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Trend Scanner

The Trend Scanner trend line indicator displays the trend direction and its changes. The indicator works on all currency pairs and on timeframes from M1 to D1. The indicator simultaneously displays multiple readings on the price chart: the support and resistance lines of the currency pair, the existing trend lines, the Highs and Lows of the price, as well as the current direction of the trend. The indicator generates accurate signals, which allow opening trades following the trend. The blue dots on the chart indicate the Highs and Lows of the price, the white trend lines display the support lines, the red trend lines display the resistance lines, the yellow thick line demonstrates the direction of the current trend, the blue dot at the beginning of a yellow line is the guide for setting Stop Loss. When the currency pair movement direction changes, the Alert Buy or Alert Sell message pops up, showing the price and the recommended Stop Loss value.

Input parameters

  • TrendDirection - Current direction of the trend
  • DrawUpDownArrow - Display the price Highs and Lows
  • DrawTrendline - Display the trend line
  • TrendlineInMemory - The number of trend lines displayed on the chart
  • High_Period - The maximum period value of the trend analyzer
  • Low_Period - The minimum period value of the trend analyzer
  • Trigger_Sens - The trend analyzer trigger sensitivity
  • Alert_Box - pop-up notification about changes in the direction of the price movement
  • Send_Mail - send notifications to email
  • Send_Notifications - sending push-notifications to mobile device
Aravind 2017.06.18 05:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sergey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov 2016.09.09 07:17 

Отличный индикатор, помогает при торговли!

ololiyuki 2016.06.04 13:04 

Very accurate trend drawing...perfect

Version 4.0 2017.02.10
Added input parameters: Send_Mail, Send_Notifications.
Version 3.0 2016.11.01
Added the author's personal data to the copyright.
Version 2.0 2016.07.19
Added the Alert_Box input parameter.