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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 31

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
任何交易者的最佳伙伴! 该EA加载后: 1.可以对无止损止盈的订单自动设置止盈和止损. 2.可以对盈利订单在盈利一定设置幅度后保护盈利 3.可以移动止盈止损 特性 1.可以对无止损止盈的订单自动设置止盈和止损. 2.可以对盈利订单在盈利一定设置幅度后保护盈利 3.可以移动止盈止损 自动止盈止损设置 自动设置止损止盈的开关 固定止损的点数设置 固定止盈的点数设置 自动使用波幅自动计算的TP设置 波幅自动计算的TP的风险系数设置 超过一定开仓时间的订单不再设置止盈止损. 止损保护设置 止损保护开关 止损保护启动点数设置 盈利保护点数设置 止损移动设置 移动止损开关 移动止损启动点数设置 移动止损回撤点数设置 有任何问题,欢迎交流...
30 USD
Boris- Полностью автоматический ,агрессивный советник основанный на математических расчетах, написанный специально под валютную пару EUR/USD. Период H1. Советник использует свой автоматический виртуальный стоплосс и тейкпрофит !  Ваш брокер не будет видеть ,задерживать модификацию,забыть поставить стоп и так далее. Тестировать рекомендую только с качеством 100% тиков у брокеров дающих реальные котировки. Входные параметры:  Magic=77777; - Магик ордеров  StartHour=1;  - Час начала Торговли
2 500 USD
Triangular Arbitration
Vladimir Khlystov
2 (4)
Triangular arbitrage is the simultaneous opening of orders for three currency pairs. The direction of transactions and pairs are selected in such a way that simultaneously open positions insure each other. Due to this, you can open quite large lots, and the risk is low. Triangle options: EURUSD – USDJPY-EURJPY USDCAD-CADCHF-USDCHF EURGBP-GBPUSD-EURUSD AUDUSD – USDCAD-AUDCAD GBPAUD – AUDUSD-GBPUSD The orders that are part of such a triangle are in constant motion. The Expert Advisor analyzes the
750 USD
Magic Max
3.67 (3)
Magic Max EA , works  with Supply Demand Zones with all Currency pairs / Gold and with all timeframes. .............................................................. Timeframe: (H1 or H4) EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, GOLD Timeframe: (M1 To H1) STEP INDEX, V10,V50,V75 , V100, Boom and Crash ---------------------------------------------- (You can select Trade mode according to Trend or for few pair like Boom500/1000 only BUY, C500/1000 only sell) Trade Mode = Both
99 USD
UPDATE v2.0 IS OUT - READ ALL THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE USE IT “ Continuum EA was born from the need to have a short-term trading with operational signals.” The logic behind this system is based on one entry per candle. A check based on multiple moving averages detects the direction of the trade. The EA immediately opens a trade and places a pending averaging order at the desired distance and lot. It is possible through settings to modify the operation of averaging in the F7 panel, working wit
35 USD
Trend Dynamics
Oleksandr Powchan
Trend Dynamics Expert Advisor is a level trader designed to be as precise as possible. Because of the extreme accuracy of the entries and the algorithms ability to filter out bad trades, the system does not take new trades every day. The system was not optimized and has fixed indicator settings as its universally adaptable. Be aware, that its recomended to run multiple pairs on the same account for more profit. Our Goal is to help you be way more profitable and way more stress free, so yo
50 USD
APG Atomic Profit Generator   is simple, robust, low risk strategy, based on trend confirmation and conditions of volatility. It's highly optimized for trading on EURUSD, H1 timeframe. It can be combined with our other strategies. It's a long term, safe trading low risk strategy. The EA survives complex backtests with a great results on   18 years   of   99% modeling quality Ducascopy historical data. Please see our profile -     Which testing methods must pass our strategies?   Test period: 5.5
490 USD
Thulani Dakarai Gapara
The best forex robot for all type of Artificial expert advisor for all conditions and strategies.The robot is particularly good in breakouts and reversals.The expert advisor data is prepared from the super refined dataset from a wide range of indicators and strategy to make the most successful expert advisor on the market.This expert advisor has out performed any existing robot buy being able to deliver a 400% in three month and still using proper money management.This robot is good at holding
440 USD
VoTradeFx (Voting Based Forex Trading Expert Advisor) VotradeFx incorporates principles of democracy of indicators in trading. All configured technical indicators in all timeframes cast their votes to suggest the ongoing and upcoming trend in the market. Key Features Effectively work on all Instruments/Symbols/Contracts. No candle pattern searching or strategy. Only algorithm of price movement and various technical indicators. Entry at right time and management of trade in effective and eff
