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The Expert Advisor calculates the divergence on the current and higher timeframes. In case the divergences coincide, the EA starts its operation.

Deals have strict take profit and stop loss levels. Each deal is managed by trailing stop.

The strategy involves the use of a tight stop-loss. Therefore, losing deals and/or series of losing deals are not uncommon. This EA is not suitable for those who have difficulties coping with losing deals.

The EA is recommended for simultaneous use on the following instruments:



  • Sensitivity - sensitivity of the trading strategy. The higher the value, the more accurate and less frequent are the market entries.
  • Comment to order - comment to the opened orders.
  • MaxRisk - the maximum risk for calculating the lot size.
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - lot size if MaxRisk=0.
  • Take Profit - take profit level.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss level.
  • Trailing-stop on/off - enable trailing stop.
  • Trailing Start - the number of points to activate trailing stop.
  • First Trailing Level - the first stop loss level in trailing stop.
  • Trailing Step - step of the trailing stop.
  • Slippage - allowable slippage value.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread.
  • Magic - magic number to distinguish the EA's orders.
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