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Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5 - 13

icon Expert Advisors analyze quotes of financial instruments, as well as execute trade operations on the Forex and stock markets. Test free and paid Expert Advisors to automate your trading and make it more profitable.
GoNewBig 是根據信號產生器做出交易決定後再根據現有的資金量調整下單的單量  設計目的希望所有參與交易的交易者,都能夠獲取合理的利潤 值得注意的是,過去的歷史回測匯或許會有相當大的利潤發生.但是將來的行情型態是不可知的.所以不要盲目地相信EA會創造出絕對的利潤,但也不要一昧地認為自動交易就是不可取的 特點 自適應的交易信號: 根據市場狀況自動調節信號產生的條件 簡單的設定方式: 只需簡單的設定即可. 單品種交易:   根據信號產生器做EURUSD單品種的交易 無華麗顯示面板:   將算力完全用在交易程序的計算 可以更高效續的執行工作 短期交易策略:   開單頻率及持倉時間一週 安全的風險控制: 在當前行情不例於持倉狀況時安全認損 不會早造成爆倉或是大量虧損 環境 使用時間框 H1 交易品種 EURUSD (品種必須列在報價清單上) 啟動資金使用1500美金即可運行 免費版只能交易EURUSD 正式版可以交易多品種 購買或是測試可以聯繫我取得適當的參數 運行淨值保持在2500美金以上 能更加確保交易帳戶的安全 參數 Magic : 自訂義EA持倉的辨
Crash Warrior is an automated hands-free robot that uses a very efficient hedging strategy for Crash 1000 Index MT5, advance probabilistic analysis. Effective in the consolidating and trending markets, does not need force optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profits in the future. Suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Requirements Trading pair      ----------->      Crash 1000 Index (Only) Time Frame      ----------->       H1 Minimum Depo
Pivot Points Master
Benbyaanda Silvere Henri Sedric Kabore
5 (1)
Pivot Point Master is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses traditional technical analysis in combination with Artificial Intelligence to predict market movements. This EA makes use of reinforcement learning (RL) that are trained using data from various symbols. Thus, Pivot Points Master works on all possible assets, as long as you set the right parameters. Major US indices such as the US100, US500 and US30 are the most suitable assets for this strategy as they are very sensitive to pivot p
This completely revolutionary automatic system uses Neural networks for multi-currency trading (15 currency pairs) on the Forex market. The Expert Advisor uses 7 secret strategies using a neural network. Uses M5 timeframes. A stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop are provided for each pair. To get the set files and instructions for installing the adviser, contact the PM. Benefits The adviser uses neural networks. The Adviser can adapt to the changing global economy. Built-in false
RSIBand Pro EA MT5
Miss Supatcha Pigulkaw
4.33 (6)
RSIBand Pro EA   is a hybrid strategy that has been tested and optimized using 100% History Quality from 2012 to 2023. Its main signal is based on Bollinger Bands, with RSI as a confirming signal to identify trends. Supported currency pairs:  AUDCAD Recommended timeframe:  M15 MT4 Version:  Click Here Backtest Modelling quality: 100% History Quality Spread: Variable Time Period: 2012 – 2023.10 Symbol: AUDCAD Timeframe: M15 Dynamic lot: Dynamically sets the lot size based on the current b
Welcome! I am pleased to introduce to you the RSI GridMaster Expert Advisor, a sophisticated and flexible automated trading system that allows you to optimize your trading strategy based on the RSI indicator. This expert advisor is the result of extensive development and thorough testing.  The strategy is based on monitoring the overbought and oversold conditions of the RSI indicator. When RSI returns from the overbought region, it opens a sell order, and when it returns from the oversold regio
I present to your attention a reliable advisor that generates clear, transparent signals coming from the arrow indicator "RSI Arrow out of Zone iMA Trend" ( https://www.mql5.com/ru/code/29363 ). Download this indicator from Codebase and install it in the Indicators folder. Optimal time frame H1. I equipped the advisor with: protective stops (SL/TP), the possibility of multi-currency testing, trading from one chart (specify the list of currencies in the settings), trailing stop and trading
ADX Master MT5
Joseph Anthony Aya-ay Yutig
ADX Master MT5 is an Expert Advisor mainly based on the ADX Indicator. No dangerous money management methods are used. Expert does not use martingale, grid algorithm or arbitrage. BACKTEST: V1.1 https://youtu.be/dDguIssg_Ao LIMITED ONLY!!! ORIGINAL PRICE: $1,000 ================= NEXT PRICE: $500 SETTINGS AutoLot (1-10) 1 - LOW RISK  3 - RECOMMENDED SETTING 10 - HIGH RISK MAX TRADES COUNT 10 - RECOMMENDED RISK WARNING Before you buy ADX PRO please be aware of the risks involved
Super Sniper MT5
Johnson Sobhuza Enyimba
Hello guys, this is a project that I have been mentally pondering this Sniper Scalping Idea that I believe can maximize profits and can flip accounts if used correctly and at the right time. The goal of this EA is to flip or grow accounts with very little money. I have used and RSI, PTL Alerts and trend direction indicator. Together they form the super pack that was used to execute this Sniper Scalping Trade Method. This EA is designed to give little drawdown but once in profits can generate a l
