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Ideal Channels MTF

  • trading indicator, which automatically recognizes equal levels of support and resistance and otorova content and resistance and poison
  • indicator uses elder system
  • can be applied to any financial instruments and on any timeframes.
  • the same indicator draws to.
  • it is perfect for scalping as its essence is to trade in the channel.
  • The indicator has many parameters that allow it to be conveniently customized.
indicator settings filter - it filters the market noise that is, we get more accurate channels k_width - this parameter allows which channels we will see or all or only the strong ones from which the high probability of a rebound the more significant the more powerful the channels will be accuracy is the accuracy of drawing the channels on the chart it draws from large levels that are clearly visible

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Version 1.38 2019.02.10

the indicator has been completely rewritten and optimized for less terminal load (more simply) the indicator optimized