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FindPivotPointsReversal with Alerts

The Pivot Points Reversal pattern consists of three bars and is usually formed after the fast trend.

In the bearish pattern, the price goes up and reaches a new maximum. The next bar whose high is lower than that of the previous bar closes below its minimum.

In the bullish pattern, the price goes down and reaches a new minimum. The next bar whose low is higher than that of the previous bar closes above its maximum.

This indicator monitors the chart for the Pivot Points Reversal patterns, marks them and gives an alert when the pattern is identified.

The indicator signals should not be taken at face value. One and the same pattern can be a sign of the current trend reversal, as well as the end of correction and continued movement.

The indicator has eight adjustable parameters:

  • Draw patterns - whether to provide a graphic representation of the pattern.
  • The color of pattern up - long pattern color.
  • The color of pattern dn - short pattern color.
  • Fill or Frame patterns - whether to fill the pattern with a color or outline it.
  • Width of the frame pattern - pattern border size, if Frame parameter is selected. It cannot be less than zero.
  • Use Alerts - gives an alert when the pattern is identified.
  • Send Push-notifications - send push-messages about the found pattern.
  • Send mail - send e-mail about the found pattern.
Olverforex 2018.05.27 21:37 

This is one of my favorite indicators and I use it for confirmation on a trade together with some other indicators. I tested the program at first using the free version but ended up purchasing this one for the alerts feature.

Вадим Фомин
Вадим Фомин 2015.06.09 13:50 

Вполне себе стоящая программка! Я, как начинающий трейдер, отбил её стоимость за 1 день торговли на есн счёте! Спасибо автору! :)

Version 1.3 2016.01.04
Reworked to fit the new requirements of mql4.
Fixed errors which occurred during attempts to send e-mails or push notifications, if they were not allowed to be sent in the terminal.
Version 1.2 2014.05.06
Added Mail and Push messages.