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PTS Precision Divergence Finder

Precision Divergence Finder was designed to find market bottoms with pinpoint accuracy and frequently does so.

In technical analysis, the art of picking bottoms is generally much easier than picking tops and for this reason this product does NOT produce sell signals.

The complex algorithm seeks out and counts the number of active Demand Index divergences present on a real-time bar by bar basis.

The model observes when the market price is making a new low and the Demand Index is NOT making a new low, causing a divergence.

The indicator uses two settings.

  • Demand Index (DI) length which will provide the indicator with something to look for and it will find for any divergences of DI on the length you have chosen.
  • Difference, this is the amount of divergence between [DI value now] and [DI values up to 200] bars ago and for each divergence it finds from various look back periods it will produce a [1] output in the indicator window.

A total of 20 periods are inspected up to a maximum of 200 bars, hence the maximum output value it will show is 20.

Suggested settings

Demand Index lengths from 10 to 90 (with 20 to 70 usually do well)

Difference of divergence are 0.1 to 20 (with 0.75 to 5 usually being optimal, however the best value may be much larger depending on your data feed volume)

It is advisable to view the tutorial video and other comments on my website and during testing you can experiment with different settings as different data sources may produce wildly different volume outputs which get sent to the indicator's algorithms.

Caution: Stop losses must be used with this product as it buys on downtrends which are making new lows.
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