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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 49

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Suren Khosravi
!!!ATTENTION TRADERS!!! Bug hunters will get an EA of their choice FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! If you purchase any of my EAs and happen to find a bug, report it to me and I'll gift you one of my EAs here on MQL5 for ZERO dollars, no strings attached! Download the entire trade journal in csv format here → drive.google.com/file/d/1WHeIefkiRhen09wmUFzxj37BGHLDh9c2/view I recommend you to open it with LibreOffice Calc if Microsoft Excel gives you an error. Description: Dualis is an EA that utilizes a
!!!ATTENTION TRADERS!!! Bug hunters will get an EA of their choice FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! If you purchase any of my EAs and happen to find a bug, report it to me and I'll gift you one of my EAs here on MQL5 for ZERO dollars, no strings attached! Download the entire trade journal in csv format here → drive.google.com/file/d/1_KMP__aE8Wc8RFNS4cVNoatu-J6n63ov/view I recommend you to open it with LibreOffice Calc if Microsoft Excel gives you an error. Description: Golden Mountains is a next-gen t
Fast and Furious EA is one of the most wanted Expert Advisor programme or as some would like to refer to as ‘ TRADING BOT ’ in the market. The Fast and Furious EA, just as the name suggests, is an EA that is programmed to precisely scan the market and come up with validated trading signals . These signals can either be used automatically by the EA to make market orders or can be manually used by the trader to make personal trading decisions and be integrated to the trading system.  The Swiftness
Night Scalper EU
Dua Yong Rew
5 (1)
Night Scalper is a professionally coded night scalper that trades during the quiet session one hour before and after rollover timing. It is designed to trade EURUSD ( M5 timeframe ), though it is not limited to this currency pair. It does not use dangerous strategies, such as grid or martingale strategies, so it is a safe Expert Advisor. It is recommended to use a tight spread broker, preferably an ECN broker with good liquidity. For a list of brokers that work well with this EA, please visit my
GS grid Pro
Aleksander Gladkov
The Expert Advisor works as quickly as possible using a minimum of resources, which is very good when using a VPS. Includes the latest grid algorithm implementation solutions: trend tracking separate automatic Breakeven for Sell and Buy series Active Hedging Algorithm during the trading process, sets Stop loss and Take profit for orders The default parameter settings do not use martingale. Works on all Forex instruments. Recommended: Deposit from $300 (only USD) with leverage from 1:500 Best r
Cleopatra EA MT5
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Hello Traders! I present to you the "Cleopatra" Cleopatra a beautiful and intelligent design, with a recovery form that constantly adapts where its power is versatility . Its main strategy is to read the market in its elasticity, we can analyze the entry range in different ways. This can be very dynamic at different TF and different ranges, with handling queries on market news. Cleopatra has great power to adapt to market recovery , its patterns are not fixed , we also have different types of
AW OsMA based EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
Fully automated trading robot. It works on the signals of the standard OsMA indicator. Built-in automatic lot calculation function, multiplication of volumes for opening orders. Customizable indicator parameters for EA calculations. Complemented with trailing system with adjustable pitch. Advantages: Suitable for any instruments and any timeframes, Built-in trailing system with adjustable step, Customizable indicator signals, The autolot calculation function can be used, Animation of order volum
EA Falcon   is an algorithm that is based on two main strategies that allow you to trade in the direction of the main trend with the use of additional features to make trading safer and more reasonable in terms of risk and profit. This is a versatile Expert Advisor and an excellent portfolio diversification tool with flexible settings that can be configured for conservative, optimal or aggressive trading depending on your preferences. The   settings   can be downloaded in the product discussion
RoyalPrince Donchian EA
Richard Louis Pastor
5 (3)
RoyalPrince Donchian EA (NO MARTINGALE, NO GRID, NO HEDGE)  Opens orders based on OPEN TICK PRICE.  Has many options inside  Fixed Lots,  Hard Take Profit, Hard Stop Loss,   TP & SL  can be set by  Percentage or set in Points or turned off completely.  Dynamic settings for Donchian Channel Indicator Settings ,  Trailstop with the ability to control if you want it only control buy orders or sell orders or both .  also you can control by comment or magic number so that if you have other trades on
Bhantu EA
Fatoumata Dian Malya Diallo
Bhantu is revolutionary trading bot software that seeks to revolutionize the way you trade. It offers a suite of features that can help you maximize your profits in the market. Bhantu's advanced algorithms and automated strategies are designed to analyze and monitor the market, ensuring you always get the best results. Software that can automatically manage your trades in stocks, currencies and other financial products in your trading account based on your preferences. It is based on a combinati
