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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 38

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Supported currency pairs:  EURUSD,USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURGBP Recommended timeframe:   M15 The EA should run on a VPS continuously Setting Fixed Lot - fixed frist trading lot StopLoss, in pips - stop loss value TakeProfit, in pips - t ake profit   value RSI : averaging period, Averaging period for calculation RSI : type of price RSI :RSI  value calculation Use martingale,    martingale Mode Martingale coefficient, martingale multiplier Order Maximum number of multiplications 
33 USD
Equilibro B3 Trader é um robô de negociação versátil projetado para a bolsa de valores brasileira B3, capaz de operar no mini-índice WIN e mini-dólar WDO, bem como em commodities (como milho e boi gordo) e ações (fracionadas ou não). O robô utiliza uma estratégia poderosa baseada em forças e retrações para fazer entradas nos trades, por meio de uma avaliação de 3 médias móveis simples, que podem ser configuradas de acordo com as preferências do usuário. O robô possui funções de take profit e st
210 USD
New Age Bot
Thomas Bradley Butler
Optimized from 2004 to 2022.  Optimize further after this date, use monthly or yearly.  Experts need optimizing as markets develop new ranges. New Age Bot trades XAU/USD on 5 minute charts. Entry - Bollinger bands  and trend trading reversals is used for entries. Stops - Trailing stops are used with ATR. Money - lots Bollinger band period - 20 MA period - 100 Deviation - 2.0 Symbol for build - XAU/USD Time frame for build - 5 minute charts Risk Disclaimer Trading foreign exchange on margin carri
299 USD
GoldWay EA
Oleksandr Myrhorodskyi
GoldWay EA  is a trending Expert Advisor for the XAUUSD (Gold) pair. The EA does not use either martingale or grid. It has an automatic increase in lot size, the size of which can be adjusted in the EA settings. By default, three orders are opened at once with different take profits. When the first take profit is reached, the remaining open positions are transferred to breakeven, when the second take profit is reached, the remaining third order is transferred to the first take profit. That ensur
299 USD
Scalping in the trend channel by Gilbert Raff. Development for real accounts. No risky strategies. All trades are protected by a stop loss. It is possible to work with a minimum initial deposit of $10. There is a similar version for the MT4 terminal Strategy. The robot builds a trend channel using the Gilbert Raff method. The direction of the trend is determined by the slope of the channel. The robot places pending limit orders only in the direction of the trend. After the order is converted i
150 USD
BUX Expert Advisor
Andrei Sviatlichny
Discount - $110 for the following 5 buyers (2 people left) : Next price: $500 BUX - universal Trading Advisor Main features of the BUX EA: Optimal set of indicators for signal generation Opening/closing trades on a signal/without a signal, Pending orders Martingale mode (including Dynamic Martingale) Virtual trailing stop (not visible to the broker) Global trailing in the account currency (3 modes + 3 options for calculating the distance) All the necessary information is in the FAQ . Ne
390 USD
Lion macd
Paul Conrad Carlson
This Expert trades macd crosses , using ADX and AC. Designed for 4hr EURUSD trading but able to trade major pairs. Code is designed for speedy metatrader optimisation using open price testing as ea uses open prices on indicators used. EA identifies trends  with specific momentum and exits using the ADX or stop loss. Please optimise using out of sample data.  preset at 0.1 lots best to start with 0.01 lots.
31 USD
Crash Killer Pro
Guy Bertrand Djiozang Fopa
Crash Killer Pro This robot automatically assists you in trading the Crash index. However, knowledge of reading the trend is necessary to avoid losses. Launch the robot only in clear periods of trends either uphill or downhill. Some recommendations: Check trend with 1h timeframe Crash 1000 recommended for robot Timeframe 1 minute Minimum capital 300 You can use default settings or adjust.
