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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 8

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
UpdatedRSI EA
4 (12)
The Expert Advisor recommended for trade on EUS/USD M5. It is based on free indicator "UpdatedRSI". The robot calculates the market entry/exit points based on signals from indicator "UpdatedRSI". The trading volume for opening a position depends on results of previous trades. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It uses an efficient trailing, which automatically adjusts the take profit and stop loss parameters to minimize losses. It is also possible to set the maxi
Arguably THE MOST PROFITABLE SYSTEM..... WITH EXTREMELY ::::::::::TIGHT STOPLOSS::::::: Introduction PRICE of only 199/- (limited period) Live Performance:   HolyGrail Forex Scalper   - Extremely   TIGHT STOP LOSS   on EVERY TRADE (only 20 pips STOP LOSS) - EXTREMELY HIGH WIN RATIO STILL   :::::::::: 90% ::::::::::::: -   SUPER HIGH PROFITS   ::::::::::: BACK TEST SHOWS 1000 ==> 3.2 million in 13 years -   QUICK SCALPING ... TIGHT SCALPING... IS THE HOLY GRAIL of All Systems   as it has EVERYT
199 USD
CAP Zone Recovery Strategy Builder EA MT5  is a another version of our Main Product CAP Zone Recovery EA.  This EA is a strategy builder type EA has more then 34+ build in indicator that you can make more then 1 million combination strategy that boost you trading strategy. Also this Builder offers an incredible amount of functionality with zone recovery strategy. So you can test your strategy easy way without knowledge of coding. [    Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  
99 USD
Avalut Gold Light Mini
Danijel Plesa
5 (1)
Product Description: Avalut Gold Light MINI FREE The fully automatic gold trading system by Edgezone Avalut Light Mini is limited to a maximum of 0.03 lots! You can use it for free on live or demo accounts! You can conduct backtests with the lot size of your choice! We offer you a high-quality system to test here, completely free of charge! It would be great if you could give us a positive review if you like our work so that we can continue to offer our products. Thank you very much. Here you c
New Generation EA MT5
Ismail Hakki Delibas
3.11 (9)
EA Description : This is a High-Frequency Trading EA. EA is supported by a strong signal finding algorithm. Most of the algorithms are smart and automatic. You need to adjust only 3 parameters to optimize the signal engine of the EA. Thus optimizing and using EA is very simple and easy. Supported Symbols and Timeframes : All timeframes and pairs are supported by EA. The best operation of EA is on all 28 Major and Cross Pairs of Forex. The best timeframes are M15,M30,H1 EA Inputs General O
500 USD
FIBO Trend EA mt5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.85 (47)
This is a trend strategy that uses the  FIBO Trend PRO  indicator and trades on the M5-H4 timeframes. The FIBO Trend EA implements the multi-currency trading function and blocks the opening of new orders for other pairs if the allowed drawdown level for one of them is exceeded. The EA has a mobile trading panel for managing auto-trading functions and the ability to open trades manually. All trades opened by the trader in manual mode will be closed with a profit using the DD Reduce Functions sett
AW BW strategy based EA trades on the signals of a custom combination of indicators created by Bill M. Williams. This fully automated trading robot has flexible settings and many work scenarios. The product has many useful features built in: automatic lot calculation, trailing system, stop loss and much more. If necessary, averaging can be used. Advantages: Suitable for any type of instruments and any timeframes. Indicators configurable in the input settings of the adviser. Ability to automatic
75 USD
EA Falcon   is an algorithm that is based on two main strategies that allow you to trade in the direction of the main trend with the use of additional features to make trading safer and more reasonable in terms of risk and profit. This is a versatile Expert Advisor and an excellent portfolio diversification tool with flexible settings that can be configured for conservative, optimal or aggressive trading depending on your preferences. The   settings   can be downloaded in the product discussion
799 USD
Panda Hedging
Jiang Ming Wang
3.4 (5)
