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PowMA minutes

PowMA is a generalized power Moving Average. It allows calculating much "faster" mean lines than LWMA and to fine-tune line sensitivity to historical data.


  • PERIOD - period used for the calculation;
  • POW - index of power;
  • APPLIED PRICE - selected price.

The line has the following properties:

  • at POW=0 completely matches the SMA for the same period;
  • at POW=1 - matches the LWMA;
  • at POW=3 - the line goes to the nearer Bollinger Bands line with a deviation of 1;
  • the greater the value of POW, the more sensitive the line to the "new data" and the closer to the price;
  • the negative values of POW makes the line more sensitive to the historical data and brings it closer to the price of a period before;
  • at POW=-3 - the line goes to the further Bollinger Bands line with a deviation of 1.

Use the PowMA line instead of SMA or LWMA and adjust the sensitivity of the lines. Use the PowMA with a negative POW instead of shifted Moving Averages.

This is a free demo version limited by timeframes lower than H1.

The full version can be found here.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 18:19 

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