500 USD
Recover PRO
Nkululeko Bongokuhle Maseko
The Recover PRO is an advanced trend and recovery system. It is designed to attempt recovery of losing trades. Each recovery attempt aims to results in break-even or small profits and these levels can be adjusted by the user. The user has a lot of control over what the EA does. These are the features that comes with the EA: Features: The EA can run on multiple charts and will open trades for the attached symbol. The EA opens trades on strong trends and recovers any losing trade while maintaining
299 USD
SniperBot EURUSD
5 (1)
The EA uses volatility, spread, frequency, and timing to decide when to trade. The EA uses the Limit Orders method to open Positions. In this case, the Slippage will at most be positive on executing the entries. The EA uses the Trailing Take Profit logic, as the focus of the system is to make money while protecting your capital. Most trades are closed quickly, so like a sniper headshot. Main features Does not use martingale Does not use grid Optimized currency pair: EURUSD Timeframe: M5 PAY A
297 USD
Magic Max EA PRO, works  with Supply Demand Zones with all Currency pairs / Gold and with all timeframes. It is a new formula, and the very new features are two zone strength functions adjustable by Auto input! This is a great advantage in trading. When Candle reach to Demand zone it will take buy order and when it reach to supply it will auto take sell. This is the best  EA which have indicator include to learn manual trading for newbie. We have added new feature here , now you no need to see i
299 USD
Lion Moon
Alexander Oropesa Marrero
Put Lion Moon to work now, this amazing and simple EA was carefully made and tested for the USD / CHF market exclusively in the 5m time frame, the purpose of this EA is to keep your capital safely and get constant profit monthly. This EA can be used with little capital $ 100 and it works perfectly, I tried with $ 50 but it is advisable to start with a minimum of $ 100, I recommend using a VPS. You can also work a higher capital, you just have to raise the lots according to your capital, for e
70 USD
Nas100 Trader
Bright Lance Soli
NAS100 Trader This EA is designed to trade indices specifically NAS100 / US100 / USTEC. Nasdaq / us500 / S&P 500 index/ Index trading / CFD Default settings are for 5 Min Nas 100 chart only . Please send message to get the right settings for Nas100 and S&P 500 index. Recommendations. Use a VPS so that you never miss a single trade.  Use a Broker with high leverage and low spreads. 5 Minute Nas 100 chart. Let the EA run without interfering. Additional Features. On default, the EA won't use
30 USD
Breakout Scalper MT5
Darijo Milicevic
5 (1)
Breakout Scalper is an efficient EA that trades on EU and US Market Open events. It assesses the strength of the signal and decides to trade with a fixed risk and profit.  Best results are achieved on  DJ30 . NO  martingale, grid or averaging, each trade starts with a Stop Loss. Telegram group:  https://t.me/+_s2Pip-Cl3tiOWNk Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1680928 Website:  https://www.paalgos.com Myfxbook account:  myfxbook.com/portfolio/breakoutscalper/9706166 Parameters : Entry lots
450 USD
The EA opens orders based on the Stochastic Oscillator indicator. All indicator parameters can be configured and optimized. The EA implements two strategies for working with this indicator: Opening deals immediately when the main line of the indicator reaches overbought / oversold levels. Opening deals when a reversal pattern is formed by the main line on the indicator chart in overbought / oversold zones. The number of simultaneously open buy and sell positions is set separately. Thanks to t
59.99 USD
FX Advanced MT5
Lara Faye Doliente Casiple
FX Advanced MT5 is a strategy from a well-known group EA Nation. It has been widely used by a large group of traders and by other trading communities. It opens a hedge trade for every new candle and opens grid when the position is on the losing side of the trade.  This EA is designed to operate on the GBP/USD to make the best profits. If you have some questions, contact me directly or send me an email at  jyutig1234@gmail.com .
