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New Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Anton Kondratev
5 (1)
The SIAM  is a Fully Automated and Open System for Trading on   Gold/XAUUSD   H1   with Elements of Profit Tracking and Recovery During Drawdown . Not  Grid , Not  Martingale , Not   AI   , Not   Neural Network. Default Settings for One Chart  XAUUSD H1 Raw/ECN Each Trade has a Fixed SL and Virtual Profit Tracking and Recovery Model. The System works on One XAUUSD H1 chart. Signals Guide C ommission Refund Updates My Blog The System trades during the day when the Market is Strongest and Most vol
249 USD
Euro Dealer
Tajammul Hussain
5 (2)
The price will go up to $375 on Friday, Dec 8th In the world of forex, Euro Dealer steps in as a straightforward yet sophisticated EA, offering a simplified approach to trading. Stripping away unnecessary complexities, Euro Dealer relies on time-tested strategies to cut through the noise of the forex market. In a space crowded with complicated algorithms, Euro Dealer provides a breath of fresh air with its user-friendly setup. Designed for traders who prefer simplicity, this EA offers a reliabl
250 USD
PS Apollo EA MT5
Miguel Angel Vico Alba
The EA works simultaneously with 4 currency pairs on a single chart and window (EURAUD, EURGBP, EURUSD and GBPUSD). It is important to understand this, because if you place the EA in multiple windows, the EA will duplicate trades. It is also important that you have EURAUD, EURGBP, EURUSD and GBPUSD in the 'Market Watch' list. Unlike other systems and products for sale on the MQL5 market, this one is not overly optimized and does not show 100% winning trades, with almost no risk or drawdown. Tha
449 USD
My Forex Advisor  is a fully customizable forex robot developed to operate on most popular currency pairs. It uses an advanced and   high-precision   algorithm that identifies lucrative micro trend trading opportunities to enter trades. In addition to its  high-precision algorithm, it contains a built in  news filter, ensuring it to be always updated on the latest news events impacting the Forex market and fully customizable settings offering you the opportunity to optimize and run it with your
399 USD
Falcon Rig EA
Sof'ia Vlasova
Falcon Rig EA is a state-of-the-art forex trading advisor based on the principles of Kohonen maps and the Matrix system. This unique trading EA demonstrates robustness to noisy data, making it applicable in real-world environments. It is also widely used in various fields including data analysis, clustering, visualization, pattern finding and many others. The Falcon Rig trading system incorporates a recovery feature that utilizes an internal stop-loss mechanism to mitigate losses in unforeseen m
399 USD
Anna EA
Michael Prescott Burney
5 (1)
Introducing ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Algorithm) – your all-in-one solution for efficient and high-performing trading across a diverse range of symbols on the 1-hour timeframe. ANNA is designed to streamline your trading experience, eliminating the need for multiple EAs on your charts. With ANNA, you only need one EA loaded with the appropriate set file for each symbol, and you're ready to trade seamlessly. This EA is in its early stages of life and will need updates here and there but ov
129 USD
Agus Santoso
For MT4 :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/109175 FULL VERSION : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/103400 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/103401 The Virtual Reality Expert Advisor (EA) is a sophisticated trading tool designed to optimize margin utilization while executing positions in financial markets. Its unique strategy involves a two-step process: initiating a virtual position followed by a corresponding real position, aimed at minimizing margin requirements. Here's
Red Stone MT5
Sigit Hariyono
Red Stone EA   is a fully automatic expert advisor which contains several trading systems mainly based on Average True Range. Each trading system has it own entry, Profit Target and fixed Stop Loss. This trading robot can be used to all forex pairs and all time frames, but it is especially designed for   AUDUSD 1H   time frame.  Promotional price $ 50, next price $ 150 Main Features:    No Martingale.  No Averaging. No Grid.   Setting Parameters: Expert Name   - EA name and trades comment.  M
50 USD
IMPORTANT!   After the purchase please send me a private message to receive the installation manual and the setup instructions. -->MT4 Version :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/97464 --> Nas100 Scalping EA Channel:   Click Here Introducing the ultimate EA for traders looking to Trade short-term price movements in the NAS100 index - the NAS100 scalping EA! Our scalping EA is an automated trading software that Takes Advantage of The New York Stock Exchange Open Momentum. The EA identi
