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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 24

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Cobra EA MT5
Vsevolod Gorkovtsov
1 (2)
Sales promo: Cobra EA for $249 only for10 buyers! 7 copies left, next price - $299 Have your EA or a signal failed soon after it became too crowded ? Shouldn't there be a technical solution to this in the 21st century? For the last several years I have been actively working on the solution to this problem. Name of it – Cobra EA Cobra is a revolutionary grid system unlike anything you have ever seen . And these are not just marketing words, they are backed up with sophisticated algorithmic
249 USD
The key to success is always good optimisation. The system has a number of variables and in this case its simplicity is the key to its success. The system looks for the different "Gaps" as market entry failures and then debugs them through a stochastic analysis, i.e. the analysis of two moving averages to see if the price is overvalued or undervalued, and once this is done, the expert advisor will decide whether to perform an action or refrain from performing it. It is a very simple but power
30 USD
Sacred fruit
Evgeniy Ilin
В режиме "по умолчанию" советник реализует стратегию "усреднение" и способен работать годами. В советнике так же есть второй более сложный но интересный режим который способен дать каждому уникальную возможность :   гарантированное создание своей торговой системы в считанные часы или дни .    Важная информация:   Для тех кто хочет просто попытать удачу предусмотрено решение по умолчанию которое позволит вам окунуться в мир торговли не думая о каких то сложностях, вам нужно лишь скачать и з
125 USD
Short circuit
Jose Ramon Rosaenz
Buy one of my EA and get  Profits and Losses per Magic Number  for free ;) Not Martigala, Hedging, grid or other dangerous strategies Optimized for   EUR/USD H1 and USD/JPY H1 Every Tick from Tickstory:   100% quality Notes: Before you buy Short Circuit please be aware of the risks involved. Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (EA could also make losses).  The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cann
30 USD
Reversion Trend Tracker
Arthur Wesley Oliveira Leite
Expert Advisor that seeks reversals of highly profitable trends. Its use is recommended for periods of up to 30 minutes. It can be used for indices, futures and stocks. Its configuration is very intuitive. Superior results are obtained through swing-trade operations. But excellent results are also obtained in day-trading operations. Tests were performed for Timeframes of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes.  For day-trade operations, daily, in the final hour, all positions are closed.  For swing-trade
30 USD
EA Silver Diamond MT5
Ruslan Pishun
1 (1)
The EA is based on a scalping breakout strategy , uses advanced exit algorithms and has built-in filters to filter out bad signals. Fully automatic trading with entry calculation based on the high / low breakout system. For trading, the advisor uses 4 currency pairs and the M30 timeframe. To create a strategy, we used historical data with a history quality of 99.9%, over the past 20 years. The EA has the following features: Uses a smart false signal filtering system. Uses a system for recognizi
68 USD
Renko trend
Andrey Goida
Fully automatic trading system that trades Renko bars and trend indicators. Renko bars are drawn in the indicator window below the chart. The signal to sell or sell is the intersection of renko and indicator signal. The default settings for the euro / dollar pair. The timeframe for trading is m1. There is a time filter. The EA has an autolot system. Our telegram channel Expert Advisor parameters Lot (if risk manager = false) trading lot   risk management Autolot management   risk in percentag
99 USD
Smart Trade MT5
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Smart Trade MT5 Smart Trade MT5 is an Expert Advisor (EA) that works for any pair, be it forex, metals, commodities, CFDs, the stock market, indexs or cryptocurrencies, which uses RSI and Moving Averages indicators as a signal trigger, seeking to reach at a certain amount of pips specified by the user. The main idea is to use the moving average to know the trend of the pair to trade and the RSI to execute the order. For example, if the trend is up and the RSI is oversold (the price has fallen),
40 USD
Full version. EURUSD Timeframe H1. Minimum   initial deposit = $ 1000 with lot = 0.01 It is safer to trade with a $   2,000   deposit with an initial lot = 0.01 Average number of transactions per month = 24 Attention:  the EA is configured for trading with 0.01 lot. If the Trader wants to work with a lot different from 0.01 then: • If you use a starting lot = 0.02 -   Maximum lot size when using Balance  = 2.0 (min deposit = $ 2000) • If you use a starting lot = 0.03 -   Maximum lot size when u
210 USD
GapExploit MT5
Martin Josef Winter
GapExploit MT5 Description: From friday evening to monday morning there is a regular gap or leap in market price of EURUSD. This EA will exploit that gap by opening a position right before market close and keeping it open over the weekend. On monday morning it will be actively controlled to exploit the maximum profit of the weekend gap. Optimized using 100 % real tick data EURUSD since 2018. Since I use this myself, parameter updates will be provided to adapt to market or can be found by runn
99 USD
Robots use artificial intelligence technology to make buying and selling decisions in the market. The algorithm applied like a professional forex market specialist. Help you make money every day, and not only stop at a meager profit but can increase with compound interest. Robots always aim to profit and profit from market fluctuations. Every day, the market fluctuates as every day robots are always looking for ways to make money for you.
