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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 12

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Evolving grid
Jere Katainen
4.5 (2)
This is an advanced grid system, works with ATR and takes into account the average short level, average long level, and break-even level when setting the next grid levels. The only user input is the targeted profit factor, recommended above 0, below 2.  Lot sizes are dependant of the natural logarithm of opposing direction trades, so the account will try to always stay in balance: sell size = 0.01 + ln(total buy size * 100)/100 buy   size = 0.01 + ln(total sell size * 100)/100 PM me for more
This is a Forex Scalping Trading Sytem based on the Bollinger Bands.  Pairs:Major Time frame: 1M or higher. Spread max:0,0001.  Indicators (just suggestion) Bollinger bands (20, 2); ADX (14 period); RSI   (7 period ). Y ou should only trade this system between 2am to 5am EST, 8am to 12am EST and 7.30pm to 10pm EST. Do not scalp 30 minutes before a orange or red news  report and not for a hour afterwards.   Setup: is for price to move above the lower or lower Bollinger Bands, RSI raise above the
The Fireball EA
Michael Prescott Burney
**Fireball Expert Advisor (Enhanced) for MetaTrader (EURUSD 15M)** --- **Introduction**: Unveiling the revamped Fireball EA - a testament to innovation and refinement. Specifically optimized for the EURUSD 15M chart, this algorithm's enhanced version encapsulates meticulous research, experience, and insights into a dynamic trading tool, elevating its potential to new heights. --- **What's New in the Enhanced Version**: - **Strategic Evolution**: This revamped iteration harnesses an u
North Star
Gennady Sergienko
3.63 (8)
The EA trades in the American session, the strategy has the functions of fixing losses, can open up to 12 positions, while the signals are quite accurate. Despite the fact that the EA is free, it has a rather complex algorithm. At some point, you will need to intervene in trading. Control your risks. Please note that the EA is highly optimized for history and the test results do not reflect future trading. Requirements: Currency of account: EURUSD M5; Account type:   hedging; Speed of exe
The initial price is 100 USD, the future price is 200 USD Trading is carried out by market orders from important price levels, which are determined by an advanced adaptive algorithm  EA . the Algorithm allows you to determine the dynamic levels of price changes, which gives the EA the ability to quickly find entry points. The EA determines the short-term trend and opens a position with a subsequent partial closure, the average position is open for several hours. The EA trades many major curr
70 USD
AW ADX based EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
The Expert Advisor trades according to the signals of the ADX indicator. The classic strategy of determining the trend by the values of PlusDi and MinusDi relative to each other is used when the trend is active, determined by the main line of the indicator. Trading is carried out in the direction of the current trend. Problem solving ->   Here   /  MT4 version ->   Here   / Instruction  ->   HERE   Advantages: Configurable indicator signals Suitable for any type of instrument and any timeframe U
45 USD
Hoang Danh Duc
Kick2pips (can not run with high slippage broker) - Special EA only Stop loss 5pips for gold (original version only 2 pips but brokers do not accept this) - use trailing stop - Virtual SL-trailing - best trading for American session - Default H1 (usually 1 transaction per day) - you can also run on M5-M15-M30 if you want more transactions Using set file - MQL5 does not allow downloading the original version live signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2072228?source=Site+Profile+Seller MT4 ve
999 USD
Morf AT
Evgenii Olkhovskii
Morf AT   - форекс робот MT5, включающий на сегодня более 60 различных методов оценки и прогнозирования движения рынка. Для работы с роботом вам не потребуется установка дополнительных параметров, он самостоятельно определит их в зависимости от вашего депозита, брокера и настроек платформы.  Morf AT   - разрабатывался и регулярно развивается опытной командой аналитиков и разработчиков, применяющих на практике свои знания в крупнейших IT компаниях, также робот обладает свойством самообучения, по
499 USD
Trendy Tunnels MT5
Haidar, Lionel Haj Ali
5 (1)
Trendy Tunnels an expert advisor that automats a low-risk high-reward strategy. Introducing our new MQL5 Expert Advisor, Trendy Tunnels! This trading system follows the trend by analyzing two moving averages tunnels of different periods, combined with real-time analysis of price action and ADX indicator readings for confluence.  It is a trend-follower system. You can take advantage of booking profits from more significant trends while minimizing risk and maximizing returns. The expert advisor au
30 USD
