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M15 Trigger Scalping


In my series of manual trading indicators I try to develop very user friendly tools for traders with not to many complicated parameter setups, in other words simply ready to go indicators without any messy parameter inputs. M15 Trigger Scalping is one of those, an indicator for scalping on any Forex instrument only on time frame M15. Easy to set up, simply load it to the chart and you are ready to go. This indicator has no features as alerting the user when to buy or sell, those options are made by the user. Simply follow 3 simple rules to confirm signal buy or sell.

Rules for placing buy order: When triggerlines become blue and Candle Close above the lines. Place stoploss below recent swing low. Set your own desired take profit level.

Rules for placing sell order: When triggerlines become red and Candle Close below the lines. Place stoploss above recent swing high. Set your own desired take profit level.

Of course, for higher and better confirmation of buy/sell signals you can use additional indicators by your needs.

At the top left corner of your chart you also have information about current spread, your server time(not local time) and your account balance, Equity, margin, floating profit/loss and your account currency. Colors for the spread text information are changeable.


  • User friendly setup, no complicated parameter setups!
  • Developed ONLY for M15 and comes with predefined values
  • Easy to understand, no messy chart information!
  • Works on all Forex currency pairs
  • Developed to fit booth novice and skilled traders

Indicator parameter settings (spread text color, location and size)

  • Spread text color = Default LawnGreen
  • Spread text location on chart = Default top left corner
  • Spread text size = Default medium

Important! This indicator can be attached to any timeframe, but remember it's suppose to only run on M15 with the predefined values that are NOT changeable! If use on other time frame the signals wont be accurate!


Reviews 2
lenka5920035920 2019.03.19 15:29 

Works great, good customer support.

Omar Alkawari
Omar Alkawari 2020.05.28 14:09 

im not finding it helpful, it uncleared moving average and the indicator is not the same what your showing in the pics

lenka5920035920 2019.03.19 15:29 

Works great, good customer support.