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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 4

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
This EA recovers losing trades using a sequential and controlled martingale: it places consecutive trades with increasing lot sizes until the initial trade is recovered, plus a small profit. It offers a complete hassle-free trading framework, from managing initial trades to recovery. Please note that the EA implements a martingale, which means that it takes balance losses that are recovered later. [ User Guide | Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Featu
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Introducing OptiTrade: Your Ally in Advanced Trading. Last 5 at $220 Setfiles and more   here OptiTrade, the expert advisor (EA) that redefines efficiency in trading, is here for any trader, regardless of the symbol of interest. Designed with a default setfile for EURUSD, it uses Moving Average and RSI indicators to determine trends and overbought or oversold points, respectively, with advanced position management. Key Features of OptiTrade Advanced Position Management : The heart of Opti
NumberSix EA
Saeid Soleimani
5 (4)
NumberSix Scalper is a versatile trading strategy designed to trade a wide range of currency pairs, metals, and indices. The strategy utilizes a combination of candlestick patterns, trend detection, and a news filter to identify high-probability trading opportunities. To optimize performance, we provide set files that can be used with the EA. After purchasing, please contact me for the set files tailored to your preferred trading instruments and timeframes. Set Files     || NumberSix Chann
Channel Edge MT5
Szymon Palczynski
There is already a test of version 5.70 (starting March 18, 2024)                          The ATR indicator (Average True Range) is a tool used to measure market volatility. It can be used to develop a trading strategy that takes into account daily and weekly price volatility. Here are some key points about using ATR in a trading strategy: Volatility Assessment: ATR helps understand how much the price of an asset has changed in a given period compared to previous periods. This is useful for as
Bonkai XT
Michael Prescott Burney
THERE ARE ONLY 25 COPIES OF BONKAI XT AVAILABLE!!! AFTER ALL COPIES ARE SOLD THE SYSTEM WILL BECOME EXCLUSIVE TO THE 25 BUYERS Introducing Bonkai XT, our premier Expert Advisor meticulously tailored for the USDJPY H1 chart. This advanced trading system is designed to navigate the complexities of the forex market, providing traders with a potent blend of precision and performance. Core Performance Metrics: Substantial Net Profit: Achieving an impressive total net profit of $2,503,065.07, Bonkai X
EA Diamond Firms MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
5 (10)
EA Introduction The EA employs the greatest trading strategy of all time and survives over time using the Darvas Break-out strategy. Please refer to the following LINK for details about how our product works and is created: >> LINK:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/754436 With over 10 years of programming and trading experience, we have developed a product suitable for large accounts and investment funds. EA Diamond Firms   will help you grow your account sustainably, with a smart acc
Advanced Hedge
Ho Tuan Thang
4.45 (11)
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $50! After that, the price will be raised to $200. EA with the idea of ​​using the "High Risk - High Reward" strategy. You should use the EA with the same capital as my trading signal, withdraw profits regularly and only use lot size 0.01 no matter the capital. The strategy was Back-tested Stable from 2016 to 2021 using every tick based on real ticks in MT5 using Dukascopy Real Ticks 100% tick quality. Live trading is going well on many different brokers - REAL S
The Mars is set and forget trading system. Advanced strategy employing multiple independent grid sequences of orders on trading against retail trading logics on the specific liquidity levels. EA is monitoring break of significant levels for inducements to suck retail traders to enter the market, exactly like it's thought in every stupid trading book. Then the EA trades against the retail trades with the targets where the liquidity of their stop losses is placed. If the entry on the liquidity lev
Conor Stephenson
2.43 (7)
HFT Pro is a High Frequency Trading Expert Advisor utilising price action and  a  complex management of pending orders with tight stop losses to achieve constant equity growth. The expert was specifically designed to help traders pass the evaluation stage of prop firms that allow the use of HFT. Signals : - Group chat :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/conorstephenson Please contact me after your purchase for set up advice and a free Expert Advisor! Key Features  Opens and closes trades within
