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Algocep Grid MT5


Next price:        $1499

Price will be kept high to limit number of users for this strategy.

This EA starts trading at the open of London (UK) Session. It is based on analysis of advanced statistical distributions combined with short to medium term reversal patterns which have mean-reversion attributes. The EA has smart features for the Grid and money management. The EA is adaptable to be used by both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includes several smart features and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. The EA is not sensitive to spreads

Telegram channel: https://t.me/ClearTradingSignalsPublic

Timeframe:   M5.

Minimum account balance:  $1000.

Default parameters are for EURUSD M5.

Leverage:  1:50 (was used during backtesting ) but also the following leverage ( 1:100 , 1:200, 1:300, 1:500 ) can be used.

NOTE:  You don't need to change any of the default parameters below. The EA will work with majority of the reputable brokers without any issues at all.
The EA is not sensitive to spreads.


preferredFillingType = 0               --  0 = FOK , 1 = IOC,  2 = RETURN.  Default = 0 
MagicNumber1 = 1121                  --  Magic Number of the First Order
typeLot=3                                    --  Smart Grid Lot Sequence based on Free Margin where 0=Fixed, 1=Arithmetic, 2=Geometric(Martingale), 3=Fibonacci. Default =3
mmGridAmountAllocated=0.5      --  Initial Percentage of the Free Margin allocated to the Grid for trading. Default = 0.5
mmGridBlockSize=6                     --  Grid block size.  Default = 6,  Maximum = 10 positions per Grid Block
mmGridGap=25                            --  Grid Gap/Distance between trades. Default = 25 pips
mmGridProfit=30                         --  Grid Profit per Block size.   Default = 30 pips
Enable_Auto_Lots=true               --   Enable automatic lot calculation.  Default = True
MaximumRisk=0.01                      --  Minimum risk per trade based on free margin.  Default = 0.01
FreeMarginForEveryLot=300        --  Free Margin amount to allocate per trade.   Default = 300 USD or your Base Currency
MaxLotsAllowedByUserPerOrder=100    -- Maximum lots allowed by user per order 
minimumDefaultLot=0.01             -- Minimum default starting lot when using FIXED grid lot sequence and Auto Lots is disabled.  Default = 0.01
StopLoss=700                                -- External Stop Loss per trade .   Default = 700 pips to avoid whipsaw due to mean-reversion mechanism.
UseEquityTrailing=true                  -- Enable equity trailing to lock in grid profit. Default = True 
EquityPercentDelta=0.02              -- Percentage of equity required in profit to close the Grid.  Look at the table below for recommendations
EquityDelta=20                             -- Amount of equity required in profit to close the Grid. Look at the table below for recommendations
LimitTimeRange=true                   -- Enable Limiting  trading hours to a range . Default = True to minimize exposure or risk
SignalTimeRangeFrom=10:00       -- Set trading start time as per GMT . Default =  10:00  ( GMT+2 for most brokers with DST (GMT+3))
SignalTimeRangeTo=21:00            -- Set trading End time as per GMT . Default =  21:00  ( GMT+2 for most brokers with DST (GMT+3))
ExitAtEndOfRange=false               -- Exit/Close all active trades at the end of the range. Default = false

Example of Risk tolerance settings to change and leave all the rest as defaults:

Balance =
100K+ ,   EquityPercentDelta = 2.0  ,    EquityDelta = 2000   ( Aggressive)
Balance = 10K ,      EquityPercentDelta =  0.2  ,   EquityDelta = 200     ( Medium)
Balance = 1K ,        EquityPercentDelta =  0.02 ,  EquityDelta = 20       ( Conservative/Low)

NOTE: The trading system can hold a grid positions from 1 minute to 1 or 2 months depending on the market conditions calculated by the system. The goal of the trading system is to grow your capital with a low risk.  

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Version 1.40 2020.09.08
- Adjustment to position entry logic (timing)