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FX Exploit

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FX Exploit is an indicator for the Forex market.

The indicator applies the algorithm defining strength and activity of currencies. The algorithm is applied for each of the 28 pairs and four timeframes simultaneously. The indicator is displayed as a panel with the ability to conveniently open charts of the currency pairs.

Brief description

The indicator shows activity on four timeframes, while the activity % is displayed in the columns. By default, active pairs have brighter color than less active ones.

The FX Exploit algorithm measures the strength or activity of each of the 28 currency pairs, combining the results in a table. If we have several pairs with several time frames active at the same time and the activity force is above a certain threshold (default> =  95%) and the activity of several pairs is stable and increases, this indicates that strong trend movements are taking place in the market at the moment: money flow from one currency to another. If activity is low - the entire market is within - flat is observed throughout the market. We can use this fact and trade both cases.

How to use the indicator

The trading panel is designed to open several positions for different instruments (order baskets). Take profit and stop loss levels are not set directly via the panel. You can use EAs tracking order baskets' total profit or loss. Use the trading panel at the opening of a European or American session as well as after economic news. Use with  FX Exploit Calm Trader for daily scalping trading or medium-therm trading.

The indicator is only a tool. It does not predict the future price movement, it follows the price. However, simultaneous analysis of multiple currency pairs can have predictive value.

  • Activity on multiple pairs with a common currency (for example, 7 pairs with CAD, 7 pairs with GBP) is considered a strong signal. Special columns of activity of currency pairs for H4 and H1-M15 show how many currency pairs are active at the moment, and which currency is the strongest or the weakest. +7 is the strongest currency and -7 is the weakest currency.
  • A signal from the Н4 timeframe is considered to be stronger than a signal from the Н1-М15 timeframe.

The best results on news trading have been achieved on pairs with GBP, CAD, NZD, AUD, JPY and EUR.

News on USD should be traded carefully, as pairs with this currency may have false signals, when the price may reverse after an impulse.

You can use any broker, preferably with a small spread. It can be sued on cent accounts. Use 5-digit quotes.

Main Settings

  • Symbols prefix - symbol prefix
  • Symbols suffix - symbol suffix
  • Always show 7 pairs - show only 7 pairs with a common currency, true/false
  • Button FontSize - font size of the buttons
  • Display Level FontSize - font size of the Display Power Level text
  • Values FontSize - font size of activity text
  • Currency FontSize - font size of currencies
  • Display H1 - show activity from Н1
  • Display M30 - show activity from М30
  • Display M15 - show activity from М15
  • Display M5 - show activity from М5
  • Refresh Every, sec - indicator refresh rate
  • Display Power Level, % - activity level
  • Show Sign - show the signal level
  • Display Currencies Tab - show currency table
  • Alert Power Level, % - maximum activity level
  • Pairs Count to do Alert - display alert if the number of pairs in a signal exceeds a specified value
  • Show Alert Window - show pop-up alerts
  • Alert Every, sec - alerts every Х seconds
  • Notification Alert On - push notifications
  • Notification Every, min - push notifications every Х minutes
  • Notification Count - number of push notifications
  • Button Spread Active - if the spread button should always be active
  • Max Spread - maximum allowable spread
  • Count Pairs with High Spread - number of pairs with maximum spread for displaying an alert
  • Spread Alert Every, sec -
  • Name of Template - template name for opening a pair chart
  • TF for applies Template - template timeframe for opening a pair chart

You can also try the demo version - FX Exploit.

Before using on a real account, try out the indicator features on a demo one.

In the strategy tester doesn't work correctly

ali-haider alharbi
ali-haider alharbi 2019.03.13 19:46 


Was rented for one month

I think it is a wonderful indicator with a comfortable display panel to look at

And accurate signals

straight ahead


Janya1958 2018.12.04 14:39 

Very helpful dashboard! It's easy to use and gives an overwiev for all 28 pairs.

sunnychow 2018.11.19 12:49 

Good tools, if it can provide exit signal, that will be fantastic.Well done to the author.

jibkhan111 2018.01.14 22:45 

Fx Exploit is a very good dashboard as it is.. but i got it customized (with a few additions) for my style of trading by Aliaksandr who is a very nice and helpful and supportive person.. If you are looking for a Holy Grail or a crystal ball magic indicator/dashboard then you will be disappointed... I do have quite a few years of experience and use it along with my technical analysis and my manual system combined... It does help me pick more profitable trades and reach my personal daily goal (as a scalper/ day trader).

Don't be bothered by one person's negative comment in here... i have tried and tested it.. it works for me! And if you have any issues/problems.. just write to Aliaksandr.. he responds promptly.

If anybody ask's me about it.. i would 100% recommend it!

Happy trading! :)

Diego Reynoso
Diego Reynoso 2017.11.17 15:04 

I have rented for a month. Impossible to use it. Doesnt work for me. The author promise a manual but never received anything. Very bad support. He said me that the problem was with prefix but I don't have prefix. Bad investment.

chris1612 2017.10.23 13:49 

Extremely happy with this indicator. Have been trying for a week. So far results are pretty good. Signals are quite accurate. Though there were not many signals appearing during asian and euro session, however, once signals trigger, if you know how to confirm with price action, this indicator definitely brings profits! Well done to the author.

Version 7.3 2019.11.16
Bug fixes
Added new options to settings
Version 7.2 2019.10.28
Changed the product icon
Version 7.1 2019.10.25
Bugs fixed
Interface changed
Version 7.0 2019.10.20
fixed errors
Version 6.0 2018.04.09
В индикатор добавлена колонка М5 (таймфрейм М5)
В настройках добавлен новый параметр Display M5 (true/false)
Version 5.0 2018.03.28
Changed the appearance of the indicator and slightly changed the names of the indicator parameters.
The default signal level is 80% (can be changed in the settings)
Added buttons to enable/disable alerts for timeframes H1-M15 and H4
Added two columns for tracking the activity of eight currencies for timeframes H1-M15 and H4 (separate)
Added the Sign column
Version 4.0 2017.11.17
1. Improved the indicator calculation speed
2. Added buttons to display only the pairs with a common currency
3. Added settings to adjust the font size for large monitors
4. Added buttons for selecting pairs according to the specified criteria:
H4-X% - highlight pairs with the signal level X >= Alert Level,% (only for the H4 timeframe)
H1-M15-X% - highlight pairs with the signal level X >= Display Level, % (the M15, M30, H1 timeframes are used)
5. Added the ability to send push notifications