A triangular arbitrage strategy exploits inefficiencies between three related currency pairs, placing offsetting transactions which cancel each other for a net profit when the inefficiency is resolved. A deal involves three trades, exchanging the initial currency for a second, the second currency for a third, and the third currency for the initial. With the third trade, the arbitrageur locks in a zero-risk profit from the discrepancy that exists when the market cross exchange rate is not aligned
Alpha Striker US30 MT5 by YSF is unique Expert Advisor that continues the Stochastic series of advisors. Innovative methods of the programme's approach to trading, and promising performance results are possible thanks to the use of modern technologies and methods. The Alpha Striker US30 MT5 by YSF is a fully automated EA designed to trade currencies only. Working pairs recommended US30. Expert showed stable results on currencies in 2020-2024 period. No dangerous methods of money management used,
Simone Peruggio
5 (4)
Rosaline is an EA that operates with a refinement of a simple strategy based on RSI + bollinger bands + ATR mainly on Gold, EU and OJ. The EA is designed with manually settable 'equity protect' that goes to protect capital from drawdowns. What does this mean?  If you are thinking of using it to pass a challenge you can do so because thanks to this 'feature' you are covered by the classic daily DD rule. Example: on a 100k account you can set a hedge at -4%. If EA reaches that floating loss
Open Season
Philipp Shvetsov
Open Season is a fully automated Expert Adviser that allows 'active' and 'set and forget' traders to trade high probability EURUSD H1 price action breakouts. It detects price action set ups prior to the London Open and trades breakdowns. The EA draws from human psychology to trade high probability shorts Every trade is protected by a stop loss In-built time filter Three position sizing techniques to suit your trading style Two trade management techniques The EA does not use a Martingale system T
This scalping trading bot, developed by Profectus.AI, is a cutting-edge trading bot harnessing the power of scalping. This pro bono product showcases our expertise and offers a competitive edge in financial markets. Welcome to Profectus.AI, the leading pioneer in democratizing algorithmic trading. With a visionary approach, we strive to level the playing field, making algorithmic trading accessible to all investors. Our mission is to empower individuals with powerful tools and cutting-edge te
Trend Wind
Li Ling
5 (1)
购买之后,请联系我获取正确设置,错误的设置可能导致不好的结果 。 本EA使用RSI做入场控制,CCi作为出场控制,精准把握行情动能,在顶部做空,在底部做多,作为 趋势颠覆者,它 从不在中间的位置追逐涨势或者跌势。非比寻常的创作,优惠的价格。 SmartStop =false;           //Use SmartStop  SmartStopHour=1;          //Smart Stop Hour   SmartStopMinute=5;       //Smart Stop Minute   SmartStopStopLoss= 400;          double Inertia =35;        //  Inertia double STO =30;            //  Use STO double Envelops =65;     //  Use ENV afterLossstop_itRunMinute = 120;    //After Loss Stop N Mniutes                  在上线之前,本EA
Golden Bird MT5
Edgar Elsner
5 (1)
Golden Bird MT5 is an indicator-based Scalping Expert for trading XAUUSD (Gold). If the indicator-pattern occurs, two stop orders become placed on the high/low of the pattern-defined zone. The onscreen panel provides a detailed overall view about system and market status. Furthermore, it includes buttons for active Traders to place additional sessions and/or market orders manually at any time as mechanical experts are not able to catch every further promising trading opportunity during the day'
Diamond Scalper X MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
5 (2)
MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/113191 Blog:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/756451 For more top Expert Advisors and Indicators, visit:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/lothimailoan/seller I am Los, please subscribe to receive more updates:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/lothimailoan/news Launch promo! Only a few copies left at 199$! Next price: 299$ Final price: 4999$ Diamond Scalper X is an Expert Advisor specifically designed for the GBPUSD pair. It has been crafted by a
Deep Purple XT
Michael Prescott Burney
Discover Deep Purple XT: A Trading Revolution for GBPUSD on the M15 Chart ONLY 49 COPIES ARE AVAILABLE!! FIRST 10 ARE 60.00 FROM THERE THE PRICE WILL DOUBLE EVERY 10 SALES UNTIL THE 50 COPIES ARE GONE! SETS ARE LOCATED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE MARKET PAGE! (LOWEST RISK SET RECOMMENDED STARTING OUT!) Are you ready to transform your trading with a system that has turned $500 into $1,000,000 in just 365 days? Deep Purple XT is not just a trading system; it's your new trading partner, specific
