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Infinity TrendLine

The INFINITY TrendLine indicator is based on an analysis of the average range of bulls and bears. It shows the trend change, entry point and recommended TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. The moving panel displays a type of signal (red mean SELL/ blue mean BUY) price of enter point, the SuccessRate index, Win / Loss and the total result of 1000 bars trades.

Extended functions and integrated Scanner PRO panel are available in the full version of the INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator. 

TrendLine PRO for MT5:https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42399

By purchasing the paid version of  INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator, you get a gift from us: the basement indicator HTF_Histogram  with a key for an unlimited number of activations. The  HTF_Histogram indicator is necessary to determine the Higher Time Frame trend and it will perfectly complement your strategy. To get it, please leave a review with a rating to the product  INFINITY TrendLine PRO on the market and email the link or a copy to: profitcamp@mail.ru .We will reply to you and send the HTF_Histogram indicator with an individual unlimited key. 

Also you can use TradeUtility for TrendLine PRO. It's a program for trading signals of INFINITY by MANUAL/SemiAUTO/AUTO modes (like EA).

How to use TrendLine and TradeUtility EA and how to get more sets for different pairs you can find out in the INFINITY blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722749

Options available only in the TrendLine PRO version:

- Calculation period Bars (default =1000)

- set of TP2, TP3 (target level)

- set of SL (target level)

- Higher TimeFrame filter HTF 

- pop-up "Scanner Panel PRO" for automatic search of signals in all pairs

- notification to: mobile, email

- HTF_Histogram

- regular update

INFINITY can be used on any pair and any instrument in MT4, you can trade one or several signals simultaneously on different timeframes. The possibility of using strategies using this indicator is incredibly high.

When you purchase two or more INFINITY products  you can get a gift: INFINITY Statistics indicator (full version)  To do this, send on a PM or email me: profitcamp@mail.ru your payment ID number for two products from the INFINITY series.

For all questions and requests please contact me via MQL5.com or email: profitcamp@mail.ru

RyderQ 2019.10.09 11:46 

A handy indicator good for trend following and breakouts also a good use for a stop loss!! best moving average you can use

Dmitriy Mashkarin
Dmitriy Mashkarin 2019.10.07 17:08 

Отличный индикатор, есть уровни TP и SL, оперативная поддержка!

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2019.09.18 14:14 

Где то я этот уже видел...

redneedle 2019.09.09 21:04 

usefull tool

rainwalker123 2019.07.26 06:38 

The problem of all those kind of arrow indicators pointing up or down, is that they are in most cases too late, with no good turning points. But its great, that the share is for free

dokopy 2019.05.24 06:27   

The stupidest indicator I know. Overwhelmed by hidden restrictions. Waste of time. Unable to delete from template. Like a virus.

Simone Gargano
Simone Gargano 2019.05.08 00:20 

The indicator is good, very easy to use and clear BUT

as you may know, before consider an indicator as good you would have test it at least 6 months.

I've loaded this indicator to my Koder Killer EA (used to test the indicators) and is not showing good results over the last 4 months like the indicator's success rate shows (65%+ on average). I rate it 3 stars for this reason at the moment.

Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 2019.03.31 00:31 

Thank you, nice job.

SoyBlas 2019.03.29 13:31   

Anybody could help me for the next setup? I dont know how to combine the few parameters for this: I would like if price reach tp1, SL move to entry +1, if price reach TP2, SL moves to TP2 if. And so on....

krug.ol 2019.03.23 11:59 

Very good indicator

Natasha Diedericks
Natasha Diedericks 2019.03.22 11:05 

Just got the Pro version! Excited!

This developer is a hero and such an example to these other guttless developers. There are developers here on mql5 and who dare download this product and use it because it's waaaaay better than their's. You know who I'm talking about because I bought indicators from you and you ignore my PM's because you know your products are shit. You have a nerve to rate this product good because you know it's good with no false signals. This is actually a gift to you who dare and come rate this product. You should thank this developer for giving you this fantastic free indicator. I'm saying this because the same developers are selling their products, stealing money from people with their poor products. Please refund those people, "other developers" if you have any integrity in you. I want to thank this developer for a fantastic, helpful indicator that is free!!!!