50 USD
Topos Fundos
Edson Cavalca Junior
The robot opens positions from Tops and Bottoms Perform trend reversal operations. It has 3 levels of top and bottom measurement. Trader can open and close position on 3 strength signals. The expert also allows you to configure the maximum loss to move along with the price (moving stop). Know our products    Edson Cavalca Junior Systems Analyst WARNINGS The buyer declares himself capable of: We do not provide any trading or risk management advice, ideal configurat
59 USD
Smartingale EA
Renato Takahashi
Smartingale EA is a trading system that can operate  martingale levels based on Ichimoku clouds . It´s possible to configure Ichimoku indicator, as soon as martingale parameters. Smartingale EA is optimized for EURUSD , M15 , but it can also be optimized for other pairs and timeframes. Download it now and let it trades. Let me know if you wanna some other set files! PM!
100 USD
Salvador Ursua
Short description : TheTrendHunter   is a FULL VERSION tool that can be used either as a trading robot for automated trading or just a signal provider for manual trading. On the other hand, TheTrendHunterMax is the FREE Limited version. As an EA, it uses the techniques we usually employ in trading like determining the highs and lows on the trading chart. With this, it determines the trend convergence and divergence in the chart. Combined with the volatility, price movements, it analyzes the p
60 USD
The EA uses volatility, spread, frequency, and timing to decide when to trade. The EA uses the Limit Orders method to open Positions. In this case, the Slippage will at most be positive on executing the entries. The EA uses the Trailing Take Profit logic, as the focus of the system is to make money while protecting your capital. Most trades are closed quickly, so like a sniper headshot. Main features Does not use martingale Does not use grid Optimized currency pair: USDJPY Timeframe: M5 PAY A
97 USD
Vladimir Emelianov
The "Morty" Expert Advisor is designed primarily for the M5 timeframe and the main currency pairs. The Expert Advisor actively uses the Martingale method in conjunction with three indicators "Moving Averages Crossover", "Top Bottom Price" and "Moving Average". Below are the tests for the EUR/USD M5 and GBP/USD M5 pairs for the period from 2018. Each trade is protected by a Stop Loss and Take Profit. In the parameters of the Expert Advisor, you can change the lot size, indicator values, Stop Loss
59 USD
The EA uses volatility, spread, frequency, and timing to decide when to trade. The EA uses the Limit Orders method to open Positions. In this case, the Slippage will at most be positive on executing the entries. The EA uses the Trailing Take Profit logic, as the focus of the system is to make money while protecting your capital. Most trades are closed quickly, so like a sniper headshot. Main features Does not use martingale Does not use grid Optimized currency pairs: EURUSD | GBPUSD | USDJPY
447 USD
Ema Adv
Dragan Drenjanin
Short Description: "Ema Adv" is my fourth robot with a cross-MA strategy. Fuzzy logic has integrated entry/exit rules. The higher time frame are recommended such as H4, H6,H8 ++. If you want to reducing number of trade per day you can use two options for that job such as "Max trades perday" , and "Signal Limit Time Range(Intraday)". For all future, questions feel free to contact me. You can see the complete list of robots at the following link:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drgandra/seller
65 USD
GCA Scalping Ranges EA
James Peyton Jr Page
General Description In the simplest terms this is a contrarian intra-day scalping system. Built to try and let correct trades run as far as possible and flip the trade when indicated. Join the conversation over at our Discord channel  -  https://discord.gg/ScsdkTnwyA I will do my best to be around to answer any questions and help set up. If you want to add your settings screenshots its more than welcome! The EA looks at historical daily trading ranges to lay out levels at which it takes long
500 USD
Only 10 copies left. Next price $399. Dunia Maya means virtual world, this is because Dunia Maya EA uses virtual trade in determining entry positions, virtual pending orders, virtual grids and virtual takeprofit. Dunia Maya EA works fully automatic, and it doesn't require complicated settings because  user just needs to upload the already available setfile. Signal: Click here | Setfile & EA Explanation : here  | MT4 version : here Suggested accounts: + Leverage: 500 + Hedging Accounts
349 USD