5 000 USD
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Introducing Quantomatic for MT5 – Your Intelligent AI Expert Advisor Join the future of trading with Quantomatic, the smart AI EA designed exclusively for the MT5 platform. Experience unparalleled account growth with minimal drawdown. This cutting-edge EA is meticulously crafted for the EURUSD pair, offering hassle-free operation without the need for user adjustments. Simply activate it on your EURUSD account, and let Quantomatic do the rest. ATTENTION! After the purchase please send me a privat
499 USD
Matrix Forex
Otavio Clemente De Oliveira
"Forex Matrix" Matrix is an automatic trading robot designed to be used on any Forex asset. "This robot is not perfect, but it brings incredible results if used correctly."        Owner: Merchant OtazilSan/Otávio Clemente       SET ALL INPUT PARAMETERS CAREFULLY!!! Default Settings: Currency Pairs: Forex (All) User Editable Settings: Asset: Forex (all) BUY or SELL Stopping points: user defined Profit points: user defined
2 986.50 USD
Marcos Maia
TrendCS EA is a trend continuation day trader, suitable to trade breakouts. The EA has a built-in indicator that identifies the trend as channels, and places pending orders accordingly to the computed direction. In this way, the breakout is a continuation of the current trend. The standards parameters are optimized for GBPUSD (H1). The demo test results can be find here:  https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/2139996 The built-in indicator can also be used to open trades manually. Check the ch
50 USD
The advisor uses signals from the standard ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) indicator. Multi-Currency and Multi-Period Advisor. He trades on many symbols and many time frames simultaneously. Advisor test signals. Signal Multiple ADX MT5 Account Hedge https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2099731 Account Netting https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2105257 Operating mode I. One symbol, time frame, parameters. Working with a single signal - One symbol, one time frame and parameters.
50 USD
The advisor uses signals from the standard SAR (Parabolic SAR) indicator. Multi-Currency and Multi-Period Advisor. He trades on many symbols and many time frames simultaneously. Advisor test signals. Account Netting https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2105615 Account Hedge https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2147529 Operating mode I. One symbol, time frame, parameters. Working with a single signal - One symbol, one time frame and parameters. In this mode, the trader selects the parameters
50 USD
QuantEA Premier GBP  is the most powerful Multicurrency Expert Advisor for trading all  British  Pound Sterling   GBP  major pairs ( EURGBP, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPNZD, GBPUSD and GBPJPY)   simultaneously   in MT5 platform, with an accuracy and performance never seen before. This EA works like a hunter, analyzing price movement, its strength and trend, patiently waiting for the best opportunities to perform its work extremely effectively. The EA strategy is based on  Price Action,   Smart Mo
399 USD
Prosper Gain
Ioannis Christopoulos
We have created a Multi-Curency / Multi-TimeFrame Expert Advisor. It works with 500:1 leverage, and it has been backtested since 2008, passing all Major crises with success. Our Expert Advisor (Robot), is being relied on Price Action and a popular Bar Pattern Formation. Not on ticks or Indicators!  Timeframes: 15  M5, M10, M15, M20, M30, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Symbols: 32  AUD CAD,   AUD CHF,   AUD JPY,   AUD NZD,   AUD USD,   CAD CHF,   CAD JPY,   CHF JPY,  EU
10 000 USD
MT5 AI Scalper
Fudheni Petrus Nambambi
Introducing the MT5 AI Scalper – a revolutionary advancement in the realm of trading! For those harboring aspirations beyond the ordinary, the MT5 AI Scalper serves as the gateway to unparalleled possibilities. This software leverages advanced artificial intelligence technologies, meticulously crafted through neural networks and proprietary algorithms derived from the depths of the digital realm. The result is an extraordinary trading experience that bids farewell to obsolete strategies and mun
1 499.70 USD
KT Gold Nexus EA MT5