199 USD
PH Volatility Scalper
VIX Trading offer the purest exposure to the indicator’s ups and downs but   equity derivatives   have gained a strong following with the retail trading crowd in recent years. These   Exchange Traded Products   (ETPs) utilize complex calculations layering multiple months of VIX futures into short and mid-term expectations. PH Volatility Scalper is specialized to trade this kind of instruments at a high probability to trade in this instruments. Setfiles Here :  Vix Indicies Instructions :  Mini
199 USD
Quant Trade Freedom All Market
Renan De Souza Quinelato
O que é “QUANT TRADE FREEDOM ALL MARKET” ? QUANT TRADE FREEDOM ALL MARKET é um software de negociação totalmente automatizado, especialmente projetado para negociação lucrativa com a plataforma de negociação METATRADE 5 (MT5). Pode negociar Forex e derivativos ( Mini Índice e Mini Dólar ) na bolsa brasileira. Como funciona o robô QUANT TRADE FREEDOM NEWS? QUANT TRADE FREEDOM ALL MARKET é um software 100% automatizado que define a melhor tendência para entrar em ordens de negociação no lugar de u
150 USD
Flask EA
Maksim Polubentsev
Данный советник Flask EA MT5 использует для точек входа сигналы от нескольких индикаторов, таких как Bulls Power, Bears Power и т.д. Используется и тестируется только на валютной паре EUR/USD  на таймфрейме H1. На других валютных парах и таймфреймах результаты могут быть непредсказуемы. Необходимое плечо 1:500. Оптимизирован с настройками по умолчанию и как на скриншоте. Для более безопасной торговли депозит лучше иметь не менее 1000$. Внимание! Любой советник прежде необходимо проверять на де
50 USD
Super Easy RSI
Kristjan Saarsalu
Super Easy RSI Ea For Beginners... (Insane Results!) What would happen if you traded the RSI Indicator completely backward? You never know until you try it. So, that is exactly what we did in this video. The RSI is a momentum indicator. So, that is how we used it. And the results were not only surprising... But, unexpectedly incredible. I hope you enjoy it! Setfile for Gold 1 H you can find here Download "super easy ea 1h gold.set" at https://www.4shared.com/file/D4sx--jkiq/super_easy_ea_1h__
60 USD
Japanese Star
Ciprian Ghebanoaei
Japanese Star         The fully automated Japanese Star EA opens positions after receiving signal from 2 indicators: Commodity Channel Index and MACD Signal. It also contains stop loss set to 70 pips to protect input positions. This version is tested and works only on USDJPY H1 Entry lots: minim 0.1 Stop Loss:  70  pips Take Profit:   only when certain conditions given by the parameters of the two indicators mentioned above. Minimum acount: 1000   $ Max Spread :  20  points Account leverage - f
49 USD
Perseverance. It is an Ea that seeks the best window of opportunity to enter the market. If the entry is wrong, the system exits by stop lost. If the entry is correct, once the point of no return is exceeded, an aggressive follow-up system begins. Can used this EA whit 500$ in your account Perseverance      IS IDEAL FOR SMALL ACCOUNTS Perseverance    IS ONLY AN OPEN OPERATION. Perseverance     IS VERY LOW RISK OF MARGIN CALL You can download the demo and test it yourself. Very stabl
30 USD
Besarion Turmanauli
Live signals       Other programs        Free source codes        Subscribe to Telegram Hyperion is a multi-currency multi-timeframe night trading MT5 EA able to trade across 9 different timeframes and unlimited currencies of your choice from a single chart, you can select your own list of timeframes and currencies to use in each instance. Recommended to launch on USDJPY M1, Show all used ( SymbolsToTrade input ) symbols in MarketWatch before launching. FOR MORE REALISTIC RESULTS,
195 USD
B lueNation is a n agile grid adviser with spec ific entry points that provide a statistical advantage, based on price action and market movement patterns. BlueNation is a mix of Trend Following and Counter Trend system.   Backtest it Now! Be Patient! It does not use stop loss , but contrary a ll trades are closed by either take profit or trailing stop. There are provisions for semiautomatic trading using buttons by which one is at liberty to block the operation of one or both trade directions
50 USD
Trend reversal expert