TEMA trend following
Sergio Tiscar Ortega
Introducing our cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) designed to capitalize on the crossover signals generated by the Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA) and Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) indicators. This dynamic combination offers a robust strategy for identifying potential entry and exit points in the forex market. The DEMA and TEMA are advanced moving average indicators that provide smoother and more responsive signals compared to traditional moving averages. By leveraging the cro
PZ Turtle Trading EA MT5
2 (4)
This expert advisor implements the original Dennis and Eckhardt trading system, commonly known as The Turtle Trader. It trades exactly like the original turtles did, and can be used by experienced traders to capture trends in up or down markets. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise Fully configurable strategy settings Fully configurable trading settings Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Works for CFDs and for
SK RandomWalk Monkey EA MT5
Mr Sakkarin Yartfoong
5 (2)
Are You Better than Monkey? Prove it... The trade of this EA is based on random output with customizable lot size (use martingale or not), stop-loss, and take-profit levels. Easy to use and Simple Great for benchmarking tests against other EAs or manual trade. Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Support us by open  My recommended broker. Exness Tickmill robot monkey uses Adx trend filter for fair game no-trade unfavorable market ( you can turn off set adx = 0) . EA starts
Black Jack
Amos Tsopotsa
The strategy for this expert advisor works more effectively only if you set buy only or sell only,the most important part I took into consideration are the main market turning points.You would want to say reversals or change in direction in trends,the key to making profitable trades with this advisor is to set your stop loss on the previous high for sell only signal and previous low for buy positions ,This advisor can trade any Market,but mainly was developed for Boom and Crash,vix75 and Jump 25
This is the automatic realization of multi single and open position EA, welcome to use. It has passed many historical data tests before it was put on the shelves. The following is EA's principle of multiple orders and closing positions: 1. Through the golden fork generated by the two moving averages, multiple orders can be automatically bought. The cycles of the two moving averages can be set by themselves. The default value of the small cycle moving average is 5, and the default value of the l
Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk
Pankaj Kapadia
5 (2)
Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk.: Version 8.01 For Dax40(De40)(Ger40) The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is a product for traders who are interested in trading in DE40(DAX40) index of CDF.  The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is likely an automated trading system that uses technical analysis and algorithms to trade the DAX40 index. By automating the trading process, the product aims to eliminate emotional and psychological biases from the decision-making process, potentially leading to more consistent and stable with low risk.  The Dax30 Ea
GerFX Density Scalper MT5
Exler Consulting GmbH
5 (6)
Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading. Any mean reversion can get caught on the wrong side of a fast movements due to unexpected news or flash crashes. This strategy will always use a stop loss, but still execution of the SL d
US30 Bot
Gabriel Matovu
US 30 BOT This is a simple quantitative model that trades US30 Index from NASDAQ top 30 American stocks It uses volatility contraction and expansion as a basic theory. Place it on US30 chart ,any timeframe.  Hedged accounts are advised. NB: Standard accounts are preferred and well regulated brokers eg ICMarkets are advised to avoid unnecessary losses eg slippage ones,commissions  and  large spreads. Minimum account balance ADVISED : USD 100 HOW TO USE: A VPS is highly recommended. AWS offers 1 y
Deriv Algotraders EA
Adebayo Oluwaseun Ojo
Live Trading Copy Service with this exact EA :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1955918 INTRODUCTION Deriv AlgoTraders EA (bot) is designed and developed by a seasoned market professional with years of experience with the goal of preserving trading capital while making consistent profit (passive income). It works on MT5 platform provided by Deriv Limited, a brokerage firm offering a wide range of assets derived from real-world or simulated markets.  Some of the advantages of this type of market
