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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 6

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
Paul Reymkhe
2 days left - next price 699$ . The price will be increased until it reaches the final price. Please contact us after purchase so that we can give you the necessary   Set Files   and invite you to our  VIP group . N9T  is an innovative Night-Scalping EA. The main strategy is from   PROscalper   supplemented by  TrendFollowerSR   and   DailyBreakouts  with several additional filters. The EA   does not  use grid ,  martingale  or other  dangerous strategies . Fixed stoploss and take profit ar
349 USD
Dark Dione MT5
Marco Solito
4.21 (24)
Dark Dione  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Medium term  Trading. This Expert Advisor needs attention, in fact presents highly customizable. Dark Dione is based on   Dark Breakout MT5   indicator, these trades can be manage with some strategies.   (Write a review at market to receive my best settings for free!) Optimization experience is required to Download the robot. My tests are indicative, for best results it is necessary to study the user manual and create your settings. All the   s
Suren Khosravi
Download the entire trade journal of the last 15 years in csv format here →  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wsN06BgD_VzRnAgbISk8-QhD8MGHXN-L/view I recommend you to open it with LibreOffice Calc if Microsoft Excel gives you an error. Also, please contact me immediately after your purchase to receive the manual and the free bonus EA. Thank you. Description: Are you sick and tired of losing money in the FX market? How often have you painfully lost money and felt like you’re just gambling away y
666 USD
Sdp robot
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
4.5 (2)
Be sure to consult with me before buying. The robot trades based on support and resistance levels. You can use weekly and monthly times for less risk. More risk in daily and 4-hour times. Be sure to disable the robot at news times.Works on all currency pairs, indices, commodities and metals. Only observing the trade at the time of news will make this robot profitable. Automatic news management will be added in future versions. benefits:         Works on all instruments and time series,  
GS smart5
Aleksander Gladkov
5 (2)
Best price ! GS smart5 is 3 in 1 = Superior Grid Expert Advisor + News feed + Trend indicator. Automatically adjusts its parameters to work on any Forex instrument (including cryptocurrencies, indices and CFDs) for USD accounts. To start trading, simply attach the EA to the chart, preferably EURUSD, GBRUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD and XAUUSD (Gold) M5, H1 timeframes. Continuously in automatic mode, only EURUSD M5 timeframe is recommended for an account from $1000 with a leverage of 1:500 and above. Sm
145 USD
The Reaper EA MT5
Profalgo Limited
3.24 (42)
Current promo: Only 1 left at 349$ Final price: 999$ NEW: Buy now and get 1 EA for free! (for 2 trade accounts) Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! The Reaper EA is a night scalper that will trade reversal on the nightly ranges for multiple currency pairs.  The EA is very advanced and uses a lot of filters and safety measures. Please read the blog  after purchase:  Recommended pairs: GBPUSD;GBPCAD;GBPAUD;EURAUD;USDCAD;USDCHF;AUDCAD;EURCAD; Other
349 USD
Ghaith Khaddour
Through my 10 years of exprience as a trader both personally and professionally, I was finally able to write Pyxis, an AI algorithm that finds hidden support and resistances that we normally wouldn't see. Due to the recent market volatility, Pyxis has been specially trained to know what trades to take/leave, which keeps your trading game always on top with little or no supervision.     Features of Pyxis: - It's an AI for hidden support resistance - Runs on H1 Timeframe - It's not Grid or Marting
89 USD
AW Double Grids MT5
Alexander Nechaev
5 (3)
The AW Double Grids MT5 Expert Advisor is an aggressive, fully automated grid based Expert Advisor with an informational trading panel and easy setup. The strategy consists in simultaneous two-sided work, multiplying the volume of one direction. Built-in automatic calculation of the lot, as well as a variation of the multiplication of orders. Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE How the advisor trades: The EA starts trading by opening two opposite orders. After closing a profitable
75 USD
Synapse smart EA MT5
Synapse smart based on the latest neural network algorithms that allow high-precision forecasting of future price fluctuations. The EA uses the algorithm we developed for setting the SL and TP levels, considering the levels of support and resistance, channel width, and extremes of the price chart. The advisor does not use grid, martingale or any other unsafe strategy. The advisor has a money management system that allows user to set both a fixed order size and calculate it based on the size of t
Index Time Ltd MT5
Natalyia Nikitina
Attention!!!Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time ; In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart reacts to them in the future ; Next, we will analyze the Index Time Ltd  MT5 EA expert Advisor and pulse
99 USD
Eugene Chistyukhin
3.2 (5)
This multicurrency Expert Advisor uses 28 currency pairs. For predictions, the advisor uses models trained by the machine learning algorithm in the Python language environment. Best Signal in the Expert Advisor :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1722847 All Signals:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/11breath11?orderby=gain Also, by default, the robot uses a grid for trading, you can easily turn it off by setting the parameters GridOf = true The Expert Advisor can work with two time inter
240 USD
TIO Surfing   – это стратегия   торговли, которая подразумевает разбиение графика на сектора, поиск важных уровней и потенциально разворотных зон для   торговли   в этих участках. То есть по сути мы получаем некоторую комбинацию из скальпинга и среднесрочной   торговли, что является очень эффективным. В основе работы советника применение секторной торговли. Используя разные периоды, ищутся повторяющиеся паттерны. И затем советник проплывает по волнам секторов от разных периодов на сети ордеров.
