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Second Chart the Time Frame in Seconds

The "Second Chart" indicator for MetaTrader 4

It is possible to create second charts using this indicator. The data is sampled based on the same principle as during the plotting the standard MetaTrader 4 charts, but with one-second period. Second period can be adjusted in the range of 1-59 sec., by changing the value of the "Seconds" parameter. You can apply indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts to the resulting chart. You get a fully functional chart on which you can work just as well as on a regular chart.

The indicator accumulates history during its operation, which can be reset (deletes the accumulated history) if necessary, this can be useful when forming a chart with a different value of the seconds period. To perform the reset you must delete the global variable with the name corresponding to the trading instrument. The terminal has a special window for controlling global variables. To call it, execute the "Tools — Global Variables" command or press the F3 key.


  • Open the Navigator window.
  • Drag the indicator to a chart.
  • Open the resulting chart by pressing the corresponding button - "Open Chart".
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Version 4.1 - 2018.07.10
Improved algorithm.
Version 4.0 - 2017.10.27
1. Improved the algorithm.
2. Added the ability to create multiple second charts simultaneously.
Version 2.0 - 2016.06.03
Improved algorithm.