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Megatrend Monitor SF 286

Megatrend Monitor SF 286 is a new model of the Megatrend Monitot indicator, designed for the MetaTrader 4.

You no longer need dozens of monitors to analyze the behavior of 28 different instruments on 6 timeframes, in statics and dynamics of their relationship in the MetaTrader 4. Megatrend Monitor SF 286 will help you perform such analysis in a window of a single chart.

SF 286 features the algorithm based on the SinFractal 7TF indicator. It is much faster in calculations and drawing histograms.

SF 286 is able to display up to seven subwindows in the additional window of the chart, which contain the curves of the histogram values calculated by 6 specified timeframes along with their resulting values (RR).

In addition, SF 286 is able to highlight the histogram blocks when the curves reach the specified levels. The colors to highlight the histogram blocks are set by the colors of the signal level lines.

If the specified symbols' curves in the timeframe subwindows exceed the flat zone, their width is automatically increased allowing you to better grasp the current market situation.

The subwindows have 2 levels of flat area and 2 signal levels in the positive and negative value areas of the indicator. To ensure the high-quality display of curves on the limit values (-100/+100), the scale was extended to -120/+120.

When the curves exceed the specified levels, it is possible to generate alerts with sound signals. The subwindow which controls the alerts and highlighting is specified in the indicator settings.

It is possible to change the fill color of the histogram as well as change the color and line type of the curves in the subwindows.

The timeframes for calculation, instruments and their amount (up to 28) can be changed in the settings.

SF 286 is able to work with any instrument in the Market Watch of the terminal.

For correct operation, launch SF 286 on a chart with a timeframe corresponding to the lowest timeframe set in the indicator settings.

SF 286 will become a good and reliable assistant in the market analysis, the search for the most active and correlated instruments, as well as in the search for symbols which are the real allies and foes at the current time.


  • WorkingSymbol - list of symbols;
  • TF 1 - TF 6 - timeframes menu;
  • TF 1 Window Enabled - TF 6 Window Enabled - enable/disable subwindows;
  • ЕМА period- smoothing period;
  • Bars count for calculation - number of bars for calculation;
  • UpLevelFlat - upper flat level;
  • DnLevelFlat - lower flat level;
  • UpLevelTrend1 - first upper signal level;
  • DnLevelTrend1 - first lower signal level;
  • UpLevelTrend2 - second upper signal level;
  • DnLevelTrend2 - second lower signal level;
  • SigTFNumber - number of the subwindow that controls the alerts and highlighting;
  • Opportunity Buy Alert - Opportunity Close Sell Alert - enable/disable alerts;
  • ShiftX – distance from the left edge of the chart to the first histogram block;
  • WidthRectinfo - histogram block width;
  • SymbolFontSize - font size of the symbols;
  • KoeffHeightRectInfo - histogram block height ratio;
  • SubSubColor - color of subwindow dividing lines;
  • BackgroundColor - fill color inside the histogram blocks;
  • ColBGRect - histogram blocks frame line color;
  • iColStrokeRect - histogram blocks frame color;
  • ColUpValue - color of increasing histograms;
  • ColDownValue - color of decreasing histograms;
  • ColAveValue - RR line color;
  • ColSymbolRect - symbol font color;
  • ColBGButtons - button color;
  • LineWidth Inside Flat – line width inside the flat area;
  • LineWidth Outside Flat — line width after leaving the flat area;
  • ColLevelNull - zero level line color;
  • ColLevelNull - zero level line color;
  • ColLevelFlatUp - ColLevelFlatDn - flat area line color;
  • ColLevelTrend1Up-ColLevelTrend2Dn - signal level line color;
  • Width levels – specified level line width;
  • StyleLevels - specified level line style.
Nico Bilio
2016.09.23 15:16   

No star... the only thing that it´s good - you monitor is nice colored - every entry ended in a loss - the coder is no trader, so you can leave the money here for a nice colored Monitor.... not for more

2016.08.05 05:26 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alessio Bizzarri
2016.04.08 17:40 

bought yesterday 07/04/16 amazing tool, I am impressed today recovered of investment money.

I have to get more confidence, but first impression 5 stars. I will review update in a bit of time.

Fast author in sending me video demonstration. Thank you

Version 5.0 - 2016.12.27
1. Changed conditions of generating signal for closing positions.
Signal for closure is generated if certain level is reached: UpLevelTrend2_(for a long position)/DnLevelTrend2_(for a short position).
2. Optimized the calculation speed.
3. Added timer for calculation updates.
4. Added input parameter: "Timer period in seconds" - timer's periodicity in seconds.
5. Implemented interaction with the Archer SF 286 EA.
Version 4.0 - 2016.10.12
Added the TF_DisableMode variable to the indicator settings,
which is responsible for disabling the timeframes specified in the settings
and toggles two operation modes:

1)TF_DISABLE_PARTIALLY - partial disabling (the disabled timeframes will be involved in calculations of all values,
but will not be displayed in the lower subwindows of the indicator);

2)TF_DISABLE_FULLY - full disabling (the disabled timeframes will not be involved in calculations of all values,
and will not be displayed in the histogram columns and in the lower subwindows of the indicator).
Version 3.0 - 2016.08.31
Added notification features in the of:
sound signal,
e-mail notifications,
notification to mobile terminals.
Version 2.0 - 2016.06.06
1. Changed the method of access to prices.

3. Added additional checks.

3. Added the ability to download bars if they are too few.