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Dream Binary Option

It is possible to trade on any basic asset, but the experts holding testing give preference to currency pair USD/JPY, EUR/USD.
Optimum time for work is considered European, the American session.

with the standard settings which are already perfected to an ideal 80-90% of profitable transactions 

At emergence of a blue arrow under a candle the option UP is acquired.

At emergence of a red arrow the option DOWN is acquired.

It should be noted one feature of the indicator: the signal is formed on the current bar, but it is worth opening the transaction after closing of this bar and at opening of the following.

These are complicates visual perception a little.

this indicator works, but there are no signals in the tester, since the tester cannot give real information about transactions, and in this indicator, the output of signals depends on them.
we will correct it in the following updating of v1.20 and we will make that it worked for all the taymfreymakh.

If you have any questions on the indicator, write, discuss everything and decide
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