200 USD
This expert trading tool utilizes the SuperTrend indicator with a powerful custom optimization metric to help traders find the best systems with low stagnation and high net profit. Traders enter a position (long or short) when the bar opens above or below the indicator line. You can exit the position when the price "reverse" it's signal or don't exit and let it close based on risks (Take profit, stop loss) or by time exiting at the end of session. Other features include the ability to set Tak
270 USD
Reliable Scalper
Vitalii Zakharuk
In the scalping strategy "Reliable Scalper" we will use movings. The peculiarity of the strategy is that the use of moving averages underlies many other indicators - RSI, MACD, etc., which means that you can use it. We will not clutter up the currency pair chart with all sorts of clever and complex indicators, whose signals can be directly opposite - instead, we will simply use moving averages. It is common knowledge that moving averages themselves are a lagging indicator. From this we conclu
299 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Abab professional expert system developed for market analysis based on Parabolic SAR indicators and two Moving Averages. Like other trading robots, this robot is based on technical analysis methods. The indication is based on two Moving Averages and Parabolic SAR. This is one of the most obvious assistants, absolutely indispensable for trading. Similar models are used by many professional traders. A trader using this robot can automatically follow a position, avoiding a stop loss, but approachi
127 USD
Vini MT5
Vinicius Pereira De Oliveira
The Expert Advisor is fully automated, trades in all sessions (full-time), using a strategy based on  R eversal Patterns. The strategy seeks to identify trend reversal patterns by analyzing a range of bars that is automatically calculated, considering, among other conditions, the size (height) of this range, the timeframe and the current market price situation. Next, a check of the shadow sizes of the bars is made, and if it is identified that a rejection of the trend is taking place, the system
500 USD
Breakouts Master MT5
Yevhenii Mavletbaiev
4.15 (13)
Temporary sale for $ 79. Next price 150$ After purchase, be sure to write to me in private messages, this is important for maintaining contact, as well as so that I can provide you with important information about setting up EA MT4 version You can watch the trading of the Expert Advisor in real time:   Monitoring1 AutoMM = 0.03     Monitoring 2   AutoMM = 0.02   Currency Pair Presets and Test Results:   Presets and Test Results Quick Manual:  Manual Breakouts Master   is a fully funct
79 USD
Average and SAR
Luis Lerma Ormeno
EA probado desde Noviembre de 2018 en el par EURUSD, optimizado solo para M1 con un comportamiento muy uniforme y estable. Basado en medias y cambios de SAR rápidos.  Trading deshabilitado las primeras horas del lunes para evitar fluctuaciones en las medias debido a los periodos de inactividad del Mercado los fines de semana. No cierra los viernes por defecto. Posibilidad de optimizar en función del TP para combinar con los valores de Trailing. Posibilidad de controlar el ratio de riesgo.  Tra
250 USD
!!! Current price of $30 will be soon increased to $50, so if you want to get a discounted price this is your last chance !!! Look at the screenshots to see how profitable this Expert Advisor is!!! This expert advisor has nine types of moving average to choose and a powerful custom optimization metric so you can find the best systems with low stagnation and high net profit for any asset. You enter the position long when bar opens above Moving Average Line and reverse it (close the buy and open
270 USD
GG Trade
Racha Nonzz
Supported currency pairs:  EURUSD,USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURGBP Setting Lot -frist trading lot TakeProfit, in pips - t ake profit   value Step between positions:  Step between positions(Distance) Volume increase factor Max lot Author I have an   experience   of more than  8  years   in forex and gold trading, I started my career as a trader and now developing Expert Advisors to make trading process and trading fully automated I believe   "if you can't make money while you sleep, you have to work fo
33 USD
I Gede Pandega Wiratama
NeodymiumX is an expert advisor specialized to trade indices NASDAQ/ NDX100/ US100/ NAS100. It uses no dangerous strategy (matingale, grid, etc) and gives a safe and steady growth of an account. Unlike some commons NAS100 EA that only use buy order/position, NeodymiumX use buy or sell position according to the market trend. So it can make profit on both directions and still profitable even when US100 price drop (like at the beginning of 2022 until around June 2022).   NeodymiumX live performance
125 USD
Are you looking for a powerful expert advisor that can help you find the best trading systems with low stagnation and high net profit? Look no further than this expert advisor, which enters a position when the price moves a percentage distance from a moving average. With a variety of moving averages available, including the Simple Moving Average (SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA), Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA), Linear Regression Moving Average, and Hu
270 USD
Abab CV
Andriy Sydoruk
The Abab CV professional expert system was developed to analyze markets based on indicators of two Moving Averages and a special filtering system, the system does not allow holding a deal or a series of deals for too long, while at the same time it remains a reliable system precisely because the basic indicators are simple and without redrawing. Like other trading robots, this robot is based on technical analysis methods. The indication is based on two Moving Averages and a special indicator, w
127 USD
Quick and Simple
Mark Jude Jabido
MT5. Best on Periods  10 mins, 15 mins or 30 Mins. Algorithm is using 3 Moving Averages on the background (not shown).  Maximum of two orders only (always one Buy and one Sell) and Sell is always Over Buy. Only 3 Simple parameters needed to run: Order Volume on Buy/Sell Position Take Profits on Buy/Sell Position Stop Losses on Buy/Sell Position Quick setup, drag and drop to a pair, set Inputs and done!