StopHunt Killer
Arunkumar Kamalakannan
Markets                : “EURUSD” and “USDJPY” 15M Chart. Broker Selection  :     ECN Brokers with Low spreads. Intro: The stopHunt Killer EA is based on the Price Imbalance around the major liquidity points. Big banks use these points as liquidity mechanisms before taking the markets in their direction. EA identifies points of major liquidity and set orders to capitalize on the Bank Stop Hunts. EA works on “EURUSD” and “USDJPY” as they are largely traded pairs and high liquidity pools work
Renkus Gladiator
Renato Takahashi
Renkus Gladiator é um robô de negociação automatizada que utiliza gráficos Renko para análise de tendências e emissão de ordens limit de compra e venda. Com a definição do tamanho do brick (box ou R), é possível determinar a quantidade necessária para confirmar a tendência de alta ou baixa, sem martingale e scalping. Além disso, é possível configurar os stops como dinâmicos (com base no tamanho dos candles) ou fixos (com valores definidos de ganhos e perdas), bem como a posição das ordens limit
Lord Arles MT5
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
5 (1)
Hello Traders! I present to you the " Versatile   Strategy of Lord Arles , Arles is designed to be   very aggressive or versatile   at the right time. Arles is the god of my favorite saga and he has everything to be the most dynamic on the market,   how can Arles survive being so aggressive ? My strategy is very complex in itself, it is designed to review how the market is going and consult news, events, movements, tick patterns, and more things internally that will not be revealed, Arles ca
Pendora 100
Ayanda Mhlauli
Synthetic indices are defined artificial financial instruments that were created to mimic real-world market movements in different markets based on a random number generator that is secured through cryptography. This mechanism is used to prevent market manipulation and improve financial transparency. Background About EA The Pandora is the is the first EA of The Alpha Phoenix Academy. This is version 2 of the Pandora 100x The Pandora 100x only trades the Volatility 100 index. In my understandin
NEWS Launch Price for a limited period now $499. Fusion Trader v3  is a  Multi Symbol ,  Auto Timeframe ,  Expert Advisor . It features several strategies for different symbols and timeframes. Fusion Trader will monitor trades and adjust the stop loss. Fusion Trader v3  is a complete rewrite from v2, it trades differently and more symbols. It is now 100% Metratrader 5 compatible. Fusion Trader v3 is a multi symbol EA, For now, it will trade several symbols. Also, Fusion Trader is auto timeframe
Trading strategy: Scalping. Trading on impulses in automatic trading has been used for a long time and the scheme is not new to traders. It is difficult to catch such moments manually, but the adviser copes instantly. Automated trading uses 2 approaches to trade in such cases: look for pullbacks after impulses. trade in the direction of momentum. The search for entry points is done like this: the adviser measures the rate of price change for which this change should occur, if the conditions for
Ghost Knight EA
Gabriel, Alexa Marchi
General description and strategy "Ghost Knight" is an advanced trend expert. It uses classic but powerful strategies combined with complex mathematical models. The expert opens positions at a specific time and calculates the probability that the trade will be successful using statistics and probabilities to find the best opportunities.The expert is made to work over several years by limiting losses. It trades "EURUSD" and "USDJPY" currencies only. A dozen of filters have been added to strongly
Edge EA Pro MT5
Aleksandr Zheltikov
4.75 (4)
Edge is a fully automated trading system that finds trading opportunities and places trades by combining technical indicators, price action analysis, wave analysis and all-day market pattern analysis using Fibonacci areas. Based on historical market data, the system's thinly layered multilayer neural network is trained to identify patterns and relationships that can be used to predict future price movements. The neural network processes various inputs, including price data, technical indicators
Statistics Boom and Crash
Marcelo Jose Patino Vargas
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Our MT5 EA uses an advanced statistical system to determine the optimal time to open sell positions on the BOOM 1000, BOOM 500, and BOOM 300 assets. Based on rigorous market data analysis, the EA identifies the moment when there is a 90% probability of a bearish candle, allowing our users to enter a sell position with maximum confidence in success. This data-driven approach is the key to achieving profitable and consistent trades in BOOM 1000, and our EA is designed to aut
>>> BIG SALE PROMOTION: 50% OFF + GIFT EA!  - Promo price: $79 / Regular price $159 <<< - The promotion will end soon! Forex Trend Hunter is an entirely automated trading system for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, developed especially for the needs of ordinary forex traders, yet also used successfully by many professional traders. Forex Trend Hunter is perhaps the best trend-following and long-term profitable Forex robot on the market. With its help, you can enjoy the opportunity of mak
