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Multi-timeframe classic Stochastic indicator. The only difference is that in the main chart window (and not in the additional window) the bars are marked with dots when the Stochastic indicator readings are in extreme zones. The current not yet formed bar does not participate in the calculations. The indicator can be useful for traders who use Stochastic in their trading, while the chart footer remains free. In the indicator settings it is possible to select the time interval from which the data will be displayed. The indicator is a multi-timeframe.

The parameters of the indicator fully correspond to the classic Stochastic indicator.

Parameters complementing the classic Stochastic indicator:

  • Mode - the Selection mode of the indicator. Two modes are available: Classic stochastic - work as well as classic stochastic; Stochastic and extremes - display of extreme values of the indicator.
  • Alert number of bars - issue a warning to the trader when the indicator values are in extreme zones. To disable it, it is enough to set the value of this parameter to zero.
  • Working time interval - the Time interval at which the indicator calculates its values.
On how to use this indicator in your trading system, you can read in my blog.

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Version 1.1 2018.08.22
Fixed some minor bugs.