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Fibo Trends of 5 times

Fibo Trends of 5 times is an indicator of 5 trends on higher timeframes with its own operation start boundaries. The search is performed on the corresponding time data, regardless of the working chart period, and it is displayed on the active one. To change the interval simply move the required vertical line of the boundary, by double-clicking to activate it. Change in the trend occurs when the support/resistance level specified in golden_section is broken. It is set to 100% (1) by default, in order to check the operation. The trend update can be set at any level at user's discretion, for example: 0,618.

The corresponding time data must be downloaded for the correct operation (Tools->History Center \ F2-> select symbol -> Download). 1-month trend requires the data of the MN chart for 13 years, 1-week trend requires the data on the W1 bars for 6 years, 1-day trend requires data for 2 years, 4-hour trend is searched on the data for the last 6 months by default, 1-hour trend requires the bars for two weeks. By moving the nominal border along the chart, you can change the interval of trend search and the data required for that.

Input Parameters

  • golden_section - trend change level (if > 1, a segment between a High and a Low within the interval is considered a trend).
  • fix_intervals - [fixed_line]/[haunting_line] - fixed/moving trend boundaries.
  • color_of_levels_H1 - line color of the Fibonacci levels for 1-hour trend.
  • color_of_levels_H4 - line color of the Fibonacci levels for 4-hour trend.
  • color_of_levels_D1 - line color of the Fibonacci levels for 1-day trend.
  • color_of_levels_W1 - line color of the Fibonacci levels for 1-week trend.
  • color_of_levels_MN1 - line color of the Fibonacci levels for 1-month trend.
  • color_of_the_panel - color of the information table.
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2017.04.30 21:40 

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2016.12.23 05:56 

Awesome indicator.......Thank you so much!! Can't wait for your next product :)

Jesse Pham
2016.11.16 17:00 

Simple, clean, free, and good. Thank you!!

2016.09.26 14:44 

Good indicator and great idea,

I hope that author in the future make changes required ....

Well done



Version 1.1 - 2016.10.06
1) The info table can be dragged: click to capture it and click once again to drop.
2) Added labels to level values.
3) Ability to select the table background color.