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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 43

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Martini EA MT5
Abhimanyu Hans
5 (3)
Martini EA is a forex trading expert advisor designed especially for trading selected forex pairs. It is a 5 minute time frame scalper and its strategy is based on low volume trading times, it trades at night for few hours when the volume is low and there is no news in order to maximize its accuracy and minimize the risk. Join our   MQL5 group   in order to download the latest set files which will be required to back-test and run the EA on real account. You are also welcome to join our private g
500 USD
The Expert Advisor is real trading strategy that does not use any grids, martingales or other dangerous functionalities. The EA has been developed for GBPJPY M15 based on Range Breakout. It has been backtested on tick data with 100% quality of modeling. There is no need to set up any parameters, all settings are already optimized and fine-tuned. FX Blue  - find strategy with magic number  # 225108   I recommend you always do your own testing with your broker.   My recommendation is to have a l
32 USD
Gino Renko EA
Stephane, Andr Valette
Here is an EA based on the Renko indicator, it can be used with currencies, commodities, and forex. Just associate it with the corresponding graph. The indicator used for the EA is available here, but it is not necessary for its operation, they are 2 independent products: https://www.mql5.com/fr/market/product/87852?source=Site +Market+MT5+Indicator+Search+Rating006%3agino+renko Personally I don't like renko like EA, and I haven't done any tests to find out which configuration is the best.
50 USD
This is an aggressive  price-action Expert Advisor suitable for multiple symbols and timeframes. Due to minimal drawdown , it is suitable for small accounts using Fixed, Growth, Aggressive or Brutal risk models. See screenshot. The default parameters work best on USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD on H1 timeframe. You can tweak the settings of the Scalper and find the best parameters for a given symbol and timeframe. Stop-loss of 50 points is recommended. WARNING : Minimum account balance is $50. Before u
127 USD
Robot usage: RSI, EMA, MFI to open trade.  RSI — Relative Strength Index — is an indicator created by Welles Wilder. The main objective for this indicator is to measure the strength of an instrument now against its history. To do it, the indicator compares price changes of up days to down days. The RSI indicator is a momentum as it shows the velocity of the upward or downward market movement, is an oscillator as it is bounded and oscillates between 0 and 100 level, and is a leading indicator a
99 USD
FX Rover P MT5
Smart Forex Lab.
2 (1)
Non-indicator Range Trading System New edition of FX Rover advisor - improved perfomance, updated software engine and inputs. Optimized & backtesed on real ticks with 99% quality in 2010-2022, сompatible with EURUSD, EURJPY, CADCHF, AUDNZD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDCAD. FX Rover P EA trades pending orders from the borders of the calculated range. The grid of orders is activated if necessary. Features Indicatorless 100% automated Stoploss for every position (optional) Drawdown stop Fixed & Re
145 USD
Trima EA
Fabian Teschke
The Trima EA's strategy is based on the position of various moving averages. The Stop Loss is calculated automatically from ATR and SMA and the Take Profit using the rrr value. Trima EA was developed for the 1 minute timeframe but can be used on any timeframe. For the best result test the EA on the forex pair EURUSD. The last screenshot contains the corresponding settings for many forex pairs on the 1 minute chart, so the Trima EA can also be used without intensive testing. For more symbols or o
99 USD
Skywalker IBEA MT5
Carter Kyle Capital Inc.