This EA trades with the trend using several methods to identify and enter a trade. For example, it uses trendlines, Gator and Stochastic indicators to analyze the market. In addition to trading, it can also display trend lines that it trades based on. It has filters for ADX and MA indicators, as well as a sufficient number of settings to be able to optimize on various currency pairs and timeframes. The EA sets stop loss and take profit for each trade, does not have risky trading methods. It i
15 USD
Buy Sell Bands MT5
Yuriy Kuzmin
3 (2)
Expert Advisor for manual and automatic trading on the trend lines of the indicator       Bollinger Bands. The Expert Advisor draws trend lines from the middle band for a specified number of candles. Important!!! - you need to test the adviser in visual mode. You may be interested in my other products: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/vypchela/seller Comments are welcome! Expert Advisor is available only on the MQL5 website! Options: Magic Number is a magic number. Profit - take profit Stop - sto
Big Trend Catcher
Aleksandr Davydov
3 (2)
Expert description The Expert Advisor's trading system is based on entry and exit at a certain deviation of the asset price from the moving average value. The Expert Advisor has a number of parameters, by manipulating which you can implement different trading systems and also get different results when trading on different assets, keep this in mind when setting up an Expert Advisor and do not use standard settings on all instruments and time frames. Recommendations for use The EA working
CAP Wabot Scalper EA   is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that uses advance price movement. Indicators are not used in operation. The EA uses Take Profit and Stop Loss. Averaging and Martingale are not used. This EA is basically designed to trade EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY which implements a complete and fully-functional trading strategy. But EA can be working any of pair. This EA will need a good broker with small spread to work successfully. CAP Wabot Scalper EA   is backtest
McDuckEA MT5
Viktor Shpakovskiy
McDuckEA MT5 – works on the martingale strategy. It shows good results when trading on Gold, XAUUSD. Martingale orders are opened with a step from each other and only after the opening of a new bar of the set timeframe. During the release of important news, the adviser suspends the opening of new orders. The EA has an internal risk control system and, if the risk is exceeded, it starts to exit the market, closing extreme positions in pairs. The level of loading of the deposit determines the risk
999 USD
PZ CCI Trader EA MT5
3.25 (8)
This EA trades using the CCI Indicator. It offers many trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise It implements three different entry strategies Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers Works for 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Trading can be NF
London Session Breakout
Luar Ugartemendia Goenaga
Unlike many other programs in the mql5 market this is a REAL day trading strategy. It does not use any martingale or grid functionalities and follows a logical concept. The Range Breakout Expert Advisor can be used to trade time ranges. The market often finds its direction in the London Session and then follows this trend for the day. This expert advisor is designed to trade these trends after the London Session breakout. Still, you can trade all sorts of time breakouts with this program. I use
Pending Scalper MT5
Aliaksandr Chupryna
2.17 (6)
"Pending Scalper MT5" is a no martingale scalping EA focused on breaking out relative highs and lows. The market is entered using pending orders. Peculiarities: // Minimum deposit = $20. // Ability to test 6 currency pairs simultaneously, with individual input data for each symbol. // When trading on a trading or demo account, it is recommended to set it on different charts - corresponding to the names of working currency pairs. // Brokers with 5-digit quotes are preferred. // Filters by spre
50 USD
DemsFx BC Entry EA
Desmond Ebimobowei Dogubo
1. The Expert Adviser is built with a basic, simple and stable trading strategy with i touch or Price Action Principle that is highly effective and accurate with a sniper entry system for a good money management.. 2. The expert advisor works best as from 15 minutes time frame and above.... 3. The expert advisor work with all broker all currency pair and synthetic indices... 4. Use a reasonable lot size and correct settings if you want to get the best of the Expert Advisor.. 5. With Default setti
Tiger 1 MT5
Hicham Mahmoud Almoustafa
"Tiger 1 ( non stop trend following )  is a highly skilled specialist designed to navigate the unpredictable realm of technical analysis within the gold market. Signal  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/playerhm3/seller Functioning with remarkable precision, Tiger 1 adeptly manages market fluctuations by seamlessly executing both buy and sell trades in response to shifts in trends. In instances where the expert's performance might falter, a fail-safe mechanism is employed, wherein an additional