The KT Gold Nexus EA is a cutting-edge trading solution, well designed for the XAUUSD (Gold) market. It employs a suite of 10 advanced trading strategies, each meticulously developed using a diverse range of technical indicators. These strategies are not only sophisticated but also strategically vetted to ensure minimal correlation among them. This unique approach results in a distributed trading effect, maximizing opportunities while diversifying risks. The careful calibration of these strategi
249 USD
Ultra Scalp FX MT5
Juan Perez Pereira
The Future of Scalping: Ultra Scalp FX - Our Expert Advisor now for MT5 Welcome to the trading revolution with Ultra Scalp FX , the incredible scalping Expert Advisor now available for MetaTrader 5.  LIVE TRADE SIGNALS Meta Trader 4 - STRATEGY ONE: HERE  (EURUSD H1) - BOTH STRATEGIES: HERE  (EURUSD H1) Meta Trader 5 - BOTH STRATEGIES: HERE  (EURUSD H1) *All Trade Signals are configured with default parameters. IMPORTANT: - Recommended account type: Raw Spread (Low Spreads). - Recommended u
300 USD
Limited offer: 3 copies left for $239, next price is $479, final price is $1190. 1.)Trading signals Virgo EA low risk: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2141528 My all signal list: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/sqrc/seller 2.) Product features According to the backtest results, the long-term winning rate is ± 80%, and the Maximum compound annual growth rate is ± 130%. The minimum starting capital required to trade is just $100. There are no cumbersome parameter settings, you only need to set
239 USD
Eternal Engine EA employs an advanced intelligent algorithm designed specifically to capture the subtle shifts in the market. The algorithm of this EA is based on the team's long-term research, identifying trading opportunities in complex market conditions. It can quickly adapt to market fluctuations, operates automatically 24 hours a day without manual intervention. To ensure investment safety, we've incorporated multiple mechanisms in the EA's design, particularly emphasizing capital protecti
599 USD
Janis Hellmuth
"The system is based on the analysis of standard deviation indicators and Fibonacci levels and is used in the field of Forex trading. It trades concurrently with different currency pairs, utilizing these indicators to identify potentially profitable trading opportunities in the foreign exchange market. By employing this strategy in the Forex market, the system enables broad diversification and increases the diversity of potential trading opportunities across various currency pairs. The conserva
98.76 USD
AI Quant
Ewa Joanna Jagiello Stepien
This is a promotional price and will be increased soon . AI Quant is an EA using Quant Data, Multicurrency and Currency Strenght techniques. EA automatically adjusts to market volatility. All orders are closed with a take profit or trailing stop. You need to run the EA on AUDCAD on H1 TimeFrame .( EA will automatically select and open positions on the appropriate currency pairs ) You can also adjust the risk level in the input tabs of the EA in money management . ( Default is MEDIUM ) The EA
100 USD
Trend Reactor MT5
Smart Forex Lab.
Always on trend.  Proven by a two-year trading history. Trend Reactor EA is designed for beginners and experienced traders seeking high reliability and stable trading results while following market trends. It offers a comprehensive approach to trading, combining market analysis, order grid and risk management, offering a complete forex trading solution for trend-following traders. To understand the market situation, Trend Reactor Expert Advisor uses indicators to determine the trend direction an
145 USD
Top Ten EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing TOP TEN, a cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted to navigate the intricate dynamics of the AUDUSD chart on the 15-minute timeframe. Developed with precision and expertise, TOP TEN stands out with its exceptional performance, boasting a compilation of ten highly effective strategies designed to achieve an impressive 80 to 90% win ratio. This EA has undergone rigorous testing, both in forward out-of-sample tests and backtesting scenarios, dating back to 2016. The extens
59.99 USD
Historic Resistance Scalper
Steven David Macswayne
Thank you for checking out Historic Resistance Scalper MT5. EA logic: At the end of the trading day this EA will draw 2 lines on your chart. The Lines will be drawn at the HIGH and the LOW of the previous day. When price reaches these levels the EA will quickly scalp the bounce that is highly likely to occur. IF price breaks through the level, then it will wait for the next High or Low to be reached and perform a recovery trade that will close the basket out at breakeven or with a small profit.