--->12 DAYS OF XMAS GIFT PRICE $180 <--- WHEN DEMO TESTING USE THE SET FILE FOR USD/JPY & CAD/JPY  SET FILES ARE ARE LOCATED IN THE COMMENT  SECTION STRATEGY SUMMARY & ADVANTAGES: - It's a full-automatic mid-term trading EA, with a Martingale option, no Grid. - Set Files will be given for optimal performance. - 2 Money Management Strategy (PE “Partial Exit” Very High Win Percentage & FE “Full Exit” Swing Trade until either TP is hit or Kijun Sen is crossed) - Prop Trading Compatible . - With
180 USD
Bawaba Grid Scalping
Zaky Hamdoun
5 (1)
Introduction and Description Bawaba, from the Arabic word for "Grid", is a grid-based scalping robot for FOREX currency pairs. It has adjustable stoploss and takeprofits, as well as the possibility of having a fixed volume or adapting to the account balance. Grid scalping is when a grid of orders is created by increasing and decreasing prices incrementally above and below a set price. Below is a list of the different characteristics of the expert advisor: No Martingale. Grid scalping and tradin
450 USD
Order Flow Volume MT5
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTIMIZE BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE FOR A YEAR TO FIND BEST VALUES Order Flow is unique in that is trades the volume.  It was built on EUR/USD and is optimized from  11/11/2021 to 10/24/2022 on 1 hour charts.  Optimization inputs for money management are used.  This EA uses strict money management, it is not a get rich quick martingale or EA without a sl. Trading is about risk management, not gambling. Run on EUR/USD 1 hour chart or if you want to find other assets and time frames to optimize then
52 USD
Henri Sulistyo Budi
EA Printingmoney77 Scalping bot trading forex yang selalu maksimal dan konsisten memberikan profit dengan drawdown yang minimal! Dengan bantuan kecerdasan buatan (AI) yang disematkan didalam script, kinerja EA ini menjadi lebih maksimal dan aman. Sesuaikan money management dan jumlah lot saat akan memulai trading dengan bot ini. Kami akan terus update menyesuaikan market
100 USD
!!BLACK FRIDAY!! - PRICE MIGHT CHANGE DUE TO DEMANDS - THE ONLY EA YOU NEED IS HERE!! Breakout EA Beast is a Hybrid Expert Advisor, You could intervene or let it run alone. This EA operate based on Break Out of high or low of the last candles, you could change all the setting up to your preferences. The EA also have Time Management, you could time your orders based on time start and finish of let it run the whole time. There are Fix Lot and Auto Lot (Please adjust to your Risk Profile) There is
799 USD
Royal Radiante EURUSD
Mr Jeeraphat Lommahadthai
Royal Radiante is an automated scalping robot that uses a very advanced Logic, Proprietary Indicator, Alot of Technical analysis.  Tested and Proven itself on real accounts with a Good Realistic risk-to-reward ratio. The Logic in this strategy is the core of its performance , Even with bad optimization this strategy will still be very profitable! This strategy does not use Any High & Risky Methods like Martingale / Grid Systems. This Strategy will not have high equity Downdraw ever! due to NO in
888 USD
Htf Xau
Murilo Neves Castro
HTF CAD JPY is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for CAD JPY trading. It is based on cluster analysis of machine learning and genetic algorithms. The Expert Advisor contains a self-adaptive market algorithm that uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators.  The entry and exit logic works only when a bar closes. It filters market noise, greatly speeds up optimization, avoids stop-loss hunting and ensures correct operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The Expert
30 USD
EA Scalp EDay required set file Be sure to contact me after purchase for personalized recommendations and a personal bonus! - Is a scalping system on strong price levels. One of the oldest strategies, modernized and updated for the current market. The strategy does not require any optimization. You should just install the set file and run it according to the recommendations. Advantages of EA Scalp EDay: - Optimal SL/TP ratio. - Low SL, which makes the system as safe as possible. - Every
99 USD
Swing Strategy Builder for MT5 is a flexible MT-5 Expert Advisor configurable to different trading systems for swing trading. This EA is an open toolbox, enabling the transparent development, testing and automated execution of market specific trading strategies.    Advantages: Transparent strategy, no black box Time saving, because trading strategies can be tested with the MT5 Strategy Tester and the Strategy Builder EA No costs for individual EA development Key characteristics: Support of mu
390 USD
Hunter US30
Frederick Mensah
Hunter  US30  Expert Advisor is created to trade US30 (Dow Jones). The intelligence behind it uses current information to determine it trading direction. If you want to trade low risk for passive income,  US30 Hunter is your best Advisor. Hunter US30 is a for Swing Trading, however, scalpers can trade in its direction when a trade is running. Works best on the Daily time frame This Expect Advisor is a low risk strategy. No Martingale , No Grid, or any other lethal strategy. We believe in cons