300 USD
Luna MT5
Profalgo Limited
4.18 (11)
Current promo: Only 1 left at 349$ Final price: 999$ NEW: Buy now and get 1 EA for free! (for 2 trade accounts) Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! LIVE RESULTS :  Best pairs -> h ttps://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1502590 Luna EA is a very effective night scalper and one of the best you can find on the market.  It was developed using years of experience in live trading with the mean-reverse strategy, and selected only the best pairs and techniques to
349 USD
GM Dawn
Tran Duc Anh
5 (1)
GM Dawn is only sold on MQL5. If you are purchasing it somewhere else, it is  fake , it won't work like the real thing, and you won't get any support as well. SPECIAL LAUNCH PROMO If you rent GM Dawn for $250 you will get 1 free EA (Unlimited) ONLY 10 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $ 250! After that, the price will be raised to $499. Hi my friends, GM Dawn: is a fully optimized EA easy to use for everyone. GM Dawn is very reliable: - No Grid, - No Martingale, - Smart: stop loss and take profit
250 USD
Easy Neural Network MT5
Ismail Hakki Delibas
5 (2)
Expert Based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The EA learns market patterns from past times and uses them to optimize later tradings based on the learned strategy. Read More About Neural Networks. Features :     More Easy and Fast Learning     Without Complicated input parameters.     All TimeFrames and Symbols Supported     No Need to Huge and Large Optimizations     Use Low Margin for Trading     Money Management Options     TP/SL/Averaging options     Trailing Stop, Break Even Op
975 USD
Piotr Stepien
5 (3)
Alpha BOT  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT5 platform and multi currency pair. Trading system, which is especially effective in trading on “pullback” currency pairs. This system works independently on Your terminal, You can run it on Your computer or on a   ... VPS... The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, which makes him more effective. Currency pair: AUDCAD,NZDCAD,AUDNZD. Live Signal is   ...HERE. .. Requirements: Leverage 1:100 or hi
300 USD
Rapid Reaper EA
WebTech Media Ltd
4.6 (5)
The Rapid Reaper EA is a fully automated hybrid averaging EA that trades in sequences of lot increase and multiplication on both sides of the book. The system trades using market orders with take profits set across trade groups. This EA will work on any pair but works best on GBPUSD and USDCAD on the M5 timeframe. A VPS is advisable when trading with this EA. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Please note: I have made the decision to give this EA away and many more
Mikhail Sergeev
4.53 (19)
Easy start: Everything is already set up. The minimum deposit is $ 50. User-friendly interface. BlackQueen is a fully automatic, professional trading system. Stable entry points based on global price movements. Multi-currency trading, the ability to choose a strategy, unlimited customization potential for any trading tools.  Main features:   Accounts: Hedging. Currency pairs when working in automatic mode: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY. It works on hourly bars and
600 USD
MA Crossover ADX
MetaQuotes Ltd.