Evgeniy Zhdan
5 (3)
The trading expert works on the strategy of inverse correlation of trading instruments. Trades in trading instruments are opened inside a virtual channel. The unique position management system allows you to avoid long drawdowns and fully controls the trading deposit. Live signal MT5 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1888548 MT4-version:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/97687 The EA works right out of the box with default settings. Set files are not required. Installation: The Exper
Zarior EA
Gabriel, Alexa Marchi
There are a lot of EA's out there but most of them are very disappointing. Today I invite you to test a new powerful and secure EA, which has taken several years of testing and programming to create.  Zarior is a very innovative advanced trading expert that uses classic indicators (RSI, Fractal EMA, MACD) combined with very precise mathematical calculations to predict the market movement. Thanks to its artificial intelligence it combines traditional technical analysis with mathematical algori
Basic description Expert Advisor with bollinger bands strategy in the whitebox model, configurable for multi-currency. Available parameterization: Stop loss and take profit Timeframe Strategy description: The EA waits for the candlestick of the upper band to break to validate the entry of the operation, and thus carry out the buy operation. For the buy operation, the EA waits for the breakout of the lower band to validate the entry The current version has output defined using a risk x retur
Live trading results :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1877603 Metatrader 4 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94694 Equilibrium Trader is a fully automated trading interface designed to provide you with a safe and secure trading experience in the high-risk Forex markets. We take diversification very seriously , and our in-house analysis and use of professional security tools are testament to our commitment to effective risk management. Our trading interface also utilizes a relati
Monk MT5
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Monk strategy, a solid and very stable long-term strategy.my strategy has entry patterns for safe and long terms, constantly check the news and festivals that are happening during the live market, has maximum risk protections, as well as long-term recovery from a grid, has different intelligent internal methods, where it can be configured in one chart setup, in order to establish a comfortable adaptive configuration for the 1-click AI, low/medium/high risk, dynamic, etc, etc Launch the EA on
The Ai Index UsTec De40 ea is the most effective trading strategy for the USTEC. The USTEC(US100, NASDAQ100) index is the only indices for which the EA was designed to works. Suitable for dealers and traders of all skill levels. Ea's base strategy on higher sharpe ratio.   The AI Index UsTec De40 es has been testing on tick data based on Real Tick for the last three years with positive results. Working with extremely low risk and strict money management. After extensive research by an in-built
King Of Trends
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTMIZED BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE King Of Trends trades trends and was made on XAU/USD 1 hour charts.  Try other assets and time frames if you can.  There is no promise of untold wealth from $100 with 100% success rate , this is a bold lie many tell and believe .  Not one EA here or anywhere does this, prove me wrong.  In the end nothing is given in trading and you must put in work.  Just try out and if it suits you and you want to use it then go ahead and run it on a demo and then a VPS and th
Uranus STO expert is developed on the basis of a deep mathematical analysis, using the popular indicators: Stochastic, WPR, ATR, RSI. The Expert is optimized for EURUSD trading . The expert analyzes past periods, comparing them to the current period. According to the degree of probability and market behavior, the expert places orders at levels calculated for the best result. The strategy also features a permeability tool: Impact Bar. It works as a probability filter. The range of the Band is fro
Introduction and Description Pythor is an Expert Advisor designed to operate in the Forex market, specifically as a scalping robot.  Forex scalping is a day trading   style used by  F OREX   traders that involves buying or selling currency pairs with only a brief holding time in an attempt to make a series of quick profits. While scalping attempts to capture small gains, such as 5 to 20  pips  per trade, the profit on these trades can be magnified by increasing the position size. The Pythor EA u
Earth EA MT5 1H
Huang Bing Gui
Earth EA 1H  Expert   Trading Robots   EVERYTHING IS SUCCESSFUL Launch promo: Only 8 left at 99$,For 1 month 99 USD,   For 3 month 299 USD Final price 199$   ,For 1 month 199 USD   ,   For 3 month 399 USD Earth EA 1H  Expert Trading Robots is an innovative and innovative SSC model real-time tracking and pursuit trend strategy system, based on the breakthrough of innovative SSC model and real-time tracking and pursuit support level and resistance level. This is an innovative strategy to trade i
Suren Khosravi