1 400 USD
Description The Relative Strength Index (RSI), developed by J. Welles Wilder, is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. The RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Traditionally the RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Signals can be generated by looking for divergences and failure swings. RSI can also be used to identify the general trend. How this EA works RSI is considered overbought when above 70 but the EA is using more
49 USD
No Grid or Martingale system used. EA uses Trend Following Hybrid System, using Turtle Breakout System and Advanced Trading Techniques. Screenshot of Back Test Attached for Hourly Timeframe GBPJPY from [ Jan 2011 - Oct 2022] . Recommended Pair To Trade: GBPJPY (Input Settings Provided as Default for H1) Recommended Timeframe: Hourly (H1) Note: Can use on any Trending Pair  or Timeframe , but make sure to change parameters accordingly e.g. (TP, SL and Bar Count) and perform thorough Back Test
250 USD
GOLDEN WAY MT5 Golden Way is a fully automated trading system that includes up to 10 strategies! It trades gold(XAUUSD) in a time frame of 4 hours. With appropriate settings it can be applied to any market and time frame, read further " Individual optimization and settings for other markets " It does not use any aggressive money management methods like martingale, fibonacci etc... Stop Loss and Profit Target can be set for each strategy. The system is also very good for small accounts with low r
199 USD
MT4 Version here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/89114 For Deriv Synthetic indices MT5:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/95814  Hello traders, I believe you all know that risk and money management along with psychology are the keys to success in trading. No matter how strong one’s strategy is, without these 3 criteria they will always face losses in the long run. I have created an EA to control our human behaviors. This EA will force us to be discipline exactly the way you will s
30 USD
Hourly Scalper
The Hourly Scalper EA is Trading On Selected Hours and Selected Pairs. This is a simple EA which looks on the Hourly chart and trades even on the news depends on what you set is true on the parameters. It will Automatically put a Pending Orders BuyStop and SellStop based on the Gridsize you put on the Value Parameters. Parameters : Variable Value Autolots 1000 SL 50 TP 100 Gridsize 50 Expire 4 Max_Order 1 Hour Settings Server Time =====Parameters===== 10-10.1 Hour true
199 USD
Black Viper
Matong Maphango
5 (1)
The EA works with pending orders only. DAY TRADING INSTRUCTION The expert advisor places pending orders on range breakouts with additional filters and the default settings can be used for USDJPY and XAUUSD(GOLD) The EA is suitable for both beginner and advanced forex traders. Use ECN/low spread account for this expert advisor (ideally less than 15 and 30 spread for  USDJPY  and AXUUSD respectively). Timeframe : M15 NFP INSTRUCTIONS/SETTING Timeframe M1. Number of positions -> that is the num
50 USD
Royal Radiante Basic
Mr Jeeraphat Lommahadthai
Basic Version with Limited Lot sizes for Real world Testing. Royal Radiante   is an automated scalping robot that uses a very advanced Logic, Proprietary Indicator, Alot of Technical analysis.  Tested and Proven itself on real accounts with a Good Realistic risk-to-reward ratio. The   Logic in this strategy is the core of its performance , Even with   bad   optimization this strategy will still be very profitable! This strategy   does not use Any High & Risky Methods like Martingale / Grid Syste
199 USD
Relativity Power
Relativity Power EA is based on RSI Indicator,Pivot points and lots of indicator has been used to create this Expert, Uses Hedging when it gets a signal. Variable  Value Autolots 0.0001 RSI 14 Buy Cross Above 50 Sell Cross Below 50 ATR 14 ATR SL 5 ATR TP 10 Candle ID 1 Beta Set False False Alpha Set True True Timeframe : M15 Recommende Pairs : CFD's Cash Indice s : SWI20Cash,GER40Cash,SPAIN35Cash,FRA40Cash,EU50Cash,AUS200Cash,US500Cash Forex : EURGBP,USDCHF,GBPUSD
199 USD
Neo Breakout MT5
Mathewstwapalisha Mulwafu
Breakout EA based  on   advanced strategy , generates market entry signals when the price crosses a border of a certain price ranges. Data has been collected for over 15 years to produce model strategy.  The strategy,  filters out  false signals and  performs technical analysis and considers only the breakouts that show the best result.   It uses a system of filtering false signals. The EA uses advanced adaptive trailing stop. specifically optimized for EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,EURJPY,GBPJPY The
80 USD
This EA uses a combination of a Martigale strategy along with bollinger bands, which allow it to improve the effectivity. It run in low timeframes, which generates a lot of entries.  This is the V1.0 of the strategy. By now, it only sells. The idea is to improve not only the net profit but also the max DD and profit factor by introducing improvements like allowing buy as well or making the take profit dynamic.
