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Twinkle is a trend-based scalper using stop loss and take profit invisible to the broker.

The EA does not look for trend reversals.

The EA catches strong market movements and opens orders in the direction of the trend.

Your broker will not see the order closing levels. The EA closes orders independently when reaching the take profit or stop loss levels specified in the settings.

  • Recommended trading symbols: EURUSD M5, GBPUSD M5.
  • ECN accounts with 5 digits quotes are recommended.

Expert Advisor Settings

"Lot settings"

  • Risk on/off - enable the autolot;
  • Risk Percent - percentage of risk per trade;
  • Lot, if Risk = false - lot size if Risk is disabled;

"Trade settings"

  • Display levels - show/hide the virtual TP and SL levels;
  • Invisible Take Profit - invisible take profit level;
  • Invisible Stop Loss - invisible stop loss level;
  • Comment to order - comment to the opened orders;

"Technical settings"

  • Magic Number - magic number to identify the EA's orders.
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