3.63 (16)
The strategy is based on price crossover with Moving Average indicator, confirmed by ADX indicator. The trade signals: Buy: closing price of the last completed bar is higher than moving average, the moving average increases at the current and last completed bars. Sell: closing price of the last completed bar is lower than moving average, the moving average decreases at the current and last completed bars. To filter the false signal, it checks the trend power (ADX>ADXmin) and trend direction usin
CAP Adx Trader EA MT5
5 (1)
CAP ADX Trader EA  trades using the Average Directional Index (ADX) Indicator. It offers many customizable Average Directional Index (ADX) trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [       Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable Average Directional Index (ADX) setting. Enable Grid trading. Customiza
Synapse superb for MT5
Synapse superb based on the latest neural network algorithms that allow high-precision forecasting of future price fluctuations. The adviser can use several trading strategies based on standard indicators (RSI, RVI, ADX, CCI, MACD, Alligator, Ichimoku) in its work as a confirmation or attenuation of neural network signals. The user has the opportunity to combine these strategies at his discretion. Also available for use the algorithm we developed for setting the SL and TP levels, considering the
PZ MAcD Trader EA MT5
4.14 (7)
This EA is a flexible and powerful metatrader expert advisor that trades using the MACD indicator and implements many useful features. It can trade using the MACD indicator alone, or donchian breakouts confirmed by the MACD indicator from any timeframe. Additionally, it offers a martingale feature and forex session filters. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise Fully configurable settings Customizable break-even, SL, TP and traili
Orca EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
Orca EA ΜΤ5   is a fully automated Expert Advisor. Its advanced price action based algorithm is trying to predict next candle's direction and opens (or not) the appropriate trade. It has a unique number of settings that make it extremely versatile in all market conditions.   Orca EA ΜΤ5   comes with provided set files for 2022 , specially optimized for ECN Raw Spread ICMarkets accounts (New York based GMT+3 time zone servers). Other brokers or account types may be used, but you may need to test 
50 USD
EA Builder MT5
Arthur Hatchiguian
4.47 (43)
EA Builder  allows you to create your own algorithm and adapt it to your own trading style . Classical trading, grid, martingale, combination of indicators with your personal settings , independent orders or DCA, visible or invisible TP/SL, trailing stop, loss covering system, break-even system, trading hours, automatic position size etc.. The EA Builder has everything you need to create your perfect EA .  There is an infinite number of possibilities, build your own algorithm. Be creative! Pro v
MeetAlgo Moving Average EA  trades using the Moving Averages Indicator. It offers many customizable Moving Averages trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [     Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable MA setting. Enable Grid trading. Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Works for ECN
Toco Bands
Nathan Jean-yves Emile Barbe
4.8 (5)
Coming all the way from the Amazon rainforest, Toco is proudly presenting his new Bollinger Bands based Expert Advisor. How it works: T.B. combines multiples indicators and signal triggers to bring the most from Bollinger-Bands squeezes. Simple and effective, but with the toucan's twist. The EA is equipped with a customizable Trailing Stop and AutoLot. Recommended EURUSD parameters as for June 12th : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T3SxJOOplwwpHhzC4rhTln_XrZk0XlME/view?usp=sharing Report
Anabolic Virtual eXtrem (VX) for MT5   is a fully automatic trading Expert Advisor for the forex market The basis of advisor is forecasting of change of local trend and placing of virtual orders in its direction, on price pullback advisor starts real trading in direction of forecasted trend. The advisor builds a prognostic model for three periods to find the change of trend. Orders are closed according to trading conditions without takeprofit , often getting a huge movement. It is possible to
325 USD
Advanced AI Trading MT5
Ho Tuan Thang
3.5 (4)
ONLY 4 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $399. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. CAUTION: You can not back testing with News Filter and multicurrency EA on MQL4. Especially with this EA, because this EA will have 2 strategies based on the difference between currency pairs price to decide entry and exit points. I'm the only one who can,  it is necessary to put the news integrated and have so
299 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $349. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Some Features: - One Trade - One Stop loss per trade - No Martingale, No Grid, No Double Lot, No Averaging, No Dangerous strategy - Using breakout strategy that specially designed for trading with GOLD - Set and Forget, Plug and Play. Safe with large capital ... How to install: *Noted: You need ECN/low spr
299 USD
Mirza Danish Baig
