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Double Top Tracker

This indicator analyzes in parallel price charts for multiple currency pairs on all timeframes and notifies you as soon as a double tops or double bottoms pattern has been identified.

Double Top is a trend reversal pattern which are made up of two consecutive peaks that are more and less equal with a trough in-between. This pattern is a clear illustration of a battle between buyers and sellers. The buyers are attempting to push the security but are facing resistance, which prevents the continuation of the upward trend. After this goes on a couple of times, the buyers in the market start to dry up, and the sellers start to take a stranglehold sending it down into a new downtrend.

Double Bottom is the opposite chart pattern of the double top as it signals a reversal of the downtrend into an uptrend.


  • Loads automatically historical price data from broker server
  • Tracks all currency pairs for all timeframes in parallel
  • Configures which currency pairs on which timeframes you want to be alerted


Double Top/Bottom settings

  • Filter Type - Choose when you want to receive the alert. It is either when the second top has been reached or the neck line has been broken. See product screenshot for more explanations;
  • Bars Interval - Minimum of bars between peaks;
  • Peak Distance - Maximum price distance between peaks (unit in pips);
  • Trend Distance - Minimum distance between the beginning of the trend and the neck (unit in pips);
  • Lot Size - Used to compute target profit

Currency Pairs and Timeframes

  • Symbols - Currency pairs to monitors. Each pairs are separated by a coma and the name has to be identical to symbol name displayed into the Market Watch;
  • M1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M5 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M15 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • M30 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • H1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • H4 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • D1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • W1 - True to monitor this timeframe;
  • MN1 - True to monitor this timeframe;


  • AlertNotification - True to enable messages in the terminal when signals occur;
  • PushNotification - True to enable sending push notifications to mobile devices;
  • MailNotification - True to enable sending emails.

2018.04.19 12:06 

First of all, the price is really fair for testing it.

The only thing you need is patience, and the right leverage thats all, because the signals are very precise, and you will be allways in profit, because of using higher timeframes.If you trade the Daily chart for example, set a realistic target before the neckline.

The indicator is not repainting!!! WoW

Update: 18.04.2018

The Author fixed all the bugs, and the software is running very well now

I did a short trade yesterday on daily Chart GBP/USD, double top. I entered short with 3 CFDs and now, I am over 100 Points in Profit, total 300€uro.

You dont have to be a slave anymore in front of your screen, wasting time with analysing charts and loosing lots of your valuable lifetime.

This is best product@MQL5 so far, done by a real professional.


I recommend especially the higher timeframes 1H,4H,D1

If target is 50 points down(short) for example, after a double top formed, you can break down the risk, by taking just 30 points. Dont be greedy

One or two trades a day, thats it traders :-)

2018.03.30 23:32 

I love this double top/bottom indicator, it is very acurrate and profitable.. You need to be patience to hold trades and dont close them too early. Very good support from Author Dorian :) Finally i found a good indicator on Mql5 Market. As Rainwalker said, there is some bugs needs to be fixed. Best regards Ted Fx!

Morard Kevin
2018.03.28 17:27 

Super indicateur ! très précis et très reactif

2018.03.20 22:11 

Great Support great Product. I will give 5 Stars.

2018.03.10 16:53 

The signal is sounds good

2018.02.11 16:22 

Good morning traders.

I bought this indicator a few days ago and I have to say that I like it a lot. I do not give it 5 stars why it should be perfect. It is an ideal tool to monitor that pattern that together with the action of the price can give very good results. Thank you very much.

Review updated on 02/11/2018.

After asking for a small change to the author. The author has implemented it and is now a perfect tool for this type of figure (Double Top and Double Button).


2017.12.28 10:09 

Hi traders!

I trade now for 3.5 years and can tell you honestly that this is my first important indicator that gives very, very strong signals.

It are most of the time reversal signals, as example when i get an H1 signal then i check the chart to see if i can expect a better reversal support or resistant level and then place my trade.

I use this indicator about 7 days i think and find this the best indicator on this moment on the MQL5 market and with a very sharp price.

I can tell you also that i have tested so many indicators over the past three years and ofcourse also interesting ones but until now i'm very happy with this one!

Good work, keep it going :)

Version 3.0 - 2018.04.16
- Increased refresh frequency of the signal
- More currency pairs on the default parameters
- Added the first target price
- Auto calculation of first target profit based on lot size input
Version 2.0 - 2018.03.06
- Additional filter to notify user when current price has broken the neckline
- New parameter filter type
- Display the distance between neck line and current price
- Enable testing mode via strategy tester
- Draw neckline on the chart
- Code optimization
Version 1.2 - 2018.02.07
- Added a red dot on new double top/bottom found
Version 1.1 - 2017.12.27
- Mail and push notification added