Promex MT5
Evgeniia Terekhova
5 (4)
Promex is a unique Expert Advisor that trades when there is a strong deviation of the price from the normal value. By opening trades at the moment when it is very likely to move in the opposite direction the Promex Expert Advisor accompanies it with a short trailing stop, thus collecting a small profit from the market, but with a probability of 95%. Trading account requirements. • Account types: ECN and RAW • Leverage: 1:30 or more • Minimum deposit: 100 USD • EURUSD spread: up to 6 pips Prop
Total Lock
Vadim Zotov
4.6 (5)
Lock is a powerful tool for saving a trader's money. Instead of the traditional stop loss, you can now use this robot. The robot will place a pending lock — a counter order. When the price moves sharply against the trader, the lock becomes a market one, and therefore the loss does not increase, but freezes at the same level. The main position is saved and will bring profit as soon as the lock closes. Each position is locked by a separate lock. The number of positions is not limited. The robot
Ivan Bebikov
4.44 (9)
Monitoring of real trading Advisor -  click here The MT4 version of the expert Advisor is here - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/86753 Keep in mind that the results on different brokers will be different, before using it, I recommend testing on your broker, also keep in mind that the results on MT4 / MT5 may also differ. Read the   blog post   with the description of the adviser before starting work and if you have any additional questions, write to me in the PM. If at your broker Symbol
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
5 (1)
Introducing The AI Prop Firms Forex Robot For Live Account : Kindly message us privately for detailed instructions. Once purchased, reach out to us for seamless installation guidance and optimal settings. Recommended Account for Prop Firm : Ideal for accounts of $100k and above. For smaller accounts, please contact us directly. Price : Currently priced at $856 until April 14, thereafter it will increase to $1500. Key Features: Neural Networks at its Core : Powered by Aura Black's advanced neura
Night Worker MT5 is a low-risk multi-currency Expert Advisor, particularly suitable for risk-averse users, that does not use risky recovery strategies such as Martingale or Grid. Due to tightly limited stop-loss values, the profit curve naturally does not move upwards like a straight line and without fluctuations. On the other hand, there is also no risk of a deeper draw-down, as inevitably occurs sooner or later with the strategies mentioned above, and those in some cases can lead to a total
GOLD Scalper PRO MT5
Lachezar Krastev
4.63 (19)
SHOCK DEAL! --> BUY GOLD Scalper PRO with -$130 OFF and GET a BONUS PREMIUM EA! NOTE: (Regular Price: $397) - The offer ends soon!  Click here to read more about Trend Matrix EA and the SHOCK DEAL promotion! GOLD Scalper PRO signal account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2109002 For Settings, Instructions and additional LIVE Results Click Here! GOLD Scalper Pro  is a very effective and profitable trading strategy, professionally developed especially for trading  GOLD (XAUUSD) . I have used th
Magic Grid MT5
Aliaksandr Charkes
4.67 (3)
Magic Grid MT5 is a non-indicator Expert Advisor using a grid strategy (on a hedging account). The strategy is based on automatic reopening of grid pending orders, after closing their market positions (by Take-Profit, Stop-Loss or manually). Pending orders are placed with a specified step from the initial prices, which can be entered manually or generated automatically (once at the beginning of the trade).   The robot can trade on any timeframe, on any currency pair, on several currency pairs,
Prometheus NG
Aleksandr Chebotaev
Hello, my name is Alexander. I would like to introduce you to my new development, the Prometheus New Generation advisor. The advisor is synthesis of two strategies: breakthrough strategy and level strategy. To reduce losses, the advisor uses division into several stop orders.The EA works well on Gold  pair. The advisor has shown stable performance for more than 10 years. It does not use dangerous trading methods such as martingale, etc. All transactions are protected by take profit and stop loss
Rango MT5
Mehdi Safar
5 (3)
The price of this expert will increase with each update (Next version : version13 => Add more currency pairs to trade)  Rango EA is a fully automated robot with heavy calculations based on a number of strategies, including patterns and indicators combined with some trading skills gained over years of trading experience and then optimized on 22 currency pairs . The superiority of this ea over other competitors: MultiCurrency in one chart.( Rango is not suffix sensitive because the code for autom