Hurry Up! This EA is free for short period only. Give 5 star, comment and share reviews if you want to see my another free profitable Expert Advisor. THIS EA IS DESIGNED FOR EUR USD 1 HOUR TIMEFRAME ONLY. Multiple smart indicators are used to develop this unique strategy for EUR USD 1 hour time frame. This Expert Advisor is using one of our latest technique and has been operational since January 2022. You will be astonished by the results. Backtests results are also attached below. Makesure to p
MeetAlgo RSI Trade EA Pro MT4 trades using the RSI Indicator. It offers many customizable RSI trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [ Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Functions Easy to use and customizable RSI setting. Customizable indicator settings Built-in money management Grid trading when trade in Loss Customi
30 USD
HyperDragon Evolution   is the next generation robot providing users a unique class of trading opportunity, combining higher profit factor with exceptional stability and superb win rate. HyperDragon   is a development and progression of the highly popular and DragonScalper which has years of live track record, its pedigree and longevity speaks for itself. ( DragonScalper -  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56167 ) Monitor 1 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1640015 Alternative Monitor 1: 
499 USD
TIO Scalping
Ihar Tsitou
5 (1)
TIO Scalping   - это полностью автоматизированная "откатная" торговая система, которая особенно эффективна при торговле на популярных откатных валютных парах:   AUDCAD,NZDCAD,EURGBP,EURUSD,USDCAD . Всего в советнике реализовано 10 различных торговых стратегий   , включая различные   свинговые, внутридневные и скальперские стратегии ,  со своими стопами и тейками. В советнике нет зависимости от спреда, для торговли на разных типах счетов. Это дневной Скальпер. Он не использует ролловерное время
200 USD
PZ Fractal Trader EA MT5
4 (3)
This EA trades untested fractals using pending orders. It offers many trading behaviors and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions and a martingale mode. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise It implements 4 different trading behaviors Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers Works for 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Trading can be NFA/FIFO C
Stock Trader Pro MT5
Ivan Pochta
5 (10)
=====  Live Results ==== >>>   Stock Trader Pro:  here >>  (Darwinex) =====  Presets ==== >>> Stock Trader Pro v.1.2 Presets:   Download >> Stock Trader Pro   is a fully automated trading advisor designed to work at   US Stock Market . The system is based on the author’s trading strategy. Unlike Forex systems,   Stock Trader Pro   opens only LONG positions by  the global direction of trend on price on price falls (dips), analyzing data from several timeframes at the same time. The trading str
750 USD
Boom Crash 500 Index
Sergelen Khongoruud Bayasgalan
1 (1)
Synthetic indeces are one of a kind of forex markets. Specially, on boom and crash indices on M1 timeframe is really interesting. I always thought that it was impossible to catch spikes safely until today. Everything has it's limits. This EA is based on martingale strategy with low drawdown. Max grid level is 3. When each trades goes on drawdown, the next trade will be multiplied by 2. The EA does not use take-profit or stoploss . So the backtesting will show the same results as  real-time tradi
30 USD
Nikolaos Pantzos
4.69 (13)
BUILD YOUR GRID The expert is a system to help any trader to make a grid of orders (without martingale, lite martingale, or full martingale) easy and simple. Please make your test to find your settings. Default settings are just to take an idea of how the expert works. The expert can make according or contrary grid of orders. You can set the expert to work in hedge mode if the losses are huge. The system uses a high-risk strategy. It's better to test it first in a demo account. Version for MT4
Black Viper
Matong Maphango
5 (1)
Black viper EA is an advanced robot which is capable of scalping the market it can also be used to trade NFP (Nonfarm Payroll) event and for both modes it analysis the market and place pending orders based on certain conditions. This EA protects the account in advance from the beginning till the end, with sl, tp and trailing stop. Since I already mentioned that the user can also use the EA to trade NFP, the user should always ensure that nfp is set to false when they are not trading nfp for tha
120 USD
MeetAlgo Channel Trading EA is Expert Advisor that base on our famous indicator CAP Channel Indicator .  EA is a non-optimized expert advisor you have to find best setting by yourself. Who using our CAP Channel Indicator and looking for EA that base on Channel indicator this EA is best for them. We give lots of options so you can customize your trading strategy.  [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Channel Trading  is a volatility-based ind
39 USD
Rsea mt5
4.5 (8)
See comment #1 for ((M1 Eurusd  10 years set )). 1- You can add another indicator   on the chart while the EA working.   2- if you want to stop the EA in such chart remove it from chart. because when you press Ctrl-E all EAs will stopped and you will miss some chances in other charts and Trailing stop will stop Automatically 3- each chart work with one EA and different magic number, you will add for example: (chart#1)1231242 (chart#2)1231352. 4- you can open more than 100 charts on same time if
