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CI DashBoard Ichimoku Trend

Are you a trend trader? This scanner for the MT4 platform will be your best asset!

On a single window, scan up to 20 values ​​and over the 9 time units available on MetaTrader4, i.e. 180 graphs analyzed at the same time and in real time.

This DashBoard is available in 2 versions:

- A Basic version which analyzes up to 180 graphs with visual signal alert and also in the PopUp window of MetaTrader4
- A Nomad version, which includes the Basic version with reception of alerts by email and notification. If you cannot stay in front of your graphics, this version is probably the most suitable for your needs.

The signals are simple, a green arrow the market is bullish, a red arrow the market is bearish. The markets which enter into correction, they are indicated by an orange arrow and the markets in resumption of trend are identified by a blue arrow and the direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the trend. As for the gray signals, they have shown an asset under correction for more than one trading period.

Only values ​​that enter and exit correction will be flagged as an alert so you will receive the most relevant signals.

No matter the meaning of tenkan compared to kijun, as soon as the prices break their highest resistance or their lowest support and chikou is free of any obstacle, you will be alerted!

DashBoard fully customizable to your trading space

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  • Sending alerts by email
  • Sending alerts by MetaTrader4 Notification App
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) function

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