Impuls Pro
Sergey Batudayev
The EA’s strategy is based on  Swing trading , with entries after sharp impulses calculated by the iPump indicator. The advisor has the ability to open manual trades with automatic support – for a downtrend ↓ we enter a trade after a corrective rise in the price, the asset falls into the overbought zone, we sell along the trend. – for an uptrend ↑, we enter a trade after a corrective fall in the price, the asset falls into the oversold zone, we buy along the trend. When trading on the selected
Outside Day Reversal EA
Munkh Od Jargalsaikhan
Outside day trading strategy looks for a specific pattern in the price chart of a security. The pattern is characterized by a larger range than the previous day, with the high of the day higher than the previous day's high and the low of the day lower than the previous day's low. Works with many symbols, such as BTCUSD, GBPUSD,USDCAD, oil, gas, and others. PLEASE RATE! Thank you very much! FEATURES: - Real Strategy - Daily Bar Strategy - Exit the trade if the day was profitable - ATR multip
This Martingale trading bot, developed by Profectus.AI, is a demonstration of what Martingale does to you emotionally and financially. Please check out the video. This pro bono product showcases our expertise. Welcome to Profectus.AI, the leading pioneer in democratizing algorithmic trading. With a visionary approach, we strive to level the playing field, making algorithmic trading accessible to all investors. Our mission is to empower individuals with powerful tools and cutting-edge technology
Emanuel Andriato
4.67 (3)
Cybertrade Agile and Flexible - MT5 (Your strategy in any market) *** PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH PRICE *** Flexible EA regarding parameterization, where the trader can configure his own setup, risk management and trading plan. Our EA is an advanced, high quality solution, always developed with attention focused on performance and flexibility of use and also always attentive to the need of traders to work in different ways. With the diversity of indicators and parameters available, it is possible to de
EA Hiloseven é baseado em 2 médias móveis simples, máximas e mínimas dos últimos 7 períodos. MODO TENDÊNCIA: Compra no fechamento da vela acima da média das máximas. Fecha a negociação com stoploss ou fechamento da vela abaixo da máxima de 7 períodos. A venda ocorre de maneira inversa. MODO CONTRA TENDÊNCIA: Compra no fechamento da vela abaixo da média das mínimas.  Fecha a negociação com stoploss ou fechamento da vela acima da mínima de 7 períodos. A venda ocorre de maneira inversa. -----------
Ndumiso Mavuso
3.2 (5)
The strategy is based on finding top and bottoms during the night flat range. The night flat range usually lasts during the Pacific and Asian trading session and is characterized by low volatility. Most night scalpers have one weakness, that is, small gains and few big losses which wipe all the small gains. This Scalper is using Neutral network to avoid days that can potentially have high volatility and result in big loses, Neutral network does this accurately . The Neutral network has currently
New Genius Candles AI MT5
Vitali Vasilenka
3.4 (5)
Buy the New   Genius Candles AI   advisor and receive the   EA Iron Man   advisor as a gift New Genius Candles AI   is a trading advisor for the Forex market based on candlestick patterns. The advisor uses candlestick patterns to analyze market dynamics and make decisions about entering and exiting trades. Artificial intelligence is built into the system for more accurate analysis and adaptation to changing market conditions. provides traders with a powerful automated trading tool based on cand
Royal Prince Gold MT5
Richard Louis Pastor
NO MARTINGALE, NO HEDGE, NO GRID, NO SCALP,  YES TP/SL , YES Pending Order This EA takes 200-300 Trades per year Best results are on Low Spread ECN Broker  TF: H1 Pair: XAUUSD Leverage: 1:100 Settings:     (All settings in screenshot) mmLots= 0.1 - Fix lot setting ExitAtEndOfDay = false - enable or disable exit end of day ExitOnFriday = true - enable or disable exit on Friday FridayExitTime = 19:00 - time exit on Friday
Rua Close All Orders MT5
4.33 (3)
Rua Close All Orders   An EA used to preserve profits. EA will close all orders when reaching profit expectations or loss limits in USD or a percentage of the balance. Custom parameters BackTest EA    + True: there is a command when running in Backtest mode.    + False: Not entered, used for real time Closebyprofit:    + true: use payment in USD    + false: do not use closed in USD   profit win: stop rate (USD)   profit loss: stop loss (USD) Closebypercent:    + true: use close to percent of bal