Panda Hedging strategy: Due to the high volatility of the forex market, traders have often been forced to develop new methods and techniques in order to limit losses and maximize profits. Hedging has emerged as one of the most effective strategies and tactics for optimizing the chances of winning among the various strategies and tactics employed. Hedging can be thought of as a type of insurance in the forex markets.. But there are moments of deviation (divergence of currencies) from the norma
400 USD
Trend WIN B3
5 (4)
Trend WIN B3 is a professional trading system created for the MT5 platform and optimized to work with MINI FUTURE INDEX (WIN) on B3 in BRAZIL. The system uses Fuzzy Logic in several timeframes (1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, H1, H4, D1) to identify the price trend, applying weights in each timeframe according to the calculations made. After identified the trend, the system positions a STOP order (BUY or SELL) according to the average volatility, and when the position is opened, the EA conducts the trade thr
347 USD
Gold Daily Pay
Bonsu Jude Osei
This EA is mainly a day-trading software for GOLD  But can also take trades and compound them till you stop running it. This EA is very good for day trading, especially for those who like trading with full margins. The minimum deposit required is $20 USD. By default, the initial lot size is 0.05 which is for a $100 USD plus account but if you have a $20 USD account you should change to 0.01 or 0.1 for some forex brokers. You have the option of changing the lot size and adding break-even to your
200 USD
RSI HEDGE MASTER Works Best on USDCAD on the H1 time frame. $1000 Start Balance is highly recommended. RSI Hedge Master takes trades as it crosses the upper or lower levels of the RSI indicator. Simply choose your direction of the cross.  Buy trades will cross the Lower level and Sell trades will cross the higher level if you choose the option "Trade Cross Levels Inward".  Buy trades will cross the Upper level and Sell trades will cross the lower level if you choose the option "Trade Cr
49.99 USD
VOLATILATY 10 ATT ATT >>>>>> traders this is the BOT the EA for your Volatility 10 index by deriv.com this EA is a low risk scalping short position trade trend scalper with the option of increasing lot sizes  to suit your needs and equity remember this EA is a tool  for you as trader to sharpen your skills in scalping the down trend its a RSI , MAD based bot with  tp trail stop to minimize your losses as can see on back test  for the EA to help grow small accounts this is for you  BUY o
30 USD
Spiking Gold NN
Erlan Sumanjaya
Spiking Gold EA is specially  designed for Gold  expert advisor based on advanced algorithm to catching market trend, overbought or oversold zone with neural network algorithm. After extensive testing, we decided to include this EA in our offering. Spiking Gold EA and works perfectly with the XAUUSD pairs M15 timeframes and has been created for all traders who  like to Trade in Gold .  Limited-Time Exclusive price!!!   get this  attractive offering  and  Don't missing out. Enjoy! >>>>>> Please v
399 USD
CAP Stochastic EA MT5
4.36 (11)
CAP Stochastic EA MT5 trades using the Stochastic Indicator. It offers many customizable Stochastic trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  All Products  ] Functions Easy to use and customizable Stochastic setting. Customizable indicator settings Built-in money management Grid trading when trade in Loss C
TP Maximizer
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Boost Your GBPUSD Trading with TP Maximizer! TP Maximizer is the essential tool you need to optimize your trading strategies in the GBPUSD market. This Expert Advisor has been meticulously designed to capture entry signals based on the Bollinger Bands indicator, giving you a competitive edge in your trades. Exclusive launch discount available for a limited time only! Key Features of TP Maximizer: Initial Lot: Control your risk from the start and adjust your investments to your liking. Typ
57.20 USD
WallStBreaker 1
Thibauld Charles Ghislain Robin
5 (1)
WallStBreaker #1 If you've ever stared at the charts and thought there must be a treasure map hidden somewhere in the maze of Dow Jones price moves, then WallStBreaker is your compass. Born out of an obsession to decode the Dow Jones' volatile character, WallStBreaker is the opening act in our series of four EAs designed for MetaTrader, offering a dynamic approach that seizes moments that matter. Rooted solely in mathematical precision, this EA dissects the chaotic world of Dow Jones with a col
TradeGpt4 EA
Canberk Dogan Denizli