The Expert Advisor is based on a proprietary triple indicator. Each of the 3 parts of the indicator can be disabled and individually configured. Initially, it was supposed to enter trade at a trend reversal, but you can set up an entry along the trend. It is possible to control the main functions using the buttons on the chart, including opening positions manually. There are grid functions with the total profit of all unidirectional positions (for hedging accounts) with martingale functions (opt
240 USD
Arawako MT5
Anthony Cruz Ruiz Hernandez
This is the Total & Real version of Arawako MT5 EA , based on the Bollinger Bands indicator. I have created an open strategy you can modify at your will, as it has been specially designed for trading GOLD at 0.01 but it can work in all pairs and any other lot start option.  >> A Demo version can be found at the following link< < It provides the option to take advantage of its 2 signals: Crossing with MAs or Top and Bottom retracements of the BBands indicator .  Minimum recommended balance:
250 USD
Castor EA
Alexandr Kalinovskiy
5 (1)
Castor  is an automatic trading system that uses impulses at certain trading intervals. \ Moniroting :  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1173101 To access the telegram group, write to me in private messages and I will send you a link. The Expert Advisor opens trades on the breakdown of the levels that are determined by the system in certain time intervals. The Expert Advisor works best on the EURUSD pair, but it can also be used on GPBUSD. All trades are closed as quickly as possible, so I r
120 USD
Magic EA MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA don't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA w
250 USD
Piotr Stepien
This robot works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. As the price is very low, the robot is not pre-optimized ,  You have to optimize the robot yourself using the genetic algorithm that every mt5 platform has. Read how to do it yourself ... STRATEGY OPTIMIZATION... You can see from the results,
50 USD
Piotr Stepien
This robot works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. As the price is very low, the robot is not pre-optimized ,  You have to optimize the robot yourself using the genetic algorithm that every mt5 platform has. Read how to do it yourself ... STRATEGY OPTIMIZATION... You can see from the result
50 USD
Bruno Alexandre Azevedo Dantas
https://www.sendspace.com/file/hrxcew - REPORT TEST DOWNLOAD TESTED ON GBPUSD/ AND EURUSD  LOGIC:  Moving Averages Crossover, Macd Historigram and Adx  TRADING SIZE LOTS: (MARTINGALE)  OPENING LOTS START: 0.10 ADD/WINING POSITION: 0.05 PROTECTED ALWAYS WITH STOPLOSS, MAX STOPLOSS LIMITS AND TRAILING STOPS TRADE WITH RIGHT RULES /////N!%Drawdown?? ///// really ?? you will want something like that for sure.... ALWAYS TRYING CHANGE THE MOTHERFUCKER GAME ...... by: WeeDFoX4_20P
49.50 USD
Bitcoin Blueprint
Cristian Eriksson
Trendfollowing cryptocurrency trader.  Discovered on Bitcoin. Default and discovery time frame is M30. Settings were not found through optimization, which easily can lead to over-fitting, but through logical thinking and qualified guessing. Be cautious, the strategy currently backtests wonderfully on icmarkets but not so good on Evolve marekts, I'm not sure if that is due to crappy history on evolve markets, or something to do with how the periodicity  of the strategy only fits when there're
100 USD
XAUUSD . Timeframe   H1 The minimum deposit is $ 1000 when trading 0.1% per trade.  The Expert Advisor is based on   classic, time-tested indicators . Also, some strategies use     Price Action . Every trade is protected by a stop loss    No   martingale,   no   grid,   no   high risk strategies. All strategies used here are trend following and reversal. Compliance with MM = 0.1% for each trade is recommended. Question: - Why is testing so slow? Answer: - Be patient,   14 very
150 USD
What you have to know before using the LetsGrowUP EA : -The EA works only on EURUSD.  -This EA works better   with accounts with less than 15 spread broker, 1:500 levrage, 0.01 minimum lot amount, more than 1000$ balance. -The EA is based on a real strategy and a well studied methodology, so changing the timeframe on backtest will not change the result. -When you do a backtest choose « every tick based on real ticks » to get a reliable backtest, and do it with a $10,000 balance. -To get the best
30 000 USD
