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PSAR Expert Extended MT5

This indicator operates based on the Parabolic SAR indicator.

The advanced EA version includes the following changes and improvements:

  • The free initial version has been analyzed and the EA algorithm has been improved.
  • The EA behavior has been monitored on various account types and in different conditions (fixed/floating spread, ECN/cent accounts, etc.)
  • The EA functionality has been expanded. Features better flexibility and efficiency, better monitoring of open positions.
  • Works on both 4 and 5 digits brokers.
  • The EA does not use martingale, grid or arbitrage.

The best results were achieved on EURUSD with M30-H1 timeframe, but can also work well on other pairs with proper settings.


  • Lot - base lot for opening new orders.
  • MM - Money Management (Free Margin, Balance,Loss Free Margin, Loss Balance, Constant Lot).
  • Stop Loss(points) - stop loss in points of the current instrument.
  • Take Profit(points) - take profit in points of the current instrument.
  • Max.spread(points) - limit for the maximum spread in points. 0 - not used.
  • Deviation(points) - maximum price deviation in points of the instrument.
  • Magic number - EA's magic number. For working with its own orders only.
  • EA Comment - comments.
  • Breakeven - the number of profit points to move the stop loss to breakeven. 0 - not used.
  • Trailing Stop - trailing start level (distance from the current price). 0 - not used.
  • Trailing Step - Trailing step.
  • Timeframe for the calculation - the working timeframe of the Expert Advisor.
  • Step PSAR - standard parameter of Parabolic SAR. The increment of speed of the indicator.
  • Maximum PSAR - standard parameter of Parabolic SAR. Maximum rate of the speed of convergence of the indicator with the price.
  • Time limit - time limit for the EA operation.
  • Start hour - trading start hour.
  • Stop hour - trading end hour.
2017.05.09 20:42   

Hi, I bought your expert extended mt5 yesterday. I tested it and did optimization. Is working on 2 brokers (forextime and roboforex). Only last night when I installed it, he did some negotiating. Now you do not do anything else. It's normal? The best results were in h8 and h12.