Introducing the highly anticipated TradeGpt-4 EA, an advanced trading robot tailored for experienced traders. Our paramount objective is to introduce an innovative approach to the martingale system by leveraging a state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly integrates the latest breakthroughs in AI language models. Through the utilization of an advanced chatbot infrastructure, we have successfully engineered an Expert Advisor (EA) with the remarkable capability to meticulously analyze and discern
239 USD
Momentum Maverick MT5
Michael Reuben Msidada
5 (1)
Trading in the zone philosophy by Mark Douglas is the motto Momentum Maverick uses. Momentum Maverick, a powerful multi-symbol MT5 Expert Advisor designed to capture momentum-based trading opportunities across various forex symbols. Developed over a span of 2+ years, MM incorporates advanced forex market analysis methods and features that went through   rigorous testing to ensure a real edge in the markets without overfitting . With its proven track record of maintaining a less than 10% drawdown
399 USD
Inside bars EA MT5
Jan Flodin
3.8 (5)
This Expert Advisor (EA) opens orders when an outbreak from an inside bar formation occurs. The default settings are recommended for GBPUSD on the H1 time frame (backtested 2015.01.01 - 2022.05.31, 189 trades, which means 0,5 trades in average per week) . The behavior of the EA can be explained in the following steps (please also see separate screenshot for visualization): Look for a trade when the amount of inside bars has been reached. Exit when trailing stop or take profit has been hit. Featu
Dunia Maya
5 (1)
Dunia Maya means virtual world, this is because Dunia Maya EA uses virtual trade in determining entry positions, virtual pending orders, virtual grids and virtual takeprofit. Dunia Maya EA works fully automatic, and it doesn't require complicated settings because  user just needs to upload the already available setfile. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. SIgnal : Click here | MT4 version : here   Needs: + VPS with good i
399 USD
FTMO Devourer
Henry Asaba Achankeng
Introducing FTMO Devourer - Your Ultimate Prop Trading EA Unleash the power of sophisticated trading algorithms with FTMO Devourer, a cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted to conquer the markets using the combined strength of Heiken Ashi, Linear Regressions, and the Keltner Channel indicators. Designed to excel in prop firm challenges, FTMO Devourer offers a unique blend of accuracy, adaptability, and experimentation, making it the ideal tool for prop traders and seasoned investo
Hyper Trader
Rodrigo Matheus da Silva
4.08 (62)
This EA is complete,   multi-strategy ,   free ,   Brazilian and translated into English . If you prefer, download the EA in English: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59417 Light box robot , that is, you define the settings, which strategy you will use to operate. More than 5,150 different input / output signals ; More than 362.273148.218.750.000 possibilities   combining up to 5 options of purchase (entry or exit) or sale (entry or exit), that's right, I checked this account! Over
Note: This is a   limited introductory offer : Only   1 of 10 copies   of this EA will be sold at the current price.  The price of this EA will be increased steadily, to limit the number of users trading with this system. Real Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2012342?source=Site+Signals+My The 90% EA is a day-trading scalping EA. The EA operates based on price action and two moving averages. It utilizes a trading strategy based on ChatGPT. The EA can work with a very small capital, m
599 USD
Ultimate EA for Prop Firms
Riccardo Borello
4.33 (3)
Ultimate EA for Prop Firms is an Expert Advisor specially designed to pass the challenges of Proprietary Firms like MyForexFunds and get a funded account. In fact, it has specific functions to comply with the rules imposed by companies that offer managed accounts. Link for tutorial, detailed description, manual and presets:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/752189 New (August 2023 ): Time Grid Operativity and SuperTrend Strategy! - Choose the strategy you want to use among 6 different ones
599 USD
Dipak Dilip Reddy
5 (1)
The provided code is an example of an Expert Advisor (EA) written in MQL5, a programming language used for creating algorithmic trading systems in MetaTrader 5. Here is a breakdown of the code: The code begins with various input parameters and settings defined using the input keyword. These parameters allow customization of the EA's behavior, such as entry lots, stop loss, take profit, and indicator parameters. Several constant values and variables are declared, including session time setti
Boy Plunger EA
Saeid Soleimani