KT Candlestick Patterns Robot MT5
KT Candlestick Patterns Robot is a 100% automated expert advisor based on the KT Candlestick Patterns indicator . After fetching the candlestick patterns and signals directly from the indicator, it performs some pre-checks and assessments to execute the trading positions efficiently. Entries: On the emergence of new candlestick patterns. Exits: The opposite pattern, Neutral pattern, Stop-loss, or Take-Profit. All the dependencies are embedded in the expert advisor. It's not imperative to buy
140 USD
Egidijus Bikulcius
EA MeanReversion is based on rule that price tries to return to some mean value of some period. For mean value a Moving Average (MA) indicator is chosen. You can set period, averaging and applied price methods for MA. Because bullish and bearish movements behave differently you can separately enter different settings for buy and sell signals. The more the price goes away from selected MA the more the new trades opens at defined step price values and adding the defined lotsize step values (pictur
50 USD
Fine Gold 999
Kazankyn Nykolai
Fine Gold 999 is an Expert Advisor with a unique trading algorithm that uses all available modern technologies for trading on the Forex market. This algorithm is used in their trading by the largest banks and hedge funds of the world and until now has been classified and not available to a wide range of traders. Now you can take advantage of this secret and move from 95% of traders who lose their money to the cherished 5% of the lucky ones. The Expert Advisor trades on TF-H3. XAU / USD (g
360 USD
Tarcius MT5
Yunanto Andy Sulistiyo
Tarcius EA is designed with “High-Low Breakout” strategy to find entries with the trend when price breaks from a key point of previous high-low candle.  Features: Great “High-Low Breakout” strategy with promising win rate ( ≈ 60%) and low drawdown Risk Reward Ratio = 1 : 1 (SL = TP). Hidden SL and TP. EA monitors the price at all times and closes the position when the price level is reached. No martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge Two options for Lot size management: Fixed Lot size Lot size bas
30 USD
Changgang Wang
BlastWave is a fully automated EA designed to trade   EURUSD   only.  Please hang the EA on the   H1   chart. The idea of EA is to use a smaller stop loss to gain a larger profit-loss ratio, and set up automatic protection under the premise of reaching a certain profit. BlastWave does not pursue a beautiful funding curve, a perfect curve does not exist in actual transactions. If you use AutoLot mode, you may have a larger drawdown, but in the long run, explosive profits will still exist. Every t
299 USD
GOAT Scalper 2
GOAT Scalper   strategy is known as the   NEW MARKET STRATEGY , the approach it use is more of a positional trading and understanding probability. this EA can penetrate a lot in the market and it has a proper Money Management , Risk is 2% per trade.    Price action   describes the characteristics of a security's   price movements . ... In simple terms,   price action   is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and act
399 USD
Alfa MT5
Nebal S I Saloul
Hello This EA is depending on Guaranty strategy , it open same position by wide pips every time then will close in profit. it can make a continues profit (maybe little but continues)  you can change all settings but don't be impetuous. note; (if you want make back test) make Work_in_Backtest_TF true you can download it and make Back Test before buy it good luck السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يعتمد هذا الاكسبيرت على إستراتيجية مضمونة ، فهو يفتح نفس المركز في كل مرة   لكن على فترات متباعدة
30 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
Diezel   The accuracy of entries is achieved by filtering entries by indicators! Default parameters for EUR / USD M15 test from 2020. For other pairs, you need to optimize. https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1192446?source=Site+Profile+Seller#!tab=account  MA_Period  Williams_Period  ATR_Period  CCI_Period  RSIParam No mesh No martingale Always uses stop loss to protect the deposit No risky scalping Easy to use (no complicated settings) Only 1 order is opened with a hard stop
50 USD
Bricks Grid
Haivsen Bernard Leonard Navarro