200 USD
This expert trading tool utilizes the MACD signal as a trigger, with an optional moving average to confirm the signal. 8 custom fitness function optimization metrics are included to help traders find the best systems with low stagnation and high net profit for any asset. In addition to the optimization metrics, traders can select acceptance criteria such as a minimum number of trades and payoff of a trading system. Expert advisor rules Long entry: MACD line crosses the Signal line upward; [optio
270 USD
GoldFirst MT5
Adrian Claudiu Filip
You must check the TimeZone of your Broker’s Server and the number of decimals Gold (XAUUSD) has on your Broker’s Platform (MT5) If your Broker offers Gold (XAUUSD) with 2 decimals => leave the default settings for TradingSettings and AdaptiveSwing fields from inputs If your Broker offers Gold (XAUUSD) with 3 decimals => add one 0 for all TradingSettings and AdaptiveSwing fields from inputs INPUTS: Time start | Time end  These 2 inputs are used for creating a time interval (hour and minute)
790 USD
Set and Forget EA is a trending following Expert Advisor. Basically, this EA uses Price Action method to determine the trend then take the trades at the pull back. The pattern has been tested since 2004 and show a good result. The default setting is set to trade 33 symbols (32 forex pairs and XAUUSD). Please delete the symbol that you do not want to trade in the setting. For each entry signal, EA will open 2 trade with Stop Loss and 2 Take Profit. When first trade hit take profit, second trade w
499 USD
Thomas Bradley Butler
*OPTIMIZE BEFORE TEST AND USE* Sentient is the next evolution of of scalping and has all the angles covered.  I tested it on XAU/USD.  Optimize on the time frame assets you choose.  I like XAU/USD.  This EA is more advanced than the Neuro Scalper EA with many more indicators used(double or more).   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/82583   Sentient has more points  and indicators to it to create a cluster signal and there are many inputs to optimize.  You can use the basic ones for the th
500 USD
Limited time offer: 168$ instead of 498$ for the end of the year! Golden Horse EA. Is a grid Expert Advisor. It has a unique grading strategy that based on the idea of ranging market identification. The theory behind the EA is simply that ranging pairs tend to return to the same price eventually because the force of the major pairs’ correlation. And if we have a good ranging system, we can benefit from ranging behavior of the market. Golden Horse EA has embedded ranging market detector indic
168 USD
Currency pair   GBPUSD . Timeframe   H1. Metatrader 5 Absolutely  every trade  is protected by a stop loss! Live trading depo = 3000 usd The EA uses: - Classic indicators, time-tested, - Price action, - Time action. The EA does NOT use: grid, martingale. The EA opens a series of trades when signals from classic indicators, price action and time action coincide. The EA trades on a time-action basis and therefore does not trade in some periods, but waits. Non-opening transactions are possible
299 USD
Timeframe:       M1 Currency pairs:   XAU/USD Gold Booster MT5   is an innovative development of trading Gold against the dollar. The strategy uses support/resistance levels. Each trade is protected by a stop loss and has an adaptive tracking algorithm. This Expert Advisor is based on breaking through the most important support and resistance levels, which it determines, after placing pending orders behind them, with the help of a special adaptive algorithm. Recommendations: Before using the Ex
30 USD
Gbpjpy Scalper EA MT5
Abhimanyu Hans
5 (1)
NEXT PRICE : $799 GBPJPY Scalper EA is a "GBPJPY" trading expert advisor or robot based on a strong scalping strategy with inbuilt neural network of multiple settings and extremely optimized parameters combined with a strong trade management and execution system. It is a full time scalper which take entries at high quality setups only. Trading Strategy GBPJPY Scalper EA trades only "GBPJPY" using pending orders . It starts putting pending  orders on specific times  with proper Stop Loss   and
699 USD