PEACE OF MIND MT-4/5 Introduction: It is not only trading robot and not social trading tool. It is highly advanced and fully packed with Technical and Fundamental aspects which could affect our/your forex trading. Yes our experienced and professional team of expert traders remotely fetching their analysis in real time in it, such like Breaking News which could directly impact to forex market and vice versa. Add Server Address in MetaTrader 4/5 While you will try to attach EA with graph first ti
9 999 USD
Inteligente TRex Raptor Rapido
Cesar Juan Flores Navarro
Robot de Forex configurable al 100%, contiene los parámetros necesarios para configurar el EA Raptor de tal manera que no queme ni una cuenta (ver las tablas), Observe las tablas y elija la mejor configuración. Este EA le permite crear configuraciones seleccionando los parámetros adecuadamente. El EA Raptor se basa en el precio de apertura y si posible tendencia, marcando y adecuándose en cada paso.. por lo que tiene los siguientes parámetros: Lots Inicio(Volumen 1, 0.1 ,0.01).......0.01 (Pone
1 000 USD
The EA uses volatility, spread, frequency, and timing to decide when to trade. The EA uses the Limit Orders method to open Positions. In this case, the Slippage will at most be positive on executing the entries. The EA uses the Trailing Take Profit logic, as the focus of the system is to make money while protecting your capital. Most trades are closed quickly, so like a sniper headshot. Main features Does not use martingale Does not use grid Optimized currency pair:  USDCHF Timeframe: M5 PAY
97 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
This is a trend-following system, simple, powerful. The very small number of active inputs allows you to easily use this robot. Signal logic is based on Fuzzy logic, and all signal conditions must be met. The robot also has an advanced Money Management system and has the separate option to add a fixed lot size if you do not want to use automatic lot calculation. The "BlackBoxEA" is already optimized for EURUSD / H1, these are the default settings. Platform type: MT5  Account type: Hedge Version
65 USD
Forex Grid EA
Szymon Palczynski
Do you like to trade on EURUSD and GBPUSD?  This expert may be for you. Trading starts with pending orders: buylimit and selllimit. The second order is at the market price - the so-called probing order (reduces risk). Then the EA adjusts subsequent orders according to the market situation. Both the first and subsequent orders are closed based on a trailing stop. The expert selects the volume himself, as well as how many positions will be closed.          input start_enum      inp_start= 2 ; //S
100 USD
ACDO World
Edson Cavalca Junior
The robo t opens a buy or sell position using the 21 signs  Know our products    Position openings are based on the parameters identified as signals, if you activate all the robot will issue a trading order only if the number of signals is greater than the minimum stipulated by the user. This Expert Advisor (EA) works on HEDGE (Forex, etc.) and NETTING (Bovespa, etc.) accounts, but manages only one position at a time. The  filters  are used to increase the accuracy of the signals and
45 USD
The Forex Gold
Marta Gonzalez
If you are looking for a safe ea to start trading XAUUSD this is your ea The Forex Gold It is an Ea that seeks the best window of opportunity to enter the market. The system detects the best moment to enter the XAUUSD   and at that moment places a market order. The system also allows you to configure the parameters of the value of the pairs in your broker.  The name of the pairs should only be changed if the name of the pair in your broker is different from the one used by default, for e
30 USD
Blue Shark is a trading robot  for the trading on Forex. It a   Trend Following   system and works in this way: 1. Identify the trend 2. Wait for a retracement 3. Cover profits Blue Shark MT5 is a fully automated trading system that doesn't require any special skills from you. Just fire up this EA and rest. You don't need to set up anything, EA will do everything for you. EA is adapted to work on small deposits from $500. REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT Leverage >= 1:500 Balance >= $500 (or
499 USD
EA B10 Mini Indice
Marcus Vinicius Juste Belizario
723% de lucro desde Janeiro de 2021 até Agosto de 2021 Opera exaustões de preço, detectando momentos de sobrecompra ou sobrevenda do ativo para o dia. Parametrizado para abrir apenas 1 ordem por dia, diminuindo sua exposição e com pouco custo de taxas de corretagem de sua corretora. Assertividade de 69% em suas operações. Rendimento médio mensal de 14,6% de 01/01/2018 até 2022 Investimento mínimo recomendado : R$2.000,00 para 1 mini contrato. Parâmetros prontos para rodar no mini índice futu
