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Prise Reversal Demo

This is a demo version of the Prise Reversal oscillator, which takes into account the data from a number of standard indicators. Using this data, it forms its own (more accurate) signals of changing direction of the price movement. The demo version displays signals on last 25 bars. Prise Reversal helps to identify reversal points during the flat and the price extremums during the trend. At these points, you can enter a counter-trend with a short take profit. Besides, it indicates time intervals when it is too late to open a trend-following deal. After a few days of using the indicator, it will become an integral part of your trading system.

The most powerful signals of trade opening are generated in areas between 15 and 85. These values of the indicator indicate a highly probable reverse of the price movement.

Indicator Input Parameters:

  • ExtPRPeriod - period used as a basis of calculations. Default value is 14.

Recommended levels: 15, 85. Period: 14.

Description of the most effective ways of using the EA can be found in the article Indicator of Price Reversal. At that it is have to be understood that the more accurate and precise signal you want to receive, the rare this signal will appear.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 07:09 

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