This is a scalping EA, it looks for buy/sell using a sets of volume indicators. This EA is a bucket entry EA, it takes multiple entries at once. it comes with a default (5) amount of entries which you can modify. Default lotsize = 0.001 Default TP = 10 pips Default SL = 0 Default Amount of entries = 1 But you can modify all these settings to your choice. Recommended currency = VOLATILITY 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 INDEX, STEP INDEX. NOTE: Works on all account equity just reduce the amount of entries
10 000 USD
BREAKOUT PROJECT  is a currency trading expert advisor that relies on the use of pending orders. Starting from version 19.00, the EA has been updated to also allow for the use of market orders, with customizable stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop settings. This trading tool has proven particularly effective on the BTCUSD pair, where it advises taking advantage of market volatility through the use of pending orders. The recommended minimum deposit for the use of Breakout Project MT5 is $1
150 USD
MT4:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/83443 Timeframe:       M1 Currency pairs:   EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDCAD. High risk currency pairs:   CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY, AUDCHF. Recommendations: Before using the Expert, be sure to contact the author for assistance with installation and broker recommendations. Be sure to use a VPS or a server with minimal network latency for the broker's server. Use a broker with the lowest spread and commission. Before using it on a real acc
30 USD
Golden Phoenix MT5
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
Golden Phoenix Expert This specialist is against the trend and works against the trend. It is better to be silent during important news. It works great in the suffering market and gives good profit and will amaze you. mt4 version Inputs are divided into four parts: Main setting: The main settings of the robot on the corresponding symbol Magic number: The magic number that, if it is zero, randomly selects a number for trades. Deviation: Maximum display of changes in broker price with issued
98 USD
Introducing an expert advisor that uses two Supertrend indicator lines, ST Fast as entry trigger and ST Slow to trade in direction of the trend. This expert advisor is designed to help you find the best systems with low stagnation and high net profit, using a powerful custom optimization metric. The Supertrend indicator is a popular trend-following indicator that helps traders identify the direction of the trend and make trades accordingly. With this expert advisor, you'll be able to use the ST
270 USD
This EA trades the classical pullback strategy: regression to moving average. Live signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1585021 The EA uses multiples entries points (following a grid) in order to recover the loosing positions. Be aware that this EA goes against the trend and large drawdown may occur. Therefore, this EA is "risky" and maybe not suitable to everyone. Backtest the EA yourself and check the live signal results. Features: - Grid system - Easy to set up. Attach the EA to a s
100 USD
Index Time Ltd MT5
Natalyia Nikitina
Attention!!!Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! The Expert Advisor was created for trading with a broker (Tickmill). The EA has been optimized over the last year, starting from 2022-2023. The Expert Advisor is professional, with its help you can independently optimize the Expert Advisor in the future. Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short perio
50 USD
EA Aliens Media doble
Cesar Juan Flores Navarro
El robot de MQL5 Aliens mmedia doble, utiliza dos medios móviles para determinar las entradas, luego si logra una ganancia mínima de venta sino que usa scalpin en función de su cruce. Son deposito de 500 en cuenta centavos seria 50000.oo  se puede empezar con el par oro, teniendo un riesgo de 20000 ...con la configuración preestablecida LOTE= 0.01 GANANCIA= 3 MEDIA PEQUEÑA=50 MEDIO GRANDE=400 **************************************************** ** ** ** ************ Notas:    En M1 Mayor ries