Discover the power of automated trading with Boy Plunger Gold EA, a revolutionary scalping Expert Advisor (EA) crafted for the Gold and Silver markets. This advanced EA, designed for the MetaTrader 5 platform, is optimized for the XAUUSD market using a H4 timeframe. Uniquely, it doesn't require a low spread account and offers smart take profit and stop loss levels, without the need for trailing features. Join to my Channel  Main attributes include: Safety : The EA avoids risky trading methods, e
109.99 USD
The King Vhura Advisor (KVA) is a fully automated trading system. It works by using a 4 Moving Average Crossover strategy and some internal money management. KVA trades the USDJPY symbol and it is designed to not blow your initial deposit even if you choose to withdraw your profit as soon as you see it.  Unfortunately  tr ading can be a risky investment. Many traders blow their accounts because they lack patience or they fail to commit to their strategy. This is why some traders prefer to use a
Grid Trader MT5 is much more than just another Grid Trading Expert. Its included indicators, the variable Grid building and different profit trailing modes allow to setup very profitable configurations for many types of instruments like Forex, Metals, Commodities, etc. that outperform several of the high-priced/high-rated grid-based experts for much less. Furthermore, the expert can also function as a powerful recovery tool for existing loosing positions that have been opened manually or by o
149 USD
Phsyco Experts
Entus Sofian
2.5 (6)
Physco Experts EA is Powerful and Complete Expert because it can run well on XAUUSD/GOLD and Forex markets such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPJPY. This Expert  uses Neural Network Algorithm in combination with traditional technical analysis to predict market movements. This Expert has trained for that pairs. Note: This is a   limited introductory offer : Only  5  of 5 copies   of this EA will be sold at the current price. Next price:   $699 The
499 USD
Yriy Doronin
Expert Advisor Matrixx2 . The ability to work in all trading modes, with one order, grid trading, using martingale, using reverse trading, increasing the lot size within the grid. Works stably, minimal drawdowns. Before use, it is recommended to optimize for the selected tool. On exchange transactions and their deviations when exiting the flat. You can see good trading results in the signals section. You will also receive a ready-made set with trading settings. 
30 000 USD
Matrix Hacker
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTIMIZE ON LAST MONTH BEFORE BACKTEST AND BUYING.  TEST SET ONLY FILE IN COMMENTS.  Matrix Hacker is for hedged accounts only and uses random walk, the past doesn't matter. The EA sets to keep a stable footing in the market and cover both asks and bids.  Buys and sells bids and asks with varying amounts of size and volumes according to the trader. This is not recommended for a beginner as it still requires knowing about optimizing and not overleveraging.  I recommend using settings for scalping
499 USD
More than > 70% of the market is in a ranging condition. Some traders avoid ranging markets. But after researching for several years, the author has a method that is suitable for ranging market conditions. Now,   NO TREND IS MY FRIEND Use Use TP / SL / Trailing and  NO MARTINGALE Recommended Low Spread / ECN Account Ranging Master : MT4 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/92970 MT5 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93176 Ranging Gold XAUUSD : MT4 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/m
300 USD
NetCap SwingSway
Netcap Financial (Pty) Ltd
NetCap's SwingSway Expert Advisor for MT5 The SwingSway EA is built upon an easy-to-understand trading strategy. It identifies swing trading opportunities where price movements show a noticeable swing pattern. This allows the EA to enter and exit trades at optimal moments, maximizing your profit potential. SwingSway incorporates technical analysis techniques to evaluate market conditions. It analyzes key factors such as price movements, high and low points, and average prices to determine the i
499 USD
TraderMind EA MT5
Maxim Semenov
3 (23)
Easy to use, fully automated neural network trading robot. Works on the H1 timeframe. The levels of SL, TP and trailing stop are calculated according to the formula based on the current market situation, which allows the adviser to close the position on time, fixing the profit and excluding large drawdowns. Limitations - only one currency pair (USDCAD), max order size = 0.01 lots. Parameters Instruments - currency pairs to trade; Order size calc method - type of the calculation of the order
