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The Elize Expert Advisor has been designed to work with the EURCHF currency pair. It considers the peculiarities of this trading instrument, its behavior and dependence on the behavior of other currencies.

In particular, when the currencies of the European countries (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURNOK, EURCHF) move in the same direction, the EA starts its operation and opens a deal in the trend direction of the European currencies. In the event of price rollbacks, the EA uses a unique method for making the account Equity value positive without increasing the trade lot (martingale). However, settings provide the ability to increase the position volumes by setting Multiplication to greater than 1.

It is recommended for use on EURCHF M15.

The EA has a built-in function that closes all orders older than Days for close all days (10 by default).

  • Days for close all - close orders older than this number of days.
  • Comment to orders - comment to opened orders.
  • Take Points - take profit in points.
  • Take % - take profit in percent.
  • % loss - loss percentage to calculate the initial lot.
  • Include averaging - enable averaging.
  • Multiplication - multiplier.
  • Step between orders - step between orders.
  • MA period - period of the moving average.
  • Distance from MA - distance from the moving average.
  • Step of SAR - step of the SAR indicator.
  • Bands Period - period of Bands.
  • Bands Shift - shift of Bands.
  • Bands Deviations - deviation of Bands.
  • Magic - magic number.
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