1 000 USD
Orion MA
Yvan Musatov
Orion MA based on indicators of two Moving Averages and Complex Vector HL, the system does not allow holding a deal or a series of deals for too long, while at the same time it remains a reliable system precisely because the basic indicators are simple and without redrawing. In the case of two Moving Averages, a buy signal occurs when a line with a shorter period crosses the long one from below. If it violates the border from above, the moment of sale comes. But at the same time, the entry is
150 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
The EA for manual trading to manage open positions and pending orders.The built-in trailing stop has four modes and seven instruments. There is a virtual stop loss and a virtual take profit, which can be freely moved around the chart.Three take profits, which, when triggered, reduce the volume of the lot by a set percentage. With the help of the built-in trading simulator, you can check how the EA works in the strategy tester. Manual to UTrailingMT5 can be found in the "Comments" section. In the
99 USD
Zona de Trade
Edson Cavalca Junior
The robot operates within pre-configured channels at the beginning of the operation. Use a Demo account or the Strategy Tester to find the best setup for the asset you want to trade. If you have any doubts about handling the robot, send a comment in the "Comments" tab and we will respond and insert you in our private group. Follow the steps below to configure it. After dragging the robot onto the chart, go to "input parameters and configure the following data: Enter th
49 USD
Bingo MT5
Aleksey Vyazmikin
Let's play! I propose to purchase a Bingo trading robot for the MT5 platform. The adviser has a proven pattern of "Trends are ending" - then the Truth. The Expert uses the Truth in order to extract income, but for this he needs: A. To detect the probable end of the trend; B. Make a profitable purchase. To solve problem A, many tested and pre-selected reliable methods are used, their collection is so large that it is impractical to use conventional optimization. I suggest using randomness to sel
300 USD
Teton MT5
Ozkan Kara
5 (1)
TETON is a fully automated Mean Reversion Strategy and opens new trades on only US Session. It works good on all major pairs. Main strategy is pullback and searches price return after high movement. Its entering conditions depend on volatility of day and sharpe price movement on one direction. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. It can work on VPS clearly. What is a Pullback? The price never just follows a straight line and the price movements on any financial market can usually
295 USD
Milan holy grail   The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for GBPJPY M15 !!! based on SMA and BollingerBands. It has been backtested on more than 18-year long tick data with 99% quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. There is no need to set up any parameters, except Magic number and Friday exit time, lot size . All other settings are already optimized and fine-tuned. Strategy w
30 USD
1. What is this This is a trend strategy about capture trend pullbacks. It can trade major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD. It is not a scalping model, nor does it use Martingale's money management model.  This strategy is a trend strategy, it is a high profit-loss ratio strategy. 2. Related instructions The timeframe is unlimited, I advice  your add it to EURUSD PERIOD_M15. It works with Hedge accounts. Its internal strategy logic has been set, and only fund management is opened f
200 USD
Eadvisors Software Inc.
O Robô Trader EMAGap faz operações de curto prazo no timeframe 1min buscando as pequenas variações do mercado no instrumento: Mini-índice(B3), utiliza nova tecnologia de trade, os resultados no intraday são íncríveis.    Versão exclusiva para os instrumentos WIN$ e IND$ (Mini-índice B3).  Estratégia utilizada: média móvel e volatilidade. Lote Inicial: Versão Mini-índice, a partir de 1 lote. Versão Bra50, a partir de 0.05 Mini-Lotes. StopLoss e Take Profit Ajustáveis. Gerenciamento de risco:
400 USD
Eadvisors Software Inc.