50 USD
Pyramid EA
Sergei Makarevich
The Expert Advisor is based on the work of two indicators SM ZigZag and SM trend cloud . The signal to open BUY or SELL orders is formed based on the data received from the " SM ZigZag "indicator. As soon as the indicator shows the formation of a downtrend (red line), the Expert Advisor places a BUY order with the set lot (the ability to choose in the settings whether it will be fixed or dynamic). After placing the first BUY order with the initial lot, until the indicator has formed a blue
125 USD
EA Smile 2 MT5
Luis Enrique Ricales
The EA trades on two indicators iMA (Moving Average, MA) and one iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI). Decision on trade signals is only made when a new bar appears, while positions are trailed and closed (in case of profit) at every tick. An unconventional solution was applied: The   Slow   indicator averaging period is calculated as the   Fast   averaging period multiplied by two, while the   RSI   averaging period is always equal to the   Fast   averaging period. This reduces the number of par
Ge Double Ema Macd
Garikoitz Errasti Randez
3.8 (5)
This EA is a robot based on two EMAs and an standard MACD. No martingale or grid strategies. All positions have their own stop-losses. Trading strategy: This robot uses fast and slow EMAs to check the trend of the currency, once the trend is known, the standard MACD will trigger the correct order. Placing the best take profit and stop loss depending on the strengh of the trend. The Expert Advisor is designed for best performance in EURUSD currency pair at a 15m timeframe. Both slow EMA and fast
Novateq Pty. Ltd
Use Stochastic with oversold and overbought to find trading opportunities. Use RSI to identify strength of trend anf confirm the trend matches the stochastic overbought and oversold. Trade on MACD cross matching the trend identified by Stochastic and RSI. Set stop loss at a recent swing high or swing low. Set take profit as a ratio of stop loss. Exits are on take profit and stop loss only, there is no exit signal.
LineTrader 2 MT5
Sergei Evstiunichev
LineTrader 2.0 MT5 Version for MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/67566 Monitoring of the expert's work on a real account in real time: 1. Real account, starting balance of $5,000, launched in May 2020: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/773977 2. Real account, starting balance of $10,000, launched in April 2022: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1538431 The idea behind the Adviser's work: Everyone knows that the price never goes endlessly in one direction and without correction
1 200 USD
Guillermo Monguia
OVERVIEW The "Scalplux " EA follows a “ scalping breakout ” strategy that exploits a vulnerability in EUR/USD pair. It is highly suggested to trade with a low spread and commission broker. Does not need forced optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profit in the future. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.  Please download the free demo to do your own testing. REQUIREMENTS Trading pair EUR/USD (***) Minimum deposit 100$ Leverage 1:100 Br
157 USD
Parallax EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Parallax EA for Prop Firm Challenges & Live Account Management (AUDUSD H1) Description : Introducing the revitalized Parallax EA, engineered with the focused intent of addressing prop firm challenges and managing live prop firm accounts. Leveraging 25 meticulously optimized strategies on the AUDUSD H1 chart, this EA is grounded on data since 2007. However, it's the stellar performance over the past 12 months that sets it apart. Key Features : Depth of Strategy : 25 unique strategies, each stress
The Juggernaut EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing the Juggernaut EA for AUDUSD H4 Chart. - 50 Synergistic Strategies: This EA boasts 50 optimized strategies since January 1st, working in harmony to cover diverse market movements. - Monte Carlo Validation: Rigorous testing ensures resilience and adaptability, preparing it for various market conditions. - Safety First: Each strategy includes preset TP and SL levels for prop firm compliance, balancing opportunity and capital safety. - Exceptional Drawdown Control: Juggernaut p
SPX Thunder EA
Michael Prescott Burney
Introducing SPX Thunder EA for SPX500 5M Chart. This expert advisor features five fully optimized strategies, meticulously crafted to handle various market conditions. Rigorous Monte Carlo stress validation ensures resilience under high-stress scenarios. Exclusively designed for the SPX500 5M chart, SPX Thunder offers a specialized and finely tuned trading experience. Elevate your trading with precision and conquer the charts like never before.