49 USD
Levels Bot
Nkosikong Holdings
Levels Bot is a Trading Robot based on Pivot Points Support/Resistance, Fibonacci Retracements/Extensions, Candle Stick Patterns & MACD Oscillator Signals faded with an independent Exponential Moving Average Trend. The trading robot focuses on Timing, Trend, Momentum & Minimization of Risk. The Expert Advisor works on Indices, Currencies, Commodities, Stocks & Cryptocurrencies; it can be applied to any timeframe. Key Features Trade All-Market Watch/List Selected/Current Selected Symbol Select
56 USD
This EA is a Trend Following EA. It can place trades using a Fixed Lot size or Percent Risk and has an optional Trailing Stop to lock in Profits. Stop Loss is set automatically  Take Profit is set using your desired Risk to Reward Ratio. Does not take trades every day for every pair. Average 10 trades per month with default settings but can have many more based on settings.  Ultimate Trend Trader does not use a GRID or MARTINGALE system but simply maintains profitability by Risk to Reward (U
49.99 USD
NO Martingale or Grid System used. Breakout System Recommended Pair  GBPJPY : Hourly (H1)Timeframe BackTested from 2007 - 2022 screenshots attached. Take Profits are done using Trailing SL. BreakEven option and Manual TakeProfit Setting option provided for users to tweak if desired. EA opens 1 Breakout trade at a time. Default values are Recommended for GBPJPY H1 based on this Trading System. 
200 USD
EA Golden Cat MT5
Ruslan Pishun
1 (1)
Trading strategy: Scalping at night. The EA is based on a complex trading system at night. The essence of the Adviser's strategy boils down to the fact that the expert determines the calmer moments on the chart using complex mathematical calculations and then if there are good moments to enter the market, the adviser opens pending orders. The EA uses complex algorithms to recognize Trend and Flat situations on the charts. The EA automatically adjusts GMT for each broker (not for the strategy tes
70 USD
Opehex Gold EA
Rugmeshkumar Kattalai Sudarsan
Description. This product was created based on low investment EA, EA "OPHEX" is an advanced system that exploits GOLD XAUUSD Only. I uses both Scalping and Hedging Strategy. Once the Scalping hits SL it converts the position into Hedging and recovers the loss.EA gives upto 10% return every month with low risk. We can increase initial lot size for more return while account grows.  Advantages. Get upto 10% Returns every month with very low risk; Much   cheaper   than similar alternatives; Oper
129 USD
Yuta Hirae
[Target currency pair / time] [EURUSD/15M] Recommended. Variable lot MT5EA for compound interest operation! [About EA operation] After purchasing an EA, it is recommended to operate with a real account after operating with a demo account for a certain period of time. [About kikyo/logic overview] Kikyo is an EA that supports EURUSD/15M. Adopts a variable lot system that can easily realize compound interest operation according to the amount of funds (the default is a fixed lot. Please c
200 USD
Multi Axis
Expert Name : MULTI AXIS _____Multi Axis is a multicurrency pair EA with hedge strategy and correlates through other pairs and close it all with the tight value of 2 pips. This EA relays and get the signals based on price action, it can trade even high impact news._____ Variable  Value Autolots 250 SL 0 TP 0 Delta 40 Close All Pips 2 Close All Win Or Loss 11 Symbol USDJPY,CHFJPY,EURUSD,EURCAD,USDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDCAD,AUDCHF Beta Set False False Alpha Set True True Timeframe : M15
199 USD
Swing Break
Expert Name : SWING BREAK _____Swing Break is a multicurrency pair EA that looks on the breakout on Daily Timeframe, this EA is using pending orders to see to it that it wont take false entry._____ Note !!!!!!DON'T USE Default Settings Below, USE THE RECOMMENDED SETFILES LINK BELOW. Timeframe : D1 Variable Value Autolots 0.1 SL 5 TP 10 Expire 0 Trading Days -----Filters----- Monday True Monday Symbol Tuesday True Tuesday Symbol Wednesday True Wednesday Symbol T
199 USD
Sir Maverick
Miss Ria Krishna Malde
1 (2)
Sir Maverick identifies regular and persistent market efficiencies.  It is based on an advanced, complex and custom mathematical algorithm. It is quite sophisticated, consisting of several filters, variable settings to play around with, and a very good Risk/Reward ratio. It also supports a floating Stoploss and determines the best price to place it. Sir Maverick is not some Night Scalper, Martingale, Grid system or even Backtest Curve fitting. Sir Maverick is a one entry, SL and TP masterpiec
129 USD
I automated trading strategy based on my HEIKEN+ Indicator which is included in this EA, and it worked out very well !   "HEIKEN PLUS is the only indicator you really need to be a successful trader , without in depth knowledge of the forex trading or any tools." Very suitable tool for new traders or advanced traders too. Check my seller page to see info about the indicator.  HEIKEN+ is a combination of 2 indicators : normal Heiken Ashi and Heiken Ashi smoothed. It sends signal when thes