THE SWAP KING. Be the Bank. THE SWAP KING is a  multicurrency bot that is simple but ingenious. The Bot was created two years ago and has been growing my account since then. If you have traded with CFDs before you will know that you either need to close all trades before midnight and weekend OR you will be charged a hefty fee for keeping the trade(s) open. Unfortunately that leaves us traders only three options: scalping, spending lots on spreads and commissions for closing and opening trades
The Forex Breakout Scalping EA follows a scalping breakout strategy. It trades the breakouts from relative highs and lows. For the entry stop orders are used for the fastest possible execution. Profits can be secured by the adjustable trailing stop .This is also a high frequency breakout trading system. It produces high return if compounded properly with high speen internet and low commission. Since the strategy works with small average profits it is highly suggested to trade with a low spread a
Yevhen Chystiukhin
3.17 (6)
This multicurrency Expert Advisor uses 28 currency pairs. For predictions, the advisor uses models trained by the machine learning algorithm in the Python language environment. All signals of this advisor in real time and settings for it can be downloaded from my website forexvisible.com - copy and paste into the browser The Expert Advisor can work with two time intervals H1 and H2 together or separately parameters in the Use Time Intervals group The profitability of currency pairs can be vie
NS Financas 4 EMA Moving Average Strategy EA
Luiz Guilherme Neves Da Silva
4.25 (4)
Exponential Moving Average indicators are widely used by Forex traders all around. This EA uses a simple Scalping Strategy using 4 exponential moving averages and have lots of config parameters. EMA1: 9 | EMA2: 13 | EMA3: 21 | EMA4: 200 Basically the EA Strategy place an order when it detects that the last candle touched the 3ª EMA line and the last 5 candles do not touch it. In order to know more about the strategy, we presented it in our youtube channel: Video with EA Strategy Details:
Expert Advisor (EA) that utilizes the basic Dow Theory strategy along with RSI for opening positions, and employs support and resistance levels from the Zigzag indicator as stop-loss and take-profit points, you can follow these guidelines: Dow Theory Strategy : This involves analyzing trends using the Dow Theory principles, mainly focusing on identifying primary trends (bullish or bearish) and secondary trends (corrections). You'll need to implement rules for identifying these trends based on pr
Ballistic EA
Michael Prescott Burney
BALLISTIC IS NOW AVAILABLE TO THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY AT NO COST!!! EXPERIENCE THE PERFORMANCE OF MY SYSTEMS FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT PAYING A DIME!!! Introducing the 'Ballistic' EA: a formidable force in the forex trading world, specifically tailored for the AUDJPY H1 chart. This expert advisor is not just a tool but a sophisticated trading companion, designed to navigate the volatile forex market with precision and agility. Key Features: Exceptional Win Rate: With a remarkable win rate of 95%, the 'B
Trade Jet
Ciprian Ghebanoaei
TRADER JET is a professional trading robot that is completely automated. Designed exclusively for the GBPJPY foreign exchange market. Parameter configuration is not required for EA. Ready to start working on GBPJPY H1. You merely need to make a decision on the lot. It includes an intelligent system that recognizes trends and filters out market noise. The expert places orders based on the trend's direction. Commodity Channel Index, MACD Signal, Standard Deviation and Moving Average are thr
PRICE ACTION Semi-auto trade bot premium: This is a simple quantitative model that trades GOLD(XAUUSD) using automatic price action analysis algorithms Place it on any symbol or timeframe.  The position sizes are calculated by multiplying 0.01 per USD 500 on account to ensure low risk exposure and also leaving free margin for hedging positions that reduce the overall risk exposure . This is what leads to stability in the model though it is possible that the model like any other might stop workin
Mean Machine Ai
William Brandon Autry
5 (1)
Introduction: Mean Machine Ai is an innovative, multi-symbol mean reversion trading strategy, meticulously crafted to navigate the intricacies of the AUDCAD, AUDNZD, and NZDCAD markets. It represents a confluence of expertise and technology, ensuring that traders have an edge in today's dynamic trading environments. Operating across multiple symbols, it gives users the ability to diversify their trading approach, all under the guidance of a 12-neuron Neural Network, supercharged by a forward-
Monkey Smile MT5