This EA trades Initially on Price breakouts on Support and Resistance -----------------------------  (Please leave a review after you tested the demo) Opening of Trade: Buy Trade will open if price crosses above Resistance. Grid Buy will also open if price crosses above resistance and if the distance from the last trade price is above average true range value.  Sell Trade will open if price crosses below Support. Grid Sell will also open if price crosses below Support and if the distanc
200 USD
Trend Line System
Kazankyn Nykolai
Trend Line System is a semi-automatic trading system based on breaking trend lines (levels) or working on a pullback from them. The most effective trading strategy in the market is to work from levels. Why? Because levels are the traces that market participants - buyers and sellers - leave on the chart. These traces cannot be hidden anywhere. And if you learn to see them, you will start looking at the chart not just as a picture showing price dynamics, but as the interaction of two key forces
120 USD
The Double Currency Correlation EA trading robot is optimized to trade correlated currencies based on the moving average indicator. An example of such currency correlations is EURUSD and USDJPY: Particularly stable signals exist when a long signal occurs in EURUSD and a short signal in USDJPY (and vice versa respectively) at the same time. In order to trade exactly those situations, set the input parameter "Use double currency?" to "yes". The first currency pair is the one you selected in the ch
199 USD
Expert Advisor for manual and automatic trading on the trend lines of the indicator       Bollinger Bands. The Expert Advisor draws trend lines from the middle band for a specified number of candles. Options: Magic Number is a magic number. Profit - take profit Stop - stop loss. Lot - risk Limit - the maximum allowed lot. Trade Type - (1 - normal, 2 - close by signal). TIMEFRAMES - trading for a specified period. Obj Style - line style Obj Width - line width. Period Line - period of the indicato
250 USD
The EURUSD looking at the Majors  is a Multipair System for operate the  EURUSD !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!   THIS EA IS FOR USED IN EURUSD ONLY.  !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  This system detects a multi-pair entry point based on the value of the majors and operates that entry in the EURUSD with its own and efficient algorithm. All tickets have an SL and TP and use optimized trailing. You have to use the name of the value in your broker, in the corresponding inputs. Very stable growth curve as result
30 USD
Description : RSI crossover MT5 Expert Advisor is based on Relative Strength Index Technical Indicator and works as follows : Buy order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 30 and the exit Buy when the Indicator crosses above Level 70 Sell order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 70 and the exit Sell when the Indicator crosses above Level 30 The Expert Advisor settings  are as follows  : The parameters below can be set according to your trading rules. Magic Number :
49 USD
M M a
Marta Gonzalez
This system use M M A (Multipair Moving Average ) It is a multipair system, which uses the value of the averages in the majors to detect the entry points in the EURUSD. !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  THIS EA IS FOR USED IN EURUSD ONLY.  !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  Only one operation at a time. It does not use hedging or marging systems, all operations have Stoplost, Take Profit and trailing stop, configurable. The system also allows you to configure the parameters of the averages that give us the entry and
30 USD
Risk Calculator is a panel for order size calculation according to stop loss and allowed risk per trade. The calculation is performed for the symbol the expert is launched at. Risk Calculator tells you how many cost to trade based on: Given stop-loss take-profit levels for "Instant Execution" and "Pending Order" Account currency Price of the quote currency (when different from account currency)    Risk Calculator can place order like one click trading
1 000 USD
Happy Quartet
Khodai Birdi Niazi