Anton Gorin
4.14 (7)
Operation of the CodEx Expert Advisor is based on patterns composed of consecutive candles. Positions are closed when opposite signals appear. Sequences of candles are encoded into an integer according to the following rule. The code number must be converted to binary form and the highest bit must be discarded. The resulting sequence of bits encodes a continuous sequence of candles, where 1 is a bullish candle, 0 is a bearish candle. The higher bits encode the earlier candles. For example: 19[10
AW RSI based EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
4 (1)
The EA trades on price returns from oversold or overbought conditions, opens positions when signals are received from the RSI oscillator. The system has many scenarios and flexible configuration. Uses averaging, the function of closing the first and last basket orders and the function of automatic lot calculation. Has an advanced dashboard and three types of notifications. Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE  /  Instruction  ->   HERE   Advantages: Easy setup and intuitive panel
45 USD
Traders Toolbox Lite
Jason Kisogloo
4.83 (12)
Traders Toolbox  (Live Accounts - Indicator Only, Demo Accounts - Full Featured) created based on extensive training on common trading strategies in order to automate those strategies and calculations .   (designed and programmed by Jason Kisogloo) Fe atures: 19 Individual Signals   - Each one of these signals can be biased in a neural network style configuration to constitute the final / overall result. Each signal has its own settings to be customised or optimised if needed. Comprehensive On
FNG Advisor
Tyler Henry Roberts
4.75 (4)
You must add the address ' http://ec.forexprostools.com/ ' in the list of allowed URL tab 'Tools/Options/Advisors' Check out our MFI Version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/75573 Live Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1286661   Please note that you will need to optimize and customize to your broker. With FNG Advisor you are able to make strategies that best fit you and your trading style. Features: Filter indicators: Envelopes, BEAR/Bull, Moving Average, Williams' Perc
Ultron Dex 900 Down
Dawid Aaron Zinserling
DEX 900 DOWN Lets all welcome the newest member of the family. Ultron Dex 900 Down EA is here. Based on signals from 2 moving averages , MACD and the Stochastic Oscillator. I have introduced a risk % for user to not only have to select Lots but now also have Risk% to account available. The Ultron Dex900 receives signals from 3 different timeframes in order to find the best point to enter the market. Start trading with as little as 20$ account with a Lot size of 0.01 . EA has the function for
120 USD
Pass The Prop Firm EA
Dirar Alzoubi
2.5 (2)
Next Price -->   (Buy:   150   $ ) Introducing "Pass The Prop Firm" EA – Your Companion for Trading Challenges! Ready to tackle prop firm challenges? "Pass The Prop Firm" is your versatile MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor, designed to handle prop firm tests and accommodate various trading styles. Trade Smart with Custom Settings: Customize "Pass The Prop Firm" to align with your strategy. Set daily drawdown, total drawdown, and profit targets. Easy Integration: Connect "Pass The Prop Firm" to your
30 USD
Our  SMART TRIANGLE EA is  somehow like a grid , but it differs WAY TOO MUCH from ordinary grid and martingale strategies, because we always trade in TRIANGLE. For example in any situation 3 orders are opened at the same time ( For example EURUSD, EURGBP and GBPUSD in this triangle. In any situation does not matter if GBPUSD goes up or down , we always have EURGBP that insures our position and in gives defense in case of volatile market. This strategy is based on a correlation and discorella
399.99 USD
Sakura EA mt5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.67 (12)
SAKURA Expert Advisor is a classic trading system with breaking through certain trend levels (breakout strategy).  The built-in news filter function blocks the opening of new orders during the release of important news. The robot does not use martingale, grid system or other dangerous strategies. Each order has personal levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit and TrailingStop, which are calculated automatically in accordance with the strength of the current trend.  The order size is determined in
125 USD
Boy Plunger EA
Saeid Soleimani