Dmitriy Prigodich
4.6 (5)
Простой советник основанный на сигналах индикатора  Relative Strength Index (RSI)  в зоне перекупленности - продаем, в перепроданности - покупаем. Моя версия всем известного "Dynamic". Я рекомендую использовать этот советник в полуавтомате.  Добавляйтесь в друзья, присылайте свои интересные стратегии. Возможно после обсуждения всех нюансов напишу советника бесплатно . Параметры:                                                                    "_Slippage"    - Проскальзывание;           "_  
Yashar Seyyedin
Please backtest with the exact balance of your live account before applying to real money. ==> If account balance is too low it may not trade at all! For MT4 version please contact via private message. martingale version is available here . Strategy description - Detect trend based on EMA18-EMA50-SMA200 alignment in three time frames: M15, H1, H4 - Trade in trend direction and exit when above alignment is broken. - The bot is tuned to trade XAUUSD(Gold). - The bot output is break even in rangi
GatorDeviation Breakout
Dipak Dilip Reddy
5 (1)
The given MQL5 code is for an Expert Advisor (EA) that implements a trading strategy using the Alligator indicator and the Standard Deviation indicator. Here's a breakdown of the code: The code defines various input parameters for the EA, including entry lots, stop loss, take profit, indicator parameters, and expert settings. The OnInit() function initializes the EA by setting some variables and validating the initialization. The OnTick() function is called on each tick of the price data and
Pass The Prop Firm EA
Dirar Alzoubi
2.67 (3)
Introducing “Pass The Prop Firm” EA   – Your ace for trading challenges, now with machine learning precision! PropFirmSettings : Safeguard your balance and aim for the stars with tailored profit targets. Prop Firm Balance : Ensure your equity never dips below this threshold. Close All Trades at Profit Target : Automatically secure profits when your goal is reached. Profit Target Percentage : Set your sights on a specific profit ratio. Daily Loss Percentage : Limit daily losses to protect y
Evgenii Kuznetsov
5 (3)
Multi-currency grid Expert Advisor, in most cases it receives quite accurate entries. If an entry is not accurate enough, the positions are managed using an elaborate martingale strategy. Work on real account:  http://tiny.cc/nkaqmz Entries are performed using the signals of RSI and Stochastic indicators, in the overbought/oversold areas, plus additional entry conditions based on a proprietary algorithm. Recommended timeframe - М15. Input parameters SetName - name of the current settings file Ma
Robson Santos
5 (1)
XAUUSD USDJPY GPBUSD M1 HEDGE Real Account Monitoring **Analytico - Your New MQL5 EA!** Have you ever imagined having a trading assistant that not only identifies the best opportunities in the market but also adapts and safeguards your capital like no other? Welcome to Analytico, the EA that will improve your trading experience! **3 Pillars of Success: Direction, Volume, and Speed** Analytico leaves nothing to chance. It operates based on three fundamental principles: market direc
PipFinite EA Trend PRO MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
3.67 (9)
The Official Automated Version of the Powerful Indicator PipFinite Trend PRO EA Trend PRO trades the signal of PipFinite Trend PRO and manages the trade depending on the user's preference. The EA includes many customizable features that can further enhance the Trend PRO trading strategy. Features like Entry and Exit Filters, Higher Timeframe Filter, Stoploss, Takeprofit, Breakeven, Trailing Stop, News Filter and MORE! The Innovative Solution EA Trend PRO was created to make your trading
Elon Musk Trader
Yashar Seyyedin
This is Elon Musk Trader. Do you think why I named it this way? ==> As you know Elon Musk is a hard working man and the same is true for this EA. Which means it continues gathering profits even when other open positions are in drawdown. Entry rule: Do you think this EA makes trading decisions based on AI(Artificial Intelligence)? ==> The answer is no. This is making trading decisions based on simple supertrend indicator. Exit Rule: It gathers profits when each position reaches TP level. DrawDown
Cerberus EA is a fully automated expert advisor. It is based on a strategy that calculates recent price range levels and enters trades when price breaks these levels. This EA does not use any Martingale/Grid/Averaging. Every trade is equipped with a stop loss and take profit. The EA does not need require any optimization and can be used immediately. Optionally the user is able to change many inputs of the strategy. The backtests displayed in the screenshots were based on real ticks using the def
SafeLockdown MT5
Paranchai Tensit