Ery Sanada Dian Putra
Ery Sanada Dian Putra 2019.03.19 18:09 

good indicator

Aleksandr Tamonin
Aleksandr Tamonin 2019.03.14 21:17 

Спасибо! Хороший трендовый индикатор!

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2019.03.10 19:38 

Good indicator!

Darin 2019.02.28 04:54 

Not sure what's happening. This is a good indicator that has potential but I'm quite shock and disappointed that the Trendline EA that was designed for this indicator is suddenly removed from mql5 market. A new replacement called Trendline Pro has been created and existing users are now left hanging on whether we will be upgraded to the new version or we have to spend even more money on the new EA.

FYI, Trendline EA hasn't been profitable and alot of promises have been made to improve it but however hasn't been done so. So in my point of view, no point getting any new EA or indicators from this developer until things are settled for trendline EA current users.

Update: Developer will release an update soon for the existing users of trendline EA that was removed from mql5 market.

Update: 24/04/2019 - Seeing more profitable trades which is good. Giving it 3 stars and a full 5 stars when the final EA version is out!

Hank T
Hank T 2019.02.10 04:11 

I am playing with the settings. It looks is a very good indicator.

alweber 2019.02.01 22:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sutatong 2019.01.29 14:59 

It helps me trading. Thank you.

pavel.krasnoiar 2019.01.24 16:09 

Лучший индикатор сегодня!

metaangel 2019.01.23 19:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nira Yatul Hijah
Nira Yatul Hijah 2019.01.22 12:19 

this indicator is very profitable for me, i use this indicator just 1 week, and i have best result, big thanks for author to make this free indicator, and i hope the author keep update this indicator :)

MaxReneMX 2019.01.17 07:22 

Great job, an excellent indicator with many possibilities :)

inkisidore 2019.01.15 23:45   

What happened with the indicator ? Dont work...

rahib 2019.01.15 00:18 

great tool . thank you

Keokone 2019.01.12 14:35 

Free, updated and very good, what more do you want?!

Eve55 2019.01.10 05:41 

Absolutely amazing indicator, thank the author.

It would be good if the push alert on the mobile also showed TP and SL values, not just buy and sell.

Daniel Veloza
Daniel Veloza 2018.12.28 23:43 

Very good indicator. The autor constantly updates it and make it better.

Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies 2018.12.28 17:08 

This is a very useful indicator, BUT be sure to fully read the manual before applying to a real money account. Once you fully understand how it works and how to use the settings it is great :) With that said, the newest version seems to have a bug when drawing the down trend line at times. rather then simply drawing the next section of the line, it falls right to the bottom of the chart until reloaded. This doesn't effect the usefulness, just thought id report the bug.

ifatedi 2018.12.28 16:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

lin z
lin z 2018.12.28 07:24 

This is a great indicator! Downloaded and I like it. Very helpful. Thank you. I just need help on the setting.

zeefuu 2018.12.21 16:33 

good and it's free

weiww 2018.12.21 13:23 


shafarjsr 2018.12.21 07:39 


Itnas 2018.12.19 13:55 

Спасибо за индикатор, хорош.

Sinisa Sinjori
Sinisa Sinjori 2018.12.19 05:29 

Indicator has a lot of possibilities (configuration settings), and it's very accurate regarding showing the trend (much more then many other commercial ones). You won't regret if you download it (I won't be surprise if indicator soon becomes commercial - currently it's still free). I have some problems (slow MT4 when used on Renko/Range bar charts), but other then that - very nice piece of work. I am giving it 5 stars without hesitation, beside the problems with Renko/Range bars (because, it's free indicator, at the end).

However, autor seems very responsive and helpful, so I hope that even those problems on Renko/Range bars will be solved soon.

dmitiyho 2018.12.18 18:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alexey Suvorov
Alexey Suvorov 2018.12.15 08:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2018.12.14 02:45 

will be using it thanks.

P_ES 2018.12.12 21:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Lenni 2018.12.12 15:11 

Отличная работа, спасибо автору! Отдельный респект за MTF, практически готовая ТС.

Подумаю, пожалуй и о советнике

Domenico De Sandro
Domenico De Sandro 2018.12.10 20:51 

very good job. Useful on H1, H4 and Daily for me.