139 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
Crypto EA is one of my first trading robots for crypto pairs. This latest update changed a lot inside the robot itself and gives the possibility to trade other currency pairs as well. So basically this is a crypto trader. The recommended crypto pair is BTCUSD. But trading on any other major currency pairs gives pretty nice results. As for the money management system, it is designed for crypto pairs. And therefore it is recommended to use it, but if you want to trade with, for example, EURUSD, th
95 USD
The VPS Sentinel Expert Advisor will be your ally to   protect your trading capital   and keep you updated of the status of your trading terminal (MT5) running on your remote VPS (Virtual Private Server). With the VPS Sentinel running on your terminal, you will have a first line of defence against any problem that could occur. You will also be able to: Define a  Global Stop  level (Stop-Out), decide if you want to receive notifications and also enable an automatic closing of working positions an
30 USD
Direction 1 (Sale off 45 %)     By Independent Trading Expert advisor   This EA has a strong focus on portfolio security and continuous monetization. Both the up and down of the market and most importantly, This EA has the order correction system makes it possible to take profits even in the wrong direction. Margin should be maintained enough for the next order. Cut loss should be set at risk acceptable and back test until satisfactory results.   1.          Choose symbols with low spreads.  2.
165 USD
This is MT5 version of ChristMyHedge . It should be referred to as ChristMyHedge-for-MT5.  Like its MT4 counterpart, the  EA/signal runs on Daily (D1) time-frame on 12 pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPEUR, EURJPY, CADJPY, AUDJPY and EURCHF concurrently, with a recommended minimum of 150USD equity per 0.01 lot size. Default parameters may be OK, and it's best to run on VPS, if you do not have 24/5 Internet and electricity.
30 USD
OctinBotUp Vaccine MT5
Jeissy Avila Ferreira
(OctinBot Vaccine for MT5 does not use dangerous strategies such as martingale, grid, among others) An excellent Low Risk Expert Advisor, With an Affordable Price thinking of the community in these times of crisis. OctinBot (Vaccine MT5) which helps to obtain moderate and stable income. The OctinBot vaccine works only with fixed lots. Automated Forex Expert Advisor - OctinBot (Vaccine MT5), with an optimized strategy for the current market, which helps to obtain results with low risk regardle
750 USD
Crypto Mama
Dragan Drenjanin
Follow this expert advisor on our YouTube channel     " Algorithmic Trading System " .! Watch the  playlist  " Crypto Mama " The basic idea and my concept regarding this robot are to trade crypto pairs such as BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, ETH / EUR, and others. Platform type: MT5  Account type: Any Version   1.8  is realized on 15.07.2022  Check section  >> What's New << If you buy now, you reserve the right to own new upgraded versions of the robot, which will appear at specific time intervals continu
65 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
Reversing market system based on the Fuzzy logic. Platform type: MT5  Account type: Any Version   1.2  is realized on 07.09.2022.  Check section  >> What's New << If you buy now, you reserve the right to own new upgraded versions of the robot, which will appear at specific time intervals continuously.    WARNING:  I sell all my products only via MQL5 website. If you see it somewhere else, be aware of scam. Note : Keep in mind that "Yukimura" should be optimized according to your trading conditi
65 USD
Ion Engine
Vitalii Zakharuk
Ion Engine is an automated scalping Expert Advisor designed to fix the result without the trader taking part in trading. In the right hands, the scalping advisor will be an effective tool that brings good results in Forex. The Expert Advisor has embodied all the best trading algorithms from scalping and pipsing: filtering deals by different methods from different time intervals when trading price momentum patterns from the instrument's minute charts. Keep in mind the bot works with a small sp
999 USD