O Robô Trader BRA50SC faz operações de curto prazo no timeframe 1min buscando as pequenas variações do mercado no instrumento: Índice BRA50, utiliza nova tecnologia de trade, os resultados no intraday são íncríveis.      Versão exclusiva para o Bra50 (Mini-índice internacional).  Estratégia utilizada: média móvel e volatilidade. Lote Inicial: Versão Mini-índice, a partir de 1 lote. Versão Bra50, a partir de 0.05 Mini-Lotes. StopLoss e Take Profit Ajustáveis. Gerenciamento de risco: (%) Reba
450 USD
Fidelity MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
1.8 (5)
Description : Fidelity EA is an Expert Advisor for trading on all Forex pairs and all timeframe. EA is powered with specific trend detection algorithms. The algorithm is fully smart and automatic. So the use and setup of EA is very simple and there is no need to have deep knowledge about the market. Monitoring Signals : The signal is not available now. Why is the signal disabled? Growing the EA : The EA will be updated and supported always. New features will be added later for free. If
587 USD
Arthur Hatchiguian
5 (3)
Sun   USDCAD   is an aggressive   multi-cycle  scalper  designed for   USDCAD M1 . Each cycle is   independent.  it uses a sequence of orders and has its own   TP   and   SL . It uses a   martingale   system. This EA is using   strong recurrences   of the past to take position and achieve a   high success   rate . The purchase price increases by $100 for every 5 copies sold. It is very important to read the blog post before you start. The   minimum   deposit is   $100   for a 1:500 leverage.
999 USD
Arthur Hatchiguian
4.2 (5)
Sun  USDJPY  is an aggressive  multi-cycle  scalper designed for  USDJPY M1 . Each cycle is  independent.  it uses a sequence of orders and has its own  TP  and  SL . It uses a  martingale  system. This EA is using  strong recurrences  of the past to take position and achieve a  high success rate . The purchase price increases by  $100  for every  5  copies sold. It is very important to read the blog post before you start. The  minimum  deposit is  $100  for a 1:500 leverage. An  autolot  sys
999 USD
Konstantin Chechnev
The Expert Advisor uses two basic indicators, two filters and intuitive settings. There are no grids, multipliers, additional positions. Exit either by Take profit or by indicators. 15 optimized instruments are ready for trading. Testing in MT5 on real ticks since 2015 has shown a total return of $8,500 with a lot of 0.01. All reports and settings are in the comments. For a portfolio of conservative and calm trading. SET files for 15 currency pairs are here The version for Metatrader 4 is her
35.73 USD
Lazy Trader
Scott Fredeman
4 (4)
LAZY TRADER MT5 LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE SETTING FILES FROM LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE PRICE WILL INCREASE EVERY 1 TO 2 WEEKS. GETTING IT EARLY GETS YOU THE BEST PRICE. Lazy Trader was designed to do all of the complex trading for you, so you can you relax on your couch, or sleep the night away. There is no reason to learn how to trade Forex when using Lazy Trader.  YOU DO NEED TO UNDERSTAND RISK AND MONEY MANAGEMENT HOWEVER......  Ok to Be Lazy and Smart, but PLEASE not Lazy a
50 USD
Abab RSI
Andriy Sydoruk
Abab RSI is a professional expert system designed to analyze markets based on the RSI indicator and a special system of restrictions. The Expert Advisor works with one order (not a series), each order is accompanied by a trailing stop activated by a trailing start, and each order is insured by stop loss and take profit. Thus, the expert system uses safe orders to work. The indicator entry itself can also be considered reliable, since the standard RSI indicator is used, just keep in mind that it
199 USD
Spots EA
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
4 (1)
The Spots Expert Advisor is the automated trading bot was created using the Spots indicator based on the common candlestick patterns such as: engulfing, hanging man, doji etc. The main objective for creating this EA is to have a fully automated and low drawdown bot. I'm sharing the first set file on the website, please feel free to optimize it for other pairs and with your forex broker using the preset parameters.
30 USD
LazyBoy Scalper Hedger Utility EA
Hesham Ahmed Kamal Barakat
From the creators of the successful   LazyBoy Super Trends Gold Trader   and   LazyBoy Scalper/Scrapper.   Comes this ultra safe ultra high profitability Gold Scalper Hedger Expert Advisor. Join out Telegram Group for More Information. About the EA - This EA is a utility only EA. It's a trade assistant, not a fully automated EA and it will not make you money in backtesting or in real account unless you setup the inputs correctly. Basically it will do exactly as you set it to do in the inputs.