Vladimir Chamin
The investment robot   Cyclope   is a specialized tool for working with the phenomenon of seasonal superperiods in the quotes of financial instruments. In the demo version, you can only find sell signals. Cyclope helps you: Find investment ideas based on seasonal patterns; Automatically trade based on these ideas. The robot analyzes the asset, analyzes, calculates and identifies trading instruments that have signs of similar periods in the near future. What is a super period in the quotes of a
997 USD
Ivan Bebikov
5 (2)
Sale! 50% discount. The price is $299 until 17/09/2023, then the price will be $599. Monitoring -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/bebikovi MT4 version  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/101038 Keep in mind that the results on different brokers will be different, before using it, I recommend testing on your broker, on the issue of suitable brokers, write in PM, the main conditions are a low spread of 0-0.2 points for both currency pairs. Read the  blog post  with the description of
399 USD
Ndumiso Mavuso
3.2 (5)
The strategy is based on finding top and bottoms during the night flat range. The night flat range usually lasts during the Pacific and Asian trading session and is characterized by low volatility. Most night scalpers have one weakness, that is, small gains and few big losses which wipe all the small gains. This Scalper is using Neutral network to avoid days that can potentially have high volatility and result in big loses, Neutral network does this accurately . The Neutral network has currently
WallStBreaker 2
Thibauld Charles Ghislain Robin
5 (1)
WallStBreaker #2 As WallStBreaker #1 unlocked the first set of treasures in the Dow Jones labyrinth, WallStBreaker #2 delves deeper into uncharted territories. An extension of our WallStBreaker series, this second EA is your next step into the complex yet highly rewarding world of the Dow Jones Index. In keeping with our signature approach, WallStBreaker #2 is grounded in mathematical sophistication. There are no magic spells here—just quantifiable logic that navigates the volatility of Dow Jon
Global Intel Invest Gold Scalping EA work with gold scalping to give you best results. Timeframe: Works with current timeframe you have set (BEST WITH M5) You can backtest as per your need It will buy 0.01 lot per $1000 and it will increase gradually as per the balance. ( If you have $10000 balance in your account it will trade with 0.1 lots) If you have any questions or query reach us via skype: globaladsmedia / whatsapp:      https://chat.whatsapp.com/Jn0ut8ywKLc3ES9TvC9wUJ&nbsp ; / emai
CAP Ichimoku EA MT5
4.2 (15)
CAP Ichimoku EA MT5  trades using the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator. It offers many customizable Ichimoku trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  All Products  ] Functions Easy to use and customizable Ichimoku setting. Customizable indicator settings Built-in money management Grid trading when trade in Los
Rsea mt5
4.64 (11)
See comment #1 for ((M1 Eurusd  10 years set )).               Rsea mt5 pro here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/103054  1- You can add another indicator   on the chart while the EA working.   2- if you want to stop the EA in such chart remove it from chart. because when you press Ctrl-E all EAs will stopped and you will miss some chances in other charts and Trailing stop will stop Automatically 3- each chart work with one EA and different magic number, you will add for example: (chart#
Big Trader Mindset
Zada Janitra Kamilah Rahmadi
5 (3)
Big Trader use special orders for buying, selling, taking profit, and closing the orders. When Big Traders want to open a position with volume, they do not randomly place a position to upset the price and trigger their order at a worse price that may result in lowering their profit . Order blocks are special kinds of supply and demand zones formed when there is a block order.  It comes into place due to buying and selling of big traders. This Powerfull EA using Big Traders Mindset Powered by A
800 USD
CommunityPower MT5
Andrey Khatimlianskii
4.77 (88)
CommunityPower   — is the EA created by community and for community. The rules are simple: your ideas + my code = profit for everyone! We took a simple signal and several filters as a basis, gradually adding more and more functions. There are several strategies ready to use, and the work is going on. Join the community, become the part of this power! All the necessary information — is in the official telegram-channel   CommunityPowerNews   (in English). Welcome!