!!!ATTENTION TRADERS!!! Bug hunters will get an EA of their choice FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! If you purchase any of my EAs and happen to find a bug, report it to me and I'll gift you one of my EAs here on MQL5 for ZERO dollars, no strings attached! Download the entire trade journal in csv format here → drive.google.com/file/d/1rvE_PzWTczIlKqWOyodE87Nfu1Dp7V9Y/view I recommend you to open it with LibreOffice Calc if Microsoft Excel gives you an error. Description: ReCycle is a trading robot that us
Hidden Secret
Suren Khosravi
!!!ATTENTION TRADERS!!! Bug hunters will get an EA of their choice FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! If you purchase any of my EAs and happen to find a bug, report it to me and I'll gift you one of my EAs here on MQL5 for ZERO dollars, no strings attached! Download the entire trade journal in csv format here → drive.google.com/file/d/1eL9-ZBx7PXpKq_fjnW299aVokAfeyWC2/view I recommend you to open it with LibreOffice Calc if Microsoft Excel gives you an error. Description: Hidden Secret is an EA for the hug
Ivan EA
Ivan Cvitanovic
5 (1)
Humans of Trading Community, I would like to present you with my most recent work - Ivan EA. This EA is an automatic trading robot designed and optimized to trade Forex pairs. It is a very smart and simple Expert Advisor that operates on a combination of RSI, EMA's, Price Action Patterns and Pullback. I have been able to implement a number of custom made tools that cooperate with each other and provide information to the EA which makes a decision whether or not a trade should be placed. Using it
Drone of Market It is a system, which analyzes the market with perspective and performs surgical operations where there is a greater chance of success, has a multilotage algorithm that helps to win the battle against the market. This system makes all the adjustments automatically, analyzing the pair and the market to decide which is the most efficient step to reach your destination. Drone of Market is a multiple trade and multiple lot system, adjusting these parameters within the algorithm to ge
Ex Gold MT5 EA
Richard Kofi Anim Darko
After You download the EA kindly join our telegram group below..... https://t.me/aFXeas EX GOLD MT5 EA is a unique fully automated Expert Advisor which uses a combination of price action and indicators to find profitable entries on the market. It uses an average of standard deviation to follow the trend for additional entries hence taking advantage of the trend. Its unique but simple parameter makes it suitable for beginners and experienced traders. The EA was designed to trade Gold on the M1,
PK Range Break Scalper  is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for scalping Range Break 100 Index and Range Break 200 Index  by Deriv and Binary broker on the 1 Minute Timeframe. The EA/Robot waits for a range price breakout to open positions and it aims at closing profits between the range price and not the range breakout. The EA/Robot opens buy positions at the lowest range price and sell positions at the highest range price. NB:   This EA, unlike my other EA's, doesn't come with optimized
Incantation AI MT5
Prince Okoya Obi
Incantation was built with a basic, simple and stable trading strategy that is highly effective and accurate with a sniper entry system with a good money management. The expert advisor works best in the H1 time frame. Incantation can work with all brokers and all currency pairs and synthetic indices. Use a reasonable lot size and default settings preferably if you want to get the best of the Expert Advisor. To enjoy the full working ability of this Expert Adviser, I recommend you run it on a VP
M5Mechanical Strategy
Francisco Tomas Moreno Garcia
Mechanical rule Strategy As you might be thinking, this strategy works with a set of preprogrammed rules(which must not be changed) follow strictly ,  the only input that can be modify is the Lots and the slippage. Of course, since the Lots and slippage are modified to one's liking you must take special care, for an agressive amount of lots can lead to losses(slippage greater than5 is not advise). This strategy is as you can see on the screenshots a conservative one. we will point out
Trading Tiger
Pran Gobinda Basak
Trading Tiger Expert Advisor for MT5 will trade as snipper entry with the trend    Your money always will be safe with this Expert Advisor  You can't start with $100      4.  If you run at 10 currency pairs and your floating profit is more than 9 usd at 0.01 lot trade then it will close all positions            You can also modify it Don't use this EA in gold or any other cryptocurrency You can use in GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, EURJPY this types of currency pairs I would recommend you to
Scalper Marti 5
Prafull Manohar Nikam
S imple scalping EA which uses martingale lot system. Scalping happens on candlestick pattern and candle size in pips. This is a full automatic trading system which has auto money management option too. FEATURES: 1. Martingale 2. NO Grid 3. Scalping 4. Hard Stop Loss 5. Easy Take Profit 6. Uses Candlestick Pattern Important Note : - As name suggests it is a Martingale System. Always better to use minimal/proper martingale settings and proper trading capital otherwise it can easily blow your acco
Hedging Star
Pran Gobinda Basak
