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Indicatore FXCOS H4

L'indicatore FXCOS-H4 può essere caricato su un grafico EUR / USD con lasso di tempo h4 e libera di ricevere dati sul trend calcolati analizzando i media mobili in modo da escludere il più possibile dei falsi segnali. 

Può essere usato anche su altri time frame ma ho visto li offre su h4. 

Lavorando su h4 generi in media 1 o 2 segnali alla settimana .

Può essere anche usato per avere segnali su grafici delle criptovalute .

Molto semplice da usare:

Un segnale di acquisto visualizza sul grafico una freccia di colore blu. Un segnale di vendita visualizza una freccia di colore rosso.

E 'possibile abilitare le cartelle tramite popup, via email o notifica push .

Non fornisce segnali di chiusura operazioni semplicemente perchè penso che sia l'utente a decidere in base alla propria strategia quando prendere profitto.

L'indicatore può essere usato da solo o insieme ad altri indicatori.


The FXCOS-H4 indicator can be loaded on a EUR / USD chart with time frame h4 and is free to receive trend data calculated by analyzing the mobile media so as to exclude false signals as much as possible.

It can also be used on other time frames but I have seen them offered on h4.

Working on h4 you generate on average 1 or 2 signals per week.

It can also be used to get signals on cryptocurrency charts.

Very simple to use:

A purchase signal shows a blue arrow on the graph. A sales signal displays a red arrow.

It is possible to enable folders via popup, email or push notification.

It does not provide closing signals simply because I think it is the user who decides according to his own strategy when to make a profit.

The indicator can be used alone or together with other indicators.


Online trading of financial instruments and / or cryptocurrency is one of the most stimulating activities to perform online.

Trading online implies an investment of money and as the ancient Roman divinity of Giano Bifronte has two sides of the same coin: the investment can be profitable or the one invested can be lost in whole or in part.

For this reason, anyone who wants to venture into this field and sector must:

- Be well informed about the risks and costs associated with trading on financial markets;

- Carefully evaluate your investment objectives;

- Calibrate the amounts to invest based on the capacity to absorb possible losses;

- Be aware of your own levels of experience and risk appetite;

- Take full responsibility for economic risks

I take no responsibility for the use of the data and prices provided, for the use of indicators, price signals, robots, Expert Advisors: the user or user is solely responsible for the results of the own decisions.

The speculative activity in the forex involves economic risks therefore whoever does it does it under his own and exclusive responsibility.

I'm not a financial consultant and I don't want to be. The products shown on this page are simply the result of computer programming. What is shown by the indicator or by the realized program must not be equated with an investment board or financial advice of any kind.

The use, storage, reproduction, modification, transmission or distribution of the data contained in this site without the explicit consent of the owners constitutes a violation of the intellectual property of the same punishable by law; the intellectual property rights provided to the site owner by any markets, squares or specialized operators are also reserved.

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