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Volume Analyzer

If you believe in market makers or population of small trades which manage the market, this is your indicator. It aims to show powers which move the market in one or another direction. It also shows where the market tends to move when these powers are absent.

This is quite a simple indicator. It does not have any complicated algorithms nevertheless it will be a great supplement (basis) to any trading system. It excludes so called "false" signals of other indicators. Useful for non-indicator(!) trading, as its purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of the market situation.

How Does It Work? 

It uses 3 values in calculations:

  • volume (unfortunately, it has been tested on tick volume yet)
  • midpoint shift (4 ways to calculate this point)
  • ratio of candle's open and close price (i.e. bullish and bearish candle)
If shift of the midpoint and opening/closing match on growth of volumes, such situation is considered as thrusting line. If shift of the midpoint and opening/closing do not match on growth of volumes, such situation is considered as reversal.

If volumes do not grow, the market not influenced from outside tries to find a balance. As a rule, the next thrust happens in the direction of the natural movement.

Thrusts are drawn by a colored bold line on the volume chart (blue color indicates bulls, red color indicates bears by default. Can be changed.) Reversals are drawn by a bolder line (optional). Movement in the passive mode can be optionally enabled (shown at the bottom of the chart).


  • Bottom part is... - what to display at the bottom of the chart? Options:
    1. Empty - nothing;
    2. Real Higher TF - real higher time frame;
    3. Emulated Higher TF - higher time frame emulation by values of the current one;
    4. Higher TF with custom period - emulation of an unspecified higher time frame divisible by the current one;
    5. Smoothed trend - smoothed volumes and trend;
    6. Inactive movement - price movement in the absence of thrusts;
  • TimeFrame - time frame (for Real Higher TF and Emulated Higher TF modes);
  • Period - period/ expansion ratio (for Higher TF with custom period and Smoothed trend modes);
  • Trend Period - trend calculation period (for Smoothed trend and Inactive movement modes);
  • Midpoint is... - how to calculated the bar midpoint?
  • Show turn signals - whether to display reversal signals;
  • BUY signal color, SELL signal color, NO signal color - color of signals;
  • Limit bars to count - limitation of calculation depth to avoid "slowdowns". 0 - no limitations.

There is a robot developed to test the indicator's performance capacities. Although the indicator is meant for manual trading, the robot showed positive results. Sure enough, if you buy the indicator, you will get the robot for free. Just send me a private message.

Dina Li
2016.01.18 16:03 

Excellent Indicator, Almost Holy Grail, but we all know there is no such thing, but this indicator, often times detect a change of trend or beginning of a new trend. Thank you Igor

2015.06.21 14:06 

nice product, serves the purpose,

2015.04.14 00:00 

I bought this recently and first day of trading it is showing good potential.

Even though the indy is quite complex, Igor does a great job explaining and supporting.

Jean-Sebastien Laurent
2015.04.11 20:04 

Thank you Igor, for this indicator, support and research of any performance on market is top ! :)

Version 1.1 - 2015.05.11
Added possibility to set width of signal bars.