30 USD
TurtleLongTerm Strategy description this is  a trend following strategy, no grid,no martingale Entry conditions:  If there is no position and the price breaks through the long-term period (55) Donchian channel upper and lower bands entry Addition conditions: 1,The interval ATR*AddCoef ficient is to increase the position once, and the stop loss is moved forward by 2*ATR. 2,The maximum position does not exceed MaxPositions Exit conditions: 1,defult stop loss:2*ATR stop loss after entering
300 USD
Boom Deriv
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Boom Deriv EA: The Expert Advisor that Works with the Trend and Protects Your Investment Special Launch Price: Take advantage of our introductory offer. The price will gradually increase with each sale. Act now to secure your copy. Setfiles and more   here Do you know one of the most basic principles in trading? "The trend is your friend." With Boom Deriv EA, this principle comes to life. This EA not only identifies the trend and waits for rebounds to trade but also manages your positions in
69.25 USD
***Promotion: Only 5 copies left at $700; the next price is $1000 ***  Ultimate Trader MT5 is a completely automated trading robot that has been designed and created based on our best strategies in forex trading.  All trades are protected by stop loss. the EA uses one same stop-loss for all the trades in one circle so the risk is limited with a safe lot size. The EA contains a special DrawDown control function. Users can use a fixed lot or auto lot money management. Some features : The EA h
700 USD
My Gold Advisor
Dossa Nsanigna
My Gold Advisor   is designed to trade   Gold (XAUUSD)  market   5 hours   per day during   US session.  It utilizes  NCP (Nearest Convergence Prices) algorithm which uses   mathematical models and extremely large datasets to  analyze the market and predict its nearest convergence prices. Once the prices have ben determined, it utilizes technical analysis like  price action and c andlesticks   patterns, current market trend and some technical indicators  to filter a price that has a high probabi
299 USD
Mini Breakout MT5
Ilham Sugiri
5 (1)
Mini Breakout MT5     use Moving Average, Range Breakout, and ADX indicator for open position. That's EA have many custom setting to make strategy.   Gold Super Demarker is very risky and danger strategy, because using grid and martingale. Grid and martingale can disable if you are not using danger strategy. This EA can make profit everyday.  This EA can make double or triple your deposit after 3 month if good month. This is free version from   Super Breakout MT5     https://www.mql5.com/en/ma
Smart Trend Fisher
Svetoslav Ognyano Chilingirov
The Smart Trend EA is fully automated trend following strategy that exploits the trend on JPY pairs. The strategy comes with slightly optimized USDJPY default settings and package of 2 different input sets that represent 2 different risk profiles that you can choose from. However it should be experimented with! This expert advisor does not use martingale, grid or similar techniques, therefore there are no spikes in the relative equity drawdown.  The EA trades best on higher timeframes (above
77 USD
Fantom Bot
Yvan Musatov
Professional forex expert Fantom (for pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURCHF, AUDJPY, CADJPY) alyzing the market using the Elliott Wave Index. Elliott wave theory is an interpretation of processes in financial markets through a system of visual models (waves) on price charts. The author of the theory, Ralph Elliott, identified eight variants of alternating waves (of which five are along the trend and three are against the trend). Price movements i
799 USD
Professional expert Status Trader analyzes the market using a special algorithm. The basic principle is that the bot takes the indicated prices for a certain period of time and calculates the strength and amplitude of the price by checking it with its own indication system based on actual data. The moment is fixed when the trend loses strength and reverses, and then the previous series closes and a new one is prepared. The bot also analyzes its own overbought/oversold signals in its algorithms.
