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OneKey Violent Trading DEMO

What is this:

Violent trading: means sending a large number of orders to your brokerage server,  it can conduct a stress test of the trading.

In this program you can run a variety of trading tests. 

This is Demo version, you can't get symbols automatically from MarketWatch. you should input yourself.

The no limited version's link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38430/

Why to use:

  • Whether manual trading or EA trading,  the status of the broker server is very important. So it is beneficial to conduct a trading stress test on the broker server.
  • To EA trading,  a lot of orders may be traded at the same time,  which requires testing the operation.
  • Especially in the Calender data period, it is necessary to conduct violent trading tests on the market.

How to use:

Usually you only need to adjust the Core Setting.  Other Setting are easy to understanding.

------------------------Core Setting------------------------

  • Input_TradeMODE = InstantRandom ; //Select trading mode, Random or specified
    • InstantRandom :  Random instant trading to buy or sell
    • PendingRandom : Random pending trading to buylimit, sellstop...
    • AllRandom :  InstantRandom and PendingRandom
  • bool_AutoFromMarket=true;      //true-Symbols automatically from Market Watch;  false-input on the next
  • string ForexName="";                 //If the previous line is false, input your symbol. Default Chart symbol.
  • int TicketCount=200;                 //Trade Count,For Hedge mode, different servers have different ticket upper limit.
  • int MaxRequestCount=2;            //Maximum number of requests, every request sleep 5 millisecond.
    • PS: Unstable server will cause the order to fail,  you can set the number of Request. MaxRequestCount=0 often trading failure with a bad network.

------------------------General Setting------------------------
  • Volume=0.01;
  • IsSetPoint=true;       //StopLoss or TakeProfit to Set Point:  true---point ; false---price.
  • StopLoss=0;             //StopLoss Point or Price
  • TakeProfit=0;          //TakeProfit Point or Price
  • MAGICNUM=0;          //Magic Number
  • COMMENT="";
------------------------Pending Order Setting------------------------
  • input double PendingPrice=0.0;        //PendingPrice: 0 means Random;  Others means Specified.
  • input int Pending_Point_Min=500;     //if PendingPrice=0.0:  The min random pending price point.
  • input int Pending_Point_Max=2000;   //if PendingPrice=0.0:  The max random pending price point.
  • input datetime Expiration=0;
Final attention:

This program only used in Demo Account!

Before used, I suggest you have program to one key clean up your Trade Tickets.

You can clean up your Trade Tickets from my other one key products. 

OneKey ClosePosition:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36158

OneKey DeletePending: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/36153

Thanks for using my program.

Reviews 2
[Deleted] 2019.05.07 12:35 

just like game with using other two programs.

[Deleted] 2019.05.07 11:43 

The product is very interesting!

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[Deleted] 2019.05.07 12:35 

just like game with using other two programs.

[Deleted] 2019.05.07 11:43 

The product is very interesting!

Version 1.2 2020.06.06
recompiled for MT5 update.
Version 1.1 2019.05.14
Add the function to help you test your broker server.
1. StopLoss or TakeProfit can be choose to Set Point or Set Price.
According this function, you can set a lot of positon/pending tickets to be same StopLoss or TakeProfit. So you can try many
position orders closed at the same time.
2. Pending order Price can be choose to Random or Specified.
According this funciton, you can set a lot of pending tickets to be same open price. So... you can try many pending orders trading at the same time.