AW Trend Predictor EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
5 (1)
AW Trend Predictor EA - an Expert Advisor that trades using trend indicator signals AW Trend Predictor. Uses indicator strategies TakeProfit and StopLoss. Can use multi-timeframe filtering. Has a fixed StopLoss or StopLoss calculated by the indicator. Time-based work and averaging are functionally possible. Instruction and description ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE   Benefits: Uses a fixed StopLoss or dynamic StopLoss calculated by the indicator based on the current volatility Has the functi
Trend Reversal Scalper
Simon Reger
4.57 (7)
With this EA it is possible to reverse trends and trade (scalp). The best results are achieved in a sideways trend. The following setting options and filters are available for this: A range of relative highs and lows Bollinger Bands as a rebound Trend filter via 3 moving average RSI filters Smart Gridsystem Here the Signal with 6 currency pairs and BTCUSD for diversification. Winning and losing trades are offset against each other to minimize risk: https://www.mql5.com/de/signals/2212143 P
RangeBreakout EA MT5
Claye Weight
5 (2)
No Martingale. No Grid. This genuine trading strategy is a Range Breakout Trading Robot specializing in capitalizing on time range trades. Typically, the market establishes its course in the early hours, continuing on this path throughout the day. This robot is crafted to leverage these morning breakouts for trend trading, although it's versatile enough to handle various time breakout strategies. Popular Strategies you can use this for: Session Breakouts, such as the Asian session breakout
Step Ahead
Haidar, Lionel Haj Ali
5 (9)
"Step Ahead" is the ultimate breakout expert advisor The basic strategy is trading breakouts from a time range. It takes a start time and an end time as inputs. The EA sets breakout trades at the end of the ranges and manages the trades via breakeven and trailing stops mechanisms. The trades will be closed if SL or TP hits, and you can configure to close all open trades and orders at a specific time as part of the range settings. The strategy requires an SL for each trade. It is not a risky stra
Alphabet AI MT5
Sergei Pomytkin
4.5 (2)
Alphabet AI is an advisor that combines two popular trading approaches: the multi-level perceptron (MLP) strategy and the mean reversion strategy. An MLP strategy can identify long-term trends and forecast future price movements, while a mean reversion strategy can exploit short-term price deviations from the average. Combining a multi-level perceptron strategy with mean reversion in trading advisors offers a powerful approach to Forex trading. By using the MLP model's predictive capabilities a
Exp5 The xCustomEA for MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.27 (11)
Universal trading adviser on custom indicators for MetaTrader 5. Builder of strategy. Write the name of your indicator with Arrow and signal buffers, and our EA xCustomEA trades on these signals. You can also use many of our built-in functions. Version for MetaTrader4:  The xCustomEA  version  for MetaTrader 4 terminal The functionality of the universal trading adviser The xCustomEA exactly duplicates all the parameters of our advisor  The X  except one: The xCustomEA  works on a custom indicat
Early Retirement MT5
Jesper Christensen
4.5 (6)
10 copies will be sold at 195$ - next price 245$ Live signal monitoring - low risk/reward:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1976482    After years of perfecting breakout trading strategies I am ready to share my latest development. A breakout system that uses machine learning (ML) to constantly adapt to the current market behavior and scan for the highest probability setups.  Breakout trading is a tried and tested strategy, but as anything in trading, it does come with several challanges. Th
VR Smart Grid MT5
Vladimir Pastushak
4.32 (25)
VR Smart Grid is a Smart Trading Expert Advisor capable of closing many market positions in batches with small profits. Closing in small batches allows loss-making positions to be reduced quickly and efficiently. The advisor's algorithm features several well-thought-out trading strategies. The main trading strategy is based on building a network of positions and closing positions in small batches for a given profit. The advisor analyses market positions and divides their lots into batches; it ca
Stability Pro MT5
Profalgo Limited
5 (3)
