scalping PRO indicator.

Expert Advisor for Scalping Reverse PRO: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44594

When using a reverse strategy of accumulation of transactions it is very important to calculate the minimum Deposit for each trade correctly and to determine the optimal trade start (signal bar), because you get the final profit while closing the entire sequence of trades.

In the Scalping Reverse PRO version:

1) Signal bar which sets a number to determine the most appropriate initial bar for the trade

2) Filter of signal candles dimension

3) Interactive Scanner panel displaying the current signals on all pairs and timeframes that you are use for trading. When you press the scanner button you need, you immediately switch to a new chart. You can also enable or disable notifications for each pair or timeframe on the panel.

4) In the indicator settings, notifications in MT4 app (on your smartphone) and similar e-mail notifications are available. The notification contains the necessary information for decision-making and an instant response even if you are away from the computer.

5) By purchasing the paid version of Scalping Reverse PRO indicator today, you get a gift: Reverse Wave indicator with a key for an unlimited number of activations.  Reverse Wave indicator is necessary to determine the trend strength and confirm the start of trades in the sequence.
To get it, please leave a review with a rating to the product Scalping Reverse PRO on the market and send the link or a copy to our mail: profitcamp@mail.ru . We will reply to you and send the  Reverse Wave indicator with an individual unlimited key.

6) Developers get an access to iCustom buffers to create EA using the signals of the Scalping Reverse PRO indicator.

Join our Telegram group t.me/ScalpingReverse where we exchange settings to the indicator and share our experience and trading forecasts.

On the Panel* you can see the number of the current signal bar in a square. The background of the square reports on the current trend of trade. Next, the indicator displays statistics that help you configure the indicator in the best way:

Pips - the number of pips received in all trades (in the brackets is average value per trade)

Trades - number of trades

Buy Trades- the number of Buy trades

Sell ​​Trades- number of Sell trades

MaxTrades - maximum number of trades in a sequence 

AvTrades - average number of trades in a sequence

MaxDevSeq - maximum price deviation of the first signal bar in the sequence

AvDevSeq - average deviation of the price of the first signal bar in the sequence

*- pull the square to move the Panel on a chart 

Recommended timeframe range is M5-H4.

5351 2019.12.12 16:36 


akarayan 2019.12.02 03:50 

Just bought this Indicator I've only used it for about a day, so far very happy with it.

RK99 2019.10.21 12:24 

I've tried the free version and it is profitable, now i decided to buy the full version. A great tool to add into my trading !!!

Josh Pang
Josh Pang 2019.10.07 09:54 

Just brought the indicator.

Looking forward to more trading opportunities with this promising indicator !

lsreis 2019.10.02 16:00 

Looks extremely good!

RealiRay 2019.09.25 21:38 

Looks very promising


So to test the indicator I deposited 50$ to an old live account.

Been using it for a week and my percentage for the week is 219%... Crazy man!

This indicator is one of the best indicator I've used!

Lim Sanjaya
Lim Sanjaya 2019.09.17 10:04 

just bought it and still need to test

will update soon

DigitalBoy69 2019.09.17 08:46 

I bought the indicator yesterday.

It's great to help you see the market with more opportunities right away.


Валерий 2019.08.26 22:34 

Очень хороший индикатор!

В связке с Infinity TrendLine показывает отличный результат.

Version 2.4 2019.10.15
fixed issue for EA
Version 2.3 2019.09.17
Test in the MT4 is available
Version 2.2 2019.09.16
Add function to works with prefix and suffix e.g: EURUSDf (f)-suffix
Version 2.1 2019.09.14
Added the Sequences parameter
Version 2.0 2019.08.26
Added statistics panel