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Moving Average Pro

Moving Average Pro contains modified algorithm to solve main flaw of trend indicators and spots entries and exits sooner than traditional ones.

It has been tested in simple crossover EA's logic and proven to be surprisingly profitable for such a simple strategy and more accurate over 8 years of backtest when compared to SMA (same settings).


Moving Average Pro should be used 2 in combination: faster (15) and slower (69). Basic strategy consists of entering market when fast MA crosses slower MA (CrossDown = SELL, CrossUp = BUY). Open trade is closed and then reversed when the opposite signal occurs.


When applied with another strategy of yours or with additional filters, MAP should give you smoother account balance growth and improve your risk/reward ratio per trade, especially when you're already using moving averages in your trading.

Based on Crossover EA backtest results from 2008 to date, as usual, Simple MA (SMA) crossover strategy didn't make any real market profits in the long term but gave more of a random result, things changed when Moving Average Pro was used instead: profit curve goes up, risk/reward ratio is improved.

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