LAUNCH PROMO: ONLY 34 9 $ instead of 990$! Only a few copies left at this promo price! Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Live results low risk Live results high risk Welcome to STABILITY PRO :  One of the most advanced, stable, low risk grid systems on the market! This EA has been stress-tested over the full available history of the forex pairs that it uses. During these stress tests, the EA was profitable in eve
Dear User! This is an EA developed based on the price action method using the Donchian channel combined with the trend following method. Trade multiple currency pairs at the same time. Average profit over 2500% within five years (SL & TP settings depending on optimization process). Advantages: The advisor does not have grids, or martingale.... Set the ratio risk of drop balance The advisor Use a stop loss algorithm according to the ATR indicator. Expert advisors use trailing stop losses acco
Main characteristics of Vineski HFT Gold Scalper MT5: 1. Ultra-fast market analysis: The robot has a powerful algorithmic engine that can instantly analyze and interpret market data. This allows you to make decisions in real time and respond to changes in the market instantly. 2. Automatic execution of trades: The robot is capable of automatically executing trades based on predefined strategies and criteria. This eliminates the emotional aspects of trading and increases the accuracy of orde
Tank v1 EA MT5
Enrique Enguix
4.62 (13)
Want to trade like a professional?   The Tank v1 EA is designed to meet the needs of investors and financial enthusiasts, merging simplicity and robust performance. Key Features: - 1 Daily trade - Stop Loss and Take Profit for each trade - Pending orders like Buy Stop and Sell Stop - Manage risk with precision. - Close orders at the end of the day - Does not trade on Fridays Adapt it to Your Needs: Although initially optimized for the GBP/USD pair on the H1 timeframe, Tank v1 invites you t
Poltergeist EA
Michael Prescott Burney
5 (1)
---FOR THE NEXT 72HRS POLTERGEIST EA IS 50% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE!!! --- Introducing 'Poltergeist' EA – Your Ultimate Trading Companion for GBPUSD H1 Discover the unparalleled precision of 'Poltergeist' EA, expertly crafted for the GBPUSD H1 chart. With its remarkable blend of 300 strategies, this EA boasts an impressive 95% win rate from March 2021 to March 2024. Experience the confidence of trading with a maximum drawdown of just 4.9%, ensuring your capital is safeguarded. Key Features: Ex
Trend Scalping Pro
Lo Thi Mai Loan
5 (1)
Note: This is a limited introductory offer: Only 1 of 5 copies of this EA will be sold at the current price.  The price of this EA will be increased steadily, to limit the number of users trading with this system. Live Signal: Will publish soon warning : I only sell this EA exclusively on MQL5. If anyone sells outside of that I'm sure it's a scam. You will not get support from me. How EA works. After the Tokyo session, the EA will scan and search for the best entry points and place buy/sell
Gold Chaser
Evgeniy Scherbina
5 (1)
The "Gold Chaser" expert advisor trades in fully automated mode these 4 symbols: XAUUSD (Gold), XAGUSD (Silver), BTCUSD (Bitcoin), and XBRUSD (Brent Oil). I am going to add other cryptocurrencies and/or stock exhange indices in the near future. Possibilities of the "non-major" symbols really differ from what you are accustomed to with the usual set of symbols. First of all, gold moves very quickly. Like major symbols, gold reacts to political events, important economic events and speeches of VIP
Pyramiding mt5
Ramil Minniakhmetov
4.64 (11)
Pyramiding mt5 increases the lot in the direction of the trend. Orders are closed by the total take profit in the deposit currency. Expert Advisor need hedge type account to work. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase to receive instructions and a bonus! Monitoring of real work, as well as my other developments can be viewed here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller   Incoming parameters: · Open new series – True/False – enable/disable the start of a new series
ONLY 4 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $199! After that, the price will be raised to $299. - REAL SIGNAL: MT4:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1517874 IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Forex EA Trading Channel:  Update the latest news from me CAUTION: You can not back testing with News Filter and multicurrency EA on MQL4. Especially with this EA, because this EA will have 2 strategies based on the difference between currency pa
Gold Trend EA
Simon Reger
4.5 (6)