Happy Quartet is a fully automatic Expert Advisor includes four separate strategies for different market conditions such as trend or phase change from one state to another .The expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades but trading is not every day!  Average 17 trades per month. It depends on market situation because only way to have high win rate is to place trades carefully. EA includes parameters that can be controlled by its users . Some of these parameters include magi
50 USD
Boom And Crash Hedger
Boom And Crash Hedger Expert Advisors is an expert that takes hedging strategy so either way the market or the price level goes it hits TP over and Over again, the Take Profit and Stoploss are already calculated in some certain points. Automatic Closed when another confirmations on oppossite directions comes.  Money Management : 100$ Minimum Balance Timeframe : H1 Setfile for Boom1000 and Crash1000 Here :  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ipYrskatFPjo7E3caRvrWcyjGE7hucfy/view?usp=sharing
799 USD
XAUUSD . Timeframe H1 . Minimum  initial deposit = $ 1000 with lot = 0.01 It is safer to trade with a $  2,000  deposit with an initial lot = 0.01 Monitoring signal at MQL5 :   https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals Average number of transactions per month = 6.5 Attention:  the EA is configured for trading with 0.01 lot. If the Trader wants to work with a lot different from 0.01 then: • If you use a starting lot = 0.02 - Maximum lot size when using Balance = 2.0 (min deposit = $ 2000) • If you u
250 USD
BTC King
Bo Shu Gui Shan
Please rate it. Approximate approximate buy / approximate approximate trend EA. Trends are trends. Buy a squeeze and choose a candle. You can wear it in black and white when going backwards. Currency Currency: BTCUSD Trading Style: Scalping Trading time: 5 minutes Parameters Magic: Magic number Lots: I use MM ExitRatio: Closed with N% account balance MaxPosition: Number of updates MM: Setting to use the lodging function MaxRisk: Large risk when using MM
50 USD
Contact me to receive the set files for the EURUSD currency pair. The EA only opens trades at the beginning of a new candle and the user has the option to input fixed TP, SL and TS or ATR (dynamic) targets. The Expert can open multiple trades if the user decides to average down the entry price. When Max. number of trades is greater than 1, the EA will calculate its own Stop Loss. Fully automated trading Expert Advisor that works on every financial instrument, currency pair and time frame. To le
30 USD
EVOLUTION NIGHT SCALPER Evolution Night Scalper is an expert advisor trend follower that work on any currency pairs,but performs on EURUSD M5 . The EA uses Take Profit and a money Stop Loss. Average positions are opened when the market goes in the opposite direction but all closed at the maximum loss entered or take profit hit. Default setting are optimized by "Forward Test" to reduce overfitting from 2014 to 2021 and has the right compromise between initial lot and max loss but each one can m
200 USD
Description of the Expert Advisor: You can trade with any strategies and any Expert Advisors, but there comes a time when trading comes to a standstill. All dogmas and rules are violated and you do not know what to do next. My hands drop and I want to take a break, but there are several thousand dollars at stake, which is so insulting to leave to the mercy of fate. You can of course just put a lock, go on vacation and then calmly sort everything out, and you can entrust all this to the advise
150 USD
The robot opens a buy or sell position using the signs below: 9 SIGNS available: Crossover of 2 moving averages; Crossover of 3 moving averages; Crossing of DM + and DM- of the ADX indicator; Divergence of the RSI indicator; Divergence of the MACD indicator; Divergence of the OBV indicator; Divergence of the STOCHASTIC indicator; Three white soldiers candle pattern; Three black crows candle pattern; Know our products   | Free Version TIP: It is possible to operate with ADX of another asset, f
149 USD
Sergej Sergienko
3 (2)
Price: $299 7 of 10 copies left at this price Next price $349 Signal https: //www.mql5.com/en/signals/1240229 Live Signal   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/951858 MT4 version  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/63003?source=Site+Market+Product+Page I glad to introduce you classical EA, EuroClassic . Why Classic, because it uses standard indicators of mt5 platform(Moving Average, CCI,ADX,MACD), EA has Take Profit and Stop Loss, There are no dangerous methods of traiding(Martingale, Grid or