TLDR: Named after the star Antares as being our ace EA, giving optimal entry to ensure winning trade. It comes with Fund Protection Stop Loss (FPSL) system to ensure profits are protected. Try it, love it, own it. Scalp Antares uses an in-house developed signal guided by trend anchorage to find the best entry point. There is a martingale investment system to ensure you reap the most profit from the on-going trend, just in case entry point was less optimal. A martingale system was built but
288 USD
Tiburon EA MT5
Elizaveta Erokhina
5 (1)
Tiburon EA is another one of my fully automatic EAs working specifically with the EURUSD currency pair. The Expert Advisor showed excellent results on the H1 timeframe in the period from 2011 to 2021. Tiburon EA is based on several trading indicators: RSI (Relative Strength Indicator), Stochastic Oscillator and my own custom indicator which makes it even more efficient. As an initial signal for determining suitable entry points, the EA uses the standard crossing of 2 levels: overbought and overs
399 USD
The Inside Bar e one is a reversal/continuation candle formation, and is one of the most traded candle patterns. Robot F1 allows you to configure different trading strategies, Day Trade or swing trade, based on the Inside Bar as a starting point.  This pattern only requires two candles to perform. Robot F1 uses this extremely efficient pattern to identify trading opportunities. To make operations more effective, it has indicators that can be configured according to your strategy. Among th
300 USD
We Robot
Merit Christel Marie Mattsson
Welcome to my product page, happy that you came by and that you are interested in this particular product. We Robot   expert characteristics Money management Low initial deposit, about $150-$200 working with 400-500:1 leverage Works on any time frame and trending symbols. Default is set to trade  eurusd chart Three different order tp/sl set modes; A: Standard tp/sl, B: Virtual tp/sl, C: By change in signal (virtual) Trailing stop and break even Informative expert chart comments About my system
14 995 USD
Pyramid EA
Sergei Makarevich
The Expert Advisor is based on the work of two indicators SM ZigZag and SM trend cloud . The signal to open BUY or SELL orders is formed based on the data received from the " SM ZigZag "indicator. As soon as the indicator shows the formation of a downtrend (red line), the Expert Advisor places a BUY order with the set lot (the ability to choose in the settings whether it will be fixed or dynamic). After placing the first BUY order with the initial lot, until the indicator has formed a blue
30 USD
Error EA
Dragan Drenjanin
Trend following system base on fuzzy logic. Is no brokerage sensitive, and you can trade with any deposit and any leverage you want to.  Platform type: MT5  Account type: Any Currency Pairs trading  FIFO compatible Version   1.8  is realized on 12.09.2022  Check section  >> What's New << If you buy now, you reserve the right to own new upgraded versions of the robot, which will appear at specific time intervals continuously.    Input parameters: Money Management (fixed lot size) Exit Rules (Prof
65 USD
Inversao Infinita
Edson Cavalca Junior
This robot operates through triggers above and below the previous candlestick with STOP orders. When reaching the trigger (Stop Order) it opens the order and we have three situations: If it reaches TAKE PROFIT (Maximum Profit) and the Breakeven Point is activated, it moves the STOP LOSS and the reverse STOP ORDER to Breakeven and cancels the reverse STOP order when reaching the TP. If you go to STOP LOSS after reaching breakeven, the trigger of the reverse order will be reached be
59 USD
Primer Dax
Luis Ricardo Barnabe Joenck
The EA Primer Dax was created to take advantage of the trends of the Dax index with a limitation of trades when the market goes sideways. Even having small losses in lateralizations, the gains achieved in times of trend end up making up for it. There is the possibility of defining stop loss and take profit with points, ticks or percentage. And change the Trailing stop. As this is a high risk market, I recommend a 0.25 lot management for every $250.00 and a minimum balance of $500.00 start
250 USD
Murodillo Eshkuvvatov
Meta Trader 5 version of SanityScalperGlobal: Great Time of the day MQL5 Traders Here is the Guide for SanityScalperGlobal 2.0 version Expert Advisor – Name and Version of Expert Advisor Money_Management- this is beginning of Management Function MM- Money Management Function True/ False Risk_management (this is beginning of Risk Management Function ) RM-     calculation of Risk Management based on Account balance Account balance*RM/100000 = LOT     For example your balance 100,000 USD and RM =
