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Trend Reverting

Like any system, there are losing signals, but otherwise you have the possibility to easily get involved at the beginning of the trend and lock profit in the continuation of the trend.

Trend Reverting provides arrows based on professional trading strategy allowing you to trade without effort every day of the week. The indicator algorithm generates trading arrows both in the beginning and in the continuation of the trend.

You will also immediately get an alert, e-mail and notification message.


Mode of trade and commercial tactics

Use H1 and M30 to determine the trend. Enter the trade with the help of the arrows in the direction of the trend.


  • ARROWPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the arrows.
    • ARROWPERIOD - 6 when using default settings.
    • ARROWPERIOD - 4 to 6 to use a stronger filter.
  • TrendPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the trend.
    • TrendPERIOD - 1 when using default settings.
    • TrendPERIOD - 1 to 6.
  • AlertOn - enable alerts.
  • EmailAlert - enable email alerts.
  • PushAlert - enable push notifications.

Join the elite traders with Trend Reverting indicator!!!

    rcabrera 2018.11.30 17:47 

    No repaint, I´m working with 1hr. eurusd and good impression so far.

    Robert Borvornsantisuk
    Robert Borvornsantisuk 2018.11.15 09:24 

    This indicator is among the top 5 best indicators in this website. Some other indicators are too complicate, but make less profit than the simple one. This is a simple indicator that earn me the most profit ever compare to other products that I had purchased before. The author is very supportive, and given me suggestion that help me earn even greater profit. Lastly, you also receive an EA of this indicator for free!! This is most important part you know because it helps you spend less time in front of CPU screen, and still making profit!

    sadasoft 2018.09.15 21:48 

    I hope my tests confirm the good impressions on this indicator



    Harry Iskandar
    Harry Iskandar 2018.08.08 03:04 

    no repaint and good signal....but you have to filter it

    overall it is good signal

    Ioannis Velikis
    Ioannis Velikis 2018.08.06 12:26 


    RKBS 2018.07.13 21:18 

    Good Signals. Using on EURUSD. Congrats for a great indicator.

    brm37 2018.05.27 18:57 

    Very good signals!!! Many Thanks for your hard work!

    Vaithianathan Sreeram
    Vaithianathan Sreeram 2018.04.27 12:54 

    No repaint, good in 1 hr chart.... eurusd

    rainwalker123 2018.04.25 20:55 

    Five Stars

    No repaint and accurate signals WoW

    Version 5.0 2018.07.25
    Improving the performance of the indicator.
    Added new parameter:
    TrendPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the trend.
    Version 4.0 2018.03.29
    Optimization of the default parameter
    - Change of ARROWPERIOD from 2 to 4.
    Version 3.0 2018.03.14
    Added new parameter:
    ARROWPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the arrows.
    Version 2.0 2018.01.30
    Improve the MQL4 code.