The Boy Plunger Gold EA is a revolutionary scalping Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the Gold and Silver markets. This EA does not require a low spread account and offers smart take profit and stop loss levels, without the need for trailing features. The EA is intended for use and backtesting specifically in 2023. Main EA setting: Timeframe: The timeframe used for market analysis. It is set to PERIOD_H4, which represents the 4-hour timeframe. ATR_Period: The number of bars used for calcul
109.99 USD
RP FourThousand EA MT5
Richard Louis Pastor
1 (1)
The Rp4000 Expert Advisor employs a highly effective strategy by utilizing the Keltner Channels Indicator to identify optimal trade entries. Keltner Channels consist of three lines - an exponential moving average (EMA) in the center, and upper and lower channels based on the average true range (ATR). When the market price breaches the upper channel, it generates a buy signal, and when it crosses below the lower channel, a sell signal is generated. This strategy is effective because it combines t
Counterattack MT5
Mr Thadanai Chulasamaya
Counterattack EA  is a fully automatic Grid Expert Advisor for Trend Scalping  Trading on  XAUUSD timeframe M1 but also in others.   Recommendations The Expert is programmed to work on  XAUUSD M1,  but you can use all others timeframes also. An  ECN  broker is always recommended A low latency  VPS  is always recommended. The recommended Leverage is 1:100 or more. The recommended capital is 10000 ($/cent) per 0.01 Lots or more. For higher Lots please test by yourself Please test Demo before you
Attention!!!Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! The Expert Advisor was created for trading with a broker (Deriv). The EA has been optimized over the last year, starting from 2019-2023. The Expert Advisor is professional, with its help you can independently optimize the Expert Advisor in the future. The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Please note that Profitable trades (% of the total 88% - 90%): A synth
2 000 USD
Best Scalper FreeVersion 4H
Bruno Alexandre Azevedo Dantas
4 (1)
FIRE FIRE FIRE !!! !!!  ea for all people see my work and can take advantage too. is always nicely have nice people trying new things.... i hope work like anothers but try on backtests first... i will let too the chat of support like anothers but can may change in future for one for free EA's... yeah will have more of it :D :D :D :D :D    chat for free ea  ( maintenance) That one i dont will talk how work, just try it...  #tradingbot #forex #trading #bourse #cac #money #crypto #c
Catapult EA
Softcore Automation Systems LTD
5 (1)
CATAPULT This  is a one-of-a-kind expert based on trend. It is based on the successful grid expert, with the help of a multilayer perceptron, the entry point has been refined. Several auxiliary proprietary indicators have been added. The Expert Advisor opens trades variably. How to use the EA The EA has been optimized for the best performance. Just attach the EA to EUR/USD chart and let it operate by itself.  All the required settings have been considered after careful back testing and live t
Lusaka mt5
Mikhail Mitin
4 (3)
Main: Not martingale, not a grid; Working on all symbols; Signals: There is a good rational algorithm. Work of two indicators: Envelopes and Moving Average (you can set a separate Timeframe for each indicator) Stop Loss/Take Profit: There is a good money management system (there are several type for trailing stop loss); There is virtual levels of Stop Loss / Take Profit; There is smart lot (percent by risk) or fix lot Important: EA can work on closed candles, and on current candles; Quick
Structure Breakout EA MT5
Diego Arribas Lopez
5 (1)
[ MT4 Version ] Structure Breakout  EA MT5 Structure Breakout EA is an Expert Advisor inspired by structure breakout trading. It seeks to capture the explosive movements that follow a period of consolidation. It allows the user to adapt the EA to trend breakouts automatically recognized by the robot or to price structure breakouts. It is also highly customizable, which allows it to be easily adapted to different pairs, timeframes and risk profiles. It is independent of market sessions. The numbe
147 USD
RSI Martingale MT5
Joseph Anthony Aya-ay Yutig
3 (1)
RSI Martingale is simply based on the RSI indicator. You can avail it for an affordable price right now because SET and OPTIMIZATION files are not yet available. The rules of the EA is when the indicator reaches the overbought condition, it will open a sell position and buy when the indicator reaches the oversold condition. When the trade is lost, the EA will trade the same position with a doubled lot size.