299 USD
M P a
Marta Gonzalez
M P A (Multipair Price Action ) It is a multipair system, which uses the value of the support and resistance in the majors to detect the entry points in the EURUSD. !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  THIS EA IS FOR USED IN EURUSD ONLY.  !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  This system uses only one operation at a time. It does not use hedging or marging systems, all operations have Stoplost, Take Profit and trailing stop, configurable. The system also allows you to configure the parameters of the value of the pairs in
30 USD
M P a a
Marta Gonzalez
M P A A (Multipair Price Action Algorithm ) It is a multipair system, which uses the value of the support and resistance in the majors to detect the entry points in the EURUSD. !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!  THIS EA IS FOR USED IN EURUSD ONLY.  !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!! The system also allows you to configure the parameters of the value of the pairs in your broker. The name of the pairs should only be changed if the name of the pair in your broker is different from the one used by default, for example m
30 USD
Bollinger Bands King
Jose Ramon Rosaenz
5 (1)
Expert advisor based on Bollinger Bands Indicator Since it is not easy to predict when the trend reversal will occur, this  Expert can place additional orders at different distances from the first order, and with different lots, so that positions can be averaged and profit taking is more easily achieved. Since the over-buy or over-sell conditions apply to any currency pair in the Forex market, this expert can be used with any pair by adjusting the step and the size of the Lot. The default parame
30 USD
Andrii Voliuvach
Semi-automatic Expert Advisor StrikerFBo is designed to trade false breakouts of levels (one bar, two bars, complex false breakout). It was written primarily for trading stocks and their CFDs. For its operation, it is necessary to place a horizontal line on the chart, on which the robot will be guided to enter a position. Checking this Expert Advisor in the strategy tester is meaningless for this reason. StrikerFBo can be used on demo and live accounts. The Expert Advisor has the following pa
150 USD
Madness Trader is a fully automated day trading interface aiming to make profits from prevailing market conditions. The simplicity of the expert advisor ensures a very high rate of profitable trades combined in trend and counter-trend directions. The logic behind is based on some standard approaches of the using of MACD indicator plus additional Exponential Moving Averages with build-up time and price filters in combination with innovative solutions, placing the Madness Trader on the profitable
699 USD
Secret Average Trade : this is a revolutionary system unlike any other, the strategy uses algorithms such as grids, averaging, hedging and partially uses martingale algorithms. Trading is carried out on 17 currency pairs simultaneously and uses timeframes: 9. Fully automatic trading with the calculation of entries based on a system of various Trends and also supports reverse trading. Benefits Partial closure to reduce the load on the deposit. Averaging orders, which are required to close past
72 USD
Deflection MT5
Dmitry Homenkov
Deflection MT5 (MT4 version  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/63276 )   - a trend following expert advisor. It is based on strategy of searching entry points in the beginning of a trend. 2 EMA are used for a signal determination. Deflection has an adaptive system of profit and losses targets calculation which is based on current volatility. The control of risks is managed by TP/SL ratio and via setting risk per trade of a balance amount. Stop Loss and Take Profit targets in points are calc
30 USD
MegaTrend MT5
Stanislav Chertopyatov
MegaTrend is a trading system based on medium-term impulse price fluctuations. Each trade is opened when there is a corresponding trend. MegaTrend conducts in-depth technical analysis of your chosen currency pair and takes into account fundamental factors when using the news filter. The Expert Advisor does not use aggressive and dangerous trading methods and therefore is as stable as possible when using certain settings. For safe and the most stable trading, you should always use SL. With its u