Trend Day Trader
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
Click here to view signal page Embark on a trading journey that transcends human limitations with Trend Day Trader EA – a trading companion that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, elevating your trading endeavors to legendary proportions. In the world of trading, where emotions can cloud judgment and decisions are tainted by human fallibility, AI stands as a beacon of unyielding precision. Trend Day Trader enters the realm of high probability setups with the prowess of a mythical he
300 USD
Project 1 RSI
Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed
5 (1)
Introducing Project 1 RSI, an expert advisor designed to simplify your trading experience. This powerful tool offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to modify according to your specific trading strategies. With its lightning-fast backtesting capabilities, you can swiftly evaluate different scenarios and make informed decisions.  Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, Project 1 RSI empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Experience the simpl
30 USD
Trendy Tunnels MT5
Haidar, Lionel Haj Ali
5 (1)
Trendy Tunnels an expert advisor that automats a low-risk high-reward strategy. DISCOUNTED PRICE for the next 10 copies!  Introducing our new MQL5 Expert Advisor, Trendy Tunnels! This trading system follows the trend by analyzing two moving averages tunnels of different periods, combined with real-time analysis of price action and ADX indicator readings for confluence.  It is a trend-follower system. You can take advantage of booking profits from more significant trends while minimizing risk an
30 USD
Relax EA MT5
Fabio Cavalloni
5 (1)
Live monitoring   signal NOTE: This is for monitoring only, do not subscribe to signal! This EA trade in a very delicate way during very delicate time, be smart and don’t use copy signals service. Discrepancies in quotations, spreads, trading hours and delay in copying trades will make almost impossible to have same results. Relax EA open trades at the end of Friday trading session looking for specific patterns, volatility and momentum on several timeframes: main idea is to catch quickly and pr
499 USD
Yashar Seyyedin
To access the MT4 version of this EA you can contact via private message. Also you can contact for further modifications. strategy description: - Detect underlying trend using the BxTrender indicator in daily time frame. - Trigger entry using supertrend indicator in M15 time frame. - Also use supertrend indicator to set SL and TP accordingly. EA setup - Nasdaq and other indices(like DAX40) are suggested to be traded. - Risk per trade is hard coded to 0.5%. - Risk:Reward ratio is hard coded to 1:
Apex Trader MT5
Profalgo Limited
5 (1)
NEW PROMO: Only a few copies copies available at 349$ Next price: 449$ Get 1 EA for free! Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! Live results:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/79781 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1872951 Introducing the latest addition to our line of forex trading robots -   the Apex Trader . Developed using years of experience in creating expert advisors, Apex Trader is a powerful trading tool for the forex market.   As a developer
349 USD
Hypercon Pro MT5
Aliaksandr Chupryna
"Hypercon Pro MT5" is a multi-currency Expert Advisor based on classic trading strategies. Market entry points are determined automatically, taking into account the characteristics of volatility and the current dynamics of the traded currency pair. To reduce risks, it is recommended to use cent accounts. Signals. Input data: 1. OPENING A POSITION "Period" : The timeframe of the chart determines the intensity of opening positions. The shorter the period, the more aggressive the trade. "Choosing_
30 USD
Nikolaos Pantzos
4.67 (3)
It is a system with many options to help each user find their own settings. There are possibilities to use a filter based on two averages, as well as the choice of whether the system will work at certain hours of the market. The default settings are tested for the eurusd pair. I would recommend that each user do their own testing and find settings that suit their preferences. This is not a ready-made system that you will use without working on it. But it is a good tool to build each user a strat
Fully automated trading robot based on the signals of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator. The EA has built-in functions for automatic lot calculation and an intelligent trailing system. When the market moves in the opposite direction, an averaging system from pending orders is applied. MT4 version -> HERE Advantages: Fully automated system Customizable indicator parameters Built-in automatic lot calculation Intuitive setup Multiplier setting Built-in trailing system Strategy: The main ide
45 USD
Real Quants Forex Volatility Catcher for MT5 Introduction Real Quants Forex Volatility Catcher is a cutting-edge automated trading system designed specifically for MetaTrader 5. Developed through advanced machine learning and exhaustive data mining techniques, this system offers traders a robust strategy for navigating the complex terrains of the forex markets. With a commitment to rigorous testing that includes Monte Carlo simulations, walk-forward matrix optimization, and live execution valida
Expert Alligator
MetaQuotes Ltd.