1 299 USD
BB Martingale EA MT5
Prafull Manohar Nikam
Warning! This is a Martingale Trading System. This EA uses the Bollinger Bands indicator to open automatic trades on your account. If price crosses the upper/lower Bollinger band with certain distance (in pips), it opens an initial trade. After that initial trade, if price moves certain distance (in pips) from the initial trade, EA will open next trade with Martingale Lot and so on. Not recommended to use it on trading accounts smaller than 10K. Even on 10K+ account you have to use it with caut
1 000 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
Sprutt  is a trading system based on author's indicators using a grid method of managing orders with closing by total profit with partial closing and hedging of positions !!! the minimum price for several days for a stable excellent adviser Monitoring     https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1842919?source=Site+Profile#!tab=account                            Time frame : М15      USDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD            Set file in discussion. Set to 1 currency pair     Settings
500 USD
Current price is $399 with 50% discount, Discount valid for 5 buyers only! The unique trading strategy Stock Index Trader is designed to trade an index like the US30. The trading robot works on the hourly timeframe (H1). The strategy does not use indicators with the exception of stop loss and take profit (floating, works according to ATR). The strategy works on Candlestick patterns, such as Piercing lines - a reversal pattern of Japanese candlesticks with additional installed filters and other p
399 USD
自2023年以来,很多表现良好的夜间EA遭受重大的回撤,这使得我想要去寻找一种超越的方法,我找到两个特殊的品种,它们的交易时段可以从18/20时(GMT2/3)持续到次日1时,并且产生平稳的、良好的收益。不过 如果没有我的诀窍,你不能很好的使用这款EA。 The EA   has a very advanced secret algorithm that is able to accurately find price reversals and based on that, open trades in the correct direction. The author paid enough attention to the optimization of the EA, it took 12 months to optimize the EA, so we have a very good robot that can be optimized according to the current market situation. The EA don't use risky
700 USD
Fast Bucks MT5
Manikandan Panneerselvam
An Fast Bucks MT5 Expert Advisor combines the power of indicators and moving averages to create a robust trading strategy within the MetaTrader 5 platform. This expert advisor utilizes the Moving Average indicator in conjunction with a custom indicator (let's call it "CustomIndicator Expert Advisor") for enhanced decision-making in trading. The Moving Average indicator serves as a foundational tool, offering insights into the market trend and potential entry/exit points based on the moving av
1 499 USD
GBPJPY trending
Alfonso Martin De Lara
GBPJPY Trending Strategy in GBPJPY. Robust. Follows quantitative analysis that allows for medium and long-term growth. Ideal to combine with a diversified portfolio of Forex, indices, and commodities. This strategy combines Bollinger Bands and a price pullback on an hourly candlestick timeframe. Its profitability is 18%, with a contained drawdown of 20%. However, it is also recommended to work with a portfolio of 15-20 EAs with limited risk, allowing for low drawdown and sustained growth. Ideal
90 USD
Neural Network RSI Divergence GU
Retail Trading Realities LTD
This is a free MT5 expert advisor. This is my first attempt at neural networks, I plan on making more complex versions in the future. I recently took a neural network MQL5 course on Udemy by instructor Joy Moyo . I am learning more by reading NeuralNetwork articles on MQL5.com by author  Dmitriy Gizlyk Neural networks made easy (Part 53): Reward decomposition - MQL5 Articles The inputs fed into the neural networks are the RSI values observed for bullish and bearish diversion. And also the
Crypto Digger
Dragan Drenjanin
The Crypto Digger expert advisor is crafted with a minimalistic design to ensure easy comprehension and usability, making it suitable for traders of all levels. The robot incorporates advanced systems, encompassing the ability to execute various order types and automated decision-making processes. Within the robot, there is a feature allowing for position reversals, along with the flexibility to engage in buying, selling, or opening both types of orders. A sophisticated money management system i
65 USD
It has a strategy developed by using the Relative Strength Index, Stotastic Oscillator, William's Percent Range and De Marker oscillators together. It gives the best results in EURUSD , EURCAD , EURAUD , USDCHF , AUDCAD , AUDCHF parities. It can operate at major parities.  It operates in the H1 period.  Recommended starting balance is $1000. You can also start with $100, but the risk level should be kept low.  Recommended TakeProfitLevel is between (10-50). Recommended StopLossLevel is between