This EA is particularly suitable for trend phases. 4 positions (manually adjustable) are opened with different TPs and fixed SL. As soon as the first TP level has been reached and the position is closed, the SL for the other positions is adjusted to break even. The last position only closes when a counter signal is triggered. This makes it possible to take advantage of long trend phases. - No martingale - No grid system - Every trade is secured with SL - Trades can also be started manually
Triple Bullet
Hashimoto Takuma
Achieving the Ultimate Hands-Off Approach "Isn't there an EA that can be operated with true peace of mind?" Even though it's called automated trading (automatic settlement), if you still have to think and adjust settings each time, isn't it more like "semi-automatic trading"? This not only leads to potential losses but also significant time loss. Ultimately, despite investing a considerable amount of money in EA: It's less likely to be profitable in the long run. Losses can occur unnotic
Falcon Rig EA
Sof'ia Vlasova
5 (1)
Falcon Rig EA is a state-of-the-art forex trading advisor based on the principles of Kohonen maps and the Matrix system. This unique trading EA demonstrates robustness to noisy data, making it applicable in real-world environments. It is also widely used in various fields including data analysis, clustering, visualization, pattern finding and many others. The Falcon Rig trading system incorporates a recovery feature that utilizes an internal stop-loss mechanism to mitigate losses in unforeseen m
Grid Hlevel MT5
Sergey Ermolov
4.65 (26)
MT4 version |  Valable ZigZag Indicator  |   FAQ The  Grid HLevel  Expert Advisor is perfect for those traders who want to make a stable profit in the Forex market every month. The Expert Advisor works  according to  the averaging strategy and I suggest you to use it correctly. To use it "correctly" means to open trades with averaging in the reversal point of the market and trade only in the direction of a global trend. As for the direction of the main trend, I suggest to determine it by the in
Dark Moon MT5
Marco Solito
4.55 (191)
Dark Moon  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for  Scalping   Trading. This Expert Advisor needs attention, in fact presents highly customizable. Dark Moon is based on   Dark Absolute Trend MT5  indicator, these Trades can be manage with some strategies. (Write a   review   at market to receive 1 paid indicator for free!) The expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. My tests were performed with the real tick date with 99,90% accuracy, actual spread, additional slippage
PZ MA Crossover EA MT5
3.92 (37)
This EA trades using Moving Averages Crossovers. It offers fully customizable settings, flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions and a martingale and inverse martingale mode.  [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise Fully customizable moving average settings It implements two different trading behaviors Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Works for ECN/Non-ECN b
FXHedge Pro
Bailey John Wickens
5 (1)
Elevate your trading experience with FXHedge Pro, a powerful yet user-friendly algorithm tailored for GBPUSD. This free, fully automated system employs the RSI indicator to make its buy and sell decisions. What sets FXHedge Pro apart is its unique hedging mechanism, providing a safety net in volatile markets. If the market favors your position, the algorithm secures profits. In the case of a reversal, FXHedge Pro strategically stacks orders in the opposite direction, effectively hedging initial
Boom Deriv
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Boom Deriv EA: The Expert Advisor that Works with the Trend and Protects Your Investment Take advantage of this opportunity price that will be for very few days Setfiles and more   here Do you know one of the most basic principles in trading? "The trend is your friend." With Boom Deriv EA, this principle comes to life. This EA not only identifies the trend and waits for rebounds to trade but also manages your positions intelligently, ensuring a set percentage of profit and using partial closur
FTMO Trading EA MT5
Samuel Kiniu Njoroge
5 (1)
Enhance your trading with ftmo trading ea , the cutting-edge price action expert advisor designed to elevate your trading experience to new heights. Harnessing the power of advanced algorithms and meticulous analysis of price movements, ftmo trading ea empowers traders with unparalleled insights into the market. Gone are the days of relying solely on indicators or lagging signals. With ftmo trading ea, you gain access to real-time data interpretation, it makes informed decisions swiftly and co
AW Alligator EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
5 (3)