3.83 (12)
The strategy is based on the Alligator technical indicator, described by Bill Williams in "Trading Chaos". The system is based on three moving averages (Lips, Teeth and Jaw lines), and oscillators, calculated using the difference between them. The trading signals are generated after crossover of the Alligator lines, depending on trend, determined by order of these lines. In the case of upward trend the Lips line (with minimal period) is the highest, the next is the Teeth line, and the lowest i
Anti Trend Trader
Abdul Jalil Mridah
It's only works on EURUSD M30 Timeframe. This robot is profitable. This robot requires minimum deposit of $400. You can get good results with it. You can test it first. You can increase the equity percentage. It will increase the volume in a certain ratio as the equity increases. You don't need to increase the volume by yourself. For the first few days, use the equity volume setup in this robot and then test and increase the equity setting.
This EA trades an engulfing pattern in a manually input price range designed to help trade harmonic patterns like gartey,bat,butterfly ect. Cannot be backtested because only  ONE  trade is opened every time EA is attached to chart. This EA takes long trades only for bullish patterns. Trades on an engulfing pattern that close price is between the manual input price range manually input upper and lower price in which the engulfing bar can form identify a bullish harmonic pattern using another in
Moving Avarage Crossover
Aurelio Miguel Machado Da Silva
3.85 (13)
This robot works with crossing of moving averages. Moving averages are used mainly to follow trends, the strategy of crossing moving averages has the main purpose of taking advantage of large bullish and bearish movements.  All parameters are editable and easy to use, this is an experimental project. Instagram: @oaureliomachado Facebook: Aurélio Machado 
Turtle Breakout EA
Munkh Od Jargalsaikhan
The profitable Breakout Trading Strategy "Turtle" is a trading strategy that enters into a position when long period highs or lows are broken and exits the position when short period highs or lows are broken. This strategy aims to capitalize on significant price movements that break through established support or resistance levels. The long period highs and lows serve as a signal for a potential breakout, while the short period highs and lows serve as a signal to exit the position before the mom
Christopher Benjamin Hemmens
4.2 (5)
Always backtest before using. MintyGrid is a simple EA that has an RSI indicator. On winning trades MintyGrid will take profit based on configuration. On losing trades MintyGrid uses a grid strategy to place resistance points using a martingale/reverse-martingale strategy to be prepared for when the market swings in the opposite direction. MintyGrid can be configured to run on many currency pairs simultaneously and will work as long as the pairs are similar in price. MintyGrid always trades w
A neural network Expert Advisor based on two moving averages with the training mode. Train the Expert Advisor on selected examples and make a profit in real life. The EA can work on any instrument and in any timeframe. Trading Algorithm of the EA Two moving averages are analyzed by the neural network core, which produces commands to buy or sell. the values of two moving averages, fast (FMA) and slow (SMA), are provided to the first layer, at the second layer it calculates two neurons responsib
EA de Long & Short para B3 BOVESPA As operações estão sendo monitoradas no sinal de conta real, vide o link: Sinal em conta real: EA de Long & Short para B3 Bovespa Na descrição do sinal, link supra, tem toda a explicação da parametrização do EA. Dê preferência para a conta de compensação em modo Hedging . Detalhamento do Painel: Cores: Cinza Dark: ON (Em Monitoramento, procurando abrir operação) Verde: ON (Em Operação) Vermelho: OFF Tipo de Operação: Day Trade Swing Trade Status: Estado Detalh
60 USD
Gladius EA mt5
Nikolai Starkovskii
