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FX Exploit

FX Exploit is an indicator for the Forex market.

This indicator is based on an indicator that determines the strength of the directional movement of the price. It is applied for each of the 28 pairs and for the four timeframes. The indicator is displayed as a panel with convenient access to the currency pairs. Using 28 pairs simultaneously, it is possible to determine the best moment for opening positions. Fx Exploit is an excellent assistant for making decisions when opening positions after the news and when there are strong impulse movements, and the built-in notification system will help not to miss good trades.

About the Indicator

FX Exploit measures the strength of a directional impulse. If there are several signals on several pairs at the same time and the strength of the signals is above a certain threshold (by default 97%), it is the moment to make a decision to open positions. In this case, the position holding time during such events can be up to 2-6 hours, and the price can move from 600 to 1000 points (for 5-digit quotes), depending on the currency pairs.

How to use the indicator

If the signal strength on the H4 timeframe for 4 or more currency pairs is equal to or greater than 97%, you can open a basket of orders for these pairs. If the signal occurs on pairs with a common currency, it is a particularly rare and strong signal (large bars can be seen on those pairs). For news trading, you can take signals from the Н1-М15 timeframes. Audio alerts work only for the signal from the Н4 timeframe.

The panel has a button for quick activation/deactivation of audio alerts and a button to enable the detection of spread expansion for multiple pairs. It is necessary to set the maximum setting and the number of pairs with this spread level. Spread expands during certain hours of market work or during high-impact news releases.

There are also 8 buttons for selecting currency pairs with a common currency and 2 buttons for highlighting pairs on the timeframe Н4 or Н1-М15.

After several months of testing, it has been noticed that there are usually no signals on Monday mornings. At all other times, the signals usually appear in the morning/evening, especially during the active sessions after news releases. The frequency of signals depends on the market activity. The activity of the market, and therefore the indicator's values are affected by seasonality (in summer, activity of markets is usually low).

  • A signal on multiple pairs with a common currency (for example, 7 pairs with CAD) is considered particularly strong. Or a signal on multiple pairs with allied currencies EUR and CHF, AUD and NZD.

The best results on news trading have been achieved on pairs with GBP, CAD, NZD, AUD, JPY, EUR.

News on USD should be traded carefully, as pairs with this currency may have false signals, when the price may reverse after an impulse.

You can use any broker, preferably with a small spread. It can be sued on cent accounts. Use 5-digit quotes.


  • prefix - prefix for symbols
  • suffix - suffix for symbols
  • ButtonFontSize - font of buttons
  • DisplayLevelFontSize - font of DisplayLevel
  • ValuesFontSize - font of values
  • DisplayH1 (true / false) - display strength for Н1
  • DisplayM30 (true / false) - display strength for M30
  • DisplayM15 (true / false) - display strength for M15
  • RefreshSecond - refresh the indicator values
  • Alert Power Level, % - signal strength level for sending notifications
  • ShowAlertWindow - display pop-up alerts
  • PairCountAlert - the number of pairs that have the signal level equal to or above "Alert Power Level"
  • EmailAlertOn - (true/false) - send notifications to email
  • EmailEveryMin - send email notifications every X minutes
  • CountEmails - the number of sent email notifications
  • DoScreenShot - (true/false) - take screenshots
  • ScreenShotEveryMin - take a screenshot every X minutes
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread, a spread above this value is highlighted in red
  • CountPairsHighSpread - the number of pairs with a high spread.
  • UseAutoColor - (true/false) - automatic color for the active pairs (the stronger the pair, the lighter the color)
  • NameTemplate - template name
  • TFTemplate - template timeframe

The indicator can not be tested in the strategy tester. Try the demo version.

FX Exploit has been developed since the end of 2016.

Before using on a real account, try out the indicator features on a demo account.

2018.01.14 22:45 

Fx Exploit is a very good dashboard as it is.. but i got it customized (with a few additions) for my style of trading by Aliaksandr who is a very nice and helpful and supportive person.. If you are looking for a Holy Grail or a crystal ball magic indicator/dashboard then you will be disappointed... I do have quite a few years of experience and use it along with my technical analysis and my manual system combined... It does help me pick more profitable trades and reach my personal daily goal (as a scalper/ day trader).

Don't be bothered by one person's negative comment in here... i have tried and tested it.. it works for me! And if you have any issues/problems.. just write to Aliaksandr.. he responds promptly.

If anybody ask's me about it.. i would 100% recommend it!

Happy trading! :)

2017.11.17 15:04 

I have rented for a month. Impossible to use it. Doesnt work for me. The author promise a manual but never received anything. Very bad support. He said me that the problem was with prefix but I don't have prefix. Bad investment.

2017.10.23 13:49 

Extremely happy with this indicator. Have been trying for a week. So far results are pretty good. Signals are quite accurate. Though there were not many signals appearing during asian and euro session, however, once signals trigger, if you know how to confirm with price action, this indicator definitely brings profits! Well done to the author.

Version 4.0 - 2017.11.17
1. Improved the indicator calculation speed
2. Added buttons to display only the pairs with a common currency
3. Added settings to adjust the font size for large monitors
4. Added buttons for selecting pairs according to the specified criteria:
H4-X% - highlight pairs with the signal level X >= Alert Level,% (only for the H4 timeframe)
H1-M15-X% - highlight pairs with the signal level X >= Display Level, % (the M15, M30, H1 timeframes are used)
5. Added the ability to send push notifications