AW BW strategy based MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
5 (1)
AW BW strategy based EA trades on the signals of a custom combination of indicators created by Bill M. Williams. This fully automated trading robot has flexible settings and many work scenarios. The product has many useful features built in: automatic lot calculation, trailing system, stop loss and much more. If necessary, averaging can be used. Advantages: Suitable for any type of instruments and any timeframes. Indicators configurable in the input settings of the adviser. Ability to automatic
75 USD
LoneWolf Mt5
Dmitriy Prigodich
3.83 (6)
Советник основанный на сигналах индикатора  Relative Strength Index (RSI)  и Stochastic  в зоне перекупленности - продаем, в перепроданности - покупаем. Я рекомендую использовать этот советник только на VPS.  Добавляйтесь в друзья, присылайте свои интересные стратегии. Возможно после обсуждения всех нюансов напишу советника бесплатно . Параметры:                                                                    "_Slippage"    - Проскальзывание;           "_   Magic"    -  Идентификатор ордера; 
This is a simple EA Can only open ONE trade EVER then MUST be reattached to the chart everytime you want to use it. Designed to help manual traders Has lot sizes and stops / targets in pips. For a buy trade the engulfing bar must close above the previous red bars high Includes Alarm and Phone notifications Basically if you find a price zone you like and will take a trade if there is an engulfing bar . use this.
Tailor Ea
Saeid Soleimani
3.38 (16)
The TAILOR EA  is an advanced automated trading system designed specifically for the MQL market. This bot monitors the CHOCH price (character change) and market trends to place Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders in a secure and efficient manner. It offers a multitude of safety features, ensuring a smooth and reliable trading experience. Live Signal  Start June 2022   and  ( MT4 Version ) Key Features : 1 : Smart Stop: The bot intelligently places stop orders to minimize losses and protect your
69.99 USD
Fibo Trader FREE MT5
Grzegorz Korycki
3.8 (5)
Fibo Trader is an expert advisor that allows you to create automated presets for oscillation patterns in reference to Fibonacci retracements values using fully automated and dynamically created grid. The process is achieved by first optimizing the EA, then running it on automated mode. EA allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. When in manual mode the user will use a graphical panel that allows to manage the current trading conditions, or to take control in any moment to trade ma
Master Scalping
Pran Gobinda Basak
Master Scalping is an expert advisor (EA) developed for the MetaTrader 5 platform using MQL5 programming language. As its name suggests, it is designed for scalping in the foreign exchange (forex) market, where it aims to generate small profits from numerous trades executed within a short period. The EA uses a combination of technical indicators and price action analysis to identify trading opportunities and execute trades automatically. It can be customized with various settings such as lot siz
Trend Day Trader Mini
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
Introduction Trend Day Trader Mini is a free Expert Advisor designed for traders seeking a simplified yet effective approach to trading in the Forex market. It is particularly suitable for beginners due to its straightforward strategy and easy setup. Features Trend Following Strategy: Trend Day Trader Mini employs a trend-following strategy, making it ideal for capturing trending market movements. User-Friendly Setup: The Expert Advisor is designed to be easy to install and configure, making it
The Viper EA MT5
Profalgo Limited
4.36 (11)
NEW PROMO: Only a few copies copies available at 349$ Next price: 449$ Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! Live monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1422803 The Viper EA uses sharp and effective "mean reversion" entries during the ranging period of the trading sessions (between 23h and 1h GMT+2, US DST).    These trades already have a very high succesrate, but if the market turns against the position, the EA will initialize its trademark rec
149 USD
Session Break FVG MT5
Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Hassan Aljasmi