Introducing Hedging Star - a robust Expert Advisor designed to safeguard your investments with built-in stop loss protection. Before deploying in live trading, it's advisable to conduct thorough testing in a demo environment. Start with a conservative lot size of 0.01 to gauge its performance. This EA is optimized for trading on GBPUSD and USDJPY currency pairs.  One of the standout features of Hedging Star is its trailing stop functionality, which allows for dynamic adjustments to maximize p
Cerberus EA is a fully automated expert advisor. It is based on a strategy that calculates recent price range levels and enters trades when price breaks these levels. This EA does not use any Martingale/Grid/Averaging. Every trade is equipped with a stop loss and take profit. The EA does not need require any optimization and can be used immediately. Optionally the user is able to change many inputs of the strategy. The backtests displayed in the screenshots were based on real ticks using the def
Count MACD 5
Prafull Manohar Nikam
Easy to use EA capable of full automatic trading. OPTIONAL Martingale, NO Grid, High Win Rate, Low Drawdown EA. It uses multiple signal confirmation of MACD indicator to open a trade. (Ideal Buy-Sell Count i.e. BS Count = 3)! *Important:   1. Do not use Auto Stop Out (keep it false!) if you want to get better results from this expert advisor. Because (BS Count=3) has relatively high win rate so you don't need to worry about drawdowns. 2. Do not use Martingale & Visible SL-TP. (Not Recommended!)
THE SWAP JOKER Be the Bank. THE SWAP JOKER is a  multicurrency bot that is simple but ingenious. The Bot was created two years ago and has been growing my account since then. If you have traded with CFDs before you will know that you either need to close all trades before midnight and weekend OR you will be charged a hefty fee for keeping the trade(s) open. Unfortunately that leaves us traders only three options: scalping, spending lots on spreads and commissions for closing and opening trades
YKL Quant
Ygor Keller Luccas
EA YKL Quant Esse EA faz operações de compra e venda de dois pares de ativos com base no Resíduo  resultado da regressão linear entre esses dois ativos, representado pela fórmula: Y = aX + b + R Onde  Y  é o valor do ativo dependente,  X  é o valor do ativo independente,  a  é a inclinação da reta (Beta) entre os dois ativos,  b  é a intersecção da reta e  R  é o resíduo. O resíduo representa a quantidade da variabilidade que Y que o modelo ajustado não consegue explicar. E os resíduos podem ser
AW RVI Based MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
4 (1)
AW RVI Based trades on the classic Relative Vigor Index (RVI) oscillator signals. It uses an intelligent trailing system and averaging using pending orders to exit positions. The Expert Advisor has a built-in function of automatic calculation of risk management, flexible settings, and many work scenarios. Problem solving ->  HERE   Advantages: Flexible automated trading system, Built-in adjustable trailing system, Customizable oscillator signals inside the EA, Intuitively simple setting of inpu
Fx Trader
If you're looking to try out a stable trend trading EA, the FxTrader is a great option to consider. This robot was developed with stability in mind, making it an ideal choice for traders who want try out a robot that is more focused on stability. Additionally, as the developer of the FxTrader, I can offer you a range of presets that are optimized for different trading styles and risk levels. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced pro, you can find a preset that you can try out accordin
Gold EA MT5
Zhi Xian Hou
GOLD EA MT5 is a fully automated trading robot, which is developed by using the "Trend for MT5" indicator. It is based on the neural network+grid system, it selects trading opportunities with high probability of profit and low risk. The minimum initial deposit is 250 USD per 0.01 initial lots, every position has a hidden stop loss. EA has good performances on XAUUSD, and the maximum drawdown is relatively low. You can use 1-minute open price backtest   mode on MT5 client to do backtest. The val
Regal Spear MT5
Evgeniy Machok
Last 2 copies for this price. Next price - $449. Fully automatic trading robot Regal Spear is the result of many years of monitoring the behavior of the market. Analyzing the received data, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to give all the available information to some automatic system, which will estimate a possibility of market entering at one moment of time or another by itself. The result of this work was the creation of a neural network template that can be launched in various
Hedging Star Pro
Pran Gobinda Basak
Hi Guy's,  about Hedging star Pro - This Expert Advisor is Protected with Stop loss and target Test in demo first Then you can try with 0.01 lot size if your broker support microlots size You can use this EA in GBPUSD, USDJPY and you can also try to other currencies In Hedging star Pro you can use trailing Stop features by modifying take profits And you can modify lot size, Stop loss, Take profit etc          7. Your money will be safe here  For any questions please contact me at
Cyberpunk Trader
Gabriel, Alexa Marchi
There are a lot of EA's out there but most of them are very disappointing. Today I invite you to test a new powerful and secure EA, which has taken several years of testing and programming to create.  The trading robot "Cyberpunk Trader" using artificial intelligence, mathematical calculations, and statistics is a cutting-edge solution for investors who are looking to optimize their trading strategy and maximize their profits. Equipped with advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilitie
EA Golden CLUNES is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD and  M30 time frame.  EA creates pending stop trade orders using the Highest-Lowest, Bollinger Bands indicators and parameters based on the market environment. It uses  fixed SL, PT and  activation trailing stop. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Backtest was made on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-20022. There is no need to set any parameters, all settings are already optim
EA Golden HARTLEY is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD  and M30 time frame. The EA creates pending stop trade orders using indicators Linear Regression Smoothed Moving Average, BB Range and parameters based on the market environment. It uses fixed SL, PT and exit from the position after time cut off. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Backtest was done on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-2023. There is no need to set any paramete
EA Golden SIN-TIANG is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD and H4 time frame. The EA creates pending stop trade orders using indicators of the Highest-Lowest, Hight , Low parameters based on the market environment. It uses fixed SL, PT and exit from the position after time cut off. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Backtest was done on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-20023. There is no need to set any parameters, all settings are
Gold Short Seller
Thomas Bradley Butler
THIS EA USES OPEN PRICES SO TEST WITH OPEN PRICES.  MAY WORK FOR OTHER ASSETS, TRY AND SEE.  HEDGE WITH MY OTHER PRODUCTS Gold Short Seller sells XAU/USD on 1 Hour charts.  It uses open prices and limit orders.  Take profit is se to 150 and stop loss is at 50. The EA is optimizable.  Optimize it on open prices and trade on a demo to test the results of the EA.  Use a VPS if you find that it works for your style and if good profits, trade live after some demo use.  It uses a scale of percent in
Deviation Corrector It is a system that analyzes the trend and tries to operate the end of it betting on an exhaustion and its subsequent correction. It therefore looks for market imbalances and operates its subsequent correction. This system makes all the adjustments automatically, analyzing the pair and the market to decide which is the most efficient step to reach your destination. Deviation Corrector is a multiple trade and unit lot system(Always maintain the same lot throughout the entire
Otter Scalper Gold
Esteban Thevenon
Otter Scalper Gold is an expert advisor that operates on the breakout strategy. The EA detects the highs and lows based on a specified range of candles and places Stop or Limit Orders accordingly. Otter Scalper Gold provides several types of stop loss options, including a wide choice of different stop losses to match your trading strategies. The EA includes advanced money management and risk management systems to help minimize losses and maximize profits. You can use Otter Scalper Gold for scalp
The Mechanism is “following of Spike” as the strategy to  EURUSD at M5 timeframe. The Strategy has maximum 3 positions at any time. Each Trade has a fixed SL and fixed TP. its so easy to use “expert adviser:H_ap_spike_eurousd_m5” at your account: drag and drop on eurusd M5, then you will enter inputs: - I have a tow notices as an input above the inputs. - Loss: At most percent that you will risk on all Positions that will be opened together .(Expert will stop Ordering if your risk going more th
Somewhere over the rainbow It is a system that tries to operate the market from the exhaustion of the trend with a correction algorithm that tries to cut losses at the cost of increasing the margin This system makes all the adjustments automatically, analyzing the pair and the market to decide which is the most efficient step to reach your destination. Somewhere over the rainbow is a multiple trade and multi lot system(The maximum batch can be up to 5 times the initial batch distributed in mul
The ultimate trading tool that is designed to deliver simplicity and profitability to users. The EA's cutting-edge model utilizes pattern recognition and neural network training to analyze the market and make informed trades on 20 or more currency pairs (also to ohter instruments) simultaneously. With its user-friendly interface, this EA is perfect for traders of all levels, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. By leveraging the power of our EA, you can achieve steady growth and boost yo
Bot RSI and Bollinger Bands
Aurelio Miguel Machado Da Silva
This robot is an automated trading tool that uses these two popular indicators to identify trading opportunities in the forex market. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a technical indicator used to measure the relative strength of an asset compared to other assets in the market. Bollinger Bands is an indicator that measures market volatility and helps to determine price limits for a particular asset. The trading robot that uses the RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators combines these two indica
True Turbo MT5
Smart Forex Lab.