199 USD
LeBro 1
Levon Manukyan
The expert was created to work in the Swiss bank Swissquote. Automatically calculate the volume of incoming transactions. The Expert Advisor is designed to generate passive annual income. To open a trading account in a Swiss bank, follow the link.   https://trade.swissquote.ch/signup/public/form/full/fx/com/individual?lang=ru&partnerid=e9acb6ad-eb6b-44d5-92d1-4c7a48adaff1#full/fx/com/individual/step1   Notes It is recommended to register using the link for the advisor to work correctly     Link
6 000 USD
LeBro 2
Levon Manukyan
The expert was created to work in the Swiss bank Swissquote. Automatically calculate the volume of incoming transactions. The Expert Advisor is designed to generate passive annual income. To open a trading account in a Swiss bank, follow the link.   https://trade.swissquote.ch/signup/public/form/full/fx/com/individual?lang=ru&partnerid=e9acb6ad-eb6b-44d5-92d1-4c7a48adaff1#full/fx/com/individual/step1   Notes It is recommended to register using the link for the advisor to work correctly     Link
6 000 USD
Use this expert advisor whose strategy is essentially based on Bollinger balls as well as a personal touch. Other free expert advisors are available in my personal space as well as signals, do not hesitate to visit and leave a comment, it will make me happy and will make me want to offer content. Expert advisors currently available: LVL Creator LVL Creator Pro If you want to get a configuration file to improve your experience, leave a comment on this robot, then contact me by direct message
Mean Machine Ai
William Brandon Autry
Only $399 for 24 hrs!!! Hurry!  Introduction: Mean Machine Ai is an innovative, multi-symbol mean reversion trading strategy, meticulously crafted to navigate the intricacies of the AUDCAD, AUDNZD, and NZDCAD markets. It represents a confluence of expertise and technology, ensuring that traders have an edge in today's dynamic trading environments. Operating across multiple symbols, it gives users the ability to diversify their trading approach, all under the guidance of a 12-neuron Neural N
399 USD
Gold Super Scalping is very risky and danger strategy, because using grid and martingale. Grid and martingale can disable if you are not using danger strategy. This EA can make profit everyday.    This EA can make double or triple your deposit after 3 month if good month. SUPER GRID  EA! Recommendations: Currency pair   : XAUUSD/GOLD Timeframe   : M5 Minimum deposit (standart contract)     :   $2000 for 0.01 lot  Account type   : standart, raw accounts,   or zero spread IMPORTANT: It is very
30 USD
High Low Range
Joshua Eloho Edafemuno
Introducing High Low Rang e, your key to disciplined trading in the dynamic world of Forex. This MQL5 Expert Advisor is meticulously crafted for trend enthusiasts, offering a strategic edge with its unique trailing stop mechanism that dynamically adjusts to market volatility. Strategy: Harness the power of trend following without the clutter of indicators. High Low Range relies on pure price action, excelling in identifying and capitalizing on market trends, especially on USDJPY. Risk Manag
100 USD
Combination of two of my already published EAs, both of which operate on the EURUSD. With variables to activate the EA London Breakfast, EURUSD Hunter or both at the same time. London Breakfast trades the manipulation of the Asian range in a specific time range. EURUSD Hunter looks for specific candle patterns to trade. You can check the separate operation of these EAs in my profile. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
55 USD
Pairs Trading Expert
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
This expert advisor implements the conventional quantitative trading algorithm known as Pairs Trading. It operates by identifying a hedge ratio between two correlated trading symbols, thereby generating a synthetic stationary symbol suitable for trading through a mean-reversion strategy. The expert advisor dynamically computes the optimal hedge ratio for the selected symbols and initiates synthetic BUY/SELL positions when the spread of the synthetic price deviates from the mean level, reaching e
500 USD
Monte Carlo Simulation
Chayakorn Rakwongthai
Monte Carlo simulation is an EA that uses a Monte Carlo model to calculate the probability of the price going up or down. Add ADX for determining trade entry points Do not trade in the opposite direction of a strong trend, for example if ADX DI- > ADX DI+ or there is a downtrend. The system will not make a purchase. Whether to sell or not depends on other factors, such as Monte Carlo's Pop. It must be pointed out that there is a greater chance of selling. (Test with Gold 1H) 01.01.2023 to Now Th