500 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Potential - works on the scalping principle. An intraday trading strategy that brings the trader a result when making a large number of short-term transactions, during which the price manages to change in a predictable direction. This result lies on the “surface” of the overall deep price dynamics. A feature of the strategy is a large number of quick deals. The work of this strategy is directly related to currency volatility. The higher the volatility of an asset, the more trades are made. Scal
666 USD
EA Martini MT5
Mikita Borys
5 (1)
EA Martini MT5 is a multifunctional Expert Advisor with a sophisticated position determination and tracking system. Builds very smart networks with and against the trend. Trading with the trend works in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has Stop Loss at breakeven. Trading against the trend is carried out with the aim of closing unprofitable positions with a profit. You can always request technical support, settings and installation assistance in my profile. Adva
99 USD
A grid advisor with a system for "Resolving" a basket of unprofitable orders, a news filter, a filter for open positions on other trading instruments and the function of sending trading signals to your Telegram channel. The Expert Advisor can be used to restore unprofitable positions on the account as a utility to bring trades to breakeven that you opened with your hands or other Expert Advisors. Works inside a linear regression channel, input on several conditions. The signal uses the dire
95 USD
Mario Karras
Aion is a advanced trade strategy based on engulfing signal. To determine the trend, it uses moving averages and check prices last bars. The Expert Advisor opens and closes trades on a "closed bar", in backtesting you can use "Open prices only". Offer price: $99 (6 of 10 copies left at this price) Next price $199 Usable currency pairs: Any currency pair and Usable timeframes: Any timeframe. Due to the many setting options, there are good paramter settings in each pair, which can be found via
149 USD
Auto3M MT5
Mr Anucha Maneeyotin
4 (1)
AUTO3M MT5 is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Trend, Hedging, News filter Strategy Trade Base On Bollinger Bands And Stochastic Oscillator Bollinger Bands Are Used Mainly To Follow Trends. Stochastic Main Line And Signal Line Use For Open Pending Order Buy Or Sell Fibonacci Are Use Target Profit,  support and resistance level price The advisor  Auto3M Pro MT5  can work on a VPS. MT4 version :  Auto3M Pro MT4 Features No martingale Hard stop loss and take profit for each position Flexible s
30 USD
Codebird 15
CodeBird Ltd
Codebird is proud to present our latest algorithmic trading expert advisor 'Codebird 15'.  Every bar, it evaluates 15 different indicators and compares the latest price to each one to determine a BUY , SELL or NEUTRAL verdict.  Each verdict is then placed through our algorithm which weighs the importance of that indication. In turn, through all 15, we arrive at a summary of all indicators combined. That is what is presented in the top left when you have 'Display Data' turned on. The hig
199.99 USD
Nasdaq Bull
Luigi Maria Luna
Trade as a professional the Best Index in the World: NASDAQ !  This Ea uses a powerfoul trend following sysistem to catch the up trends on H1 timeframe, but it can be used also on 30 Min chart with Profit! Nasdaq Bull MUST be part of your portfolio: 99% of traders prefer forex and try to obtain an impossible edge in a sideway market. Nasdaq Bull expolits the long term macroeconomic Bullish Trend of the Nasdaq Index in order to extract an edge from the market with less stress! Some of the fe
120 USD
Consist Profits Pair GBPUSD Start Bal $2000 Start Lot 0.01 Leverage  1:100 Time and Price Level Account Type Macro Averaging Sell Super Martingale Expert Advisor -  Make Consistent Profits The       Martingale trading strategy       is one   of the       opaque   trading strategies       that sophisticated traders use . The idea behind it started hundreds ago when a French mathematician proposed it. The mathematician was later awarded a major award for his work in the mathematical field of
36 USD
Natalia Miller
The EA trades using two MA indicators - Moving Average and ADX - Average Directional Movement. Buying and selling is possible only when a new bar is formed. Buy: MA is rising and the current closing price is above it. A buy order is placed only if there is a buy signal and there are no open long positions. Sell: MA is falling and the closing price is below it. A sell order is placed only if there is a sell signal and there are no open short positions. ADX will not allow trading if the market
