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The Expert Advisor has been developed specifically for the features of the CHFJPY currency pair.

The EA's algorithm determines the direction of the current trend and starts operation. In case of a price reversal within the current trend, the EA adds additional orders.

If trend changes, the EA starts to work in the direction contrary to the initial grid of orders.

If there were no conditions for closing orders and the trend direction changed again, the EA continues to work with the "first" grid of orders, while controlling the general states of two grids and of each of them separately.

It is recommended to use the EA on CHFJPY with the M15 timeframe.

Options for closing the grids of orders

  1. When one of the oppositely directed grids reaches "Profit in points";
  2. When two oppositely directed grids reach "Profit in points";
  3. When "Take % of profit" is reached, both grids are closed.


  • Orders for close by % - if this number of market orders or more are open, the mechanism for order closing based on percent specified in "Take % of profit" will be activated;
  • Take % of profit - if the number of market orders is equal to or greater than "Orders for close by %", all orders will be closed after reaching this profit percent;
  • Profit in points - orders will be closed after reaching this profit in points;
  • MaxRisk - maximum risk for opening the first order;
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - if MaxRisk=0, the first lot of the series will be as follows;
  • Add additional orders? - whether to open additional orders.
  • Lot multiplier - lot multiplier for additional orders;
  • Step between orders - the minimum step between additional orders;
  • MagicNumber - the magic number for identifying the EA's orders;
  • Comment to orders - a comment to the orders opened by the Expert Advisor.
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Version 1.50 2018.05.08
Optimized the code, increased the operation speed.