30 USD
Attention: Unlike most other EAs in the market, I always assure every single of my EAs are of highest quality: Real trades will match backtesting. No loss hiden techniques to hide historical losses, no manipulated backtest to make backtesting curve smooth without loss (only naive traders believe in smooth upward curve with no risk - they are most likely scamming). My EAs always have multi-years verified statistical trading edge. Robust and long term stable with sensible risk management. I cr
390 USD
MAs trick
Sergio Tiscar Ortega
This EA operates based on certain patterns that must occur at the MAs of 100, 50 and 20. So it only operates in favor of the trend if the MAs are aligned correctly. With correct optimization, it generates profits of $2,721 during 2023, with only a balance sheet reduction of 4.87% and equity reduction of 5.05%. On the other hand, if you support a little more risk, it generates $4,611.2 in the same period, with a balance reduction of 6.82%!! The backtest images are made in the EURUSD temporalit
30 USD
Super Breakout MT5  use Moving Average, Range Breakout, and ADX indicator for open position. That's EA have many custom setting to make strategy. Gold Super Demarker is very risky and danger strategy, because using grid and martingale. Grid and martingale can disable if you are not using danger strategy. This EA can make profit everyday.  This EA can make double or triple your deposit after 3 month if good month. SUPER BREAKOUT EA! Recommendations: Currency pair: ALL Pair Currencies Timefram
30 USD
Advanced BB
Chayakorn Rakwongthai
Advanced BB is an EA whose trading strategy is to use Bollinger Band to measure price imbalances. Along with using Price Patterns such as Dragonfly, Long Legged, Grave Stone and Hammer, if the price is unbalanced and there is no clear trend along with a Price Pattern, a trade will be entered.   Testing on the EUR/USD currency pair from 01.01.2023 to present, Time Frames 15M found a return of 25% with a Max Dawn Down of less than 8%. The strategy of setting stop loss involve calculating stop
30 USD
THE CONCEPT - INTRODUCTORY PRICE @ $49.99 ONLY!!! There are 3 terms that you'll normally come across in trading: Support and Resistance / Supply and Demand Trend Crossovers Many traders use a combination of one or two of the above mentioned to form their unique trading strategies because with them included, traders are able to make sound analysis and therefore predictions. RangeMAX trades based on a strategy that uses   ALL THREE   elements mentioned above! SETFILE:   https://www.mql5.com/en/
49.99 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
The Stock Trader is a robot crafted with a minimalist design, specifically engineered for trading in #NFLX (Netflix) and #TSLA (Tesla) CFDs instruments. It is intended to be part of a larger portfolio, operating alongside other systems focused on different symbols. Due to its behavior, it is advisable to set a lower volume for each individual position when determining the risk level.For instance, if you have a deposit of 10,000 USD, it is recommended to set the fixed lot at a maximum of 0.03 lot
65 USD
Deriv VIP MT5
Natalyia Nikitina
Attention!!!Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! The Expert Advisor was created for trading with a broker (Deriv). The EA has been optimized over the last year, starting from 2023. The Expert Advisor is professional, with its help you can independently optimize the Expert Advisor in the future. The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Please note that Profitable trades (% of the total 88% - 90%): LIVE Signals
8 888.88 USD
SmartInvest MT5
SmartInvest Basic (EA) employs an averaging strategy designed for long-term profitability with low risk. It operates by initiating trades and setting take profit levels. If the market quickly reaches the take profit point, it opens another trade upon the next candle's opening. Conversely, if the market moves against the trade, it employs an averaging technique to secure more favorable prices. The EA's primary approach involves using smaller lots to prevent significant drawdown during averaging,
399 USD
Der Overnight Gap Trader ist ein fortschrittlicher Expert Advisor (EA), der speziell entwickelt wurde, um Tradern dabei zu helfen, die Märkte effizienter zu handeln. Dieser EA nutzt Kurslücken die über Nacht entstehen, um Kauf- und Verkaufsentscheidungen zu treffen. Hauptfunktionen : Handeln von Kurslücken, die sich über Nacht zwischen dem Schlusskurs des Vortages und dem Eröffnungskurs der Startzeit bilden Erkennen des Gaps und platzieren der Order in die Richtung des Gap-Schlusses Schließen
49.99 USD
