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Brilliant Wall Street

  • Brilliant Wall Street is a professional arrow indicator.
  •  It is based on a mathematical calculation.
  •  thanks to a special calculation algorithm that was developed by the best specialists
  •  he is not late, moreover, he gives advanced signals.
  •  ----------- complete lack of redrawing -----------.
  •  signals appear with the advent of the candle.
  •  Make a deal for at least 1-2 candles.
  •  The red down arrow indicates that sales should be considered, and the blue upward (purchases).
  •  All you need to customize is the colors of the signal arrows.
  •  It is recommended to use it on time intervals M1-M5. Signals are often received on these timeframes.
  •  If a pronounced trend is being formed, the indicator will always notify the trader with a arrow signal.
  •  This signaling tool can also be used on a sideways market.
  •  The percentage of correct indicator predictions is 70% or more, even during news releases.
  •  The advantages include:
  •  1. the constant presence of signals in large quantities.
  •  2. mathematical calculation.
  •  3. the complete lack of redrawing.
  •  4. gives leading signals.
  •   5. There are no difficulties in the settings, simple and clear in the work.
  •   6. can be used absolutely on any asset even a novice.
  •   7. You can trade during the news release.
  •  By cons:
  •  1. false signals.

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Version 2.38 2019.02.25
corrected errors with the output signals now the signals are even more accurate