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Apollo Trade

Apollo is a useful tool for trading.

It is searching only for trading long positions!

It focuses on the search for well-defined situations, when the market turns around and through mobile alerts you can trade every situation. Apollo shows fewer signals to a month on one index, but very high quality. This was the main idea, get rid of every day sitting at a PC. And we succeeded, because you can easily trade from your smartphone. It is excellent for people who are already working or have their own business, or just for those who want to enjoy life while earning money. I recommend using the Apollo on M1, M5, and M15 timeframes for a higher number of signals per month. The indicator has been specially developed to give signals to trade from both computer platforms and mobile devices. So you can trade anytime and anywhere.

It focuses mainly on the German DAX30 (DE30) to M1 or M5 and on other indices, like F40, IT40, UK100 and US30. Also, well illustrates signals for Oil, Gold and Silver from higher TF.
For DAX30 (DE30) I recommend trading time from 9:00 to 17:30.


  • Use Pattern 1 / Pattern 2: Select if the program uses only one or both patterns for searching opportunities for trades.
  • Arrow distance: Distance arrows from low candles (from 0.1 to 5, e.g., 0.5).
  • Show Aler: Show table with warnings in the chart on PC platform.
  • Send notification: Send warnings to your mobile phone platform MetaTrader.
  • Show price: Show the tags with prices at the entrances.
  • Price size: Choose size of tags with prices (from 1 to 5, e.g., 2).
  • Price Color Pattern 1 / Pattern 2: Change color of tags with prices.
  • Trading time: Set time when you want to see entrances (use 24-hour clock hh:mm, e.g., 8:15-20:00)

How to trade with Apollo

When displaying the signal arrow, it is necessary to wait until the next candle. When after completion of the following arrows appearing at the close tag with price means that should be a good opportunity to enter the long position. I recommend to place a stop loss about 4 pips below the low marked candle.

When the tag with the price is not displayed, it means that all of the conditions were not met and the signal thus loses its validity and it is not appropriate to enter the position.

NOTE: Displaying the price tag on the marked candle does not mean an automatic instruction to entering the trade!! The focus should be on the market and use at least basic knowledge of PRICE ACTION - a control of valid support, resistance and trend lines to assess if the signal actually makes sense to trade. The indicator therefore not recommended for complete beginners in business but rather moderately advanced.

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