Session Break FVG EA is an Expert Advisor for trading any pairs on any timeframe, with an accuracy and performances never seen before. All trades are protected by a Stop Loss and use a Take profit or trilling stop to exit profitable trades. It operates during the Aisa, London, and New York markets times. It's smilier to ICT strategy. EA first wait for session to break then it looks for FVG (Fair Value Gap) to form. Every trade has stop loss and take profit. Not using any danger strategy like mar
499 USD
Dmitriy MT5
Ruslan Pishun
5 (3)
This long-term trading system works on 10 pairs and M5 timeframe. It uses various trading systems, such as trend trading, countertrend trading and others. This increases the chances of sustained growth and reduces exposure to a single pair or individual operations. The risk is very controlled. The settings are very simple, there is no need to change them. Optimization is not required as well. Realistic management of internal adjustments. Instead of trying to find the exact values that fit the h
70 USD
BlueDreams MT5
Conor Stephenson
5 (2)
BlueDreams is a grid expert that will scalp specific high and low points in price. The advisor views the market in depth using a mixture of price information and custom indicators analysing from multiple timeframes to determine calculated entries. It operates a dynamic grid function able to change its pipstep distance depending on market dynamics. Signals : --- Group chat :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/conorstephenson Please contact me after your purchase for set up advice and a free Expert A
30 USD
Euraura EA
Michael Prescott Burney
**EURAURA EA Description**: **Purpose**:   EURAURA EA is designed for automated trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform. It employs a combination of technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals based on predefined conditions. **Features**: 1. **Risk Disclosure**: make sure you are familiar about the potential risks associated with trading before using this EA. THERE IS NO HOLY GRAIL!!! 2. **Parameters**:     - Entry Amount: Lot size for opening trades.    - Stop Loss: Distance (in
Neuron Net USDCHF is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict USDCHF price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. Signal : Click here Why Neuron Net USDCHF  ? +   Neuron Net USDCHF   has been through the research and development stage for almost 1 year, and has passed the testing phase on demo accounts and real accounts. +   Neuron Net USDCHF   does not use martingale SET UP Symbol
199 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $99! After that, the price will be raised to $199. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Advanced Triangle Trading is a trading EA with a strategy called "Retracement Waves Trading". The EA uses some special calculation to calculate entry points with 3 currency pairs "AUDCAD,AUDNZD,NZDCAD". EA will always try to keep the drawdown as low as possible in long term trading - REAL SIGNAL: IC Markets: 
99 USD
Grid Harvester MT5 Free
Grzegorz Korycki
4 (6)
WARNING: Product is out of support!  Free version of the grid strategy! Identical strategy to the full version, the only limitation is the number of positions. Its goal is to harvest most out of trending market (on automatic mode) taking advantage of corrections in trends. It can be also used by experienced traders on manual trading. This kind of system is being used by most successful social traders having 500+ paid subscribers. Combine your trading experience with this automatic strategy! It
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T8Mge39Xsk&t=9s Youtube Sell only EA here. These EAs trade macd divergence only if there is a parabolic sar change at the same time. Buy bullish macd divergence & parabolic sar crosses below price Macd settings  Threshhold is how far above / below zero divergence must occur. Timeframe used Parabolic sar settings Only one trade in that direction can be opened at once. Trades on open bar Alerts , mt5 and mobile Stop loss and target points Stop loss is set
Dragon Training
Dang Cong Duong
At first, I got my teeth into  Dragon Ultra   Expert Advisor. This Lesson is “Awesome”. In fact, It’s probably one of my best trading lessons I have ever written. It took me at least 2 days of brain power and probably 20 coffees. Please pay it forward, share it with others. Enjoy. Bruce Lee was arguably the best martial artist of all time, and guess what? He was not born the best martial artist of all time. He earned that title through dedication and focus…he learned to become a MASTER of
