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The indicator determines and reflects the significant support / resistance levels based on the algorithm for determining the volatility and the pattern in which the body of the candle is more than 2 times smaller than the size of the candle.

In addition, based on the received data, the indicator determines the prevailing current market movement.


  • TimeFrame - timeframe to calculate;
  • Candles in history - How many candles to take for analysis;
  • Line color - the color of the support / resistance lines;
  • Line thickness - Line thickness;
  • Line type - the type of lines;
  • Text color - The color of text labels;
  • Text size - Text size;
  • Display trend direction? - Show trend direction?
  • Trend direction text size - text size;
  • UP trend text color - The text color for a bullish trend;
  • DW trend text color - Color is a bearish trend;
  • Flat text color - The text color when motion is undefined.
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