119 USD
Big Bang EA5
Lee Munday
2.29 (7)
Big Bang is a result of months and months of development. It perfectly presents the combination of my trading & coding skills. This is a fully automated, multicurrency Expert Advisor with a bunch of customizable inputs that can be optimized if you wish to do so. This algorithm has been tested on a number of currency pairs and the best performing are in the defaults: CHFJPY,GBPUSD,AUDUSD,EURGBP,USDCAD,NZDCAD,GBPNZD. Even though you are able to add other pairs I do not recommend you doing so. Prem
149 USD
Trend scalper is   a scalping expert advisor that mainly trades the trend and major breakouts, normally opens trades on a daily basis. It secures the profits using a trailing stop. All the opened trades come with a fixed stop-loss and take-profit. To maximize profits you can set on the settings a max daily loss and profit goal. Trend scalper works ideally with major pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD on H1 timeframe.  Trend scalper  does NOT use any dangerous trading strategies that can bl
199 USD
LaserAlgo EA MT5
Hamza Ashraf
2.75 (4)
Traders are humans. The markets are controlled by "fear" and "greed" and there are patterns for it. We found these patterns via years of writing and monitoring algorithm, and we now introduce to you our LaserAlgo MT5. We used our 7 years’ experience in the markets to convert this concept into a fully AI algorithm.   Link to MT4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/89549 Link to live run of EA: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1780127 This is a promotional price and will be increased
199.99 USD
Yuriy Bykov
Multi-currency expert advisor that works simultaneously on 15 pairs of major currencies EUR-GBP-AUD-USD-CAD-JPY. The Expert Advisor combines many simple strategies that work simultaneously. Each strategy is based on a simple algorithm for opening positions when the signal from the Parabolic SAR indicator changes with confirmation for two older periods. Each strategy has been optimized over the past five years. The Expert Advisor uses the statistical principle of "rightness of the crowd": it aver
5 000 USD
IQ Trade
Vladimir Deryagin
The Expert Advisor works according to the indicator signals. The adviser works according to the following principle, if the price went the wrong way when opening a deal, then the adviser will open an additional number of orders, to open orders, the adviser counts the number of bars through which to open an additional deal, the number of bars is set by the user in the adviser settings, the bars are counted on the chart period set by the user in the adviser settings.  The volume of the subsequent
35 USD
Pamm gold vn
Truong Vu Van
This EA opens a buy sell order based on the H4 trend and Candle Sticks. When the price goes over 100 pips ea keep opening orders against the price until the profit is positive and EA will close all orders and continue the new round.  Requirement -          Flatform: MT5 -          Symbol: XAUUSD. -          Time frame: M15 -          Minimum deposit: >1000$ -          Leverage: 1:500 and higher -          ECN broker -          Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS)
99 USD
Max Hades
Aaron Pattni
Get it for less than $99 while you can! Will be increased to $300 very shortly after a few downloads!! Set files provided in the comments. Please follow my Telegram and Discord as more set files are released every couple of days. Join my Discord and Telegram Channel - Max's Strategy For any assistance and help please send me a message here.    https://t.me/Maxs_Strategy https://discord.gg/yysxRUJT This EA does not use any martingale and/or grid functionalities. Send me a message if you need
99.99 USD
Prophet EA MT5
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Hello Traders! I present the "Prophet" strategy, it is the one chosen for a high winrate and for long and stable trading prophet is the chosen one among many, because it is a strategy highlighted by the importance of the winrate, it is one of the few strategies that you will find similar to a winrate of %100, it is based on an internal algorithm consulting several strategy factors so that can be carried out   and fence adapting to the market contains all the necessary protections to control
1 999 USD
! IMPORTANT ! To ensure that the backtest runs without errors, the following must be set in the settings: Limit Time Range: Timerange = True must be selected. The time must be set so that the EA does not trade during the rollover of your broker. Exit at End of Range is not relevant and can be set to either true or false!  The "The Real Supertrend EA" shows in the backtest a stable increase of the equity from 2016 until today. Yearly over 50% in the USDJPY. This is not a guarantee of winning!