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Reborn is a trading robot that follows the trend and it is built on the  Investment Castle Indicator . Traders can choose from different strategies built-in inside Reborn as follows: For Automated trading: SL and TP Kill and switch the direction of the next trades and recovering the previous trade closed in loss. Martingale Martingale with SL Kill and switch with martingale for switching the direction of the next series and recover the previous series as well. The Kill and switch is a game chang
30 USD
Speed Revolution MT5 is a multi-currency Expert Advisor, which works on many symbols. The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies like Martingale. Next Trailing Stop with Neural Network Technology and Calculated through the last price every one minute not every tick. This made the decision that you do not have to worry about backtest results. Using strategy Theory Probability Formula example: ((open-close)+(High-close)+(low-close))/3. Average True Range > Standard Deviation = BU
499 USD
One Direction Pro is a combination of hedging, Grid averaging, pyramiding, lot martingale - anti martingale strategies, which aims to enter and exit the market as quickly as possible so as not to be trapped by unexpected market changes. Setfile & Bot Explanation: here  |  MT4 version : here Expert parameters: 1. Manage Open Positions + Trade Buy: allow buy + Trade Sell: allow sell + Select Entry Method + Period in bars for indicators : Average period + Distance from High & Low Bands & E
299 USD
Dragon Ultra
Dang Cong Duong
5 (1)
At first, I got my teeth into   Dragon Ultra   Expert Advisor. Build a smart grid both with the trend and against the trend. The powerful combination of locking and partial loss closure. The program is constantly being improved and upgraded. You should use the  Dragon Training proficiently before buying the product. You can run in real environment with the Dragon Lite , note that the input parameters are hidden. Advantages of the Dragon Ultra Smart recovery system with Fibonacci grid Good resist
249 USD
Lock balancer MT5
Vadim Zotov
5 (3)
Lock is a powerful tool for saving a trader’s money. Instead of the traditional stop loss, you can now use this robot. The robot will set the pending lock. With a sharp movement of the price against the trader, the lock becomes market, and therefore the loss does not increase. The main position is maintained and will bring profit as soon as the robot selects the right moment to unlock. The robot can be used to insure positions during manual trading, or as an addition to another robot. Princip
250 USD
CommunityPower MT5
Andrey Khatimlianskii
4.77 (86)
CommunityPower   — is the EA created by community and for community. The rules are simple: your ideas + my code = profit for everyone! We took a simple signal and several filters as a basis, gradually adding more and more functions. There are several strategies ready to use, and the work is going on. Join the community, become the part of this power! All the necessary information — is in the official telegram-channel   CommunityPowerNews   (in English). Welcome!
The Comeback Kid Manger is half EA and half trade manager. It's capable of keeping the trader profitable on complete auto-pilot. You can also use the onscreen buttons to intervene with the EA to achieve a creative manual/algo collaboration. It's also capable of recovering losing trades by managing them into a small profit or break even. The user has a lot of control on how and when they would like to increase profit on good trades and recovery bad or losing trades.  Highlights  Includes one o
497 USD
FX Rover P MT5
Smart Forex Lab.
Non-indicator Range Trading System New edition of FX Rover advisor - improved perfomance, updated software engine and inputs. Optimized & backtesed on real ticks with 99% quality in 2010-2022, сompatible with EURUSD, EURJPY, CADCHF, AUDNZD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDCAD. FX Rover P EA trades pending orders from the borders of the calculated range. The grid of orders is activated if necessary. >> After buying/renting  leave a   review   and a make a   request in the comments to join a private group
295 USD
CAP News Trading MT5
5 (1)
Need to open a pending order at news time, or need to open a pending/instant order at a specific time?    MeetAlgo News Trading EA   is the right tool for you. The    MeetAlgo News Trading EA  opens pending orders at a specific time or specific date for you avoiding human errors and enhancing your trading activity. It is useful for news traders who open pending orders before the news come out. News trading is one of the most difficult disciplines – but it can also be one of the most profitable o
30 USD
Trading is carried out by market orders from important price levels, which are determined by an advanced adaptive algorithm  EA . the Algorithm allows you to determine the dynamic levels of price changes, which gives the EA the ability to quickly find entry points. The EA determines the short-term trend and opens a position with a subsequent partial closure, the average position is open for several hours. The EA trades many major currency pairs. Does not use martingale, grid and other risky stra
150 USD
Eugene Chistyukhin