The Gladius Expert Advisor is a software solution based on the use of the Gladius Indicator arrow indicator: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/104202 With the help of this indicator, the adviser performs trading operations on the foreign exchange market. The Expert Advisor has multi-currency testing, which allows you to conduct tests and optimization on various currency pairs at the same time. This allows you to get more reliable and accurate test results and choose the optimal settings
200 USD
Rocket scalper
Irina Selezneva
Do you want a scalper that trades on any time frame and opens many trades? At the same time, you can control the frequency of transactions and their number? And you can also increase the accuracy of transactions. Then take a look at the Rocket scalper. This bot has no analogues in the market! Of course, here you could again write a lot of blah blah blah about how super-technological it is, and that I tried hard when developing it, but come on, who cares about all this. Everyone needs a re
150 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The Expert Advisor works on the basis of the i-Ligament indicator, can be adjusted for various time intervals, can work on the entire history without changing the settings. Uses risk of balance. Optimized by the Custom function. Expert fully automatic! And does not require the user to correct the trade. The work of an expert can be tested in a strategy tester. Works on netting accounts!
99 USD
PZ Fractal Trader EA MT5
3.25 (4)
This EA trades untested fractals using pending orders. It offers many trading behaviors and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions and a martingale mode. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise It implements 4 different trading behaviors Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers Works for 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Trading can be NFA/FIFO C
The Indicator tendency trader EA can trade with 12 top indicators. The following indicators are integrated: 1 Adaptive Moving Average 2 Average Directional Movement Index 3 Bollinger Bands 4 Double Exponential Moving Average 5 Envelopes 6 Fractal Adaptive Moving Average 7 Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 8 Moving Average 9 Parabolic SAR 10 Standard Deviation 11 Triple Exponential Moving Average 12 Variable Index Dynamic Average. All standard indicators trade with simple strategies that are understandable for
Our EA works on RSI and gives you good results on below listed curreny pairs: USDJPY USDCHF GBPUSD AUDUSD EURUSD NZDUSD EURCHF USDCAD ( These are the best pairs so far rest you can try and test ) Attach our EA on each pair manually. Timeframe: Works with current timeframe you have set (BEST WITH M1 and M5) You can backtest as per your need. It will buy 0.01 lot per $1000 and it will increase gradually as per the balance. ( If you have $10000 balance in your account it will trade with 0.1
Pivot Points Master
Benbyaanda Silvere Henri Sedric Kabore
5 (1)
Pivot Point Master is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses traditional technical analysis in combination with Artificial Intelligence to predict market movements. This EA makes use of reinforcement learning (RL) that are trained using data from various symbols. Thus, Pivot Points Master works on all possible assets, as long as you set the right parameters. Major US indices such as the US100, US500 and US30 are the most suitable assets for this strategy as they are very sensitive to pivot p
99 USD
Top Rich EA MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
Note: This is a   limited introductory offer : Only   1 of 10 copies   of this EA will be sold at the current price.  The price of this EA will be increased steadily, to limit the number of users trading with this system. Real Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2012342?source=Site+Signals+My Top Rich EA is a scalping-oriented trading robot that consistently generates monthly profits. The EA utilizes an algorithm to calculate the strength of currency pairs and identify the best buy/se
599 USD

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