95 USD
Amaris EA MT5
Mohamed Kamel Touati
current price 99 $ - will be rised soon- Adding on the attractive price  , I will give those who buy AMARIS an other  SUCCESSFUL BREAKOUT EA for free   Live performance :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1430368  (low Risk ) AMARIS EA is a fully automated trading robot that uses a very successful night scalping strategy which has proven its effectiveness over the years , AMARIS will trade only during the very quiet and doux hours of night using a lot of filters , safety measures and stop l
199 USD
Red Folder
Dilwyn Tng
5 (1)
Red Folder, a news trading expert advisor, positions you to capitalize on unprecedented market movements driven by interest rate fluctuations, inflation spikes, and crucial data releases. Embrace our revolutionary news trade strategy and start making the most of market dynamics. Live Monitor:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2000725 Large Real Account Powerful features of Red Folder new trade EA: Able to backtest and optimise with all news event back to 2008 4 operations modes including trades
5 388 USD
The AE works with any currency pair in the following way: - At midnigth, it calculates the minimum of the maximum of the last n days. - At "Market opening hour" it places a buy stop and a sell stop in correspondence with maximum (+- offset )and minimum (+- offset) Each trade has its stop-loss and take profit. No MarginGale, No Grid. Each position is independent. Unlike other systems and products for sale on the Market this one is not over-optimised and does not show 100% winning trades with no
449 USD
Extremum Save
Ruslan Papou
4.2 (5)
4 copies $30 USD 5 copies $99 USD 6 copies $199 USD 7 copies $299 USD 8 copies $399 USD 9 copies $499 USD Final price $999 USD Version for MT4:  Extremum Save   MT4  Community UP Group Join Extremum Save - is a fully automated scalping trading algorithm with the highest possible SL/PT ratio. Extremum Save does not need optimization. The strategy showed great results when tested on historical data with the best possible simulation quality for more than 10 years. Real
199 USD
Infinity Nova EA
Aaron Perez De Onraita Marco
This expert advisor uses a combination of 3 indicators to make market entries: RSI, Stoch and Standard Deviation . No type of high risk strategy such as martingale or grid is used. All positions are covered by SL and TP, and a Trail Stop is used to achieve a higher profit. All the indicators are modifiable and tunable just like the SL and TP, although the preset is already optimized for the EURUSD 5min pair. When performing a backtest it is recommended to choose the option "ev
199 USD
This is the MT5 version of the popular EA Hyperboloid Multi Advisor Multi-currency   EA Hyperboloid Multi   is a grid robot that works simultaneously with six currency pairs and enters the market when it receives market   Buy   and   Sell   orders from the built-in indicators. If the price goes against, the EA will start opening the grid of orders, increasing the lot size, based on the   Lot Multiplier   parameter, through the distance specified in the   Distance   parameter, points, if this is
329 USD
Range Break Scalper is a forex robot designed to trade breakouts of predefined price ranges. The robot has several input parameters including Auto Lot Size, Max Auto Lots, Risk % of the account, Lot size, SL in range percentage, Target in range percentage, Allow Trailing stop, Trailing points, Range start time(Hours), Range start time(Minutes), Range duration(Hours), Range duration(Minutes), Range close time(Hours) and Range close time(Minutes). The Auto Lot Size parameter allows users to choos
50 USD
Yriy Doronin
The HL-Plus Expert Advisor has many settings for trading, the ability to trade one lot or a set of orders on a grid, the ability to work with a loop of orders, it is possible to increase the number of orders according to a given algorithm, as well as reduce the number of orders based on accumulated profit, there is also a functionality Expert Advisor settings for trading on a given trend.  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1749787?source=Site +Signals+My 
40 USD