SafeLockdown  MT5 is a fully automated Expert Advisor. This EA has passed 21 years back test of real tick data (2003-2023) and (2021-2023) . The Expert Advisor does not use martingale, grids, hedging, averaging and other risky strategies. This strategy works well with the wave of ever-changing markets, which is targeting small market movements to generate profits in a short time by entering and exiting the market, taking profits from small price changes. Protected by a volatility stop loss and t
Max Poseidon
Aaron Pattni
3.75 (4)
Get it FREE while you can! Will be increased to $200 very shortly after a few downloads!! Join my Discord and Telegram Channel - Max's Strategy For any assistance and help please send me a message here.    https://t.me/Maxs_Strategy https://discord.gg/yysxRUJT&nbsp ; GBPUSD and EURUSD Set files can be found in the comments! (please message me if you need help with them) TimeFrames are harcoded, therefore any chart and time will work the same. The Max Poseidon Strategy is a part of a cross
NewsCatcher Free MT5
Evgeniy Scherbina
5 (2)
The advisor NewsCatcher Free opens trades when the price makes a reversal move from support and resistance levels. Market entries should be confirmed by the Relative Strength Index (RSI). The RSI is implemented as a tachometer. It is recommended to use this advisor in a highly volatile market after a political event or a release of major economic data. You can use this advisor in the semi-automated mode (the RSI performs an information role) or in the fully automated mode (the RSI decides when
Volatility Doctor
Gamuchirai Zororo Ndawana
Volatility Doctor - Your Expert Advisor for Mastering Market Rhythms! Are you ready to unlock the power of precision trading? Meet the Volatility Doctor, your trusted companion in the dynamic world of forex markets. This multi-currency expert advisor is not just a trading tool; it's a symphony conductor, guiding your investments with unparalleled precision. Discover the Key Features: 1. Trend-Seeking Expertise: The Volatility Doctor employs tried-and-true methods to spot robust market tre
Christopher Benjamin Hemmens
4.2 (5)
Always backtest before using. MintyGrid is a simple EA that has an RSI indicator. On winning trades MintyGrid will take profit based on configuration. On losing trades MintyGrid uses a grid strategy to place resistance points using a martingale/reverse-martingale strategy to be prepared for when the market swings in the opposite direction. MintyGrid can be configured to run on many currency pairs simultaneously and will work as long as the pairs are similar in price. MintyGrid always trades w
Pavel Nikiforov
Название советника : Survivor  (есть расширенная версия: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/36530 ) Валютные пары : USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GBPJPY, XAUUSD, EURCHF Рекомендованная валютная пара : USDJPY Таймфрейм : М5 Время торговли : круглосуточно Описание : Трендовый  советник с возможностью мартингейла и построением сетки ордеров. В советнике используются три группы аналогичных сигналов для открытия, закрытия и дополнительных сделок. При наличии тренда(определяется МА) ловится отс
Shred FX
Michael Prescott Burney
UPDATED AS OF 3.19.2024 WITH NEW QUALITY CONTROL UPDATE FOR PERFORMANCE VALIDATION! 4 MORE COPIES LEFT AT 60.00 THEN THE PRICE GOES TO 120.00 SECURE YOUR COPY WHILE THE PRICE IS LOWEST! Introducing SHRED FX, the expert advisor designed for the CADJPY H1 chart that has meticulously carved its niche in the trading world. From March 2021 to March 2024, SHRED FX's algorithm demonstrated an extraordinary ability to capture market momentum, amassing an impressive $11,700.00 net profit from a $3,000 b
AW OsMA based EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
Fully automated trading robot. It works on the signals of the standard OsMA indicator. Built-in automatic lot calculation function, multiplication of volumes for opening orders. Customizable indicator parameters for EA calculations. Complemented with trailing system with adjustable pitch. Advantages: Suitable for any instruments and any timeframes, Built-in trailing system with adjustable step, Customizable indicator signals, The autolot calculation function can be used, Animation of order volum
Forex 1 hour candle trader
Thej Karthiarath
5 (1)
This EA is completely private EA given after back-testing a particular strategy. You can request to get the strategy by contacting the following number in WhatsApp +91 9567407508.  You can contact in telegram too. The EA basically takes trade on particular one hour candle breaks.  You should use this EA only after attending a zoom meeting and a proper back-test. Understand the rules and regulations of  your country while you trade in forex and other commodity.