30 USD
The EA uses volatility, spread, frequency, and timing to decide when to trade. The EA uses the Limit Orders method to open Positions. In this case, the Slippage will at most be positive on executing the entries. The EA uses the Trailing Take Profit logic, as the focus of the system is to make money while protecting your capital. Most trades are closed quickly, so like a sniper headshot. Main features Does not use martingale Does not use grid Optimized currency pair:  USDCAD Timeframe: M5 PAY
97 USD
ZBREAKOUT is a Bollinger Bands Breakout system created by FXBABATRADING. It aims to enter trades when price breakouts, during a time of increasing volatility, after a period of solid consolidation in a trending cycle. Most Bollinger Band breakout system fail because trades are entered when brice breaks out without taking into consideration whether or not volatility was rising to support the breakout, whether trading volume was there to support the continuation of the move and whether a solid tre
200 USD
Golden Dice
Hammoud Hadi
Our philosophy about the stock market: In its essence, there are three possible direction for any given market: uptrend, downtrend and sideways. Uptrend and downtrends can be included under one category: moving market, while consolidation phase is the preparation for that. After nine years of immense studies of technical analysis, having the belief that there's a theoretical solution for the stock market based on the given fact: Progress and change are the main motives for human beings. Mathema
5 000 USD
This signal is traded on BTCUSD M5 on MT5. Since it is a contrarian trade, we do not trade when there is not much price fluctuation.  Operate with one signal in one account. If you have a position in another currency, you will not have a new position for safety. Trading of positions you already have will continue. We are trading in an environment with a leverage of 500 or more. Margin of $ 2000 or more is required depending on the market conditions. And sudden market fluctuations may require mo
500 USD
THIS EA IS DESING TO USED IN BTCUSD    Do you want to accompany  Criptotrading to the next level of bitcoin trading? You just have to download it and try it yourself. Also testing it is free. Are you not going to try them? Criptotrading  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions    Criptotrading  It is an advanced and profe
30 USD
XauUsd Trend Seer mt5
Tumelo Faith Mabule
XauUsd Trend Seer EA  is a fully automated EA designed to trade  GOLD  only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm.No martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. Working symbol XAUUSD Working Timeframe: H1 Min deposit:  $1 0 00   Min leverage 1:10 By measuring the power of the trend of Daily candles Expert Advisor trades only according to the trend You will need at least one month to objec
7 999.99 USD
Dow Jones Destroyer
Tumelo Faith Mabule
Dow Jones Destroyer!!!   This robot is based on short-term  and long-term reversal patterns of the Dow Jones index. The EA does not use grid, martingale or arbitrage. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. What are you waiting for???? Requirements : Timeframe is  H1 . lot size 0.1 Minimum account balance: $1000. Any broker can be used Features: The
8 999 USD
Best Tested Pairs :-  S tep Index (Also can use on other pairs which spread is lowest) How does the Magic Storm work The Magic Storm will commence only if the Initial Trade becomes a losing trade. In case the initial trade is a profitable one, or has been closed by the trader there is no need for the Magic Stormto be initiated. Let’s assume that the initial trade was a 1 lot buy trade with Recovery Zone Range Pips is 50 and Recovery Zone Exit Pips is 150 pips. The take profit
35 USD
Lord Bill
Luigi Maria Luna
What Is Lord Bill? Lord Bill is a Scalping Strategy that uses Simply Entry and Exit Rules using those Indicators:  Bull PowerBears Power, HeikenAshi, Ema. Lord Bill has been built using advanced techniques such as: In Sample and Out Sample Validation - the Ea can work well on Unknown Data, -Montecarlo Simulation - stress tests on Spreads, Slippage and Volatility and High Quality 99% Tick Data.. Lord Bill works on  GbpUsd and EurUsd. Lord Bill is a True Gentleman: it can Beat the Sp50
99 USD

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