EA Beat the Trend   Advisor was developed for trading metals, and in particular gold ( XAUUSD, Gold ), but it can also trade on any other pairs. Working timeframe   M15 Leverage: from   1:500 Minimum deposit:   $200   (for cent accounts from $20) Currency pairs:   XAUUSD, GBPUSD   (set files in   comments ) Recommended brokers:   Tickmill ,   RoboForex INPUT SETTINGS: There is no need to describe the input settings, because there are few of them and they are already configured for
129 USD
Market Anomaly Trading
Sebastian Ospina Valencia
5 (1)
This Robot detects when an statististical anomaly is present on the market an exploits its. It works better on currencies with low volatility but it performs relativellly well on high volatility pairs like EUR/USD and with indexes and commodities. Uses some indicators and its statistical properties to perform statistical arbitrage. Maximal drawdown 22%.(Backtesting) Instructions The bot needs 3 parameters to work: - Sigma (float) : size of the anomaly. A larger sigma means that the anomaly that
100 USD
Live Signals:   IPRO Zar 150 multi IPRO Zar 200 IPRO Zar default The main idea was to make   as   much profit   as possible   with the EA over a not too long period and to   withdraw   it again and again - but in the end the EA can do   both . IPRO Zar   is able to generate   smaller profits   in the   long term   and thus let the account grow slowly. It is also   possible   with the EA to   achieve   large  profits   in the short term, but with a   very high risk . EA looks for   pull backs  
999 USD
Yuta Hirae
[Target currency pair / time] [USDCHF/EURJPY/GBPUSD] For 3 currencies. The target time frame is 15M. [About EA operation] After purchasing an EA, it is recommended to operate with a real account after operating with a demo account for a certain period of time. [About Delia / Logic Overview] Delia is an EA that supports /15M of USDCHF/EURJPY/GBPUSD. *Please change the magic number for each currency pair With simple settings, even those who are not familiar with EA can easily start usi
200 USD
Boss MT5
Carter Kyle Capital Inc.
5 (2)
Thank you for your interest in the Boss EA EXPLANATION: The Boss EA is a 100% Fully Automated Breakout Scalping Expert Advisor. It locates the most optimal positions by detecting the relative highs and lows of the market. With a very low average holding time of trades the Boss EA makes the most of its time by squeezing as much profit it can get while protection your account from drawdown. The system is good for prop firm challenges as it has passed various prop firm challenges already. Thi
499 USD
Volatilities Scalper
Volatilities Scalper is an EA based on the High/Lows of a Candle, it uses lots of indicators to get an accurate entry, Hedges if the price was on opposite direction. See the Parameters Below and please dont use the default settings. Feel free to optimized also so you can see its capabilities on the live market. For Volatility Index 75 Use the settings Below : Autolots :0.0000001 SL : Optional TP : Optional Close All in Pips : 500000 ( it will close all the trades No Matter How on the Desired
199 USD
PK Boom 5OO Light
Prudence Kiconco
PK Boom 500 Light  is an EA designed specifically to trade Boom 500 Index on the M1 Timeframe. The minimum deposit is 100 USD per 0.2 Lot Size for a 1:500 leverage account. PK Boom 500 Light shows stable trading results. PK Boom 500 Light only trades one direction. It only buys thus profiting from the spikes that occur in the Boom 500 Index. This unique feature allows the EA to maximize your profits and minimize the drawdown. PK Boom 500 Light is very simple to use. All you have to do is to ju
80 USD
Algo Scalper EA
Tshepo Michael Motaung
Algo Scalper EA is a confluence day trading robot using market orders and it trades during Trading Sessions. The EA exercise consistency and risk management, it has 2 entry signals produced from  Moving Averages(90 & 120) to harvest the most out of the trending market (on automatic mode). It is capable of allowing you to trade any symbol you want and during the time you want. Profits can only be secured by take profit level. Low spread is highly recommended for this EA, and you will see signific
100 USD
Max Zeus
Aaron Pattni