119 USD
Track MT5
Wen Tao Xiong
"Track MT5"   is an adaptive expert advisor based on  t rend tracking.  It has a built-in unique   price tracking algorithm . Pending orders   for each price   retracement. Every transaction will analyze the   current price trends   and   fluctuations. Sold at 60% the original price , $299 USD only 2 weeks !  the original price is $499 USD . After purchasing, please leave me a comment or message, I will send the private telegram group to you. Important information Mainly operate with  EURUS
299 USD
Automated multicurrency expert advisor working on any type of accounts and with any type of spreads. The Expert Advisor always sets TakeProfit and due to this, even if there are interruptions to the Internet, the orders will be closed on time and at a favorable price.  The timeframe on the chart does not matter, you can set any digits. Working timeframe is set directly in the settings of the EA. To protect the deposit and limit possible losses, the EA has two options: the ability to set StopLos
145 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
CyborgPro hawe integrated  two sets  of virtual SL & TP rules. This option is not mandatory, but it is recommended to use because that is the main purpose of this robot. The main concept of the signal generator is based on Bollinger Band and RSI indicators in combination with the price action at a given moment of time. I also want to emphasize that certain functions must be used properly to get what we want. Basically, the robot is already optimized for EURUSD on H1. You can see the complete lis
95 USD
EA Perfect Balance Full AUDUSD     Timeframe m15.     Metatrader  5 Each trade is protected by a stop loss. Each trade uses Take Profit.   Minimum  initial deposit = $ 1200 with lot = 0.01 It is safer to trade with a $ 1,500  deposit with an initial lot = 0.01 Average number of transactions per month = 39 Attention:  the EA is configured for trading with 0.01 lot. If the Trader wants to trade with a lot different from 0.01 then: • If you use a starting lot = 0.02 - Maximum lot size when using B
299 USD
Modifiable Moving Average Cross Expert Advisor This Expert Advisor (EA) is based on the cross of two moving averages ; i.e; “ Moving Average 1 ” and “ Moving Average 2 ”. “Moving Average 1” has to always be greater than “Moving Average 2”. (So that it logically makes sense; unless one is just trying out different stuff). If “Moving Average 2” crosses above “Moving Average 1”, the program will enter a BUY trade . If “Moving Average 2” crosses below “Moving Average 1”, the program will enter
30 USD
Trades Closer
Beyignin Derrick N Tcha M Po
TRADE CLOSER is an Expert Advisor which manage your manual trades. One click and all your manual trades are handled, the Expert Advisor doesn't trade. The Expert Adviser can : CLOSE ALL TRADES  CLOSE PROFITABLE TRADES ONLY  CLOSE LOSABLE TRADES ONLY CLOSE MOST PROFITABLE   LOSABLE TRADES  CLOSE PAIR ON PROFIT, you specify the amount and the target pair will close profit CLOSE ACCOUNT ON  PROFIT,    you specify the amount of all pairs on profit and account will close profit. Close all your trade
30 USD
Use small stops + tracking stops to capture maximum profit in short term trends. Fixed initial trading volume of 0.01 hands. Trading volume will be dynamically added by 1% based on the current balance. This EA belongs to high frequency trading, which is risky. Please use it carefully for firm trading. Backtest only applies to select mode 1 Minutes OHLC. Apply to most currency pairs and gold. Recommend GOLD XAUUSD GBPUSD EURUSD ..... Parameter description: Timeframes: Timeframe selection. Defau
299 USD
This algorithm is based on the grid strategy and performs dynamic position management to make it work on netting accounts. Unlike other robots, this grid system bases its entries on profit over time of the asset instead of using pips. This parameter is the one that corresponds to "Average Distance".  You can trade all 28 major currencies simultaneously.  Parameters: +------------------------------------------------------------------+ :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:EXPERT SETTINGS:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: +--------------
250 USD

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