Swiss Burger
Karthik Gopalakirshnan
SWISS BURGER                                             Kindly use this expert Advisor in Higher time Frame HAI FRIENDS AM KARTHIK GOPALAKIRSHNAN Before going for Demo make sure the Your MT5 Broker. Every broker has different rules and regulation. when you going for demo. just change the different settings and try it I have used fixed lot size if you want you can change it. As per your wish.                          
Please backtest with the exact balance of your live account before applying to real money. ==> If account balance is too low it may not trade at all! For MT4 version please contact via private message. Strategy description - Detect trend based on GoldTrader rules. - Enter in both direction as much as needed to achieve acceptable amount of profit. - Although this is a martingale bot it is very unlikely to loose your money, because: ==> the money management rules are safe and low risk. ==> entries
Aleksei Lesnikov
5 (1)
Эксперт, способный приносить прибыль при открытии позиций случайным образом. Показывает хорошие результаты при долгосрочном трейдинге – на периодах от H12. Особенности Доступен полностью автоматический режим работы. Открытие позиций производится случайным образом. Применяется Мартингейл – в случае, если предыдущая позиция закрылась с убытком, текущая открывается с объемом, компенсирующим данный убыток.   Параметры Mode – режим работы Эксперта: Automatic – автоматический (рекомендуется); Ma
DemsFx Super Charger EA
Desmond Ebimobowei Dogubo
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1. The Expert Advisor built with a basic, simple and stable trading strategy that is highly effective and accurate with a sniper entry system with a good money management.. 2. The expert advisor works best as from 15 minutes time frame and above.... 3. The expert advisor work with all broker and all currency pair and synthetic indices... 4. Use a reasonable lot size and correct settings if you want to get the best of the Expert Advisor.. Note: To enjoy the full working ability of this Expert Adv
Golden Square X
Huynh Tan Linh N
This is my latest Free version for Gold. With optimized parameters and user-friendly features, this version is likely very easy to use and highly effective. You can customize TP and SL parameters as you wish, but the default settings should work well for you without the need for further adjustments.  This version is designed for the M5. This version does not require a large capital investment; only $100-$200 is sufficient for Golden Square X to run and generate profits for you. Based on backtest
FNG Advisor
Tyler Henry Roberts
4.75 (4)
You must add the address ' http://ec.forexprostools.com/ ' in the list of allowed URL tab 'Tools/Options/Advisors' Check out our MFI Version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/75573 Live Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1286661   Please note that you will need to optimize and customize to your broker. With FNG Advisor you are able to make strategies that best fit you and your trading style. Features: Filter indicators: Envelopes, BEAR/Bull, Moving Average, Williams' Perc
Andrey Spiridonov
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SignalDeMarker - stable in its work automatic adviser. The algorithm of the adviser's work is based on the definition of overbought / oversold market zones, built on the basis of an assessment of the current demand and the level of risk. The indicator is installed in the usual way, on a chart with a time period of D1 and works with any trading instrument. Options Expert_MagicNumber = 1234 - magic number Signal_StopLevel = 50.0 - level of stop-loss (in points) Signal_TakeLevel = 50.0 - Level
BoS CHoCH Trader
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
FREE until 31 May 2024, paid product afterwards. The Indicator for this Expert Advisor can be found here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/113665 Introducing the MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor (EA) designed to capitalize on the Break of structure and change of character in price action, offering a comprehensive approach to trading. Here are its key features: Break of Structure and Change of Character Trading : The EA identifies significant shifts in market dynamics, recognizing when price a
Counterattack MT5
Mr Thadanai Chulasamaya
