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Ever wonder how to apply zodiac and moon cycle on your trading?

Don't get me wrong, moon cycle doesn't give you when to buy or when to sell.

But it gives you a different time frame that isn't shown in minutes, hourly or daily time frame.

Pay attention to the market movement during New Moon and Full Moon Phases. Set to True "Use 4 Phases Only".

Often the market is trending during these phases.


This indi also shows you the current trend of the market and it paints a candle on each zodiac.

It has Heikin Ashi candle and normal candle stick mode. Press "2" in order to switch back and forth.

There are 12 houses in Zodiac, each house will show you how the market is moving.

A zodiac candle that lasts more than 2 days, it indicates a strong support/resistance.

A marubozu candle that appears in a particular zodiac, indicates a strong trend!


This indi also shows pivot point using Gann degree, which by default it's set to 45 degree.

45 degree is a very important degree according to Gann. These gann levels on is relative to its own zodiac and it acts as a support and resistance.


There is also a signal line that allows to tell you what's the market trend now. You can set it to repaint or not.

When it's set to false (No repaint), signal is updated every new bar. This can be used as a lagging indicator.

But you can always pay attention to the signal trigger line, whenever price croses the signal trigger line, it indicates trend change.


MA for zodiac candles is also available.

Press "3" to switch back/forth MA slope. MA slope helps identify the trend within that zodiac candle.


Press "4" to switch back/forth Daily Candle Stick overlay style (Heikenashi or Japanese Candle Stick)


If the zodiac candle sticks become jumbled, on your keyboard press any of the following keys 1 or Home or Page Up or Page Down or End in order to refresh the indicator.

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Version 1.43 2020.08.28
zodiac heikenashi signal fix
Version 1.42 2020.08.27
Daily live candle fix (it was displayed bad in the backtesting)
Version 1.41 2020.08.27
1. Add Zig-Zag moon phase zodiac
Version 1.33 2020.08.27
File rename
Version 1.32 2020.08.18
1. Daily live candle fixed
Version 1.31 2020.08.18
Daily Japanese Candle Stick Overlay. (It can only be seen in Time Frame 1HR and lower)
Daily Heikenashi Candle Stick OVerlay. (It can only be seen in Time Frame 1HR and lower)
Press 4 to switch between daily Heikenashi or Japanese candle stick.
Version 1.23 2020.08.13
MA can't be selected
Fix to the Zodiac Heikin ashi candle
Version 1.22 2020.08.13
1. MA With Slope
2. Export zodiac candles to .CSV file
3. Heiken Ashi candle
4. Press "2" to switch candle Heiken Ashi or normal candle stick
5. Pres "3" to turn on/off MA slope
Version 1.21 2020.08.12
fixed drawing issues
Version 1.2 2020.08.12
Faster when backtesting every tick mode
Zodiac MA
new input
* MA Horizontal line color
* Apply MA to open, close, (high+low)/2
* zodiac MA period
Version 1.1 2020.08.11
Add inputs
- Color for moon phases
- Color for Signal Line
- Signal Trigger Default is set to 0.712. You could also set to 0.5
- Repaint Signal (True/False)