This multi-currency EA uses 28 currency pairs and two hourly intervals for trading H1 and H2. For forecasts, the EA uses models trained by the CatBoost machine learning algorithm. The CatBoost algorithm is now one of the most advanced in machine learning and has proven to be much better than the same neural networks for predicting price movements in the market. Best Signal in the Expert Advisor :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1722847 All Signals:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/11bre
240 USD
Heiken Ashi Plus MT5
Erwin Rustandi
3 (2)
Heiken Ashi Plus is a trading tool in the form of an expert advisor. This EA works based on the change in the color of the Heiken Ashi candle. called a plus because there are additional indicators such as Moving Averages, Stochastic and RSI which you can combine its use with Heiken Ashi candles. Update V2. = Add Multi TimeFrames Features Explanation of EA parameters LotMethod :  1 = Fixed Lot, 2 = RiskLot (Freeze of Balance), 3 = Martingale System TrailingStart :  Trailing will activated aft
100 USD
Konstantin Chechnev
The Expert Advisor uses two basic indicators, two filters and intuitive settings. There are no grids, multipliers, additional positions. Exit either by Take profit or by indicators. 15 optimized instruments are ready for trading. Testing in MT5 on real ticks since 2015 has shown a total return of $8,500 with a lot of 0.01. All reports and settings are in the comments. For a portfolio of conservative and calm trading. SET files for 15 currency pairs are here The version for Metatrader 4 is her
CAP Ichimoku EA MT5
4 (12)
MeetAlgo Ichimoku EA  is trade the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator with complete freedom using a powerful and flexible EA. It using the metatrader basic ichimoku Indicator. It offers many customizable ichimoku trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [    Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable ICHIMO
This EA trades untested breakouts of variable periods when the market is orderly and behaving in a predictable fashion. It is oriented towards short-term trading and relies on the fact that volatility increases by orders of magnitude when the market reaches previously untested price levels, allowing for a quick profit or a small loss based on a time expiration. The EA performs well in orderly markets and suffers in very small timeframes or thinly traded instruments.  [ Installation Guide | Updat
299 USD
Lungile Mpofu
Deriv EA Launch price $57 USD , future price will be $199 USD INTRODUCTION Deriv is MT5 broker which provide a wide range of derivatives exchange to its clients. On this broker we find a number of indices which includes Volatility 10 index, Boom 1000 index, Crash 1000 index and many more. After i have been trading for 6 years on this broker i then decided to come up with an Expert Advisor to automate the process. Hence i developed this simple bot based on 2 Moving Average Cross Overs. Ta
57 USD
Loss Recovery Trader MT5
Michalis Phylactou
5 (1)
Attempts to recover losing trades. If a trade moves in the wrong direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm begins. An alternating series of Buy and Sell trades at two specific levels take place, with two Exit Points above and beyond these levels. Once either of the two exit points is reached, all trades close with a combined profit or break even. MT4 version here Usage General Settings Close_All: Closes all trades Magic: Magic number used Commission_per_Lot_Amount: Commission charged per Lot 1 .
70 USD
Octopus MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
5 (2)
Multicurrency trading robot for comfortable work on Forex. It has a minimum of customizable parameters and is therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Simply install the trading robot on one currency pair, for example EURUSD, and watch the results, you do not need to do any more manipulations. It does not require a VPS server or a broker. Reliable bot which does not require continuous optimization - install once, configure and forget about it. *write me after purchase to g
99 USD
Silver stuff mt5
Vasiliy Strukov
5 (3)
EA Silver Stuff is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading silver and also it can be used at all forex pairs. The operation is based on opening orders using   author's indicator .  The Expert Advisor requires a hedge account type to work. Real-time results can be viewed  here . Contact me immediately after the purchase to get the settings and a personal bonus!  SETTINGS Open new series - on / off beginning of a new series of orders. Start lots - start lot. Trade Buy - allow the advi
125 USD
2 More Sales Until Price Increases to $250! Soul's CHANNEL BREAKER   is a fully automated trading system based on one of the most robust strategies ever created. Initially created by the famous Turtles in 1983,  this strategy has survived the test of time and has been improved upon   by many successful traders including Courtney Smith to better suit the current Forex market. This updated version trades up to 20 currency pairs simultaneously. If you're looking for a more customizable exper
150 USD
AW Momentum EA MT5
Alexander Nechaev
5 (1)