Counterattack EA  is a fully automatic Grid Expert Advisor for Trend Scalping  Trading on  XAUUSD timeframe M1 but also in others.   Recommendations The Expert is programmed to work on  XAUUSD M1,  but you can use all others timeframes also. An  ECN  broker is always recommended A low latency  VPS  is always recommended. The recommended Leverage is 1:100 or more. The recommended capital is 10000 ($/cent) per 0.01 Lots or more. For higher Lots please test by yourself Please test Demo before you
Hi! This is a Bot I created for my own trading portfolio. But was thinking that to build the trust with any of you guys to use my other systems,I put this one up for free. The only thing I am asking for is a honest review. So if u like it and when u realise it it is actually a good working bot, u can look into the other bots that I have here on the market to add more strategies to your portfolio. I always make bots without Martingale or Grid systems because I mainly make these bots for my own po
PK Range Break Scalper  is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for scalping Range Break 100 Index and Range Break 200 Index  by Deriv and Binary broker on the 1 Minute Timeframe. The EA/Robot waits for a range price breakout to open positions and it aims at closing profits between the range price and not the range breakout. The EA/Robot opens buy positions at the lowest range price and sell positions at the highest range price. NB:   This EA, unlike my other EA's, doesn't come with optimized
Rent Bm15
Grigorii Isaakian
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Советник для скальпирования фьючерса BR на ММВБ. Внутридневный, в 23=45 закроет позицию. Работает на 15-ти минутках.  По появлению отфильтрованного индикаторами  сигнала  на покупку/продажу выставляет отложенный ордер. Более короткий вариант таймфрейма выбирать не рекомендую из-за введенных ограничений для переменных в примененных индикаторов. Мартингейл не применён, EA тестирован на ММВБ на  срочном рынке и только на фьючерсах BR.  Для демонстрации результатов на склейке, параметры дооптимизи
Awesome Comparative
Daniel Eduardo San Martin
Discover the most effective strategies of the Awesome Oscillator indicator with our innovative expert advisor Awesome Comparative . With Awesome Comparative , you can conduct comprehensive tests in the MetaTrader5 strategy tester to determine which Awesome Oscillator strategies work best for your broker, as well as your preferred assets and timeframes. Our EA offers three included strategies: Saucer , Twin Peaks , and Zero Line Cross . Additionally, it allows you to combine these strategies in
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Only 3 copies left at $130.  You is the ultimate expert advisor for GBPUSD , designed for traders seeking simplicity and efficiency in their trading. With a minimum deposit of $100 and leverage of 1:20 or higher , You is perfect for those looking to maximize their opportunities in the Forex market. Highlighting its Ease of Use Optimized for GBPUSD: Specially designed to achieve the best results with this pair. Advanced Risk Management: Includes stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop paramete
Ultra Scalp XAUUSD
Juan Perez Pereira
Ultra Scalp XAUUSD Ultra Scalp XAUUSD is an improved version of the famous Expert Advisor Ultra Scalp FX , but in this version, the EA has been optimized and redefined for the XAUUSD currency pair. With a long track record on a real audited account in its trade signal, it shows without a shadow of a doubt its true potential. Trade Signal:  XAUUSD H1 It is recommended to use ONLY on the XAUUSD currency pair and the H1 time frame, as this version is only optimized for that setup.
AW Ichimoku EA MT5
AW Trading Software Limited
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AW Ichimoku EA trades using the signals of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. Fully automated trading robot has flexible configuration and many scenarios of work. Many useful functions are built into the product: automatic lot calculation, virtual take profit, as well as the ability to close the first and last orders in the basket Problem solving ->  HERE / MT4 version ->   HERE   / Instruction  ->   HERE   Advantages Simple, intuitive setup Possibilities to use the averaging strategy Overlappin

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