Fully automated advanced trading robot. It works on the signals of the classic Alligator indicator. To exit positions, it uses an intelligent trailing system or averaging using pending orders Advantages: Fully automated system Customizable indicator parameters Built-in automatic lot calculation Intuitive setup Multiplier setting Simple panel interface Problem solving ->  HERE   / MT4 version ->   HERE The essence of the indicator: The Alligator indicator consists of three moving averages.The ja
Price Action Gold MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.25 (12)
We present to you Price Action Gold EA - progressive Expert Advisor that changes the way Gold is traded, the most popular tool in the forex market! Our vast experience in trading and programming since 2004 helped us to create aт unbeatable Price Action Gold Expert Advisor to change your way of trading. After purchase   Price Action Gold EA     you can receive additional Expert Advisor for free. MT4 version: CLICK HERE PROP and FTMO set file can be download here Only a few copies left at 999
KoalaFVG Scalper
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Unlock Precision Trading with Koala FVG Scalper - Your Multipair Scalping Solution Experience the cutting-edge Koala FVG Scalper, an expert advisor designed to capitalize on the Qualified FVG (Fair Value Gap) concept. Elevate your trading with this innovative scalping EA that seamlessly integrates with the Koala FVG Indicator, available for free here . ** New Offer for who love to test this EA by very cheap price, its available by 49$ for life time now Key Advantages: High Accuracy: Achieve o
PAM Scalper PRO FX
Jesper Christensen
4.71 (17)
PAM SCALPER (Price action momentum scalper) analyses historical price data to identify supply and demand zones where liquidity is high and enters with momentum of the institutional money flow. The EA extrapolates areas to either buy or sell from historical price action and volume data.  If you want to backtest this EA or any other scalper EA, you must use high quality tick data. The historical data your broker provides through MT5 will give inacurate test results. You can follow my guide how to
AW Double Grids MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
4.83 (6)
The AW Double Grids MT5 Expert Advisor is an aggressive, fully automated grid based Expert Advisor with an informational trading panel and easy setup. The strategy consists in simultaneous two-sided work, multiplying the volume of one direction. Built-in automatic calculation of the lot, as well as a variation of the multiplication of orders. Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE How the advisor trades: The EA starts trading by opening two opposite orders. After closing a profitable
Voenix Chart Pattern Scanner MT5
Lorentzos Roussos
4.83 (6)
Harmonic patterns EA if you would rather see this on a live chart instead of reading the description , you can instantly download a free demo here. Patterns included :  ABCD pattern Gartley pattern Bat pattern Cypher pattern 3Drives pattern Black Swan pattern White Swan pattern Quasimodo pattern or Over Under pattern Alt Bat pattern Butterfly pattern Deep Crab pattern Crab pattern Shark pattern FiveO pattern Head And Shoulders pattern Ascending Triangle pattern One Two Three pattern  And 8 cus
GOLD EAgle mt5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.25 (36)
GOLD EAGLE is a swing strategy that is for the market in flat, which is 80-90% of the time. The GOLD EAGLE Expert Advisor is optimized for the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. This is a trend scalping strategy using the TrendLine PRO indicator as an input signal. The Expert Advisor opens the first order at the signal of the indicator and fixes the TP at a given level, but if the price does not reach the TP level and rolls back, an additional order is automatically opened averaging the level of the total TP,
Deriv Future Bot
Lorenzo Edward Beukes
Introducing Deriv Future Bot: Your Ultimate Deriv Trading Companion Deriv Future Bot represents the pinnacle of automated trading technology, designed to navigate the complex landscape of the Indices market with precision and efficiency. Leveraging advanced algorithms and sophisticated strategies, this cutting-edge trading robot offers unparalleled insights into the dynamic world of currency exchange. FEATURES At the core of Deriv Future Bot's strategy lie two key candlestick patterns, meticulou
Trend Chief EA mt5
Vladimir Stepanov
4.75 (8)
Trend Chief EA is an advanced algorithm that works with the Trend Chief indicator and filters out market noise and follows the trend.  The EA works well on m15 time frame and will look at the main trend line of the Trend Chief indicator for buy or sell opportunities.   Strategy: - If the trend is up, the EA will wait for price to cross the main red trend line.  By this time all other trend lines have already turned green and the trend is now established to be bullish and EA will start buying.