The Prometheus EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Prometheus EA is a meticulously crafted automated trading system designed for the EUR/USD pair on the H1 chart. With a proven 97 percent win rate in both forward out-of-sample and historical backtesting since 2007, this algorithm offers reliability and consistency. Users benefit from multiple adjustable parameters, allowing customization to individual preferences and risk tolerance. Notably, Prometheus incorporates a news filter to enhance entry precision during volatile market conditions. With
30 USD
FiboScalper Minimum Deposit 1000$/2 Pair= EURUSD GBPUSD Recommended Pair EURUSD,EURJPY,USDJPY,GBPUSD,GBPJPY Timeframe H1 Parameters Lots: Number of lots Lotexponent: Martingale exponent Pipstep: number of step to open new position Maxlot: max lot use on bot Takeprofit: Take profit UseEquityStop: true if you want to use Equity Stop the bot Total EquityRisk: max drawn down by percent
500 USD
Juggernaut PRO EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing the Juggernaut Pro EA – a cutting-edge automated trading system designed to revolutionize your trading experience across a myriad of major currency pairs, excluding USDCHF (can be optimized to work with CHF through the tester). This expert advisor optimized using AUDUSD symbol and the 15M chart operates seamlessly across multiple other time frames as well, ranging from the dynamic 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute chart intervals. The Juggernaut Pro EA stands out with its exceptional
30 USD
Propfirm Passed
Hoang Danh Duc
no2 for passed profirm with low DD - make 10M from 100$ - using virtual trailing and sl - using scalping strategy and short SL (HFT) - works good for GBPUSD/XAUUSD/USDJPY - work good US session (15-18h of trading time) but you can change to Europa session and US session (7-18h) - the best on zero type - the best with real accounts on zero or raw and low slippage - passed many prop firm - real accounts will get more slippage - use defauls for testing and change to autolot (recommend on input) mor
499 USD
Straight Bussin EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing STR8 Bussin EA for AUDJPY 5M – a robust blend of 10 aggressive strategies, meticulously chosen for precision and risk management. Focused on a high profit factor, each strategy adapts seamlessly to dynamic market conditions. Validated through Monte Carlo simulations and optimized over the last 12 months, STR8 Bussin is finely tuned for immediate capital handling. This EA promises a potent tool, ensuring your trading experience is marked by adaptability, resilience, and sustained gr
30 USD
The Bumble Bee EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Meet Bumble Bee EA for GBPUSD M5 – a potent blend of 10 handcrafted strategies, expertly balancing aggression and risk consciousness for optimal profit factors. Meticulously curated for precision and adaptability, this EA promises seamless synergy, navigating the dynamic GBPUSD market with finesse. Rigorously tested, including Monte Carlo simulations, and optimized over 12 months, Bumble Bee is finely tuned for immediate capital handling. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to algorithms, ex
30 USD
Darth Trader EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing Darth Trader EA for USDJPY 5M – a forceful ally in aggressive trading. Boasting 10 meticulously crafted strategies, this EA is engineered for precision on the fast-paced USDJPY chart. With excellent drawdown control and rigorous risk management, Darth Trader strikes the perfect balance between aggression and prudence. Unleash its power for a dynamic trading experience where strategy meets disciplined risk control. Dominate the market with Darth Trader – your key to relentless, contro
30 USD
Current Price only for 5/5 buyer, so come on hurry up Fix Scalper EA base on Market Structure and Bolinger Band Moving Average strategy. This Fix Scalper EA will trades on Reentry Area on BBMA Strategy with trend determine by market structure bias. The EA is equipped with a customizable Stoploss, Trailing and AutoLot. No curve fitting. This product has been tested many times on random time periods provided an excellent history quality. The tradng pair I used to show and optimize the results is
400 USD
LowKey Gold Scalp
Andre Patricio Perregil Mano
Gold Scalping EA(MT5) - Your Path to Steady Account Growth(version1.0) Gold Scalping Focus: Targeting gold market for optimal trading opportunities. Fixed Parameters: Reliable and consistent strategy with fixed parameters( CANT BE CHANGED) ECN Account and VPS Recommended: Ensure seamless execution and minimal latency for optimal results. Ideal for Small Accounts: Perfect for a $150 account aiming for steady growth. Fixed Lot Size: 0.01 lot size for
200 USD

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