999 USD
CryptoNet MT5
Thomas Bradley Butler
MT4 version of Crypto Net:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/78736 UPDATED WITH ADVANCE MONEY MANAGEMENT INPUTS.   NOTE:  OPTIMIZE BEFORE BACKTEST AD USE. PUT INPUTS TO 50000 min.  and don't forget to account for spreads and slippage in optimization. The broker times will be different than what the strategy was built in. Crypto Net is for trading BTCUSD .  It uses genetic evolution to evolve the strategy. This EA trades trend following indicators like ATR . This was built and passed a rang
50 USD
Only EurUsd EA
Samandar Huseynov
The EA performs panic-oriented trading after the release of significant economic indicators on the FOREX market: we analyze the size of the High-Low candle and the size of the Open-Close candle. The parameters of the adviser are focused on trading EUR/USD on hourly data. It is recommended to use a deposit of $1000. It is possible to increase profits by increasing the risk factor, but it is better to stick to money management and use it as is. Trade parameters Stop Loss (in pips) - stop loss
199 USD
Oberon Bars MT5
Aliaksandr Chupryna
3.67 (3)
Martingale.   "Oberon Bars MT5" consists of 15 separate blocks (mini EA) that sum up the profit and distribute the drawdown over time.  Peculiarities: Individual input data for each character. Symbols can be repeated (even 15 identical ones will trade separately from each other). Several "Oberon_Bars_MT5" with different settings can be installed on one trading account (observing the condition: Magic[i+1]>Magic[i]+15). Installed on any one chart. If the power of your software is low, then test
30 USD
Apple Stock
Thomas Bradley Butler
Optimize EA before use. Trade this EA on Apple stock.  It trades by trends and has advanced money management and time management.  Use for day trading on small time frames. It has  break even and moveable stop loss.  It was made with data from  2016 till present.  Optimize by month or year to find settings. This is a work in progress and this will be the first EA. It needs optimization before use and back test. NOTE:  Use at your own discretion. 
55 USD
Peter Stefan Haas
This Swiss-built algorithm specializes in buying and selling your favorite assets in seconds. Whether it's currencies (forex), cryptos, metals or stocks, the SwissBot is your  tool to start your automated trading experience. 100% Swiss product 100% control over your money Pre-Settings changeable on demand Free choice of broker (MT5) Works on all assets (For sample assets on the EUR/GBP pair, we have created an additional product with the pre-settings. You can find this at: https://www.mql5.com
179 USD
Stargogs Investment EA
Lorenzo Edward Beukes
STARGOGS INVESTMENT EA  is a fully automated “TREND & SCALPING” trading robot.  As the Name tells it all "investment EA" Invest or Deposit and the EA Will do the work. TIMEFRAME: M1 - D1 .... But I prefer   M15 BASE/RECOMMENDED PAIRS:     EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, NASDAQ AND VOLATILITY 75 (1s) ADDITIONAL PAIRS:   ALL Currency Pairs, ALL Metals, All Indices, All Volatility Indices, All Boom and Crash and Stocks MINIMUM BALANCE : $20 Cent Account For Currency and Gold MINIMUM BALANCE: $80 Account
80 USD
Smart Robo
Mohammad Manauvar Husain
This is not free now available on lowest price, price will further increase. To get it on lowest price get it now.  This expert adviser has been designed to be used on EURUSD pair. Recommended to use this EA with account balance of at least 200 USD . This has been developed using best indicators RSI and Moving average. Moving average analyse the trend of the market and RSI indicator analyse the support and resistance. when both the signal is buy or Sell then only order is placed. Market trend a
30 USD
Yvan Musatov
KrakNix is ​​a trending Expert Advisor for quiet trading. The Expert Advisor is designed for long-term trading, it does not bring huge profits in the short term, but it can work stably in the market for a long time, throughout history. The higher the timeframe, the more stable the work of the Expert Advisor. The tests are shown on the M5 timeframe for clarity, but for real work it is recommended to work on the H1 or even H4 timeframes. Let's analyze the EA structure and optimization principles.
