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Intraday Trader

Intraday trader is a profitable Expert Advisor, it uses re-entry technique and trades during the trend. To determine the market entry time, it uses filters, including the calculation of trade zones, implemented in TradeZones indicator.

Input parameters:

  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Lot Type - Lot type (Fixed or variable);
  • Risk(%) - Risk percent (used in trading with variable lot);
  • Fixed Lot Size - Fixed lot size (used in trading with fixed lot);
  • Сoefficient 01 - Coefficient 1;
  • Сoefficient 02 - Coefficient 1;
  • Сoefficient 03 - Coefficient 1;
  • Magic Number - EA Magic number;
  • Balance Control - Balance control mode (Allow - enabled, Forbid - disabled).

If needed, you can enable the Balance control mode. In this case the lot size will depend on on Lot type and results of the previous deals.

It is recommended to use it on minute timeframe chart (M1).

History backtesting results (20 months, from 2010.07.01 to 2012.03.01). With inital balance of $3000 fixed lot size=1.0, the total net profit is  $22328.90 (744% of the inital balance) or 447% per annum and it has been done with fixed lot size !!!

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