AirOne1 2018.12.09 23:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Shaheen Hassanali
Shaheen Hassanali 2018.12.03 16:27   

Roy W
Roy W 2018.12.02 22:27 

The best of the best! But keep smaller SL

Nerijus1982 2018.12.01 14:48 

Brilliant stuff!5 stars!

selivan 2018.12.01 14:33 

Thank you for the indicator.

I have not experienced this indicator yet.

But according to the description and settings it looks very interesting.

With respect,

globetrotter777 2018.11.28 19:24 

Great Stuff! Quite impressed with the filter, the HTF... this is full-blown trading strategy. Don't need any additional indicators. It provides all the required information on the trade. Would consider the EA.. Good job!

traithoi 2018.11.26 02:15 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Tiberio_ 2018.11.25 17:50 

It's a great job, thank you for using it

sunnychow 2018.11.24 18:37 

Good tool, Thank for share

Sareyna 2018.11.24 13:08 

Kostenloser Scanner!

Einfach Top!

Wie "Anastasia Tikhomirova" schon geschrieben hat, einfach Super.

Anastasia Tikhomirova
Anastasia Tikhomirova 2018.11.24 10:07 

Отличный индикатор! Гибкие настройки, информативный, оперативная поддержка. Есть уровни TP и SL, что значительно облегчает торговлю. Ставлю 5 звезд!

Version 50.2 2019.08.09
Added Scanner button (USDJPY default for FREE version)
Added Time Filter (22:00-10:00 default for FREE version)
Added HTF filter (H4 default for FREE version)
Version 50.1 2019.07.25
Available set up for TP1
Version 50.0 2019.07.24
Update to version 50.0
Version 49.99 2019.06.24
Updated to 49.99
Version 49.98 2019.05.08
Updated version
Version 49.97 2019.05.07
updated version
Version 49.96 2019.05.07
updated version
Version 49.95 2019.04.03
Updated to version 49.95
Notifications, Scanner PRO and some settings are only available in the TrendLine PRO version:
Version 49.94 2019.03.29
updated version:
-amplitude=7 (default)
-Level_TP1=0.3 (default)
Version 49.9 2019.02.22
HTF-filter has been OFF
Version 4.999 2019.02.20
4.999 version
Version 4.99 2019.02.20
Build 4.99 is the latest free update with very reduced indicator setting functions.
All further indicator upgrades from version 5.0 will apply only to the paid version of INFINITY TrendLine PRO.
Version 4.73 2019.02.04
Text string for email is changed, e.g.:"EURUSD_M15 (Buy)
Version 4.72 2019.02.04
'EmailON' function is added
Version 4.71 2019.02.04
Fixed bug "Alert_Push M15"
Version 4.70 2019.01.23
Setting 'Time for Alert and Push' has been added
Version 4.64 2019.01.16
Replaced by the functions push and alert
Version 4.63 2019.01.13
new version
Version 4.62 2019.01.13
fixed a bug
Version 4.61 2019.01.11
fixed a little bug
Version 4.6 2019.01.10
fix a little bug
Version 4.5 2018.12.28
Added Alert-function for each pair
Version 4.4 2018.12.28
fixed some bugs
Version 4.3 2018.12.28
added Alert & Push setting
Version 4.2 2018.12.28
fixed a bug
Version 4.1 2018.12.28
fixed a bug
Version 4.0 2018.12.27
-added a new panel
-opening one candle earlier
Version 3.3 2018.12.10
The red dotted line shows which pips fall into the Result calculation
Version 3.2 2018.12.07
Fixed bug with counting pips. Now only achieved levels are to be considered (TP1,TP2,TP3, SL,)
The Reversal Signal is considered only if all three TP=0
Version 3.1 2018.11.27
a bug has been fixed
Version 3.0 2018.11.26
Update to v3.0
Version 2.9 2018.11.25
Update to v2.9
Version 2.8 2018.11.24
New version 2.8
Version 2.7 2018.11.23
Updated to v2.7
Version 2.6 2018.11.21
Fixed graphical bug
Version 2.5 2018.11.20
Fixed graphical bug
Version 2.4 2018.11.18
Upgraded to v.2.4
Version 2.3 2018.11.15
Fixed bugs of previous version
Version 2.2 2018.11.14
Updated to v2.2
Version 2.1 2018.11.14
New version
Version 2.0 2018.11.14
New version
Version 1.1 2018.11.13
Исправлена ошибка рассогласования периодов