5 (1)
Turbo performance comes first. Attention! The phrases machine learning, neural networks, AI, GPT, ... and other buzzwords are not used in the desccription and operation of the EA. Just catching overbought/oversold in the Asian session using the grid, human brain, experience and a lot of backtests.  True Turbo uses a grid of orders with preset stop loss and take profit settings, which allows traders to capture market movements and manage risks. This helps traders capitalize on market trends
Golden Gate - торговый советник использующий в своей торговой логике подходы стратегии Лари Вильямса, Джона Болинджера и  Дж. Уэллс Уайлдера в виде разработанных ими индикаторов.  Советник показал хорошие результаты тестирования стратегии на истории и при реальной торговле, в советнике можно менять значения данных индикаторов и выставлять самостоятельно размеры стоп лосса и тейк профита.  Как реально торгует данный советник и чего стоит ожидать при покупке данного советника - данный советник зак
The USOpen breakout strategy is executed at 3pm (GMT+2) and is ideal for extremely short-term and short-term trading, as this is when liquidity and trading volumes for USD-related currency pairs are higher, and there are more trading opportunities in volatile markets. Using proprietary algorithms to calculate momentum data for the current market conditions, Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders are placed at the high and low points of the range box. When a one-sided market triggers the order, the opp
We recommend it to be 1 min after the opening of the European Market. It also allows you to say close the operation at the close of the session or keep the cycle open(I prefer the second option). It only performs a daily cycle that starts at the scheduled time and remains alive until it exits for profit or session close. Being a system of multiple operations and multiple lots, it is recommended to use only one system at a time, it can be agreed with other ea or this same in several pairs
Sondra Grider Hedge - мультивалютная сеточная система с мартингейлом,  автоматическим безубытком и трейлинг стопом. Советник достаточно установить на график любого финансового инструмента с параметрами по умолчанию. Параметры Lot   фиксированный объем для торговли MagicNumber   уникальное число для идентификации советником своих ордеров Komment   комментарий к открываемым сделкам Минимальный стартовый депозит для торговли составляет 1000 usd. Прошлые прибыльные трейды советника не являются
Trend Master GOLD
Pran Gobinda Basak
Trend Master Gold EA is an automated trading software designed for use on the MQL5 platform. This Expert Advisor uses a trend-following strategy to identify trading opportunities in the gold market. The EA is designed to work on the 5M timeframe. The Trend Master Gold EA uses a combination of technical indicators and price action analysis to identify potential trade setups. The EA is equipped with an advanced money management system that helps to minimize risk and maximize profits. The EA als
Ultimate EA for Prop Firms
Riccardo Borello
4.33 (3)
Ultimate EA for Prop Firms is an Expert Advisor specially designed to pass the challenges of Proprietary Firms like MyForexFunds and get a funded account. In fact, it has specific functions to comply with the rules imposed by companies that offer managed accounts. Link for tutorial, detailed description, manual and presets:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/752189 New (August 2023 ): Time Grid Operativity and SuperTrend Strategy! - Choose the strategy you want to use among 6 different ones
Sometimes the market becomes volatile and we need algorithms that operate this volatility regardless of its direction. This system tries to take advantage in moments of high volatility. It has 5 levels of input filters that it is recommended to adjust depending on the volatility, the average value would be mode 3, below the sensitivity decreases, above it increases. You can download the demo and test it yourself. Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety
Easy Prop 1
Abhishek Yadav
Introducing the ultimate forex EA designed specifically to help you pass prop firm challenges: Easy Prop 1 . This expert advisor is the perfect tool for individuals who are looking to achieve success in their trading journey and pass prop firm challenges like FTMO and My Forex Fund. While no trading system can guarantee success, Easy Prop 1 is designed to provide you with an edge in the market and help you achieve your trading goals. One of the key features of Easy Prop 1 is its advanced risk ma

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