Expert Advisor of Cross two moving averages accompanied by stop loss, take profit and multi timeframes on each moving averages. You can change all the parameters contained in the moving averages Please use as appropriate, hopefully can be useful and assist you in the transaction Don't forget to give a review if this product helps you MA Method 0 = simple 1 = exponential 2 = smoothed 3 = LW
VPS Sentinel MT5
Marti Castany
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The VPS Sentinel Expert Advisor will be your ally to   protect your trading capital   and keep you updated of the status of your trading terminal (MT5) running on your remote VPS (Virtual Private Server). With the VPS Sentinel running on your terminal, you will have a first line of defence against any problem that could occur. You will also be able to: Define a  Global Stop  level (Stop-Out), decide if you want to receive notifications and also enable an automatic closing of working positions an
Intelligent Revenu MT5 EA
Fatoumata Dian Malya Diallo
The INTELLIGENT INCOME strategy is a combination of custom indicators and a very advanced trading algorithm. It has been tested with real ticks, and passed the stress test with slippage approximating real market conditions over a period of 5 years. SMART INCOME EA IS FOR THOSE WHO: - HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE PUSH IN TRADING - WANT TO HAVE A PASSIVE INCOME EVERY DAY - WISH TO ATTEND OTHER OCCUPATIONS - WISH TO RISK THE MINIMUM CAPITAL POSSIBLE FEATURES - Only with the EURUSD pair; The Multi-currency
Dumangan MT5
Jose Lagayan
Introducing Dumangan MT5 - The Philippine God Of Harvest (MT4 Version -  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/98661 ) Experience the abundance of successful trades with Dumangan MT5, our new Expert Advisor available on MQL5.com. Named after the revered Philippine God of Harvest, Dumangan, this tool embodies the essence of reaping profits from the fertile ground of the markets, just like Dumangan blessed the fields with bountiful crops. A Focused Strategy with Customizable Settings Dumangan MT
PraNik EA macd levels MT5
Prafull Manohar Nikam
Easy to use EA designed to auto trade. Works in every market condition. It uses reliable levels of MACD indicator combined with unique logic to perform fully automatic trading operations. *For MT4 version please go here! *If you don't like automated system and only need an alert system to help you in trading. Please check this arrow with alert system  here! FEATURES: Dangerous methods like martingale, hedge, grid or scalping are NOT used. Each position has Stop Loss and Take Profit. Positional
Attention: Unlike most other EAs in the market, I always assure every single of my EAs are of highest quality: Real trades will match backtesting. No loss hiden techniques to hide historical losses, no manipulated backtest to make backtesting curve smooth without loss (only naive traders believe in smooth upward curve with no risk - they are most likely scamming). My EA always have multi-years verified statistical trading edge. Robust and long term stable with sensible risk management. Not s
599 USD
Crystal Ice EA
Michael Prescott Burney
**Crystal Ice Expert Advisor (Updated) for MetaTrader (GBPUSD 15M)** --- **Introduction**: Experience the evolution of precision and strategy with the updated Crystal Ice EA, now more refined and efficient than ever before. Tailored for the GBPUSD 15M chart, this latest iteration brings together 7 handcrafted strategies, meticulously honed over 4 years of premium chart data. A step above its predecessor, the new Crystal Ice EA delivers enhanced trade entry frequency combined with heighten
KT Candlestick Patterns Robot MT5
KT Candlestick Patterns Robot is a 100% automated expert advisor based on the KT Candlestick Patterns indicator . After fetching the candlestick patterns and signals directly from the indicator, it performs some pre-checks and assessments to execute the trading positions efficiently. Entries: On the emergence of new candlestick patterns. Exits: The opposite pattern, Neutral pattern, Stop-loss, or Take-Profit. All the dependencies are embedded in the expert advisor. It's not imperative to buy
120 USD

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