129 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
Itiko is a modern professional robot that implements a trading strategy based on several indicators in a complex. Unique trading system! Permission to trade is formed by an indicator that delimits the levels of flat and nrend, and the entry point is set by the SAR indicator, separately for buy and sell. Also, the bot has a built-in filter indicator that cuts out peaks and valleys on the price chart. Itiko correctly handles errors and works reliably with capital. The EA uses the basic concepts:
129 USD
Fair Wind MT5
Alla Zusman
4 (2)
Fully automated EA based on machine learning technology. When trading, the adviser takes into account the signal from the neural network, as well as the readings of two oscillators - MACD and RVI. When the signals from the indicators coincide with the signal of the neural network, the signal strength of the neural network increases. The EA is trained to trade on four currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD. The EA works on the H1 timeframe. Signal for monitoring the EA. Description of
150 USD
WATERSTRIDER GOLD Trading Rules: Chart: H6 Minimal Balance: 1000  Lot: 0.01 About This EA Waterstrider GOLD are designed for GOLD/ XAUUSD market. This is a Day Trading strategy with 4 position. no martingale, all the same lot. Entry position Based on D1 analize with trigger by h6 Chart. only 1 position for each candle can be opened. If the market against the position, at the last position (4 position), it will calculate a hedge position with size 0.1x from the total position, this to maintain eq
299 USD
Stable Trading - a stable bot for the whole history with one setting! Works on the basis of the Trading Direction indicator. Since the Trading Direction indicator generates stable signals for trading without redrawing exactly at the opening prices, the EA works as stably and reliably as possible. Everything that you read in the description of the indicator is also suitable for an expert. The expert goes through the whole story! The EA is designed for stable long-term trading, although it can be
599 USD
---  Last 5 copies left free. Next there will be  a price 30$ --- DRAGON SWING EA (for EUR/USD 20 minutes) NO MARTINGALES NO CUMULATE ORDERS NO PARTIAL CLOSURES OR HEDGING NO CONFUSIONAL PARAMETERS, MULTI-CHARTS OR MULTI TIMEFRAME NOT OVER-FIT OR COMPLICATED AND RISKY STATEGIES THAT CRASH AFTER FEW DAYS This is a healty, simple, durable and solid Expert Advisor. Suitable and simple to use also for beginners with little capital. DESCRIPTION: The strategy of this expert advisor is to operat
30 USD
It is an Expert Advisor who uses the famous Dave Landry strategy, widely used to operate swing trades in various types of markets, Forex, B3, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The Dave Landry Setup is one of the most well-known setups that operate in favor of the trend, there is a preference for the larger H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly timeframes, due to its high hit rate, but the TsuTrader Dave Landry robot allows complete customization of the strategy . - TSUTrader Dave Landry is the
100 USD
Triplet MT5
Achmad Hidayat
Triplet is an Expert Advisor based on positive hedging and triangular correlation strategy. Since both of these strategies respectively are already known-how generally and has been known since a long time, we try to combine the two strategies into one, of course by adding several features to improve performance. There are 10 ready-used packet pairs and 1 manual packet pair. With manual packet pair, you can use other packet pair that is not available on ready-used packets above as you want by fil
625 USD
Buddy Ilan
BPASoftware Thai Co. Ltd
Ilan is a well known algorithmic trading system with its advantages and inconveniences. He is reputed to have good results when the prices are in a range but also to blow up the accounts in the case of strong trend. From a basic Ilan system, I added a trend filter to detect range periods, so that it trades only during these periods. I have also added a feature allowing it to adapt to economic news, it will not trade from one to several hours before and after a news depending on its importance. O
40 USD
Scalper Forex Expert
BPASoftware Thai Co. Ltd
PRESENTATION This EA uses several non-directional strategies that allows it to generate profits regardless of price trends. It manages a pool of positions ("session") in a totally autonomous way To avoid risks related to this strategy, several recovery functions have been implemented. This makes it a reliable and secure EA, its DD remains low. RECOVERY MODE This EA is designed to run on several pairs simultaneously on an account. When the DD of a session exceeds a defined value, all positions
60 USD

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