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Akendicator Fifteen

Akendicator Fifteen is an amazing Metatrader indicator for 15 minutes TF binary options; it's a reversal candle indicator that predicts, most likely, if the next candle will close bullish or bearish.

The mathematical algorithm used (called CANDLE POWER) is always displayed on the chart and it's updated on each tick of the candle movement.

Akendicator Fifteen is the result of the average values of volatility, sentiment and statistical analysis of trend.

How Akendicator Fifteen works

When a candle reaches the Candle Power value, Akendicator Fifteen springs into action and alerts you 15 minutes before you can make a decision about buying or selling your binary option. Then, if the conditions exist, Akendicator Fifteen will create:

  • a green circle under a bearish candle or
  • a red circle over a bullish candle.......at the exact moment when candle closes

N.B. as a convention, we use red colour for bearish candle and green colour for bullish one; but the colours of the symbols may be changed by the user whenever he wants to.

Now you have again 15 minutes to see how the next candle closes: if it closed with the opposite colour of the previous candle, nothing happens; but if it closes with the same colour, an arrow appears. A red arrow means you have to trade immediately for a bearish option; a green arrow mean you must trade immediately for a bullish option.

To learn how Akendicator Fifteen exactly work, we suggest to refer to its manual that you find on Akendicator's web page (www.akendicator.com) and follow its instructions carefully.


As usual, you may choose between True and False: True activates alerts and False inhibits them. So, it's easy to understand what to do:

  • Alerts: if you set False, you inhibit all alerts. True: you activate them all.
  • Early Alerts: if False, you may see circles on the graph but no alert.
  • Email Alerts: after configure your email settings on Metatrader, with True, you may receive alerts on your mail address.
  • Mobile Alerts: after configure your mobile settings on Metatrader, with True, you may receive alerts on your smartphone.
  • Alert Once per Candle: when a candle achieves AKENDICATOR FIFTEEN level it generate an alert. But sometimes, during 15 minutes, this level may reached many times so the alert appears many times. With True this problem may be bypassed: infact the alert can sound once during 15 minutes.
  • Display_Settings: it’s possible to set the exact coordinates where to show the Candle Power message on your graphs; x_coord set it horizontally and y_coord set it vertically. Only if the following Display has the True option.
  • loosing signals: you may see as many consecutive arrows as the number you set. But we noticed that the maximum number of consecutive arrows has always been 5, not more.
  • signal size: it's the size of graphic symbols (circles and arrows); the higher it is the better you see them. We suggest 4.
  • signal_pips_distance: is the distance between signals to their candle, to get a better view of the symbols. We suggest 100-150
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Version 7.0 - 2017.01.31
Compared to previous versions, Akendicator Fifteen 7.0, includes a new powerful algorithm in synchronous with Market's movement.
Version 6.2 - 2016.11.08
Made a correction in the program for full compatibility with the other Aken Files.
Version 6.1 - 2016.09.23
In 6.1 version we applied a new algorithm to better counteract exceptional high volatility as we had during Brexit, in June 2016
and CANDLE POWER a constantly renewed screen message that allows you to observe when AKENDICATORFIFTEEN springs into action. (September 2016)
Version 5.2 - 2016.07.15
In 5.2 version we applied a new algorithm to better counteract exceptional high volatilty as we had during Brexit, in June 2016
Version 3.0 - 2016.05.18
In version 3.0 Akendicator_Fifteen shows a value (called Candle Power) on your graphs, that is a mathematical algorithm; when a japanese candle reaches the Candle Power's value, Akendicator_Fifteen springs into action, so you can see in real-time where Akendicator_Fifteen start working.

In version 3.0, the algorithm calculation is very similar but more accurate than the previous one.

Then, in Inputs, we add the possibility to set the X/Y coordinate settings to display the Candle Power's message where you like in your graphs.