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Ultra Reversal mtf

This is a fully adaptive indicator which displays trend reversal in the form of arrows. It is ideal for any trading symbol, timeframe, and also for binary options.

The indicator is non-redrawable and it does not change its values.

Independent settings for buy and sell signals present a distinctive feature of the indicator. Thus, you can set the indicator on the basis of peculiarities of your trading system.

The indicator has two filters: for an uptrend and for a downtrend. You can remove false signals and set the indicator for aggressive or conservative trading by choosing filter period.

This multitimeframe instrument can display signal values from any timeframes.


  • Time-frame - select time session; zero is the current timeframe.
  • Bars - number of bars on the history.
  • Notification - select an alert notification (pop-up window), sending to Email, Push-notifications.
  • Period uptrend - period for an uptrend
  • Filtr uptrend - filter period for an uptrend.
  • Period downtrend - period for a downtrend
  • Filtr downtrend - filter period for a downtrend.
2015.08.16 15:32 

поддержка никакая. На вопрос о корректных настройках для разных валютных пар -тишина 2-й месяц.

Yuri Sherstuk
2015.08.10 18:46 

Плохо, верните средства 25 usd, таких индикаторов в свободном доступе море, у меня бесплатный по точнее стрелочки срабатывают, верните средства.

Richard Smith
2015.06.24 17:51 

Excellent indicator!

Андрей Мурза
2015.04.09 08:38 

Все плохо. Хочу обратно деньги. Если я буду тыкать с закрытыми глазами больше угадаю! (Очень зол!)

Aleks Pivtsov
2015.04.03 17:53 

Спасибо автору индикатора за качественный продукт, обновления и техподдержку!

2015.03.13 15:29 

Весьма и весьма неплохо! Удобные настройки, спасибо.

2015.03.08 16:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 4.10 - 2015.04.27
Fixed errors in the operation signals.
Version 4.0 - 2015.04.08
Added the possibility to change the appearance of the arrows.
Version 3.20 - 2015.03.27
Fixed alert problem occurred when an arrow appeared.
Version 3.10 - 2015.03.20
Fixed error in testing.
Version 3.0 - 2015.03.11
- Now, the signal appears on the current bar
- Added uptrend/downtrend settings for the additional 'binary' filter
Version 2.0 - 2015.02.20
Added enhanced filter to work with binary options and parameter Period binary.