Fully automated trading system. Work in the direction of the current price movement. The breakdown of the Momentum indicator levels in the direction of the continuation of the price movement is used as signals. Uses averaging in its trading, as well as the function of closing the first and last orders of the basket. Has an advanced dashboard and three types of notifications. Problem solving ->   HERE  / MT4 version ->  HERE Benefits: Advanced filtering of basket orders Easy setup and int
45 USD
Top Performance EA
Lorenzo Capasso Barbato
5 (4)
The EA works with 24 pairs, it has been programmed with specific indicators designed by me, it is not the result of optimizations on past facts and events. The EA is fully customizable from input. The EA is able to detect countertrend movements and therefore opens hedging positions until the new signal to protect the account from strong drawdowns (this is a rare fact. In the backtest 2 or 3 times at most) but it still manages to reduce the drawdoWn and avoid major stop losses. Don't judge EA by
50 USD
MA crossing bot MT5
Matthieu Jean Baptiste Wambergue
5 (2)
Get the MT4 version here ! Automate your moving averages strategy! This is the MT5 version of my best seller 'MA Crossing bot' which is available here (you can click to read reviews). This EA alerts and/or places orders on moving averages crossovers with additional filters. It works with all broker symbols and contains multi-symbol modes (market watch, major forex pairs or symbols in the list). The default settings are for the GBPUSD pair , but you can change the settings to suit your strat
40 USD
Exp Tick Hamster MT5
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.09 (11)
Expert  with automatic optimization of all parameters for any trading symbol for MetaTrader 5. Version  Tick Hamster for MetaTrader 4 T rading EA without settings! Tick   Hamster  - This is an   automated trading expert for newbies and users who don't want to set up an advisor! The trading strategy of this trading advisor has been tested for  7 years. How it works? Download; Install on the chart; Advisor will trade automatically; Leave review. How to set up an expert?  You do not need to cus
30 USD
Octane Scalper
Alexis Brian Luna
Octane Scalper is a professional and a fully automatic Expert Advisor for trend scalping trading designed to trade EURUSD pair in a simple and safe way. Octane Scalper is completely free EA, as free for everyone to use. Octane Scalper uses Moving Average , Stochastic , and ADX Indicator to find best entry points. I spent a lot of time and effort to make this EA sophisticated with possibilities of high potential returns while keeping the drawdown below 20%. Octane Scalper works with 5, 3, a
Hotey MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
Without indicator grid adviser making a large number of transactions. The EA is constantly in the market, when installed on the chart, it will immediately open 2 multidirectional positions and begin its work according to the algorithm laid down in it. To close positions, you can use the functions of stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop. The chart displays trade statistics. Advisor is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The most volatile pairs are suitable for work
35 USD
Evgenii Kuznetsov
3.67 (3)
Rebate System performs a large number of trades with the minimum profit, which gives the opportunity to earn from receiving rebates (returning part of a spread). It is based on two grids (buy and sell), when one of them is in a drawdown, the other one can enter with an increased lot size, keeping the account away from the drawdown. It features a news filter, which prevents the possibility of getting into a trend without rollback caused by news releases. The default parameters are for   EURUSD  
10 USD
PipFinite EA Breakout EDGE MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
5 (1)
The Official Automated Version of the Reliable Indicator PipFinite Breakout EDGE EA Breakout EDGE takes the signal of PipFinite Breakout EDGE indicator and manages the trade for you. Because of numerous financial instruments to consider, many traders want the signals to be fully automated. The EA will make sure all your trades are executed from entry to exit. Saving you time and effort while maximizing your profits. The Edge of Automation Effortless price action trading is now possible
198 USD
Rsi EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (2)
RSI EA ΜΤ5  is a unique, fully automated Expert Advisor for trading the well known and extremely efficient Relative Strength Indicator , being able at the same time to control your trading account's profit and/or loss at a basket level, for all your open positions combined. RSI EA MT5 has 4 different strategies for trading the Relative Strength Indicator, open trades on RSI extremes on live bar, open trades on RSI extremes on closed candle and open trades on RSI level crossing. This last strateg
60 USD
Scalper Forex Expert
BPASoftware Thai Co. Ltd
PRESENTATION This EA uses several non-directional strategies that allows it to generate profits regardless of price trends. It manages a pool of positions ("session") in a totally autonomous way To avoid risks related to this strategy, several recovery functions have been implemented. This makes it a reliable and secure EA, its DD remains low. RECOVERY MODE This EA is designed to run on several pairs simultaneously on an account. When the DD of a session exceeds a defined value, all positions
60 USD

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