Get it for $299 while you can! Will be increased to $500 very shortly after a few downloads!! Please see comments for set files for different Pairs! PLEASE OPTIMISE BEFORE USE!!! Strategy is provided in RAW format and must be optimised for correct settings. (file in the comments)    The Max Zeus Strategy is a part of a cross asset market making strategy (Max Cronus) built by myself over years of analysis and strategy building. It takes multiple theories and calculations to trade the market i
299.99 USD
This EA uses a breakout strategy, will look for swing highs and lows automatically. Has protection from daily max drawdown so this ea is very safe. Not using martingale or grid techniques. Recommended timeframe   1 hour. Recommended pairs EURUSD & USDJPY. Risk percent: Risk per trade. Calculate risk based on: You can choose based on balance or equity. Fix lot: If risk percent = 0 the fix lot will be active. Timeframe for signal: Look for swing highs and lows by timeframe Takeprofit: Takeprof
159 USD
Philip Effiong Philip
Carnage  is an aggressive  pullback  scalper designed for  volatile assets . It uses a sequence of orders and has its own  TP  and  SL . It uses a proven  martingale  system. This EA is using  strong recurrences  of the past to take position(Historical Data) and achieve a  high success rate . It gathers data and runs analysis with the relative strength index. It has a high % of market recovery over time. After purchase, kindly send me a message and indicate your account size so I can give you
50 USD
Magic   Triangles is a tick Expert Advisor designed for simultaneous trading on three symbols of the FOREX market. The possible combinations of the financial instruments: SYMBOL 1 SYMBOL 2 SYMBOL 3 EURUSD EURJPY USDJPY EURUSD EURCHF USDCHF EURGBP EURUSD GBPUSD USDCHF USDJPY CHFJPY USDCHF EURCHF EURUSD AUDCAD AUDJPY CADJPY Symbols are choosed in accordance with the following principle of triangulation: SYMBOL_1=SYMBOL_2/SYMBOL_3, for example:  EURUSD = EURJPY/USDJPY. Inputs First Symbol  - first
499 USD
SpaceX EA Bot
Allan Munene Mutiiria
SpaceX EA Bot is a tool that combines volume , trend , price action and intensity indicators and finds the best trades available to take for the system to be effective. It incorporates the best trading strategies to predict the most accurate trend and automatically places trades respectivelly. Here is the best part of the Bot - if the prediction fails, it MANAGES the trades to breakeven and then trails the trades afterwards, and of course, this setting is left for the user to decide, and manages
180 USD
Multisymbol EA
Matthieu Jean Baptiste Wambergue
7 strategies for an EA As indicated by his name this EA trades on several symbols. It uses strategies that have worked well since 2020 on the following symbols: GBPUSD / AUDUSD / EURJPY / CADCHF / GBPNZD / NZDUSD / GBPCHF This EA is based on price action, indicators (moving averages, RSI, MACD and others) and always follows the trend, avoiding market noise. It also performs a complete orders management based on market movements. No martingale or any other risky strategy. No order without stop l
250 USD
Trading strategy: Scalping by price speed. The Expert Advisor is based on a complex trading system based on high price fluctuations. The essence of the strategy is that the expert determines high price fluctuations on the chart using complex mathematical calculations and then, if there are good moments to enter the market, the adviser opens pending orders. The EA uses BuyStop and SellStop pending orders. Trading is conducted on the H1 timeframe. The EA does not use Martingale, Grid and other str
70 USD
Lorentz Breakout Scalper It is a fully automated robot based on a wave breakout strategy.  It is not a simple robot that just add pending orders at the extrem price, but a robot that dynamically adjusts its trading strategy according to market price trends.  This robot integrates a variety of wave trading strategies, enabling the robot to quickly make trading operations at the right price.  Reliable risk filtering systems can filter out high-risk orders in a timely manner, and efficient algorith
199 USD

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