Daily Candle Scalper
Salvatore Caligiuri
4.5 (4)
BACKTEST INFO: Due to the large number of trades and to the complexity of the algorithm, backtest can be slow to start, let the tester download data brom broker server and it will start To backtest correctly, use default settings and recommended tester settings (check screenshot) This expers works analyzing every tick of the markets, Use only "Every ticks based on real ticks" mode to get it work correctly and for realistic results Differences between backtest and live trading are due to ne
Neon Trade MT5
Evgeniy Ilin
5 (2)
# Neon Trade MT5 Introducing Neon Trade – a unique innovation in the field of algorithmic currency market trading that uses advanced machine learning methods. Our advisor is fully autonomous and ready for use after installation on any chart and timeframe. It operates on the principle of "set it on the chart and forget it." The only thing that needs to be done is to allow access to my API " https://xmpp.madsysadm.ru " in the terminal settings and switch to DYNAMIC mode. The advisor will do the
AW RSI based EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
4 (1)
The EA trades on price returns from oversold or overbought conditions, opens positions when signals are received from the RSI oscillator. The system has many scenarios and flexible configuration. Uses averaging, the function of closing the first and last basket orders and the function of automatic lot calculation. Has an advanced dashboard and three types of notifications. Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE  /  Instruction  ->   HERE   Advantages: Easy setup and intuitive panel
Neuron Net GOLD
4.69 (13)
Neuron Net GOLD is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict XAUUSD price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. How it works: At the start of asian session, Neuron Net Gold will carry out analysis based on historical data and predict gold price movements.  If the price prediction is up, Neuron Net Gold will take a long position, and vice versa.  Neuron Net Gold will close the position a
Nasdaq Scalper MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (1)
A scalping robot of a new generation should be developed using Artificial Intelligence. Suitable for scalping trading on one of the most popular NASDAQ index: USTEC, US Tech,  US100. The strategy has passed months of tests on real and demo accounts and is currently being used on several investment accounts with different Profit/Risk ratios. Risky methods and strategies are not used: grid, martingale or topping up. Each trade has a Stop Loss and Take Profit. The Expert Advisor is fully opt
Arthur Hatchiguian
3.72 (29)
Sun  is an aggressive  multi-cycle  scalper designed for  EURUSD M1 . Each cycle is  independent.  it uses a sequence of orders and has its own  TP  and  SL . It uses a  martingale  system. This EA is using  strong recurrences  of the past to take position and achieve a  high success rate . It is very important to read the blog post before you start. The   minimum   deposit is   $100   for a 1:500 leverage. An   autolot   system is   included .  I recommend to use a   1:500 ECN   account wit
EA Diamond Infinity MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
5 (2)
Launch promo! Only a few copies left at 199$! Next price: 299$ Final price: 999$ EA Diamond Infinity MT5   is an EA (Expert Advisor) that consistently harnesses the power of market trends to enter trades and retains profitable trades. It promptly cuts losses using a predetermined SL (Stop Loss). Reject martingale, grid, or any hazardous strategies for your account. The EA provides various customizable options for users to tailor to their preferences. If you lack experience, you ca
Deriv Nightmare EA
Lorenzo Edward Beukes
Deriv Nightmare Bot: Synthetic Hedging Trading Robot Synthetic Hedging Trading Robot for Deriv Brokerage Our Synthetic Hedging Trading Robot for Deriv Brokerage is a sophisticated tool designed to navigate the complexities of trading in various markets, including Dex 900 down, while effectively managing risk through hedging strategies. Features: Hedging Functionality: The robot utilizes advanced hedging techniques to mitigate risk exposure. When a trade is triggered, it automatically initiates a

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